Mixed boxing and kickboxing

Mixed kickboxing, 100 pictures 1920*1080 (FullHD). No nudity (but George dressed in very skimpy thong), no blood. This fight night was unlucky for George as the stadium was packed, and contained a large number of females in the audience. George was under the impression that all the girls he would fight would be a push over due to their female weakness, but Oh! It was a great mistake for him much to the delight of the female audience.
Any combat sport such as wrestling, boxing or fencing would create a distinct weakness on a nude male which he would constantly have to use effort and time to protect. I could go on, but in general a cfnm environment would cause embarrassment and unease in the male participants who would be aware of the eyes on their nude bodies and feel the need to be more careful of the bumping, flicking, pinching, slapping, and tugging that they would be exposed to. This would take away the aggressiveness and create submissive, defeatable foes. If the girl has also a significant martial knowledge/experience superiority she can beat easily her male opponent. She has her advantages over him, her speed and martial arts skills primarily, but what he does have is his stamina and ability to take pain. Brooke was stripped down to her provocative leotard and knockout boots. She was smart enough to provoke George and realise her advantages over him. Let her outfit make him horny, his nudity would be a key to her victory. Naked men are vulnerable and easy to take advantage of. It's time to face the truth about our female supremacy and kick them in the balls to teach them a lesson!
Brooke says: "My husband had the chance to take our CFNM boxing match serious like me, but he chose to goof around, taunt me, poke fun at me, until it was too late!".
George says: "I was defeated by my wife because she was dressed in her leotard, too sexy and turned me on so much. I had jusk a skimpy thong on, it's not fair! Well, girls wear leotards in mixed fights for a few different reasons. One is that they are very aerodynamic and comfortable to move in plus you don't have to worry about shirt flying up when girl flipping through the air. Also, like any other sports female fighters get sweaty and hot leotards and they only cover part of the body so girls can stay cool as they work out. Also a close fitting leotard allows the coaches and judges to see who the athlete is moving which is the basis for scoring in fights. But why do girls wear leotards in mixed fights while guys naked? Yes, the leotard prevents a girl body from being undressed. But if that female fighters need to wear leotards, then why do guys, who are doing essentially the same thing, wear nothing?".
High quality custom mixed boxing match. This girl looks as though she can beat any guy, so fast with a supple. Female boxer Jessica says: "I am a woman and I definitely enjoy hitting guys in the balls. It is definitely a sexual turn on for me whenever I get into a no holds barred fight with some well-built cocky guy. I learned long ago that a woman trained to fight has a much better than even chance of winning a no holds barred fight with a man. While men have more muscular bodies, they are also more vulnerable to injury. A man's genitals are the great equalizer in a fight between men and women!".
Powerful gymnast Rita, users her feminism fighting skills to kick the hell out of Fred, a male kickboxing champion, or was. Her muscles are incredible strong and powerful, her legs are deadly when she doing a various ballbusting kicks. Bloody action!
Male fighter Fred says: "The women in my kick-boxing class generate a lot of oestrogen. Or is it testosterone that is created when women kick, punch and scream their way to winners nirvana? The woman in front of me wearing a black leotard, and she goes through the ring like a fireball, never letting up, never giving a chance to her opponent. She kicks and punches like Muhammad Ali. I wonder about her, this black leotard lady. Perhaps she has a job in marketing and is forced to be nice to clients all day. Perhaps that s why she punches me so fiercely. A few rounds of this and my eyes glaze. I wobble like a snake that has just been banged on the head by a snake charmer. They glance at me; their eyes even look satisfied. But she doesn't stop kicking me."
His female opponent answers: "Hi, this is Rita and I wanted a chance to finally prove myself in the boxing ring. My male opponent has a powerful muscles but he is semi naked, I feeling strong in my tight black leotard and when I started pummeling him with my gloves I saw his weakness and uncertainty in his nudity. His muscle pale arms just jiggled as I punched his vulnerable body and face! Knocked out, he no longer looked strong under my feet!".
