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mature woman vs young man mixed wrestling female domination fighting

Update: 24.03.2017

F-454 "Adele vs Andrew"

Gallery size: 250 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, Freestyle fighting, 250 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

Adele, the female fighter, says: "I'm a professional dancer. I've been training in jujitsu and boxing since I've been in colledge. I'm naturally aggressive and love to win, and I have very strong legs. Just one succesfully kick in the groin and any male crying on the floor and begging me for mercy. But I love to repeat my cruel kicks until he lost consciousness!"

Andrew, the male fighter, says: "She looks athletic and confident. She gets pleasure and turned on by hurting me. I had one GF who enjoyed testing my limits and going as hard as she could and it was great. On this one, I wouldn't even call her a sadist, just more playful and willing to explore that aspect of my interest. After she wrestles me into a SGP, with her knees pinning my forearms and her hands pinning my wrists, she looks down at me, struggling to get free from her SGP, and says: "I am your all powerful dominatrix and you are my helpless sex slave!" Yeah I love this game and roleplay it with my girl all the time. We pretend that we're competing in the 'Erotic Wrestling League' where the objective is to make your opponent sexually submit (cum) while you're in a dominant position. So she usually wins when she makes me handjob when she's on top in the 69 position. It's a crazy hot time, every time. Women have some serious advantages in mixed wrestling and the girls who have figured that out are the most dangerous. First - no balls to get in the way. A major advantage over men. Second - they have amazingly powerful hips and legs. Here's another female secret. No male would let any other male get this close, but with women most guys are keen and eager to get into a vulnerable position, no complaints. Bring it on. This allows them to sneak up on you and by the time you realize you're trapped, its way too late!"

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