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Update: 17.09.2021

W-694 "Parent & offspring tagteam"

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Mixed wrestling, 480 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

Tonight it will be tag team matches featuring teams made up of one parent and one child. With one match being a Championship title match. This League offers some or the wildest and strangest matches any were in the world. 

The first match is between a Father & Daughter team vs a Mother and Daughter team. With the wrestlers in the ring the match is about to start. The F&D team is made up of 36 yr old Larry Donnelly and his 19 yr old daughter Beth. Larry comes to the ring wearing tan tights and boots, His daughter Beth enters in a tan leotard the is high thong cut, brown pantyhose and tan boots. 

Their opponents are 34 yr old Monica Jordan and her Daughter 18 yr old Katie. Both female wrestlers come to the ring wearing dark purple leotards that are very shiny, thong cut with a very low cut front. Both Monica’s and Katie’s chests jut out and are clearly visible under their leotards. They each wear back sheer pantyhose and purple boots.  

The first fall will start with Larry matched against Monica. The bell rings and the match begins. Both wrestlers leave their corners and advance toward each other. Monica makes the first move, by catching Larry’s arm and twisting it hard. Larry’s knees bend as his arm is twisted. Monica then whips Larry across the ring into the ropes. He instantly flies back at her. She is waiting for him and drives her knee into his mid-section below the waistband of his tan tights. 

Her knee sends his breath exploding out of his lungs. He is instantly doubled over at his waist. His hands fly to grab his mid-section. Bent over like he is, He becomes a target for another of Monica’s knees. This one explodes against his chin, sending Larry zooming straight up. With her opponent standing stiffly straight up, Monica sends a hard kick to his upper chest. Larry topples over backward to the mat. He ends up on his back at Monica’s feet. 

With Larry down, Monica instantly drops across his chest. She hooks his leg at the knee and rolls the 36 yr old male wrestlers shoulders onto the mat. The ref drops down and begins to count ONE-TWO-THRE!! Larry is able to kick out just in time. Monica reaches down, grabbing Larry’s hair and one of his arms. She then pulls him to his feet. Reaching between his legs she grabs the back of his tights, hooks his and lifts his off the mat. Carrying him to the center of the ring, she then slams him down. 

Rather than trying to pin him again, Monica lifts Larry’s boots and legs off the mat, she tucks his boots under her arms. She then quickly rolls the male wrestler over and locks him in a BOSTON CRAB. It takes only seconds before Larry is screaming in pain. "she’s got me!!!! My back, my back!!!!! On the outside of the ring Beth is worried about her father. He’s trapped in a painful submission hold and can’t seem to get out of it. 

As her father screams inn pain, Beth tries to shout encouragement to him. "Fight Daddy fight!!! Don’t let her beat you!!! You have to fight!!! Don’t give up, fight her Daddy!!!" However, in the last 25 seconds most of the fight has gone out of Larry. His only though now is ending the pain and getting out of this hold. 

The ref moves close to the trapped male wrestler. "Come on Larry, time to end it!!!! She’s got you, you can’t escape. Let my stop it. You’ll be free if you submit!!! At this point in the match Larry has had enough and does not have to think very long. 

"YES-YES Please stop it!!! I’m done, she’s got me. I can’t escape!!!! PLEASE REF, PLEASE!!! I SUBMIT, OH GOD I SUBMIT!!!! Let me go Monica, please let me go!!!! I give up!!! You win, YOU’VE BEATENN ME!!!! I GIVE UP!!!!"

That’s it for the first fall. Monica releases her defeated male opponent, dropping his legs to the mat. Larry’s daughter races to were her beaten father is lying. "Oh god Daddy, are you all right? What happened, she beat you. She made you submit. We’re down a fall!!" 

Beth helps her defeated father to his feet and back to their corner. Larry spends the time between falls trying to recover as much as he can. Both he and Beth know that he will have to get out of the ring fast in the next fall. 

The second fall begins and Larry moves out of his corner. His plan was to quickly grab Monica and then just as quickly exit the ring by tagging in Beth. On paper, a great plan, however Monica had that covered from the start. As Larry got close enough to touch her, Monica dropped to the canvas, quickly scissors Larry’s legs and takes him down to the mat. 