Mixed boxing, 210 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, some blood shown. Two Japanese 18 y.o. teenagers, sister vs brother - are sisters smarter and quicker than their brothers are? Merciless mixed boxing action!
Young guy says: "I lost a boxing match to my sister when be both was 18. We had a disagreement and decided to settle our differences with the gloves. It was a great mistake, it was too hard for mem just think: you feel the dull thud of woman’s foot or knee smashing between your legs. You grab your wounded balls and fall to the mat in a tight ball. Seconds later you hear the sound of laughter fill the room. You look up and see your opponent laughing uproariously at your condition and situation. The blinding sharp pain in your balls is shooting into your stomach and you feel like retching and vomiting, but you don’t because you don’t want to give your opponent the satisfaction of knowing just how badly you are hurt. You want to jump up and thrash the lot of them, but you are physically unable. If you were able to get up, undoubtedly another kick would find its mark and send you back to the mat, clenching your crotch once more. Your opponent says, “Gee, if his jewels were that important to him you ‘d think he would have done a better job protecting them!” A new round of laughter fills the air, louder than the first. It’s difficult to comprehend which hurts more – your package or your pride. The laughter has definitely enhanced your feelings of frustration and humiliation as you lay in a fetal position praying for the ordeal – and the laughter – to stop…."
Young lady says: "What is great is that most of the women look stronger than the guys they are on top of and that they really put them down and vanquished them. More of victorious women enjoying their spoils of winning a physical battle of the sexes. I like the traditional victory pose where the leotard-clad girl puts her foot on the defeated male's groin and raises her hand in victory with a look of contempt on her face, arrogantly staring into the eyes of weak nude male she has just defeated. Male must kiss the woman's feet after being beaten to show his total acceptance of her superiority!"
Mixed boxing, 170 pictures 1920x1080 (Full HD), no nudity, no blood. Pure mixed boxing action, both sexes are knocking each other down and you just can’t tell who is going to win. Eventually, either the female or the male is going to win the fight and become the supreme sex, but which one?
A great battle of the sexes in a mixed boxing match, and this time we have a male referee who obviously will be trying to rule against the female boxer to favor the male. Ben is wearing white sliver shorts that are tight showing his male bulge in front of his shorts. His shorts are unusual as they are laced together from his hips down to the seam. Vicky on the other hand is dressed in a red see through leotard that is tight around her bottom and loose around her large and heavy breasts. Her large breasts are unsupported and she knows that they will sway and bounce in her leotards, hopefully to arouse her male opponent so he can’t concentrate. The fight starts with a few pushes from each other and Ben immediately starts to hit into her wobbling breasts. The male referee does not seem to notice the foul punches, so Vicky gets angry and attacks Ben with her fists very hard giving her the advantage. Ben gets in close and holds her tightly in a clinch hold to try and stop Vicky punching him. Unlucky for Ben Vicky manages to squirm away and then continues to pound the day lights out of him. Vicky slows her attack, and with Ben now very angry, he take the advantage of hitting her back hard. The tables turn yet again as Vicky steps up the pressure, raining punches into his head and chest. The fight continues with each sex managing to take control several times, until Ben manages to knock Vicky to the ground with a heavy punch. Vicky is down for the count as the referee slowly counts to six while Ben is dancing in a sure male victory. At the end of count six, Vicky slowly gets up on her hands and knees with her great heavy breasts, hanging like heavy bags of water that are almost breaking through her leotards .At the end of count seven she is up and ready to fight. She gains the advantage again and eventually knocks Ben to the ground while laughing at him. Ben manages to get up at count four, but he has been weakened by Vicky’s blows. He groggily stumbles towards her swinging his fists wildly. She knocks him around the ring with very hard punching and the sound of her laughter can be heard throughout the stadium. Ben is knocked down to the ground for a second time as Vicky now has her turn to dance around his prostate body while making fun of him calling him a male weakling. Ben crawls to his feet at the count of