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Husbands Vs Wives for the title!!

They all knew it had to happen sooner or later. The two men are the World Tag-Team Champions. The two women are the number one contenders. That is what this meeting is all about. All four wrestlers sit in the den and discuss the upcoming title match. Normally this would not happen however this is an nusual situation. You see all of the wrestlers are married to each other. Here is the problem The World champions are Brett Hartell and Wyatt Cole who are known as "The Gun Slingers". Their wives who are the number 1 contenders are Brenda Hartell and Amber Cole and they are known as "Beautiful Intentions". As too the meeting all four wrestlers agree that they must go all out and try their best to win the match and the championship.


For several weeks now both The Gun Slingers as well as their wives Beautiful Intentions have been training very hard. Each team has used a separate gym for training. Now however the time has come to enter the ring and decide who the next Tag-Team champions will be. In the challengers dressing room Brenda Hartell and Amber Cole have begun to get ready. Both of these young ladies are extremely beautiful and have a huge following. Brenda has begun to apply her ring make-up as Amber strips off her street cloths. Brenda uses dark eye-shadow and eye-liner. A light pink lip gloss and powder. As Amber does her make-up Brenda begins to get into her wrestling gear. She first pulls on dark sheer pantyhose and gets them tight. Next very tight pink hot leotard, they are spandex and cling to her like a second skin. Then a shiny pink leotard and boots. Both ladies will come to the ring in shiny pink ring jackets covered in glitter. Having put on her gear Brenda is now ready to wrestle.


On the other side of the arena the world tag-team champions are also getting ready to wrestle. Both men pull on shiny black spandex jockstraps. Then they gather and slid on shiny black fishnet pantyhose. They slip their feet into shiny black boots then they snap on shiny loin covers, they are black and covered in glitter and shiny stones. Finally they buckle on the world tag-team championship belts. The Gun Slingers are ready to wrestle. Standing at the back of the arena just before they head to the ring Brenda and Amber have a brief talk.


Brenda: "No matter what we must try to win. Even though they are our husbands we must do our best to defeat them!"

Amber: "I agree, tonight they are not our husbands and lovers. They are our opponents!"

Across the arena the two men are having the same talk.

Brett: "We have to defeat them. No matter how hard it is we must win"

Andy: "I know. It's going to be hard to wrestle her, but we must win the match"

Lights dim music starts, it's time for the championship match. First down the aisle are the challengers Beautiful Intentions. Amber and Brenda begin to make their way to the ring. As they proceed they are meet with cheers and whistles. These ladies are extremely popular wrestlers. Entering the ring they head right to their corner. Next comes the THE WORLD TAG-TEAM CHAMPIONS. As they step into the light a huge cheer comes from the fans. The champions known in the wrestling world as "THE GUN SLINGERS" are the most popular tag-team in the history of the league. As both teams are now in the ring the announcer begins:

"Wrestling Fans, this is the Championship Match!! It is for the World Tag-Team championship. In the red corner making their first challenge of the title. They are Brenda Hartell and Amber Cole known as BEAUTIFUL INTENTIONS!! And in the opposite corner. They are the undefeated TAG-TEAM CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD!! Brent Hartell and Wyatt Cole THE GUN SLINGERS!! This is a two out of three fall match pin or submission".

All four wrestlers are back in their corners. Beautiful Intentions take a few seconds to loosen up. Brenda steps between the ropes leaving Amber to start the match. She takes a few seconds to pull up her pantyhose and adjust her leotard. Across the ring Andy has stepped out so Brett can start the match. Both men remove their World title belts. He takes several seconds to adjust his ring gear. He reaches down and adjust his shiny black jockstrap. He then pulls up his black fishnet pantyhose. Brett will be wrestling Andy's wife to start the match. Both teams appear ready as the ref calls for the bell "BONG! BONG!!". Before the bell has even stopped ringing Amber has raced across the ring and has put a FLYING HEAD SISSORS on her partners husband. As she wraps her legs around Brett's neck she also begins to spin around his head. A quick twist and Brett is headed to the canvas. Amber continues to spin around Brett's body. It is an amazing display of athletic ability. Brett has now toppled over backward and is stretched out on the mat. Amber has his arm between her legs and has her legs locked in over Brett's neck and chest. At ringside the pay-per view announcers can hardly believe what they are seeing. "BAD BOB HARTELL" is shocked by the ring action. Bad Bob is Brett's father and has been a world tag-team champion himself. The other announcer is Mandy Cole sister of Amber and sister in law to Andy.