He ends up face down on the canvas. Monica, grabs his legs and folds one over the other. Taking the toe of his boot, she pushes forward as hard as she can. In just seconds Larry is again on the mat screaming in pain. From his corner he can hear his daughter, Beth shouting to him. "No Daddy no!!!! Don’t let her submit you again. Tag me, you have to tag me!!!! Don’t submit Daddy don’t submit!!!!

The 36 yr old male wrestler does not want to submit to his female opponent. However, both of his legs are hurting and again he needs to exit the ring. Beth, knowing her father is very close to submitting the second fall does something desperate. She jumps into the ring races to were Monica has her father trapped and kicks Monica as hard as she can. 

Monica grabs her side and drops to the mat, releasing Larry’s legs. This is the opening that Beth and her father have been waiting for. Quickly Larry is on his feet and racing toward Beth. With his arm outstretched as far as it will go Larry makes the tag. 

With the tag made Larry exits the ring and Beth enters. Beth is expecting to wrestle Monica. Monica has different plans. As soon as Larry tagged out, Monica did the same. Now in the ring to face each other are both daughters. It is Beth facing Katie. This fall turns out to be almost a "NO CONTEST". 18 yr old Katie is just no match for 19 yr old Beth. In the first few seconds of the fall Beth is all over Katie. She moves in and jams her shoulder into the 18 yr old wrestlers stomach. Katie screams and grabs her belly with both hands. "OOOOOOUUU!!! My stomach!!!!! OOOOOHHH!!! It hurts!!!" 

Now Katie is doubled over. Beth has no pity for the younger girl. She balls her fists and Clubs Katie on her back, dropping her to the mat on her knees. A very hard kick to her back stretches Katie out on the mat face down. Beth now has the younger wrestler just where she wants her. Now Beth begins to stomp Katie on her lower back leaving the youngster screaming in pain. "My back, my back!!! she’s going to break my back!!! Oh please help me!!! Please mommy, she hurting me!!! Help me mommy, help me mommy!!! There is of course nothing Monica can do to help her suffering daughter. 

The second fall has been going for about 4 minutes and Katie is all but out of it. She lies on the mat face down almost unmoving. However, Beth has plans for her. Reaching down, Beth grabs a very large handful of Katie’s hair and pulls her to her feet. It is very clear that Katie is just barely aware of what is happening to her. Her head bobs forward on her chest and he arms hang limply at her sides. 

Beth then puts Katie’s head between her legs. Wrapping her arms around Katie’s middle Beth lifts her off the mat in the air and onto her shoulder. Beth now has 18 yr old Katie in an OVER THE SHOULDER BACK BREAKER. All Katie can do is softly moan in pain. Ooooooohh, oooooouuu!!! 

The ref then asks Katie if she’s had enough and does she want to submit. The 18 yr old female wrestler instantly nods her head. 

"Oh please, I want to submit!!! Beth’s beaten me. I’m done, she wins!!! I give up. I give up!!! Please make her stop. I can’t take any more!!! I submit!!! I submit!!! Oh please Beth, let me go!!! I give up!!!!" 

That ends the second fall and evens the match at one fall apiece. 

For the third fall Beth and Katie must start the fall. The bell sends both of these teenaged wrestlers at one another. It’s clear the Katie is in full defensive mode. She keeps backing away from her opponent. At last she makes her move and charges at Beth. Using all the speed she has she manages to get Beth in a head lock. In a swift move she is able to HIP TOSS Beth to the mat. With Beth on her back, Katie hooks her leg behind her knee and pulls up. Katie is then able to roll Bath’s shoulders onto the mat. 

Everyone is greatly surprised by Katie’s move. No one more so than Beth. She can’t believe that 18 yr old Katie has managed to roll her onto the mat and has her shoulders pinned down. The ref has checked Beth’s shoulders several time and has counted for the pin. Each time Beth has just been able to beat the count. 

