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Update: 10.06.2016

Gallery W-410 "Victoria vs Carlito"

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Mixed wrestling, 310 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.


Custom mixed wrestling match between two latino champions! Ladies and gentlemen, this evening we have a special grudge match for you. Introducing in this corner, from Juarez, Mexico, wearing the red suit, Victoria Del Rio. And in the opposing corner, from Sao Paulo, Brazil, wearing the black suit, Carlito. This event is a one fall, Texas style, no holds barred, anything goes bout, with no time limit.

Carlito, the male fighter, says: "Who will win this mixed wrestling match? The girl, because the boy will be scared to hurt the girl so he will have inhibitions and will let the girl win. Being a male wrestler, I've always wanted to get kicked in the balls by the girl, but never knew anyone who would do it. I would love to have a tough girl, 18-24, kick me as hard as she could in the balls. I'd want her to wear a leotard to show off her sexy long legs and hard, high-heeled boots for maximum effect. I would be her wrestling opponent and she could kick me as hard as she wanted. This match was made me a happy loser!".

Victoria, the female fighter, says: "Dear girls! Do you think the use of the male protective groin cup & the 'below the belt' rule' are sexist? It seems to me that mens bodies are much less suitable to body contact sports & martial arts [& indeed games involving hard balls,bike seats & horse saddles] than the female body because of the extreme vulnerability of the testicles to injury. You realize that a male genital is all out there and it's the most sensitive area on a man. By kicking a man in his genitals you can have him writhing in pain on the ground. The girls best bet would be a swift groin kick she might be able to use as a strategic advantage. Can a girl win a boy in a fight? A girl can win in a fight like that as long as she knows what she's doing. Just needs to hit the right places to disable him!".