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mixed wrestling leotard facesitting femdom oral sex girl victory pose

Update: 22.10.2021

W-699 "World title mat wrestling"

Gallery size: 240 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 240 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

Tonight is a very important night for me. I'll be defending my world mat wrestling. I'll be taking on the number 1 contender for the title. I my dressing room I begin to get ready. I am very quickly out of my street cloths. Reaching into my gear bag, I pull out my wrestling gear.

The first thing are my very shiny tan pantyhose. They shimmer in the ring lights. Then I wiggle into a very tight gold singlet. It too is very shiny. Beside that it is also sheer and almost see thru. I lace on my gold boots and strap on my world title belt. To say that I am a very popular wrestler would be an understatement. I am popular with the fans and also with the promoter. He loves it when I pack the arena. Most of my fans, almost 75% are women. They seem to get very excited when I wrestle. One reason is that I don’t wear a jockstrap and they can easily see my large manhood inside my singlet. 

On the other side of the arena, my opponent is also getting ready. She wears a light blue singlet. It is very tight, and shows off everything she has. Her nipples stand out as do her breasts. Under her singlet she has on sheer black pantyhose and light blue boots. 

It’s time for both of us to head to the mat. My opponent is the first one to head to the mat. She is met by a modest amount of cheering and clapping. Then it’s my turn to head to the mats. The difference is amazing. There is wild cheering and clapping. On top of that there is a good amount of women screaming and calling my name. This is what the promoters love to hear. It’s like money in the bank.  

At this point, we both move onto the mat as we await the intro’s. For the first time I get a good look at my opponent, the number 1 contender. She is gorgeous at only 21 yrs old she is very young for a top contender. She has a fantastic figure and amazing legs. I am truly sorry that I am going to have to hurt her. Maybe it will be an easy victory for me and she won’t get hurt too badly. 

We are now just seconds from the bell. I remember what my trainer told me, "Don’t get taken down by her!! Stay on your feet and stay off the mat." I spend several seconds adjusting my singlet. Pushing my manhood off to the side. Even though it is limp and soft, it still is very noticeable. It’s what most of my female fans are staring at. 

The ref blows her whistle. Here we go, the match is on. We come at each other and lock up. Instantly we begin to struggle, with both of us looking for an opening. After almost two minutes neither of us has an advantage. I have noticed one thing, she is much stronger than I anticipated. With the match only two minutes old I am breathing heavily. I can’t seem to match her move for move, she is just too strong. 

At four minutes of the first period it happens. With my strength slowly being used up she takes me down. The first points of the match have been scored and I am quickly behind. She now has the lead on me 2 to 0. I now now wrestle from behind. 

At the 10 minute mark the whistle blows ending the first period. She slowly gets off me and I struggle to my feet. Before we get off the mat the ref signals a "NEAR FALL" on me. That means she almost pinned me and has gotten 2 more points on me. I am now behind 4 to 0. I have never been that far behind before . In my corner my trainer is screaming at me, "I told you, I told you not to get taken down by her!!! She is a pinning machine. Don’t let her get you again!! Stay on your feet!!" 

At the beginning of the second fall my trainers words are ringing in my ear. All I can think of is easier said than done. As the period starts she attacks me almost instantly. She moves in quickly and wraps her arms around mine at my elbow. She has me locked up tight. My arms are extended out in front of me and I can’t move them, she is in complete control of me. 

Seemingly just to demonstrate her control over me she moves me around the mat with ease. My arms are in pain, but more than that I am humiliated by my female opponent. I can’t escape or attack. She has total control of me. To add to my humiliation my manhood has begun to swell and get hard. I have the beginnings of a DEFEAT DONER. 

I can hear the buzz in the crowd, especially the women. I can see several of them pointing at my now swollen and rock hard manhood. My skintight singlet is stretched tightly across it. The fact that it is almost "see-through" only adds to my humiliation. 

I’m caught and can’t get free of her arm lock. With her controlling my arms I have no leverage. After a minute or two she stops moving me. Then it’s WHAM!!!! I am tossed to the mat with seeming ease. Before I realize what has happened, I’m on the mat on my back with her on top of me. 

She is lying on me in a CROSS BODY PRESS. Her full weight is on me across my shoulders. YES!!! She is currently pinning me. Lucky for me the ref is out of position. I have a few seconds to get my shoulders up off the mat. 

