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mixed wrestling body scissors woman choking man

Update: 25.06.2021

W-682 "Submit!"

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Mixed wrestling, 180 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

It should have been a good evening. After putting the children to bed, Kimiko had “put her husband to bed” wrestling, and was looking forward to Nicole’s arrival for a workout. She had been impressed with Nicole’s surprise win over Sumiko, boxing recently, and eagerly anticipated the two women facing off in a cage match. Unfortunately, though, she had put her back out.


What to do? She could call the evening off, or she could suggest that Nicole work out with Todd. She rang Nicole, gave her the choice, and she decided to go over anyway and practice with her husband instead. It wouldn’t be such good training, but Kimiko would still be there to offer guidance. With a sigh, she accepted that she and Kimiko wouldn’t be grappling after all, but it was some comfort to hear that Kimiko shared her disappointment on that score. There would be plenty more opportunities for that after all!

There is usually some compensation from a setback, and Kimiko’s temporary back weakness gave her an idea when Nicole arrived, and she and Todd were waiting to start.


“Let’s work on fighting from your back,” she suggested, realising that so far all the work had consisted of upright fighting, with any ground work relegated to recovering from an incidental fall.

“Fight,” commanded Kimiko, as Nicole and Todd faced each other propped up on their elbows. Like cats, they prowled around each other, looking for an opportunity.


Todd pounced. He sprang forward, looking to grab Nicole, reaching for her with his right hand. She seized it gratefully, locking his arm, flipped onto her back, and trapped his neck in a scissor, hooking her legs behind him. Kimiko looked on, nodding her approval and appreciation as Nicole began to exert pressure.


“Sorry, Todd, what was that you said?” Kimiko laughed, as he uttered inaudible sounds while Nicole’s strong legs did their work, and she steadily bent his arm into an ever more painful angle.

Todd struggled for breath. His face reddened, then bordered on purple, as Nicole cranked the vice up, notch by notch. She was like a medieval torturer, except she didn’t need to have any device invented for her.


Suddenly she pulled him down against her, this time hooking her legs around the small of his back, and locking his neck in her right arm, in a variation of a choke. You could no longer see Todd’s face, but with his right cheek against hers, she could feel the heat and guess that he had now gone full purple.


Kimiko walked over to get a closer look, admiring the way the sexy woman was mastering this new kind of combat.


“Excellent job,” she told her, “Let’s work on the guillotine choke.”


“The what?” gasped Todd, alarmed by what he heard.


“Nicole knows,” she told him, and jokily hummed a few bars of


“La Marseillaise”.


“Very funny,” thought Todd to himself, before Nicole flew at him. He landed with a grunt on his back, while she sat on his middle, and secured his neck in the crook of her right arm. How many wretched types of choke were there, for God’s sake? Nicole’s grip on his neck blotted out any pleasurable sensation from her sex being pressed up against his.


Another thing about this hold, he realised, was that it puts pressure on the victim’s back. She was sitting on him, but her lock on his neck forced his head forward while the small of his back was still on the mat. The spine could only sustain the pressure for so long.

For her part, Nicole was pleased with the new move. She had her opponent under her control. She could turn the pain on, and ease it off again, as with all wrestling holds she had learnt. Enjoying her superiority, she told Todd:


“I want to hear you say you submit.”


Relieved to get the chance, he eagerly did just that.


Kimiko was even more pleased; but then she had taught Nicole the hold, after all. Even so, she was impressed with the speed and confidence that she had shown carrying it out. She helped Nicole up and they embraced while Todd groaned and gently rubbed his neck and back. They watched him recover with some amusement, and when Kimiko nodded, Nicole moved back down onto the mats and regarded him. Both were once again on their hands and knees.

“Nicole, be aggressive, and work from the top,” Kimiko instructed her.


“’Be aggressive’?” wailed her husband. “What’s she been up till now then?”


“Er, that’s quite enough from you,” Kimiko reprimanded him. (By God, when her back was better she’d teach him not to interrupt her class, wouldn’t she just!)