It has been several minutes now that Beth has been struggling to keep from being pinned. With the match tied at one fall each, if she were to be pinned they would lose the match. What has become evident is that Beth is rapidly tiring. 

After several minutes of trying to pin Beth, Katie now takes a different tact. She gets off Beth and lets her up. She then moves to lock up with he. But instead Beth runs to her corner and tags her father. Larry enters the ring and goes to lock up with Katie. Before he can get her, Katie spins in behind him. She wraps her arms around his head and begins to squeeze. Larry is stunned, dazed and terrified his 18 yr old female opponent has him in a SLEEPER HOLD. 

It is instantly obvious that they have made a grave tactical error. 36 yr old Larry is in huge trouble. He claws wildly at Katie’s hands and arms trying to get them off his head and neck. It’s no use, she has too tight a hold of him Larry’s face has gone blank. He has no expression on it. His eyes are glazed over and can no longer focus. 

First one of his arms drops uselessly to his side. 20 seconds later his other arm also drops to his other side. Larry is now just hanging by his head in Katie’s arms. With his last bit of conscious though, Larry begs for mercy. "Please Katie please, let me go!!! I submit to you!!!Don’t knock me out!!! I’m begging you, please don’t knock me out!!! I give up, I give up!!! You win, you’ve beaten me!!! I give up!!! 

Seconds later, Larry slips into unconsciousness. Katie lowers him to the mat and leaves him there stretched out on the mat. The ref comes to check on the unconscious male wrestler. He quickly signals for the bell the fall and the match are over. Larry and Beth Donnelly have been defeated. They have lost the match two falls to one. 

It takes several minutes for Beth to get her father awake and several more to get him to his feet. She helps him back to their corner as the announcements are made. Larry tries to explain to his daughter. "I’m sorry Beth, I’m so sorry. I got beat, I lost both falls. It’s my fault. I’m to blame that we lost. I let you down. " Larry and Beth leave the ring, losers of the match and two falls. 

Next up is 38 yr old Allison Derringer her 18 yr old daughter Heather. They will be taking on 35yr old Barbara Lewis and her daughter 18 yr old Carol Ann. With the match minutes away Barbara and Carol Ann enter the ring. They each have on a skintight very shiny orange thong cut leotard. To say that their leotards are very reveling is an understatement. They revel everything. They also wear black pantyhose and orange boots. They are followed to the ring by 38 yr old Allison and her 18 yr old Daughter, Heather. Allison and Heather enter the ring wearing Shiny white leotards. They too are thong cut. Along with the leotards they wear very shiny tan pantyhose and white boots. 

What happens in this match is very exciting. The first fall is a back and forth event. It opens with 18 yr old Heather facing 18 yr old Carol Ann. These two young female wrestlers put on a fantastic show. Each of them execute holds and are on the receiving end of holds. They fight for almost 8 minutes before Carol Ann tags out. She is soon followed by Heather. Now it is both mothers fighting it out. They two pound each other as well as putting each other in several very painful holds.  

After several minutes 38 yr old Allison has 35 yr old Barbara howling in pain as she bends her leg, while she is splitting both her legs apart. It takes Barbara almost 3 minutes to get close enough to tag her daughter Carol Ann in. Carol Ann leaps over the top rope slamming her boots into Allison’s chest. She quickly races to her corner and tags in her daughter Heather. 

Heather and Carol Ann wage war with each other. The momentum shifts back and forth. First one then the other young wrestler is in trouble. After about 6 minutes 18 yr old Carol Ann gets 18 yr old Heather in an OVER THE SHOULDER BACK BREAKER. The hold has Heather screaming in pain. It takes only a minute for Heather to submit the fall to Carol Ann. 

Fall number two sees 38 yr old Allison wrestling 35 yr old Barbara wrestling most of the fall after being tagged in by their daughters. Allison seems to have taken up just where she left off in the first fall. 4 minutes into the fall Allison gets Barbara down on the mat hooking her leg she rolls the 38 yr old wrestler’s shoulders onto the mat for the three count. Barbara gets pinned and the match is even. 