eight, and he can feel his genitals tingling and sagging in his pants. He fights back with some success until she gives him a hit into his sternum, knocking the wind out of him. After a few more punches she gives Ben a solid right hook into his right eye. Ben returns the punch with a right jab but missis as Vicky steps back out of the way. Ben can't help himself as he notices Vicky’s large breast’s jump and wobble within her leotards while she steps around him. Ben keeps fighting back, but due to his distraction of her body, especially her large breasts, he just keeps missing with his punches. He becomes angry and frustrated as she laughs at him. While Vicky is still laughing, she packs a powerful right upper cut straight up under Ben’s chin that sends him sprawling backwards to the floor to lay flat on his back. The referee commences the count while Vicky is shouting and jumping with glee as her breasts sag and bounce upwards. Ben just manages to get up on the count of nine and groggily swings wild punches in a final desperate attempt to win the fight. Ben tries to punch her in the stomach, but Vicky is too quick, as her gloved hand slides over his arm to land heavily into his own stomach. Vicky quickly give him another right into his face, while her left fists jabs hard into the side of his ribs. The fight goes on with Ben attacking back the best he can and he makes the mistake of lifting both arms in defending himself, she give him a left punch straight into his solar plexus followed by another left into his head. She feels a sexy thrill sweep through her body as she hears the crack of his teeth snapping together from the blow. Ben feels his balls sag and swing about in his pants knowing that he is going to be beaten by a women. This time he falls flat on to his face as Vicky stands aside him, looking very proud with a large grin. At the count of eight, Vicky bends over, and wiggles her almost, bear bottom over the top of Ben to further increase his humiliation. Poor Ben, is almost weeing himself, as he hears the referee reach the count of ten and calls out that the male has lost, and the female has won. Vicky, who is now tingling with a sexy thrill of power that pules deep between her legs. She jumps waving and shouting, displaying her victories victory as a supreme female over the beaten male.
Nancy uses her dance skills to protect herself from hard punches and that skills is her key to victory! Female boxer Nancy says: "I started to train myself in boxing. I used to run or make indoor cycling but last year my husband Juan said that my legs and butt were very nice for him, but he admires women with strong upper body, wide back, ripped shoulders and arms, to enjoy the clinch not only the legs scissors. With this claim I asked in a gym how to obtain this quickly and they advice me to start boxing. Girls now I'm so big and strong in the upper as in the lower body parts. This change got fire in my husband and we wearing our boxing gloves and can't stop to struggling, clinching and punching each other when we are sparring. This night I challenged my husband to box a little. He said why not, and we put two pairs of gloves on. I'm in sexy leotard and boxing boots, he is semi nude, we both with gloves. Finally I knocked him and took him down and just pinned him! There was no way he could stop me. I think we both realized now that I was a lot stronger than him. We boxed for about an hour and I knocked him out finally. I felt so strong and dominant, he was very quite but he didn't want to stop."
Her husband Juan answers: "Me and my wife had a boxing match this time. In the years she became more ambitious in boxing and she always won. She is fast and strong. Now both of us knows, that she is faster and stronger than me, much stronger. About half of her strength is enough to defeat me. She was sporting more actively than me. She is lighter than me with about 25 kgs, but can defeat me anytime in wrestling, can bend my arms anywhere and I cant resist her. Dressed in black leotard, she plays with me and doing one punch after the other one, punching and knocking me, forcing me to defend myself and I just trying to resist to her feminine and strong body, but it is in vain. She toys with me. It is unbelievable, how she can overpower me all the time. It is a shame, how much weaker I am, who thought before that I am a strong guy. But now I know, that a fit women can overpower me easly and even she enjoys her dominance over me. It's amazing how a woman can fight if she wants. I think a man has to be really stronger and faster if he wants to win against a woman. Women and girls are usually faster than men, and usually wifes are stronger if they are in the same height and weight like their husbands. If you dont beleive it, try it. You will be surprised, how strong the women are!"