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Update: 07.01.2022        W-710 "They find love in the ring"

Mixed wrestling, 310 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

20 yr old Jake Rosen is an extremely handsome young man. In addition to his good looks, he is also very physically endowed. He muscular and very well conditioned. In short he is a world class athlete. Oh and one more thing he is very very well endowed. His manhood is quite large. 

18 yr old Jenny McCormick is as gorgeous as it gets. Long blond hair, fantastic blue eyes and a great body. She also has fantastic legs and is everything a beauty queen should. In fact Jenny was just that, a Beauty queen. She was Miss Vermont and competed in the Miss America pageant.

Right after the pageant is when things changed for Jenny. Instead of more beauty pageants Jenny turned all her time and energy into becoming a pro wrestler. It was something she had always wanted. She trained night and day for months. She finally got her chance and never looked back. At this point the 18 yr old wrestler is undefeated and moving up in the rankings. 

One night she was on the card along with several other wrestlers. Jenny easily won her match and as she was returning to the dressing she passed another wrestler on his way to the ring. Instead of heading straight for the dressing room, she stayed to watch the next match. By the time the match was over, Jenny was in love. 

She had just watch Jake Rosen wrestle. He had also won his match, although not as easy a Jenny had. No matter, the 18 yr old girl was hopelessly in love with Jake.     

Over the next three months Jenny and Jake appeared on the same shows many times. Jake and Jenny got to know each other, but just to say high and good night. Jenny never got up the courage to tell Jake how she felt. And Jake was only interested in his career and winning matches. 

Then it happened, they were signed to wrestle each other. Two young and up and coming wrestlers both undefeated. It is a promoters dream match. Also a fans dream match. The arena sold out in just a few days.  

Then the big night was here. Jenny was very nervous. She really did not know how she felt about having to face Jake. On the other hand, Jake was very sure how he felt. He was here to win the match. He was going to do everything he could to beat Jenny. 

This match was so big it was the co-main event. Both Jenny and Jake are in their dressing rooms getting ready. As for Jenny, she slips shiny tan pantyhose on over her thong. Next she dons a very shiny pink Leotard. It is thong cut and reveals every curve and every bulge of her body. Jenny is a world class beauty. She then laces up her pink boots and is now ready to wrestle. 

Jake too slides on shiny tan pantyhose. Then comes an orange thong and shiny orange boots. Jake is now ready to wrestle. With both wrestlers in the ring the match is about to start. Standing in his corner, Jake cannot take his eyes off Jenny. He has never seen anything or anyone as beautiful as her. It is though he has been struck by lightning. He can’t take his eyes off her.  

As for Jenny, she has noticed Jake looking at her and she is very pleased by it. In truth, she can’t take her eyes off him. His body is magnetic. It is drawing her to him. The thong he is wearing leaves nothing to her imagination. She stares at his huge manhood. 

The bell sounds and the match begins. BONG!!!! Jake is very quickly out of his corner and racing toward Jenny. She has let her concentration wander and Jake is going to take full advantage of it. As he gets close to her he lowers his shoulder and drives it into her mid-section. 

The air explodes out of her lungs and she is driven back into her corner. She grabs her mid-section with both hands. Her knees buckle, but she does not go down. Jake is on her in an instant. He fires off with both hands. BAM!!!! BAM!!!! Two hard punches explode into Jenny’s stomach. "OH,OH!!!!! She screams. This time is different, this time Jenny’s knees buckle and she drops to the mat.   

On her knees holding tightly to her stomach, the beautiful 18 yr old wrestler is in big trouble. Jake grabs his head with both hands and steps back. Instead of attaching, he seems to be giving his opponent time to recover. He suddenly realizes he does not want to hurt Jenny. He realizes that she is the most beautiful thing he has ever seen. 

The ref comes close to Jake, "Come on Jake, you have to wrestle her!!!! You have a contract to fight. Now get started and fight her!!" Jake quickly realizes his entire career is on the line, he has to fight her hard. Jenny is still on her knees when Jake comes toward her. Grabbing one of her arms he pulls her to her feet. 

Giving her arm a twist, Jake whips Jenny into the ropes. She is instantly shot back at him. As she flies across the ring, Jake is waiting for he drives his fore-arm in her chest as hard as he can. Jenny screams in pain, "My tits, dear god my tits!!!" She staggers forward a few steps and drops to the mat. The beautiful 18 yr old wrestler is on her back at Jake’s feet. It seem as though he may be able to pin her right now. 

He does not even try. He drops to the mat and pulls Jenny between his legs. 20 yr old Jake has his opponent locked in a tight scissors hold. Signaling big trouble for Jenny, Jakes legs are wrapped around Jenny’s chest. Jake is squeezing Jenny’s chest as hard as he can. Once again the young wrestler cries out in pain. "My tits, dear god my tits. You’re crushing my tits!!!!! Please Jake Please, let me go!!!! I’m begging you, stop squeezing my tits!!!!!" 

