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W-461 "Title changes hands"

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Tonight I will be defending my world championship title against the number one contender. This is a match that has been brewing for many months. To say that the number one contender and I don't like each other would be a vast understatement. We out right hate each other. We both want to do the most damage to each other. I not only want to win, but I want to crush my opponent.

Match time is almost here and I need to get ready. Off with my street cloths. Digging in my gear bag I pull out my wrestling outfit. First comes very shiny toast pantyhose. These are the world's most expensive stockings. They are imported from England by Wolford. With the hair removed from my legs they slide on easily. I pull them up and form my manhood into a large sensual bulge.

Before I go any farther I guess I should tell you that this is not only a pin or submission league but it is also a domination league. Wrestlers are encouraged to totally dominate their opponent. So when I get my opponent in a submission hold I force my domination on and tonight will be no different.

Now that I've cleared all that up I continue. I remove my "posing thong" from my gear bag. It's called a posing thong because muscle contestants use it to show off their bodies. I use it because it works very well as a jockstrap and trunks for wrestling. More and more male wrestlers are using them as jockstraps and trunks. Mine is very shiny wet look white. Grabbing a seat I slip my pantyhosed covered feet into shiny white boots. These boots have gold highlights on them. Standing up I give my pantyhose a little tug up then make sure the the waist band of my thong covers the waistband of my pantyhose.

Then it happens, From my gear bag I pull my prized possession. This is always a solemn moment for me. It represents the pinnacle of achievement in wrestling, it is my WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE BELT. I have held this title for almost 4 years. I have beaten every contender that I have faced. The proudest thing I can say is that "I AM THE WORLD CHAMPION". With that said I wrap the title belt around my waist and buckle it on. I look into the mirror and pride swells inside of me. I am the champion. Undefeated, winner of all my matches. Vanquisher of every foe. The world's best wrestler.

I slip on my white ring jacket and head to the ring. As I approach the ring my music blares. I can see that my opponent is already there. I climb the steps an enter the ring. The cheers from the crowd is defining as I go to my corner. The ref calls us both to the middle of the ring. She quickly checks us over and give us her instructions. She asks for my title belt. I unbuckle it and hand it to her. She raises it over her head signifying that this is a title match.

She turns to show it to my opponent and something terrible happens my opponent waves her hand like she has no interest in the title. She looks straight at me and makes the same gesture. Dismissing me as if I were nothing. The ref orders her back to her corner and she turns and goes, no hand shake, no good luck. Just flips her hand and walks away.

Good evening ladies and gentlemen. This is the title match we have been waiting for. The Champion Dean "The all American Hero" Nelson will be defending his title against the number one contender. She is Katerina Romanova the Russian and European Champion.

For the past several weeks she has been telling everyone that she intends to not only win the title but destroy Dean Nelson.

Both wrestlers return to their corners to await the bell. The referee has placed the world title belt on a platform that has been raised high above the ring. The champion looks in terrific shape as does his challenger. Dean weighted in at 163 lbs and Katerina weighted in at 166 lbs 3 pounds heavier than the champ. At 6 ft 2 in tall she is also taller the Dean.

There's the bell the match has begun. Both wrestlers move out of their corners and begin to circle.

The Champion moves in and OH NO!! Katerina has delivered a colossal ROUND HOUSE KICK to the side of the champs face. 3 seconds into the match and he's stunned. The Champion is stunned and in big trouble.

She just landed a crushing kick to my head. My eyes flutter and my vision blurs. I can't feel my body and I can't control my legs. I stagger side-ways and then fall back against the ropes. Right now they are the only thing holding me up.

Nelson has fallen back into the ropes and Katerina is in after him. She pulls the champion off the of them and looks to be going for a scoop slam. She jams her arm between the champs legs. She hooks his head and. Oh that was awful. What a tremendous slam. Dean Nelson the World Champion is down on the mat and he is not moving.

She jams her arm between my legs. I can feel her grab the back of my trunks and my pantyhose. She wraps her arm around my head and lifts me off the mat. Oh, wow that hurt. She has slammed me down and I can't seem to move. I don't know how I'm going to fight her off. I can move.