I bridge up and twist to one side lifting one shoulder off the mat. The ref is now down checking to see if I am pinned. I am is serious trouble and great danger of losing my title. Not only that but I am breathing deeply and my strength is slowly ebbing away. 

I’ve been bridging up for several minutes now. I am now gasping for air. She has me very near exhaustion. She has been working on me, trying to get my shoulders down. No matter hard I struggle, I can’t get off the mat and to my feet. We are now 6 minutes into the second period, 16 minutes into the match. 

Here is the situation as it stands now. I remain on my back bridging up as best as I can. She remains across my chest pressing down on me. I am totally exhausted. Every muscle in my legs and back aches with pain. My manhood is rock hard and standing up in my singlet. I have a huge DEFEAT BONER. I can’t go on any longer. She has sapped all my strength. I can no longer fight her off. 

"I’m done, I’m done!! You’ve got me, I’m finished. It’s over!!" With that I drop to the mat. My bridge collapses and she pins me. The ref’s hand slaps the the three times. ONE-TWO-THREE. That’s it, I’ve been beaten. I’ve lost the match and my title. I am no longer the world champion.

She gets off me and gets to her feet, raising her arms over her head in victory. I struggle to get up. First I get to my knees. Only then do I get to me feet. She walks over to me and wraps her arms around me, giving me a hug. As I turn to take my place she quickly slaps my butt. 

The announcer. The winner of the match by pin fall and now the new champion of the world. Penny Devlen!!! Holding both our wrists, the ref raises her air in the air in a sign of victory. Head down I leave the ring as quickly as I can. As I step off the mat tears begin to flow down my cheeks. It’s a long hard walk back to my dressing room knowing you been defeated and with a stiff hard Boner between your legs.

Back in my dressing room I remove my boots. I struggle to get out of my singlet. I standing there in just my shiny pantyhose when the new champion walks in. "Are you alright sweetheart. I didn’t hurt you did I?" In a sobbing voice I answer. "No, I’m OK!! The only hurt I have is being defeated by you!!!" 

Yes, I’ve been defeated, yes, I’ve lost my title. The most difficult thing though is being defeated by Penny. You see the new world champion Penny Devlen is my wife. I’ve been married to her for over 7 years. It is a very hard thing to be defeated by the woman you love. 

Eight months later I’m back in my dressing room getting ready for the re-match for the world mat wrestling title. This time it will be me facing off against the world champion. This will be a competitive type match. What that means is that pins will be a three count and you will be able to make your opponent submit. It is much closer to a pro type match.  

I begin to dress for the match. I wiggle into very shiny Sun tan pantyhose. Then I step into and pull up a dark red shiny metallic thong. It’s very tight and cups my manhood forming an almost perfect bulge. I then lace up matching dark red shiny boots. I slip on a shiny red ring jacket and I am ready. To tell the truth, I miss having the world title belt buckled around my waist. The belt is now around the waist of my wife. 

Across the hall my wife is also getting ready, she will wear and light blue thong cut leotard. It is very tight and you can clearly see her nipples outlined. Under her leotard she has on black fishnet pantyhose and then her blue boots. She wraps the world title belt around her waist and buckles it tight. She is now ready to head to the mats. 

Here we are back on the mats facing off against each other. I look over at her and I am once again reminded of the humiliation I felt when she defeated me and stripped me of my title. Even though I love her madly that was a terrible night for me. A night that I must avenge to regain the title I lost. 

The ref calls us both to the center of the mat and blows the whistle. The match is on. I extend my arms looking to lock up whit her. She has other ideas. She bends her body over and before I can react a very powerful SIDE KICK slams into me. It impacts half way between my chest and my mid-section. 

Instantly the air is forced out of my lungs and the pain in my abdomen is crippling. My head falls backward, my hands and arms grab at my abdomen and I drop to my knees. She is on me instantly. Grabbing both my arms she pulls them back behind me. To increases the pain I am in she then jams her blue boot between my shoulder blades as she pulls back on my arms. 

The pain is incredible, from the kick my chest and abdomen hurt very badly. With me arms yanked tight behind me, my arms, shoulders and back are racked with pain. His mind races as the pain increases. His thoughts turn to ending it "My god it hurts. She’s got me locked up good. I won’t be able to take much of this. It’s only been 25 seconds and I close to surrendering the match to her!!!" 