“Fight,” she commanded, after glaring at him for a moment.

Nicole was straight on Todd. She jumped on his back and gripped his wrists, securing him, while he thanked God for the mats as his ribs hit them. Working to his left side, she forced her right thigh into the small of his back and grabbed his chin in her right hand, locking his neck and left arm. Then she shifted back centrally. She sat on the small of his back and hooked her arms under his forearms, yanking them back and forcing his chest up while his lower stomach remained on the mats. It had a similar effect to the camel clutch.


Eager to keep up the momentum, Nicole dropped down to one side, and trapped his neck in her right arm. At the same time she knelt on his right hand, while gripping his left wrist, in an unorthodox sleeper-choke. Then she turned him over on his back and pinned him, so she could stare into his eyes. She smiled at her dominance, and suspended her body inches above his, so he could take in her abundant charms.


“Submit!” she demanded, lowering herself, and grabbing his throat, before insisting he submit verbally, and tell his wife he was a “pussy” to get beaten up by her.


The poor man! He lay on his back with this beauty above him, submitted, and duly informed his wife that he was a pussy for getting beaten up by Nicole. Kimiko came over to them, laughing, and caressed Nicole, who stood up and responded. Once again, they happily watched Todd recover, and sniggered at his groans and moans.


“Let’s go free style,” urged Kimiko for the next round, as Nicole got back down on the mats, and faced Todd again. Once again, she instructed, “Fight!” and Nicole enjoyed a little teasing, by feigning attacks and bringing them to nothing. Todd was determined to be vigilant, waiting for her to spring.


But she took him completely by surprise. In one movement, she dropped down onto her back, clamped her legs around his neck, and trapped his right arm in a triangle choke. His neck had been badly assaulted already, and this latest attack was a cruel reinforcement of pain. Burning sensations shot from there, darting through his central nervous system. Meanwhile his back was receiving more punishment, and his arm was being wrenched.

“I submit!” he shouted, in entreaty.


Cuddling Nicole, Kimiko told her how much she was enjoying the sight of her beating up her husband, while he held himself in the foetal position, nursing his injuries. When he slowly, laboriously, got back to his hands and knees, Kimiko and Nicole reluctantly released each other, and Nicole resumed the crouching fight position. On Kimiko’s familiar command, they moved warily round one another again.


“Oh God!” yelped Todd, as Nicole landed on him, and pinned him, schoolgirl-style. She used it to tease him, holding her face above his, and appearing to kiss him. (She knew Kimiko wouldn’t mind, understanding it was all part of a woman’s armoury when wrestling a man.)


Not too subtly, she changed to sitting on his chest and locking both his arms under her thighs, and crossing them over his face. He roared in pain as his arms were bent horribly at a perverse angle.

But it was time for some indulgence. She moved up his body, now stretching his arms above his head, this time over her thighs, and trapped him in a head scissor. His face was clamped against her sex for a few moments, before she swept over and under, and engulfed him in a rear naked choke, before shifting to a black widow position, so she could tease him with mock kisses again, while her crossed legs held him in position.


With a sigh, Nicole relinquished the hold, forced him onto his front, while locking his right leg between her legs, and wrapped him in a sleeper.


“Admit I beat you up, and beg me to stop!!” she demanded, and he did as he was told.


Kimiko brought the camera in close, and declared she wanted to film a “great final humiliation scene”. This was fine with Nicole, but it’s debatable whether Todd was so enthusiastic.


Taking charge, Nicole told him to sit up on the mat with his legs out in front. She put her left arm around his neck, and locked his right arm in the crook of her right arm. She whispered in his ear, and he shouted:


“I was beaten up by Nicole, and I’m a pussy and really enjoyed it.”


She released him, and he thankfully flopped down on the mat. In silence, but smiling, Kimiko gestured to Nicole as the victor, before holding her arm in the air as tradition demands.


“You looked good,” she told her, “but my pussy hubby is not Sumiko,” she reminded her.


But for the time being, never mind! They embraced and kissed, while Todd moped into the mat.

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