Mandy Cole: "Unbelievable completely unbelievable, Amber has taken Brett to the mat and seems to be working a Phallic lock on him"

Bob Hartell: "This is awful, I can't believe this. If she gets him in that hold my son will have to submit the fall"

Mandy Cole: "She's got him, she's got him. I'm sure she has the arm lock on him. He's screaming in pain. Amber has your son locked up, she's going to submit him"

At thirty-one seconds into the match Amber has Brett on his back and locked into a Phallic-lock Arm Hold. He is screaming in pain as his arm is stretched and twisted. "My arm-my arm, she's breaking my arm. OMG, help me someone help my!!" It is a sad sight for the fans of the Gun Slingers to see. Brett Hartell on the mat his legs spared apart his right arm stretched out tight screaming in pain. His fishnet covered legs twitching, his black boots kicking, his body twisting back and forth. The bulge in his black jockstrap growing as the pain overwhelms him.

Mandy: "I'm so sorry Bob. It has to hurt hearing your son screaming in pain. She's got him and he will soon have to submit. The tuff part is see him getting a DEFEAT BONER!"

Bob Hartell: "Yes, it's very difficult for me to watch this. He is in such pain and yes he is getting a defeat boner"

Thirty-five seconds into the match the end has come for Brett Hartell. He cannot escape the hold and now must surrender to Amber the bulge between his legs is growing larger in his jockstrap as it pushes out on his black fishnet pantyhose:

"NO MORE- PLEASE NO MORE!! Let me go Amber. PLEASE LET ME GO!! I SUBMIT!! You've beaten me!! My arm-my arm Let me go PLEASE!! I give up-I give up!!!"

And just that quickly the first fall is over. The fans in the arena are stunned by Brett Hartell's swift and crushing defeat. They look at each other in total silence. Brett's tag-team partner is also stunned by his loss. On the other side of the ring Brenda Hartell, Brett's wife is also shocked by how swiftly her husband was defeated. Quickly overcoming his total disbelief of the first fall Andy, Brett's tag-team partner leaps into the ring and kneels beside Brett. "Brett, what happened? How did you get beat so easily? Are you OK? Can you go on? As for Brett he is in complete shock and still overcome by pain. He lies on the mat holding his shoulder weeping tears of pain and humiliation. "My arm, I thought she was going to break my arm. OH god it hurts, she hurt me bad. Look at me, what am I going to do? I've got a defeat boner and I can't move my arm. Andy tries to calm Brett down "OK you've got a few minutes. Let's get you on your feet. Don't worry, your jockstrap will hold your boner in. now come on let's get you up. Andy helps his partner to his feet and back to their corner.

Bob Hartell: "That was extremely tuff for me. It's hard to see your son getting beat so badly. Even though he is on his feet I wonder if he can come out for the second fall?"

Mandy: "I think you are right to be concerned. If he does not answer the bell for the next fall the "GUN SLINGERS" will lose the titles"