Jake however has turned cold to the beautiful young wrestler. Even though he is now sure that he is in love with her, He can’t just let her go. She has to fight her way out and continue the match. As for Jenny, she too understands that they are both pro-wrestlers and must fight as hard as they can to the end.    

Jake continues to squeeze Jenny as hard as he can. Jenny’s face contorts in pain. Her beautiful futures take on a look of great pain. She kicks her legs and twists from side to side in her efforts to get free. It’s no use, Jake’s legs are just too strong for her to get away from. 

Jake has continued to crush Jenny’s chest. Her fantastic breasts ache from being squeezed. Now she has begun to gasp for air. She knows she must get free very soon or she will lose the match. Unable to break Jake’s leg hold on her she tries something else. 

Reaching behind her, Jenny grabs Jakes manhood and squeezes as hard as she can. In just seconds, Jake begins to scream. "Oh god, oh god. She’s got my manhood!!!!! She’s squeezing me!!!! Let me go!!!! PLEASE let me go!!!! Oh, she’s squeezing me!!!!! She’s squeezing me!!!!! 

Now in excruciating pain himself, Jake lifts one of his legs, allowing Jenny to escape. Still holding very tightly to his painful manhood Jenny gets out from between Jake’s legs. For the next several minutes she continues to squeeze Jake hard. He is now on his back with Jenny holding tightly to his manhood. As she squeezes it she is also pulling on it causing Jake more pain. The look on the 20 yr old male wrestlers face in one of great fear and pain. 

Releasing his manhood, Jenny grabs has arm and pulls Jake to his feet. "Easy Jenny please!!! Not too fast, It hurts , it really hurts." Almost sarcastically Jenny tells Jake. "I’ll really try Jake. I’ll try not to hurt you, too much. With Jake on his feet two things are instantly clear. One, Jake has an enormous DEFETATE BONER inside his thong. Second, Jake has a look of fear on his face. There are two things Jake is afraid of right now, first is Jenny and second is losing this match. Even though he loves her, he does not want to be defeated by her.

Sad to say that Jake has very little control over that. Jenny is in total control right now. Jenny quickly move in behind Jake. Taking his arms she gets him in a COBRA CLUTCH Jake is stunned to be trapped so quickly. He begins to struggle, but has very little chance to escape, Jenny has him locked up tight. 

With the COBRA CLUTCH locked on Jake, Jenny moves to take him down. Holding tightly to the CLUTCH, Jenny kicks the back of Jake’s knee and it buckles sending Jake to the mat. Jake is now stretched out on the mat, with Jenny holding a COBRA CLUTCH on him. Jake is in big trouble. He tries desperately to escape the CLUTCH, but it’s just too tight.

Although Jenny no longer has a hold of his manhood, his boner has continued to grow and stiffen. Now the he is stretched out on the mat. His rock hard manhood begins to come out of his thong. Little by little it moves up and out. With his arm locked up, there is nothing Jake can do about it. His pain and embarrassment grows with each second he is trapped in the hold. 

Jenny now adds to Jake’s torment. She sits behind him and wraps her legs around the 20 yr old male wrestler. Jake is now caught in a powerful scissors by his female opponent. Slowly Jenny begins to squeeze Jake’s mid-section. Jake is now trapped in a combination hold, COBRA CLUTCH & LEG SCISSORS. 

Jake cries out in pain and humiliation. "Oh god Jenny, it hurts, dear god you’re hurting me!!!! Let me go, oh please let me go!!! Jenny is crushed to hear the man she loves begging for mercy. There is sadly nothing she can do. She is a pro wrestler and wants to win the match. The ref moves to where Jake is stretched out on the mat. "Is that it Jake, do you want to submit to Jenny? Are you ready to give up? Has she beaten you? Tell me Jake, you have to tell me!" Jake can take no more. He has no choice, he must surrender to Jenny.

"Yes-yes!! That’s it, I’m done!!!! Jenny has beaten me!!!! I submit!!! I submit!!! PLEASE LET ME GO!!!! I’m finished!!!! You’ve beaten me Jenny, PLEASE LET ME GO!!!! I GIVE UP!!!! I GIVE UP!!!" 

Jake’s tearful submission ends the match. Jake has suffered his very first defeat. His record falls to 11 & 1  where s Jenny’s record climbs to 8 & 0, she is still undefeated. Jenny decides it is better to stay away from Jake at this time and stands in her corner. 

For the next 7 minutes Jake lies on the mat unmoving. He I stretched out  with his arms and legs spread wide apart. His eyes are wide open and are staring up into the ring lights. He has a blank expression on his face. And of course he still has a huge defeat boner between his legs. 

Finally help comes and Jake is gotten to his feet and then back to his dressing room. He is lying on the training table when her hears the door open. He looks up and sees Jenny walking in. "You- you!!!! What could you possibly want hear? Haven’t you done enough? You beat me, you forced me to submit to you!!!! What else do you want?" 

