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Update: 14.02.2020

W-611 "The Falcon vs The rookie"

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I’m the Falcon at present I am the number 3 ranked wrestler in the Federation. This is one of those crazy nights when a ranked contender has a mandatory match against a new comer that is unranked. These matches normally go pretty much like you think they would. However, I have seen highly ranked wrestlers get beat in matches like this. That is why the promoter likes them, unexpected things sometime happen. 

That however won’t be happening tonight. I am in great shape and I am undefeated. I plain to stay that way. I know nothing about my opponent tonight. I have heard some buzz about her but that is all. In my dressing room I begin to get ready to wrestle. Off with my street cloths, as I reach into my gear bag. First out comes shiny wet look tan pantyhose. Yes, I wear pantyhose in the ring as do all of the male wrestlers. Next comes my light blue thong. I arrange my pantyhose inside my thong. Then comes shiny light blue boots. After lacing them up tight I slip into my blue ring jacket and I am ready. 

While I wait for the call to the ring I sit and watch the closed circuit of the matches. Right now I am watching my opponent for tonight give an interview to one of the commentators. She has just been asked about facing a male wrestler as her first opponent. “No, I’m not the least bit scared of facing a male opponent. In fact that is why I joined this federation. I want to face men in the ring. Nothing is better than making a male wrestler suffer in a painful submission hold. I love hearing them scream in pain, just before they submit to me.” 

That is a very interesting piece of news, she expects to submit me in the ring tonight. Well, good luck with that sweetie. Time has come to head to the ring. On the way the same commentator stops me and asks if I have heard my opponents interview. “Yes, I heard her. So she thinks that she is going to make me submit to her. Well I have news for her, I’m the number three contender for the title and she is in for a very long and a very hard time tonight.”      

We are both in the ring waiting for the introductions and instructions. 

"Wrestling fans this is a mandatory contenders match. It is one fall to a finish, no time limit pin or submission match. Making her debut wrestling in her very first match - please welcome 18yr old Helen Killjoy! And her opponent. He is the number 3 ranked wrestler - let’s hear it for FALCON!!"

There is a huge cheer after my name is called. I have a large fan following and I am considered to be the wrestler with the best chance to win the title. After this match my next match will be for the World title. 

The ref calls us both to the center of the ring and gives us her instructions. We both return to our corners to wait for the bell. Both of us use the time to fix our pantyhose and for me to fix my manhood. 

BONG!!! the bell sends us out of our corners. 18 yr old Helen charges directly at me. She grabs my right arm and bends it up into a OVER HAND WRIST LOCK. This teenage girl has made the first move. Her speed surprised me and now her strength is also surprising me. As she increases the pressure on my arm my knees start to buckle. She is so strong I can’t fight back. I’ve never felt strength like this in a female wrestler before. 

Slowly, methodically she increases the pressure on my arm. It’s only been a few seconds since the bell rang and sweat is pouring off me. The pain in my is overwhelming, I’ve never felt anything like it. My knees buckle and my back is bent as I am taken to the mat. 

I am now stretched out on the mat on my back. I struggle trying to keep one shoulder off the mat. We have been wrestling for only 18 seconds and I am very close to being pinned. Those at ringside can see the pain on my face and hear me moaning in pain. “Oh my god, my arm. I’ve got to get free!! She’s got me, it hurts so bad!! 

My teenaged opponent has over powered me and taken me to the mat. I’m down and I can’t seem to get up. I have just beaten the three count twice already. Suddenly my arm is free for just a second. Helen quickly grabs it again, twists it and bends my hand back at the wrist. Again I cry out in pain. 

It has been only 31 seconds since the bell. 18 yr old Helen Killjoy has me down and looks to be ready to apply another hold on me. Next I feel her pantyhose covered legs across my chest. Then with the suddenness of a lightning bolt my arm is bent and pulled In less than a second it feels as though my arm is being ripped from my shoulder. 

My body jerks and convulses uncontrollably. My shiny legs kick wildly. I begin to scream at the top of my lungs “MY ARM-MY ARM-MY ARM. OH god MY ARM!!!” I am no longer in control of my body, my mind or my emotions. Tears have begun to flow down my cheeks. And I continue to scream in pain “MY ARM-MY ARM-MY ARM!!!! 

At this point we have been wrestling for only 41 seconds. That is to say that I have been on the receiving end of an enormous amount of punishment from my 18 yr old opponent. My right arm is completely useless and I no longer have the will or the physical ability to defend myself. 

Seeing me trapped and screaming the ref comes to me: 

"How bout it Falcon? She’s got you, have you had enough?"

The pain is just too much for me to bear. I’m finished, I can take no more. At 48 seconds into the match I’m ready to surrender to my opponent. 


And so at 48 seconds into the match I scream my submission and am defeated. 18 yr old Helen Killjoy will now become the number 3 contender. As for me, I will fall out of the top ten and will almost surely be completely unranked. 

For now though I remain lying on the mat in the middle of the ring, unable to get to my feet or even move. My right arm is across my chest and I am holding it tightly. The pain continues to radiate from my shoulder, elbow and wrist. I can’t move it or lift it at all. As for the tears they continue to flow down my cheeks in small rivers. 

Now the announcer is standing directly over me in the center of the ring. 

"Wrestling fans in the time of only 48 seconds the winner of the match via ARM LOCK submission, and now the number 3 contender. HELEN KILLJOY!!!!"

Now the ref and Helen are standing over me as the ref raises 18 yr old Helen’s hand in the air. She does not look down on me or show any kind of feeling for me. She just defeated me as if I were nothing at all. 

About a minute or so after Helen leaves the ring several of the male wrestlers come to help me up and back to my dressing room. Back in my dressing room I sit with my head down and my arm in my lap, the pain just won’t stop and the tears just keep flowing down my cheeks. 

After several minutes I stand and look in the mirror.  “defeated, in just 48 seconds, I’ve been defeated!! I lost the match and my ranking!! Unranked, now I’m unranked!! 3 years of hard work and victories!! All gone in just 48 seconds!! How could she do this to me?” 

Returning to the bench I sit and slowly remove my wrestling boots. I stand and slide down my thong. I stand there in just my pantyhose. Again the tears begin to flow down my cheeks. I glance in the mirror and see that I have a defeat boner. "Just what I need now, a hard as a rock DEFEAT BONER!!"   Slowly, inch by inch I slip off my pantyhose. It’s difficult to do with only one arm and I struggle for several minutes. 

The pain in my arm has only diminished a small amount. It may be days before I can fully use my arm. "What a sight I am. The tuff undefeated pro wrestler. With only one good arm and a defeat boner. No longer undefeated, no longer the #3 contender. Beaten by a teenage girl. My career in ruins."