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Update: 15.04.2022        W-724 "The unexpected opponent"

Mixed wrestling, 230 pictures 1920x1080 (Full HD), no nudity, no blood.

Match 76

I sit in my dressing With my head in my hands. I love wrestling so much. I love being a wrestler so much, just not tonight. This will be my first match since losing the World Wrestling title. I was beaten in my very first title defense. I was Champion for exactly zero matches. Now I’m back to being a set up opponent. Testing the new wrestlers to the league. 

Well at least it’s a good job. I remove my street cloths and start to get ready. First out of my gear bag comes my thong. It is a very shiny metallic chocolate brown I stuff my large manhood into it and adjust it to fit. Next comes matching Shiny chocolate boots. I wish I still had the world title belt to wrap around my waist. 

We are both now in the ring, me and my opponent. WOW, is she beautiful. She can’t be over twenty years old. A very tall blond. In fact she looks taller that I do and I’m 6’ 3’’ tall. I quickly learn that she is 19 years old and has been wrestling for over a year, also that she is undefeated. She is all in white, wearing a white thong cut leotard shiny tan pantyhose and white boots. Oh and by the way, she is taller than I am. 

The bell sounds starting the match. Oh my god, before the sound of the bell stops ringing in my ear, she has me. She has gotten behind me and now has my arms pulled back. She twists them causing me to bend at the waits. " My arms!!!!! Oh dear god my arms. It hurts, dam she’s hurting me!!" 

Letting go of one of my arms , she twists the other one then whips me into her corner. I’m in deep trouble now. I slam into the corner turnbuckle like a fright train. That’s not the worst of it. She is right behind me and SLAM!!!! Her fore-arm crashes into my chest. My head drops back onto the top turnbuckle. Before I can do anything her punches begin to rain down on me. A powerful right hand hits me so hard it almost twists my head off. Her second punch is so low it slams into the shaft of my manhood. 

That punch really hurt, all I could do is gasp in pain. I am really dazed as she continues to land hard punches on me. A punch to my abdomen doubles me over. My hands rush to my mid-section grasping at my stomach. Bending over at the waist I never see her doubled fists as they slam into the back of my neck. The blow sends me crashing to the mat at her feet. Her next move is to stomp me on my butt. The stomp, drives my manhood smashing into the mat. 

I am almost out of it, just barely conscious. She pulls me off the mat and shoves me back into the corner. Here they come, punch after punch slams into me. My face, my stomach and most painfully my manhood are all targets of her punches. 

After about 6 punches I once again drop to the mat. This time I am sitting on my butt with my back against the turnbuckle and my legs wide apart. Inside my shiny chocolate brown thong I have a raging DEFEAT BONER. 

She grabs my boots and drags me to the center of the ring . Sitting me up, she gets in behind me. Her knees dig into my neck. She reaches forward grabbing my chin and pulling back as hard as she can. I’m trapped and can’t move. It feels as though she is going to snap my neck. I quickly begin to scream "My neck, my neck!!! You’re going break my neck!!!!! Oh dam, let me go, please let me go!!! I struggle to get free but it seems to be useless. She has me locked up tight. 

I grab her hands and try to pull them away from my chin. However, I can’t dislodge her hands, she is just too strong for me. Once again I cry out "Stop, please stop!!!! You’re hurting me!!! Oh god please let me go!! My plea for mercy falls on deaf ears. 

Her answer is "I’ll be happy to let you go. All you have to do is submit to me. Come on George, you know I’ve got you. Submit and I’ll let you go!!" She is right about one thing, she does have me. I’m locked in tightly. I present a sad picture. I on my back side, she has me sitting up as she holds tightly to my chin. My legs are split wide apart and I got a huge DEFEAT BONER in my thong. 

The pain has become just to great for me to take. I shout to the ref "Ref-ref, I’m finished!!! She’s got me, I can’t escape!!! I want to submit!!! The ref comes to my side. "Is that it, George are you ready to submit? I instantly surrender to my opponent. 

"I give up-I give up!!!! She’s got me, I can’t get free!!! Please ref, get her off me, I submit, I submit!!" 

That ends the match. My female opponent releases me and I drop to the mat. I lie there unable to get to my feet. It a completely humiliating defeat. Beaten by a 19 yr old girl with only 1 year of wrestling experience. She was just to strong for me to over come. 

The trainer come to help me. As I lie on the mat he asks "Wow George, what happened to you? That girl put a real beating on you. Look at the size of that BONER. You really got beat." He then helps me to my feet. As we head back to my corner I tell him "To strong, she was just to strong!!! I couldn’t handle her, she was to just strong for me." I am left standing in my corner holding the top rope for support, as my opponent is declared the winner of the match. 

Match 82

I can’t believe how well things are going for me. I have just won 6 matches in a row. Now I face a new opponent She is Mexican and is a Luchadro a women wrestler. I have never face a Mexican wrestler, man or woman, it will be a new challenge for me. So it is time to get ready. I strip off my street cloths and grab my gear bag. I pull out my thong and slip it on. I Make sure that my manhood is jammed into it. The thong I’m wearing tonight is a very shiny metallic white. It is so shiny that it almost sparkles in the light It is also very tight my manhood is clearly visible in this thong!! I lace up shiny white boots, they too have a sparkle to them. 