Right now the former champions face is a mask of pain and fear. His wife is in complete control of him and is very near to winning this match. With his head tilting back and his eyes open wide in a look of overwhelming terror he cries out in pain. "OOOOOOOUUU!!! Let me go, for god’s sake let me go!!!"  

She quickly asks, "Are you submitting? You ready to give up the match?" However, In tremendous pain and almost over whelming fear the former champion replies "NO-NO, I’m not going to submit. I won’t give up!!!!" Regardless of his brave talk, he knows he must escape this hold or lose the match.

It is now very clear to all the fans in the arena that his body disagrees with his mind. His body is telling him that it is almost over as a huge DEFEATE BONER has grown under his pantyhose and thong. Every part of his upper-body is in tremendous pain. His eyes have begun to tear and he is close to passing out. There is a look of stunned defeat on his face. 

After almost a another two minutes she now has the former champion almost completely out. In his dazed condition there is nothing her can do to fight her off. Realizing that he is almost finished, she drops his arms and with her boot kicks him in the back. The kick sends him face first into the mat. 

He lies there unmoving, making no effort to get to his feet or to get back into this match. It’s very clear to everyone in the arena the his wife has completely devastated him. All she needs to do is roll him over and pin him. There is no way for him to fight her off. 

The crowd is surprised when she makes no effort to pin her husband, the former champion. Instead she steps on the backs of his thighs. She then one by one gets his arms pulled up behind him. Then in slow rocking motion she pulls hard on his arms, lift him off the mat and up and over. She in now on the mat holding him over her. She now has him in the most painful hold in all of wrestling. The inescapable Ceiling HOLD!!! 

The former champion is jarred back to full consciousness by the pain of the hold. His very first reaction is why is the women he loves doing this to him? OH MY GOD!!!! WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME? PLEASE-PLEASE LET ME GO!!! OH DEAR GOD, PLEASE LET ME GO!!!" Still holding him tightly in the ceiling hold she tells him "I must finish you my husband!!! I can be the only champion In this family!!!!" She then tells the ref, "Ask him!! You must ask him!!! Does he submit to me? Does he admit defeat?" 

Seeing that her is hopelessly trapped by her the ref asks him the question. "How about it Champ? Have you had enough, do you want to submit to her?" Knowing that he is hopelessly trapped the once great male wrestler has no choice but to admit defeat and surrender to his wife. 


The pain has completely overwhelmed this proud male wrestler. He now knows his days as a Champion are over and he will never wear the title belt again. 


The ref instantly calls for the bell ending the match. She releases the former champion and he falls to the mat just barely conscious. In a show of victory she stands over her beaten husband with her hands in the air. The crowd goes wild at her victory and are stunned by quickly and how easily she was able to defeat him. 

As for her husband he still lies on his back in the center of the ring unable to get to his feet. For those in the crowd he is a sad sight, lying on his back with a gigantic DEFEAT BONER inside his pantyhose and thong. 

It takes almost 10 minutes for him to make his way back to his dressing room. He struggles, but is finally able to get on the rub down table. He lies on it unable to remove his wrestling gear. It’s then that his wife enters stilling wearing her gear including the world title belt. "Oh sweetie, are you ok? Did I hurt you? I’m so sorry. I just needed to prove that I am a great wrestler. Please don’t hate me!!! I love you so much!!!"

Looking up at his wife the defeated former champion answers her. "You are a great wrestler, did you really need to destroy me to prove it? You’ve now defeated me twice very badly!! You left me stretched out on the mat beaten unable to get to my feet or even move. Why did you have to do to me? My career is over. 

They take back and forth for a while and come to an understanding. "After this defeat you know I will never wrestle again." She nods her understanding. Please, let me help you out of your gear." She takes his bright red thong and slowly pulls it down his legs. She stretches it over his wrestling boots. With his thong gone his rock hard DEFEAT BONER pops up under his pantyhose. 

She then removes his boots. "let’s get your pantyhose off. I’ll be very careful and try not to hurt you. That’s a huge DEFEAT BONER. I’m so sorry I gave it to you." She carefully pulls down his shiny tan pantyhose and pulls them off. As he lies on the table you can see his huge DEFEAT BONER. She then helps him to the shower and leaves him to his thoughts. "Beaten, destroyed on ‘the mats. My career in shambles and surly over. I’ll never wrestle again!!!"

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