mother vs son mixed wrestling femdom fighting

Update: 31.03.2017

W-455 "Mother beats son"

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Mixed wrestling, Ballbusting, 270 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

Synthia, the female fighter, says: "I checked myself in the mirror before going in. I was five foot five, several inches higher than my 18 y.o. son, with my short light hair fixed by headband like it always was for aerobics. I wore a black sleeveless leotard because I thought the black really showed off my nice Mediterranean skin tone. I had a nice toned body, and I liked showing it off a bit. My nipples were poking out visibly, and I was a bit shocked at just how vulgar my camel-toe looked. I fought the urge to hide it. The whole point was to show it off, after all, in hopes of provoking his sexual interest in me so that we could wrestle each other. Ballbusting is causing pain to the testicles of the male for enjoyment reasons rather than for self defence reasons. Women enjoy it for the power they feel when they can so easily drop a male to the floor in great agony. We also find it amusing to see them sqirming and groaning while holding their scrotums from such a minor blow. Males seem to enjoy their own vulnerability when it comes to a woman exploiting it. Most men become erect at the thought of a woman controlling them by their testicles. (women always aim for the testicles for self defence which is also a turn on for many). My fascination in ballbusting was her interest in the male weakness in his testicles and wanted to experience the feelings of power over a man much stronger than herself. I looked for any reason to kick a man in the balls. My son know about it and looks like he already know who will win our match!".

David, the male fighter, says: "Yeah even as a guy I'll even admit it doesn't matter how big or strong you are if a girl gets a real good hard kick right under your nutsack you're gonna be out of commission for a few mins at least but I've seen worse. My mother is 5'5 43 yr old typical housewife looking lady but was actually a black belt in karate and I was picking her up from class one night and I guess got there a few mins before class ended and she was sparring with some bigger and all the sudden thinking he was wearing a cup she kicked him right in the balls wicked hard and the guy was on the ground actually crying tears and threw up and everything. If a girl is skilled in martial arts she can definitely beat a guy. I've seen her spar a few times since then and now just in case she always asks the guys now if they're wearing a cup and I can't believe how easy it is for her to get directly accurate kicks to guys balls without them being able to block it. She told me and I believe it now that if she were to fight a guy 10 times out of 10 she could take him down with one real hard kick to the balls. Looks like I've lost our match before it starting!".