The Champion looks dazed. He's struggling to move but is having a very hard time. I can see his eyes fluttering as though he is slipping in and out of consciousness. We are only 26 seconds into this match and the Champion is on his back unable to get to his feet.

Here she comes I've got to get up. If I can just reach the ropes. Oh dam, she got me by my boots and is dragging me to the center of the ring. AAAOU!! MY LEG!!! She's got a step-over toe hold on me. She is twisting my leg hard. Dam it hurts, she's really bearing down.

Katerina is dragging the Champion to the middle of the ring by his boots. Now she's locked on a STEP-OVER TOE HOLD on him. Dean is writhing in pain and we can hear him cry out. The beautiful young Russian wrestler has released Dean from the step-over. She now has both his boots tucked high up under her arms. It looks as though she is trying to pin the Champion as his shoulders are firmly planted on the mat.


She almost had him!! She very nearly pinned the Champion!! We were less than half a second from having a new champion.

She almost had me. She nearly broke my leg then got me in a Leg-Stretch and almost pinned me. The match is only 1 minute and 12 seconds old and I've already almost lost my title. I have to get my legs free from her. She's keeping the pressure on me and my shoulders continue to contact the mat. I've got to get free.


She almost pinned me again. How is she doing this to me? I'm the world champion, this shouldn't be happening.

Once again the Champion's shoulders were on the mat. For the second time Katerina has had the Champ' s shoulders down and has

come very close to pinning him.

She lets go of my boots and my legs drop to the mat. I try to get up but it's not happening. Katerina grabs me by my hair and my arm and hoists my off the mat. I struggle to get free of her but she has a tight grip on me.

Katerina has pulled the Champion off the mat. Wounder what she has in store for him now?

As I struggle Katerina drives her knee into my mid-section. It impacts me just below the waist line of my trunks and pantyhose. I scream in pain as the air rushes out of my lungs. My legs buckle but I am held tight by Katerina, she won't let me fall to the mat. A second knee explodes into me, instantly followed by a third and then a fourth. My free hand grasps at my AB's and I crumple to the mat as Katerina lets go of me.

The Champion has just taken 4 hard knee lifts to his abdomen. He's down on the mat and in very serious trouble. From this angle his eyes appear to be closed and he may be out. This Russian female wrestler has completely dominated the World Champion. It looks as though Dean Nelson mat be on his way to losing his world title.

OMG, I'm hurt. The pain in my AB's is unbearable. OH NO!!! Here she comes, I'm not ready. NO-NO, I need more time. She pulls me to a sitting position. She scissors my left arm using her thighs and ankles. My arm is stretched out tight and held firmly. She tries to grab my right arm but I struggle to stop her. It's no use, she's got me. Both of my arms are now stretched out and held tight. Katerina has gotten a CRUFIX on me.

The Russian now has the Champion locked in a CRUFIX. He's struggling, but I see no way for him to escape. We may be looking at the last few minutes or seconds of Dean Nelson's championship reign.

This is very hard to see. Dean has been a great champion, taking on all comers and defeating them all up to now. I can see the Champion continuing to struggle as he tries to get free. Those at ringside can hear him moaning softly in pain. I can now see tears beginning to run freely down his cheeks. He has begun to sob very softly.

She's got me locked up tight. I can't get free. Along with my abdomen, now my shoulders and arms are in pain. OH NO!! She's locked a claw on me with her free hand. She's clawing my AB's. SHE'S GOT ME - SHE'S GOT ME!! THAT'S IT I'M FINISHED, I HAVE TO SURRENDER TO HER. I CAN'T TAKE ANY MORE!!!

This is awful wrestling fans. The Champion is now openly crying. HE is in tremendous pain and must be very near submission. What an awful sight Dean Nelson is as this moment. Battered and beaten by the Russian challenger. Seconds away from losing his title. His shiny white and gold trunks have slid down showing the top 3 inches of his pantyhose. Tears mixed with sweat are running down his cheeks.