Fall three has Barbara and Allison starting off. It does not take long for Allison to get the better of Barbara again. Soon she has her screaming in pain again. This time Allison gets hold of Barbara’s boots, rolls her face down on the mat and locks her into a BOSTON CRAB. In just a few seconds Barbara is screaming her submission. "LET ME GO, PLEASE LET ME GO!!! I SUBMIT!!! YOU WIN, I GIVE UP!!!! That ends the third fall and the match, with the team of Allison and Heather winning falls two and three. 

It is now time for the match everyone has been waiting for. It is for the tag team championship. It will feature 37 yr old Nicolas "Nicky" Wellborn and his son 19 yr old Kiel. Their opponents will be the number 3 contenders, 36 yr old Peggy Scott and her 18 yr old daughter Amber. 

First to enter the ring are Peggy and Amber. They have on pink high cut leotard, with very shiny tan pantyhose and pink boots. Following them into the ring are the champions. They each have on a shiny black thong and shiny black boots and there gold world title belts.  With the intro’s over all 4 wrestlers are back in their corners. Nicky and Kiel both quickly adjust their manhood’s in their thongs. On the other side of the ring, Peggy and Amber pull up and smooth out their pantyhose and adjust their leotards. 

Kiel exits the ring leaving his father to start the match. Amber does the same wishing her mother good luck. The BELL sounds to start the match. Both wrestlers exit their corners and move toward each other. Suddenly Peggy lowers her shoulder and races toward Nicky. Now with a full head of steam, she slams into him. The force of her shoulder slamming into him, drives the champion back into the corner. 

The air races out of Nicky’s lungs as he slams into the turnbuckle. He screams in pain and grabs at his stomach. "OOOOOOOHHHH!!! AAAAAAAUUU! he cries out. Peggy quickly takes advantage of him as he holds tightly to his mid-section. She begins to pound Nicky with forearms over and over. Her forearms slam into his chest, his head, his mid-section and his arms. After several minutes, Nicky has takes a tremendous pounding from Peggy. 

As he has watched his father take this beating Kiel shouts to his father. "Dad, dad you have to tag me!!! Don’t let her beat you!!! Tag me dad, tag me!!!" there is nothing that Nicky would rather do that get out of the ring. He is just barely conscious. As Peggy backs off just a little, Nicky still holding tightly to his stomach, slowly slides down the turnbuckle to the mat. With Nicky laying at her feet. Peggy grabs his boots and pulls him to the middle of the ring.

Nicky is now stretched out on the canvas in the center of the ring. Peggy moves in on the attack. She grabs one of Nicky’s boots and begins to twist his leg. She stands on one of his ankles as she splits his legs apart. The champion grabs at his manhood. In just seconds he is screaming in pain. "Oh my god!!! She’s tearing me apart!!! She’s going to hurt me bad!!! OOOOOOOUUU!! OOOOOOOHHH!!! I can’t take much more of this!!!!!" 

Knowing she has Nicky in serious trouble, Peggy drops his leg and races to her corner. She quickly tags in her 18 yr old daughter. Shockingly, the teen age female wrestler takes up right where her mother left off. She attacks the male champion. Grabbing his already aching leg she lifts it off the mat and gets Nicky in a leg lock. Amber is lifting his leg off the mat. As she is doing that she is also twisting his knee, and by holding it up she has him hanging by it. 

The crowd and Nicky’s son are stunned by the strength of the 18 yr old girl. Holding tightly to his leg, Amber has the champion hanging with his back and shoulders off the mat. Again the champion cries out. "She’s got me!!!! Dear god she’s got me!!!! She’s going to dislocate my leg!!! Oh god it hurts." 

Nicky’s son and tag team partner knows his father is in very big trouble. All he can do for now is to shout encouragement to his Dad. "Fight dad, fight!!!!!! Don’t let her submit you!!!! Fight dad, don’t give up!!! Please don’t give up!!!! 

Standing on the outside of the ring, in his shiny black thong, Kiel knows the his dad is almost finished. At this point Nicky is no longer a match for the 18yr old Amber. He is very close to exhaustion. Amber then rolls the 36 yr old male wrestler over onto his stomach. She drops onto his back, she then hooks his arms over her thighs. Reaching forward she grabs his chin and pulls up and back. 