The time has come and I head off to the ring. As I head down the isle to the ring I am greeted by cheers, whistles and some very sexy cat calls. It seems as though I have acquired some adoring female fans. Well that can only be good for me. As I enter the ring the cheers and cat calls continue. My opponent is already there in her corner. It is impossible to see her face as she has on a Luchadro mask. It is very colorful. However she has what I would describe as a very young body. My guess is she is between 19 and 22 yrs old. She has on a very colorful thong cut leotard. It is red, orange and some yellow. Shiny tan pantyhose. Her boots are a bright orange.  

With all the introductions over we both return to our corners. As we wait for the bell I adjust my manhood in my very shiny white thong. I see my female opponent pulling up her pantyhose and adjusting her thong leotard. BONG!!! There’s the bell the match has started. 

I turn and leave my corner. I take several steps when an explosion happens to my knee. It instantly buckles and I drop to the mat on my back. My opponent has dropped kick my knee. The pain is indescribable. My face looks as though I’m in agony and I am. I instantly begin to scream 

"My knee, my knee!!!! She’s broken my knee!!! I can’t move it!!!! It’s broken, dear god she’s broken my knee!"  The ref comes and kneels down beside me. She tries to comfort me "Easy George, easy. I don’t think it’s broken. Just take it easy for a few seconds. " 

The medical staff determines That my is not broken and the match can go. The ref informs me that I can submit the match now or I will have 20 seconds to get to my feet and continue the match. I tell her I want to continue to wrestle. 

The ref then starts the match again. I struggle to get to my feet, but I do make it. I take a single step, trying to regain some mobility in my leg.  "My knee, she kicked me in my knee!!! I took one step and she landed a SIDE KICK to the same spot. I instantly drop the mat grabbing at my knee. She quickly grabs my boot and begins to twist my injured leg. The pain just keeps building. My face reflects that pain like a mirror. My eyes are bulged out as I scream in pain. "My leg, dear god my leg. She’s going to tare my leg off!!!" I struggle but there is no hope of escape. 

Just as I began to think that my only escape from her is to surrender the match she drops my leg. I grab it and begin to slowly rub my knee. My joy at getting free and having the pain stop is short lived. 

Even though she has released my leg, I have no hope of getting to my feet any time soon. Strangely though she lets me lie there. I’m a wreak my leg is immobile almost paralyzed. Inside my sparkling and shiny white thong I now have a BONER harder than steel. SLAM!!!! She has just stomped my knee. "My god!!!!! Oh please, not again, don’t stomp my knee again." 

Sadly she does not listen to me and two more stomps land on my leg. Grabbing both of my very shiny boots she drags my to the center of the ring. Dropping both of my legs she lets them fall to the mat. I’m now terrified, I know what she is going to do to me!! Even though I am not in any hold I scream in fear "NO-NO, don’t do this to me!!! Oh please don’t do it, you’re going to cripple me!!!! 

Nothing I can say will matter and there is nothing I can do. I can’t move or stand. It looks as though all I can do is lie there and take it. Stretched out at her feet, there is no way for me to escape. Then she begins. She grabs on of my boots and hooks it over hers. She grabs the other boot and drapes it across the first. 

She now has complete control of my legs. Slowly the pain has begun to build again. As she drops to the mat she completes the hold. She has me locked into a FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK The pain is excruciating as well as terrifying. My face tells the entire story. I begin to scream, "Ref-ref, she’s got me, she’s got me!!! Please stop the match!!!!" Then she calls for the ref. "Come on ref ask him!!! Ask him if he done!! Does he submit, have I beaten him!!! Come on ask him"!!! The ref can see I’m in big trouble. And she knows I’m to weak to escape. Bending down close to me she asks "What do you say, has she beaten you? Do you want to submit George??Are you ready to give up?" I am way more than ready to surrender to her. 

"Yes ref yes!!! I’m ready to submit!! She’s got me!!! I can’t escape. She’s got me!!! I give up I give up, oh dear god I give up!!! Let me go, please let me go!!!! I submit!!!"

With my total surrender to her, she releases my legs and gets to her feet. As for me, I have no hope of getting to my feet. It feels as though both my legs are broken, I can’t move them. My female opponent has left me lying on the mat defeated. After 6 wins in a row, a young Luchadoras has beaten me. 

As she is announced as the winner of the match by submission, I remain on the mat. My legs are stretched wide apart and I have a large DEFEAT BONER in my shiny white thong. As she stands over me in victory, the trainer has come to help me up. Grabbing me under my arms he lifts me to my feet. 

It takes us almost 5 minutes to return to my dressing room. He helps me onto the table and I lie down. Even though I have left the ring, I still have a hard and stiff DEFEAT BONER. It will take some time for it to go away. 

Then there is a knock on my door and the Luchadoras walks in. "what do you want and why are you here? Have you come to gloat, or just to admire you work?" she starts to tell me. "Wow, did I do that to you? As she stairs down at my hard manhood. "Yes, that is what happens to men who are beaten by women. It’s called a DEFEAT BONER and yes you gave it to me." As she continues there is something very familiar about her. "I’m sorry I gave that to you. I only wanted to see if you were OK. I was afraid I may have hurt you." We continue to talk "You did hurt me. Why do you think I submitted to you? You know you are a very good wrestler." We talk for a wile and I ask her to take off her mask. "Take off your mask, I would like to see your face. She unzips the back of her mask and pulls it off. I am stunned, surprised and then humiliated. Under the Luchadoras mask I see my 20 yr old daughter. 

"It’s you!!!! I can’t believe it, my very own daughter a wrestler. What happened to collage?" she tells me she hated collage and had always wanted to be a wrestler. Well now she is, she defeated me.

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