At this point Jenny comes close to where the beaten male wrestler is lying. "I don’t want anything, just to tell you I love you and to give you this!!"  then she bends down and kisses him hard on the lips. As she turns to go, Jake stops her, "Wait Jenny Wait. Please come back. I need to tell you something. I love you too!!!! Please don’t leave, come closer.!!!!" As she does, Jake wraps his arms around her head and pulls her down to him and they kiss passionately. 

While this is going on the wrestlers in the next match have gotten ready. This is a National Champion’s match. The champion if Ireland will face off against the champion of Scotland. The Irish champion is Patrick O’ Mally. He is 24 yrs old and is very well built. The Scottish champion is 26 yrs old and is considered very beautiful Jessica Callum

As they approach the ring, the Irish champion enters the ring in a green regular thong and green boots. The Scottish champion enters in a shiny white thong cut leotard, shiny tan pantyhose and white boots. With both wrestlers in their corners the match is about to start. 

As exciting as the first match was, this match should be even better. Scotland Vs Ireland a revelry going back hundreds of years. A match with National pride at stake. The Bell starts the match. The Irish champion exit6s his corner very quickly. He runs strait at his Scottish opponent. He instantly learns that it is a big mistake. 

As he closes in on Jessica she is ready for him. She hooks her leg around his. She then wraps her arm under his and up behind his head. Patrick instantly begins to scream in pain. "Oh, oh, she’s got me!!!!! Oh god it hurts!!!! AAAAAAAAAAA!!!! OOOOOOOOOOOHHHH!!! Dear god it hurts!!!! Jessica has Patrick trapped in an ABDOMINAL STRTCH. The very first hold of the match is a painful submission hold. 

After a minute or so Jessica slides her arm down and wrapping one around Patrick’s head. The Irish champion is locked into a very tight HEAD LOCK. Jessica bends his head up and back causing pain to his neck. Patrick’s eyes bulge out as the pain increases. His knees begin to buckle, they slowly bend and Patrick sinks to his knees. Between the abdominal stretch and now the head lock, Patrick’s strength is slowly slipping away. 

Jessica has felt it also. The Irish champion is slowly losing his will to win. Jessica pulls Patrick to his feet. She quickly twists one of his arms and whips him into the corner. Patrick slams into the turnbuckle, he completely resembles a car wreck.  

Jessica is instantly on the quickly tiring Irishmen. With his arms draped over the top rope, Jessica begins to pound him. Her fists slam into his body faster than he can defend against them. The punches range from his chin to well below the elastic strap holding his thong up. 

As the pounding continues, Patrick begins to react. His manhood begins to swell and stiffen. Between his legs, Patrick is developing a DEFEAT BONER. After several more very hard blows connect with his face, his body and finally his swelling and stiff manhood, Patrick collapses to the mat. 

Up to this point the Irish champion has suffered a complete SQWASH JOB. His fans and the national Irish supporters in the crowd have grown silent, their champion is taking a terrible beating. Stretched out on the mat, Jessica grabs his shiny green boots and drags Patrick to the center of the ring. Dropping down she gets his head between her thighs and locks on a HEAD SCISSORS.  

Patrick begins to kick his legs wildly. He twists from side to side, trying to escape. He fails to get lose as Jessica has him locked up tightly. After almost 3 minutes of entrapment between her powerful thighs Patrick is dazed and his strength is almost completely gone. He lies still with his head hopelessly trapped. 

Patrick is a sad and humiliating sight for the Irish fans. He is stretched out on the mat, with a huge DEFEAT BONER. His head is held tightly between his female opponents thighs. There is a look of complete defeat on his face. His lack of movement, may signal that he is ready to admit his defeat. Jessica tells the ref to ask Patrick if he submits. 

"Patrick, is that it? Are you finished, do you want to submit? Has she beaten you?" It takes the Irish national champion only seconds to give his answer. 

"Yes-yes!!!!! I’m finished!!!! She wins, she’s beaten me!!!! I give up!!!! I give up!!!! Let me go!!!! PLEASE let me go!!! I submit!!!!" 

His surrender to Jessica ends a terrible beating for the red headed Irishmen. He has just suffered a complete and total domination at the hands of the female Scottish national champion. As Jessica gets to her feet, the Scottish fans got wild cheering her. All over the arena Scottish flags are waving. 

As for the Irish fans, they are almost silent. There is great sadness as their national champion lies beaten on the mat. The beaten redheaded wrestler is the picture of male defeat. Lying still on the mat. His face the picture of pain and defeat. With his manhood rock hard and stiff inside his thong. He well need help getting back to his dressing room. 

In the other dressing room love reigns supreme. Jenny has helped Jake remove his boots. She has also helped him out of his thong. With nothing holding it in, Jakes large manhood stands out straight, as Jenny helps him to the shower.

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