36 yr old Nicky, one half of the world tag team champions is now caught in a CAMEL CLUTCH. Looking at him you can easily see the pain on his face. He is struggling trying to get free of the CLUTCH. Soon those at ring side can see tears running down his cheeks and they can hear him moaning. "Oh, oh, oh!!!! OU, OOO!!! It hurts, oh it hurts!!! 

Almost everyone is very surprised by how Amber a 18 yr old female wrestler is handling the 36 yr old champion. The young girl is displaying great skill and tremendous strength. Amber then drops Nicky to the mat. Thinking he is free he begins to crawl toward his corner. Amber is not thru with him yet. Grabbing his boots she lifts them off the mat. She then tucks them under her arms. Bending down she locks on a BOSTON CRAB!! 

Nicky instantly screams out in pain. "My back, my back!!! Dear god, she’s breaking my back!!! Amber continues to lower herself increasing the pressure on Nicky’s back. OH!!! OH!!! Help me Kiel, PLEASE help me!!!! She’s going to make me submit. PLEASE son, please help me!!!! Dear god Kiel help me please help me!!! 

Hearing his father cry out for help and knowing he is about to be defeated by Amber, Kiel leaps into the ring and runs to his father’s aid. Sadly he never makes it. Just as he is about to reach his hopelessly trapped father, Kiel is also trapped. Amber’s 36 yr old mother Peggy has also leapt into the ring. Just feet from his father, Peggy intercepts Kiel and locks the teenage boy into an ABDOMINAL STRETCH Now it is Kiel that is screaming in pain. "OH no she’s got me!!! Dear god she’s got me!!! I’m caught dad, I’m caught!!! I can’t help you, I’m trapped too!! She’s tearing my AB’s apart. 

Here is the situation now for the tag team champions. Nicky is trapped and held tightly in a Boston Crab by 18 yr old Amber. Kiel, Nicky’s 19 yr old son and tag team partner is trapped in an Abdominal Stretch being held by Amber’s mother 36 yr old Peggy. Both men are hopelessly trapped and crying in pain. The ref comes to Nicky first. "How about it Nicky, you ready to submit? You want to call it quits? 

At this point all Nicky wants to get out of the hold. He has had all of the BOSTON CRAB he can stand. 


The older half of the world champions has conceded defeat to his 18 yr old opponent. The ref now moves close to Kiel. The younger half of the tag team champions is being held tightly in an ABDOMINAL STRETCH. Again the ref asks one of the champions if he is finished. "Kiel, what do you say? Are you ready to submit to her? Have you had enough son?" Now it is up to Kiel if he too wishes to surrender. 


And now that’s it, Both of the former male champions has conceded defeat and given up. Amber has released Nicky and Peggy has released Kiel. Both men are stretched out on the canvas. Both men lie unmoving as their female opponents get to their feet. Both men have big DEFEAT BONERS in their shiny black thongs. 

The crowd goes wild cheering the new champions. Both women now have their world title belts wrapped around their waists. It’s then that something happens. First Kiel is dragged to the ropes by Amber. She lifts him off the canvas drapes his arms over the ropes and hooks the second rope over him. Kiel is now locked tightly into the ropes. 

Then Peggy does the same to Nicky. He too is now locked into the ropes. Both men are dazed as well as battered As they hang there. First to cry out is Kiel. "Dad dad, they’re stripping me!!! Their pulling my jockstrap off. I can’t stop them, I can’t move my arms!!!" 

Seconds later it’s Kiel’s father that is crying out. "Oh god, me too, me too!!! She’s pulling down my thong!!! Please please, don’t strip me. Oh please don’t strip off my thong!!!" 

Now it’s over, both men have been stripped of their shiny black thongs. Both men are now hanging by their arms from the ropes. Both men, 36 yr old Nicky and 19 yr old Kiel have been stripped and are left hanging with their stiff and rock hard DEFEAT BONERS standing up like a steel rod.