The ref has moved in close to Dean, I'll raise the mic so we can hear her.

"Dean, is that it? Has she beaten you? How about it Champ? You ready to submit the match?"


As you just heard the ref has asked Dean if he is ready to submit. Let's hear he answer!

Softly Dean Nelson the World Champion whimpers his surrender.


"Yes-yes! She's beaten me. I'm finished. PLEASE, no more! No more. I submit to her. She wins. I SUBMIT - I SUBMIT!!!"


OMG!! Wrestling fans. In a stunning upset we have a new Champion. Dean Nelson has just lost the title to Katerina Romanova. 


I can't believe it, I just can't believe it. I've been defeated, I've lost my title. How could she do this to me? She beat me so easily.

I've given up, why hasn't she released me? She's still got me, she won't let go. She's tearing my abdomen apart. She's trying to dominate me. She wants me to beg her to let me go!!



Thank god, she's finally let me go. I'm really hurt. She beat me bad.

What an unbelievable ending to this match. The now former world wrestling champion Dean Nelson being forced into a submission by the Russian wrestler. Then being completely dominated by her . As Katerina Romonava wraps the World Title belt around her waist, Dean Nelson is on his knees near the ropes. He has his hands covering his face as he sobs uncontrollably. 


What am I going to do? I've never been defeated before. I'll have to start all over. My career is in ruins, I'm not the champion any more.
Fans, I'm going to try to get an interview with the new Champion. Katerina-Katerina, can we ask you a few questions. The fans seam stunned by your victory.


Fans are stunned? They should not be, I am great wrestler. Better that anyone in the world. I prove that tonight. 


You seamed to dominate Dean Nelson from the very start of the match. How were you able to do that?


I am a much better wrestler that he. He had no chance against me. I defeat him easily. Look at America's great champion. He is on his knees crying at his loss. I destroy him, he is no match for a real champion. 


Fans, I would to see if I can get a quick word with the now former champion. Dean-Dean can we get a word with you? 


The last thing I need now is to be interviewed now. However that is what the fans pay for. I struggle to my feet, then stumble back against the ropes. I nod to Lanny that that it's ok. 


Sorry Lanny, I'm a little dizzy and unsure on my feet. 


That's OK Dean thanks for taking the time to speak to us. I guess the first question has to be what happened to you? How was she able to defeat you so easily? 


Actually nothing happened to me, other than being defeated and losing my title. She was able to beat me because she was and is a better wrestler. She is faster and stronger than I am, and her skill level is higher. In short I ran into a much better wrestler than I am. 

Can you talk about the match its self?

I'd be happy to. The bell rang and almost instantly I was defeated and had lost the title. In truth she stunned me right at the opening bell. After that I was pretty much helpless against her. I never regained my ability to defend myself. She battered me pretty well and when she got me into that 


CRUFIX and then locked on that AB CLAW I was finished. She managed to submit me very quickly.

I had no choice but to give up and lose the title. She was just too much for me to handle.

Dean, do you think that there will be a rematch? 

I don't know Lanny. It is something I would have to think about. 

With that I exit the ring. My arms, back, neck and shoulders are all in pain. I cover my face with my hand so the fans can't see the tears falling from my eyes. As I walk up the isle the fans look at me and know that I am in great pain. They are very kind to me and wish me well.


Tuff lose champ. You'll get her next time. Hang in there, you can beat her. Don't worry, you'll get the title back.


Those are just some of the things the fans said to me.

Back in my dressing room I slump on a stool. I hold me head in my hands as the tears begin again. For several minutes I sit there crying. At last I untie my boost and slip them off. I stand and pull down my thong. For a second I stand there talking to myself.

Beaten so badly!! How did I get beaten so badly? I never want to wrestle her again. She's just too good for me. Finally peel off my shiny toast pantyhose and head to the shower. Hanging my head in shame I let the water run over me. "Beaten, how did I get beaten so badly. By a woman? She destroyed me!!"