As the two minute rest comes to an end Brett says he is ready to start the second fall. However he tells Andy that he will have to come in very quickly. Andy nods his understanding. With just seconds before the bell Brett tries to quickly adjust his now extremely tight jockstrap and pull up him fishnet pantyhose. The bell sends Brett out to face Amber again. It is easy to tell by the terrified expression on Brett's face that he is afraid to lock up with Amber. She soon gives him reason to be afraid. Moving in quickly Amber go right to work on Brett's arm. Grabbing him by the wrist she quickly twists his right arm up behind him in a Hammer-Lock although not normally a submission hold Amber instantly has him screaming in pain. "My arm-my arm, she got my arm. She going to do it to me again. NO-NO-NO PLEASE!! Not again, you'll break my arm!! Twisting and turning his free arm failing about wildly Brett is terrified of getting caught in another Phallic - Lock. In his wild terror he has managed to get close enough to the ropes to grab the top one. Brett's partner instantly begins to shout to the ref "THE ROPES he's got the ropes, Break the hold!!" The ref breaks the hold and Brett runs to his corner and tags in Wyatt his partner. As Wyatt steps between the ropes he is meet with a kick. The toe of his wife Ambers boot drives deep into his mid-section, Wyatt grabs his middle and tumbles into the ring falling between the ropes. Giving her husband no time to recover Amber drags Wyatt to the center of the ring by his hair and arm. Still on his knees Wyatt holds his middle were Amber's boot slammed into him. Head down he gasps for air. A powerful side kick to the back of Wyatt's head sends him sprawling face first into the mat. With her husband stretches out on the canvas Amber goes to her corner and tags in Brenda. Brenda takes up right where Amber left off. Dropping a knee into his lower back Brenda wrenches Wyatt's arm up behind him. Using her free arm she reaches under his head and pulls up hard. Wyatt is caught in a combination Hammer Lock & Neck Breaker. As Brenda pulls up on his head Wyatt kicks his legs wildly. He twists and wiggles trying to throw Brenda off his back. After a few seconds of struggling Wyatt is able to dislodge Brenda's knee from his back. Not deterred by his temporary escape Brenda drops onto Wyatt's back pulls his arms over top of her pantyhose covered thighs and cups her hands under his chin. She now has one half of the world tag-team champions locked into a Camel-Clutch. Over the next four minutes Brenda batters Wyatt. It's clear to everyone that Beautiful Intentions is far more skilled and seems to be stronger than their male opponents The Gun Slingers. Both Wyatt and Brett have been battered by the female challengers.

Mandy: "The Gun Slingers seem to be in real trouble. Neither of the men has been able to get anything going offensively"

Bob Hartell: "I have never seen champions overwhelmed like this before. Both of these men have been pounded by the women. I can't see any way for The Gun Slingers to win this match. They are well on their way to losing the titles"

