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teen girl mixed wrestling ballbusting femdom fighting

Update: 03.11.2017

W-487 "Julie vs Steve"

Gallery size: 200 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 200 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), partially CFNM, no blood.

After Steve's disastrous loss to Carrie in an exhibition match, things had gone downhill for the veteran wrestler.

Promoters wouldn't answer his calls and work was hard to find. His beautiful  wife Linda was used to a certain  lifestyle.
She was disappointed with Steve. She was also his manager. Finally there was a phone call from Monica, Carrie's coach and mother. She was the cause of Steve's loss to Carrie because of her illegal interference in the match. 

She had a proposal for Steve. Carrie's younger sister Julie had been training and Monica felt it was time for her to make her debut in the wrestling league. It was his chance to get back into a big arena and on the pro circuit again. How ever this time he would have to put his regional championship belt on the line. He said no, but his wife and manager Linda shamed him into taking the offer. She would leave him if things didn't get better soon. He accepted the deal on the condition that Monica stay away from the ring and his wife be in his corner as coach. Monica agreed and a match was scheduled. 
The night of the match Steve is in the dressing room with his wife. Linda says "I’ve seen this girl. She barely weighs 100 pounds. Pin her quickly and you will be on top of the league again. Let's get out there."

Linda accompanies Steve to the ring and stands just outside the ropes. Steve goes to the centre of the ring to meet the referee. It is the same ref that was at his humiliating defeat by Carrie. She says"Hello Steve. I hope you have better luck this time." Steve's opponent enters the ring. "Hi Steve. My sister says you are a good wrestler. We should have a great match. Good luck."  The ring announcer says "Good evening ladies and gentlemen. This is a 30 minute no holds barred match. Who ever has the most pins or submissions in 30 minutes wins the regional championship belt. Welcome Steve Smith back to the ring after 3 month absence. He will be defending his belt. He is accompanied by his wife and manager Linda. His opponent tonight is Julie Brown. This is her first major match after just graduating from Monica Brown's School Of Wrestling. Good luck to you both."

The ref directs them to their corners. Linda says to Steve "Don't be fooled her friendly words. Go out there and fight! Get this over with!" "I know. I know says Steve.

The bell rings and he approaches Julie in the middle of the ring. The ref is in there close to them. They lock arms and Steve easily overpowers Julie. He pushes Julie into his corner. Linda grabs Julie's hair and pulls her into the ropes. Steve starts punching Julie in the stomach. The ref warns Linda to let go but is ignored. Julie defends herself by kicking Steve in the balls. He crumples to the floor holding his balls. Linda yells "Come on Steve. Get up!" Julie elbows Linda in the stomach and escapes her grip. She goes over to Steve who is just starting to get up. She grabs his hair and keeps his head down as he struggles to his feet. She then does a fore arm smash to the back of his neck and he collapses to the ground. He tries to get up but she has his hair again, keeping his head down. He fights back punching her in the stomach but she won't let go and he can't stand up straight and see what he's doing. Now his punches are going wild missing her completely. Again she smashes the back of his neck and he is on his hands and knees in front of her. His wife is in the background looking disgusted. "Oh Steve! Really?" The ref is standing over Steve. "You okay Steve?" Julie looks at the ref "We're just getting started." She goes behind Steve and pulls him upright by his hair. As he struggles to his feet she releases his hair and grabs his trunks and pulls them down around his ankles. He bends down to pull them back up but Julies boot is between his legs pinning the trunks to the mat. She then gives him a push from behind and he has no choice but to fall forward on his hands and knees. Julie jumps on his back, laces he fingers across his face with her thumbs over his eyes and her boots dug into his balls. Steve thinks "Oh no. Not this again!" He is remembering what Carrie did to him in the last match. He starts slowly moving forward trying to reach the ropes for a break. His trunks come off of his ankles and the ref picks them up and gives them to Linda. She drops them with disgust on the floor. Steve keeps moving towards the ropes but every time he gets close Julie digs her boots hard into his balls and wrenches his face to one side. The pain is so great that he has no choice but to follow her lead and she relaxes the pressure a little. Meanwhile she has him moving away from the freedom of the ropes. This goes on for a long time with the ref walking along beside them. Julie is wearing Steve down. He finally gets up the courage to face the extra pain and try to buck her off. He is like a bucking bronco and Julie looks scared but is hanging on to her holds. finally he throws her off and can finally see again. He is on his hands and knees in front of his wife. She says "About time. Now do something!" Before he can stand up Julie reaches between his legs from behind and grabs his balls. He tries to stand up but she yanks up on his balls forcing him to be stooped over. Linda is looking down at him. "Just grab the ropes and she has to let you go. They are right here. Just reach up!" Julie won't allow him to reach the ropes. She just keeps pulling up on his balls and is now pushing his head down right in front of the feet of his wife. His arm is flailing around trying to grab the ropes but once again he can't see what he's doing because Julie has his face mashed into the mat. Finally she stands up forcing Steve to stand up too. He is still stooped over but looks up into the eyes of his wife as Julie slowly tows him away from his corner and into the centre of the ring. Keeping her hold on his balls, she forces him flat on the mat. Finally she releases his balls and puts him in a headlock. They struggle for a bit and Steve is able buck enough to catch her head between his legs and put Julie in a head scissors. As they manoeuvre around on the floor his balls become very close to Julie's face as she is caught in a front head scissor hold. The ref is in close. "Is this necessary Steve?" Steve replies "I can't help it. She's the one that took my shorts." As he tightens the hold, his balls  are practically resting in her face. Linda says "Even when you are winning you look like an idiot. Just finish this disgusting match!" Julie gets her one free hand and puts it between her face and Steve's balls. Once she has pushed them up from her face she clamps her fingers down around them and starts to squeeze. Steve does not want to give up his advantage and squeezes even harder. Julie responds by doing the same. Steve is in trouble and tries prying her fingers off but she has a vice like grip. He starts pounding her in the face but she hangs on.

