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ballbusting woman vs man wrestling femdom leotard fighting

Update: 13.03.2020

W-615 "Ana vs Lyle"

Gallery size: 330 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 330 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

After finishing off my son, Tim, in the ring (and I do mean “finishing”, see Gallery 609), it was time for my professional match.  As I changed clothes in the arena locker room, I was wondering how quickly I could move up in the rankings to be considered a contender for the championship title.  Tonight was a preliminary match with a guy from Boston. I had done my homework on him and knew he could be big trouble.  It was important to be aggressive and dominate him from the start because he would be difficult to beat if he clamped on his famous full nelson, his best submission hold.  No one yet had escaped from it.

I brought my son Tim with me as he wants to be a wrestler and I thought it would be good for his training to attend as many matches as he can.  As I put on my robe before entering the arena, I smiled and winked at him. Leaving the locker room, he said “Good luck, Mom”.

The crowd seemed excited to see the only mixed match of the evening. I was planning not to disappoint them.

Entering the ring for introductions, the crowd cheered wildly which made me tingle with anticipation. I struck a few poses for my fans before removing my robe, then setteling back into the ring corner waiting for the ring announcer.

The announcer motioned my opponent and I to come to the center of the ring.  Then she made the official introductions.  

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is a mixed wrestling match. Introducing, in this corner is Lyle Stag, hailing from Boston, Massachusetts.  And in the opposing corner is Ava from Dallas, Texas. This is a one fall, one bout, Texas style match with no time limit.”

We returned to our corners and awaited the bell signaling the start of the match. Lyle started stretching, showing off his physique while I adjusted my form hugging suit which showed off my curvacious, sexy legs.  As I have been climbing in the wrestling rankings, it was about time for a new outfit which was high cut on the legs and included high heeled boots. I could tell my opponet definitely noticed and hopefully was distracted enough for me to gain the advantage. 

The bell rings and we circle each other looking for an opening. Lyle obviously has his mind on my shapely legs instead of the business at hand, so I make my move.  Locking on a side headlock, I start to grind away, making him come back to earth. I then shift my body for a take down, trapping his arm between my thighs and continuing to grind away on his head.

I go for a quick pin hoping to surprise him, but Lyle is having none of it.  He kicks out of the pin and before he can recover, I jump on him stretching out his thighs with my toned legs. Making his thighs burn, Lyle grinds his teeth at the pain and tries to bear hug me to break the hold.  I move to a head scissors before he can get a grip on me and again start grinding his head, this time tucking his mouth and nose in my new suit, robbing him of precious air. I get on my knees into a reverse head scissors, stepping up the pressure.  I put my full weight on his neck and just for my fun and his distraction, grab his balls.  

I hear Lyle grunt and let out a gasp of air. Rotating my hips, I slam his head into the mat and put more stress on his neck. As his breathing becomes rapid, I shove his head back between my thighs for a little more suffocation. I can feel him getting weaker, so I move to my back on the mat, keeping his neck stressed between my legs. Rubbing my soft tissues up and down on his neck, I start to lose focus and my mind starts to wander.

Suddenly he rocks up and attempts to break the hold. I can't let my pleasure get in the way of business! I jerk his arm, stressing his shoulder and move to a front face lock, grinding that head again. I'm afraid he is not as weak as I thought.

Time to be more aggressive, so I jump to my feet, vicously gouging his eyes, and jerking up on his head, putting him on his feet.  Before he realizes it, I put him in a standing reverse headlock, keeping up the pressure on his head and for a little extra pain, stick my high heel into his ankle. This new pain is too much and he starts to moan in agony. Hearing this, I move to his front, setting him up for a reverse flip.  I get the hold on tight and fall back, throwing my opponet across the ring. Lyle landed hard, like a sack of potatos, knocking precious breath out of him. 

I strolled over to him, picking him up by the head and locking up in a collar and elbow, putting his wobbly body into the turnbuckle.  As he struggled to get out of the corner, I slamed my knee into his unprotected balls. The shock on his face was what I was looking for. I lifted my knee again, striking home, which turned his look of shock to pain. One more knee lift doubled Lyle over but I wasn't done with him yet. Grabbing his legs and pulling them out from under him, I drove his head into the mat, now holding his legs straight up, stressing his neck and shoulders. I again thrust my knee squarely between his legs. This time I held my knee there, keeping the pressure on his hurting manhood. Lyle finally trembled with pain and I released my knee, letting him fall to the mat. 

I stood in the corner, looking at my foe and deciding if it was time to finish him. Lyle started to get to his feet. I slowly came up from behind and planted my heel into the fleshy meat of his butt.

Now in a kneeling surfboard, I pushed my breasts into his back and threw my weight down to the mat, forcing  him into a face plant.

Jerking his head back while sitting on his back, I again do a little face gouging before putting him in a reverse stradle. I bring Lyle to his feet by his head and now the pleading begins for me to stop.  He has had enough but I haven't!

Putting him into a front facelock again, I roll over onto my back and wrap my legs around his midsection. Squeezing him is my pleasure but I don't want him to pass out.  Putting his arm between my thighs, I jerk back on his head with everything I've got.  Lyle cries out in pain, but I keep the pressure on his neck and head.

Then I go for a reverse back breaker and heard his back crack to my satisfaction.

Again Lyle pleaded with me to stop, but I thought I would embarrass him by using the full nelson, his specialty hold, to finish him. I heard him whisper, “you dirty slut”. Immediately my adrenline kicked in and I back body slamed him, keeping the stress on his head and neck. I whispered back, “you need to have a little more respect for me”.

I then jacked him up into a ceiling hold. After tiring of his pleas for mercy, I cranked on another headlock from behind. His head had to be totally throbbing by now, so I really went to work on him.

Just to show Lyle who was boss of this match, I tucked his head one last time deep into my thighs and lifted my high heeled boots off the mat.  

Putting on a horseback riding lesson to the crowds delight (with Lyle as the donkey), I decided he'd had enough and went back to work to finish this creep.

My educated legs went to work, clamping on a head scissors and then moving down to his midsection. His begging me to stop the torture soon subsided and his struggling arms became limp.  I motioned for the ring announcer to enter the ring. She took one look at Lyle's lifeless body and announced the winner.

“Ladies and gentlemen, with a time of 26 minutes, 17 seconds, the winner of the fall and the match, Ana!”  I raised my arm victorious over my beaten foe and placed my heel on his prone body.  The crowd appreciated my skill by standing and clapping while I departed the arena and retired to the locker room. My son Tim was waiting there and I made a few victory poses to celebrate the match.

Before I take a shower, I am already looking forward to my next mixed match. Maybe I'll wear a different outfit or even a mask for a little mystery. We'll see.

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