"You let go and I'll let go mister!" "Okay. Okay!" sobs Steve and opens his legs. Julie pulls her head out but keeps her grip on his balls. Steve is flat on his back. Julie works her way around and straddles Steve's face all while keeping a tight grip on his balls. "You were supposed to let go!" Steve's voice is muffled as his nose and mouth are now covered by Julie's ass. Julie smiles and says "Maybe next time" Then she looks up at the ref "How much time left?" "Four minutes" says the ref. Julie says "Okay. We better get this done." She slowly and methodically starts working Steve's balls squeezing hard and then letting up the pressure just a little bit, then squeezing again over and over. Meanwhile she has turned her straddles position into a reverse head scissors clamping his face tight up into her bum. He can hardly see or hear anything. He is struggling to breath. She begins to relax and tighten her head scissors grip to match the rhythm of her ball torture grip. She relaxes her head scissors just enough at the same time she squeezes hard on his balls. This forces him to exhale badly needed air. Then she tightens her grip on his head and relaxes her grip a little on his balls. Steve fights to inhale through Julie's butt cheeks. This process is repeated over and over again. The audience is silent and listening to the rhythmic gasping of Steve broadcast by the ring microphone. Linda is embarrassed and covers her face in her hands. Finally she yells "Only 30 seconds left. Don't submit and you keep your belt." But Julie makes sure that Steve can't hear that. The ref is in close looking at what she can see of Steve's wild eyed face. He is in incredible pain and about to pass out from lack of air. Julie looks at her and says "Ask him if he wants to submit" She asks and Steve can only say a muffled groan. The ref says "You have to let him talk." "Okay. Ask him again. I will allow him to speak." Julie loosens her grip on his head but really clamps down on his balls. She wants to make sure he submits. She yanks his balls up and his legs are kicking in the air. "Do you submit Steve?" asks the ref. Steve screams "Yes! I give up! I submit!" The referee  points for the bell to ring and announces "Submission. With 8 seconds left in the match!" However Julie hangs on to her holds. The ref tells her to stop. The match is over. Steve is screaming in pain. "Make her let me go!" Linda yells "Come on ref. Do something!" Julie keeps up the pressure but also starts manipulating Steve's penis which goes instantly hard. The ref says "You have got to the count of ten or you will be disqualified!" Linda enters the ring to help her husband and pulls on Julie's hair. Julie hangs on to her holds and the ref keeps counting. Julie keeps working Steve's balls and penis while the ref gets almost to ten. Linda is hitting Julie now but she just keeps pumping Steve. Suddenly at the nine count Steve ejaculates and Julie releases him. She stands over him while the ref holds up her hand. Linda is looking down at him in disgust. He starts to get up and Linda turns her back on him and heads to the ropes. Steve goes to follow but is stopped by Julie. "Thanks for the match mister" and holds out her hand.Steve tries to push past her but she grabs his balls and stops him. "Just shake my hand. Don't be a sore loser Steve" Linda looks at him from the other side of the ropes. She picks up his shorts and says "Find your own way home. I won't be there when you get there!" He helplessly watches her leave while the you girl still has a grip in his balls. The ref says "Just shake her hand Steve." Julie looks up into Steve's eyes with a smirk while they shake. Then Steve leaves the ring for the dressing room, going naked through the arena. He gets to the dressing room to find that Linda is gone and so is suit case with his clothes.

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