The beating continues as Brenda batters Wyatt. She moves from hold to hold punishing almost every part of his body. From the Camel-Clutch she smoothly moves thru a range of painful and punishing holds. Wyatt is subjected to a Boston Crab, a Figure-Four Leg Lock, various kicks, stomps and forearms. With the fight almost drained out of him Wyatt looks to his corner for help. What he see terrifies him. His partner is lying on the ring apron holding his arm and moaning in pain. Brett has not recovered from the Phallic Hold that Amber used to defeat him in the first fall. A desperate Wyatt cries out to his tag-team partner : Brett, Brett!! Please you have to help me. I need to get out of the ring. PLEASE help me, she's going to submit me. Help me please. Now knowing that her opponent is almost finished, Brenda releases him and heads to her corner. She then tags in Amber, Wyatt's wife. Amber takes no pity on her battered husband. She moves in and takes over just were Brenda left off. When Brenda released him Wyatt got to his feet and retreated to a neutral corner. In the few seconds of rest he took several deep breaths and tried to fix his gear. He quickly adjusted his jockstrap and pulled up his black fishnet pantyhose. However it was not nearly enough time. Amber's knee drives deeply into Wyatt's abdomen. Wyatt gasps in pain as the air leaves his lungs. He slowly sinks to his knees in the corner. With both hands grasping his painful abdomen Wyatt desperately tries to suck in air. His wife Amber does not afford his any time to recover. Grabbing both his hair and one of his arms Amber pulls her husband to his feet. Taking his wrist she twists it into a wringer, pulls Wyatt out of the corner and whips him across the ring. He slams into the ropes and is shot back toward her. Amber is waiting for him as he does. Her left knee explodes into Wyatt's belly. The Gun Slinger screams in pain and collapses to his knees. "OOOOOH!!, I'm hurt! Can't breathe!!what's she doing to me? Once again he is hold his belly with both hands. Amber grabs her husband by his head and pulls him up. Bent over at the waist Wyatt cannot straighten up, his hands still are held tightly to his mid-section. Locking on a Front Head Lock Amber begins to drive her knee into Wyatt's already painful belly over and over. Tears begin to stream down The Gun Slinger's face. In desperation Wyatt calls out to his partner for help Brett, help me please!! She's got me, I can't take any more please Brett help!! A look into his corner tells Wyatt that no help will be coming for him. What Wyatt does not see is his tag-team partner struggling to his feet. Grabbing the ropes Brett inches his way to his feet. Although his arm still hurts he feels that he can return to the ring and tag out his partner. Finally on his feet Brett pulls up both his jockstrap and his fishnets. He quickly adjusts his manhood then looks toward Wyatt for the tag. Sadly Wyatt does not see him and is too far away to reach him. Brett realizes that Wyatt has very little time and cannot take much more punishment. Hopping to help his trapped partner Brett calls out to him. Wyatt-Wyatt I'm hear tag me. Don't let her beat you tag me Wyatt tag me!!Hearing Brett call out to his partner Amber knows she must finish Wyatt off now. Releasing his head Amber grabs Wyatt's wrist and again twists it tightly. She then whips him as hard as she can toward the ropes. Again Wyatt is shot back toward her. This time however she stands waiting for him. Ducking under his arm she wraps he body around his. She hooks her pantyhosed leg around his.Her arm locks his arm tightly as she pulls with all her might. Amber has locked her husband into a Abdominal-Stretch. With his stomach muscles already painfully battered and bruised Wyatt instantly begins to scream in pain: "AAAAAAH!! She's got me. OH no it hurts. MY stomach, she's ripping my stomach. Help me Brett, please help me!!" Showing great courage Brett tries to do just that. Stepping between the ropes Brett heads for his trapped partner to break Ambers hold. Three steps into the ring Brett is attacked by his wife who is also Amber's tag-team partner. A kick to his stomach doubles Brett over a knee lift sends him sprawling on his back on the mat. Seconds later Brenda's legs are across his chest and under his chin. His arm is grabbed and twisted and stretched into a Phallic Lock the same hold he submitted the first fall to. This now is the situation the Gun Slingers find themselves in. Brett Hartell is caught in a Phallic Lock by his wife Brenda. 5 feet away Wyatt Cole is trapped in an Abdominal Stretch by his wife Amber. Both men are struggling desperately to escape these excruciating holds. The announcers continue to describe the action:

Mandy: "This looks like the end for the GUN SLINGERS. Both men are trapped and have little chance of escaping"

Bob Hartell: "What a horrible end for my son and his tag team partner. There is no chance for a turnaround in this match. These two men are going to lose their titles. What's worse, they're losing to their wives"

Mandy: "No one had predicted this, that THE GUN SLINGERS would their titles to BEAUTIFUL INTENTIONS"

In the ring both men are screaming in pain. Wyatt has been asked if he wants to submit and has refused: No No, not giving up. Won't submit my title. A few feet away Brett is a different story, he has called out to the ref himself: "REF-REF, I'll give up. Make her break the hold. I'll submit! She's got me, I'm finished!!" The ref quickly tell Brett that Wyatt must submit first as he was the first man in the ring for this fall. Brett begins to scream hysterically "NO-NO, please let me submit!! OH god, I have to submit!
It hurts too bad. However, it no longer matters, Wyatt has come to the end. He can no longer take the pain of his wife's ABDOMINAL STRETCH. He knows he must surrender the match and his title to Amber.

"REF-REF! I'm finished, I SUBMIT!!! Please Amber I'm done. You've beaten me!! YOU WIN-YOU WIN!!! I SUBMIT ref I SUBMIT!! She's defeated me!!"

The ref quickly indicates that Wyatt has given up. He quickly moves to were Brett is locked in the Phallic Lock by his wife Brenda. "Brett, are you ready to submit? Has Brenda beaten you? A now crying Brett wastes no time in submitting.

"YES, she's beaten me. I submit to her. Let me go!! Let me go!! PLEASE Brenda let me go!! You've won, you've defeated me! I GIVE UP NO MORE!! I GIVE UP!!"

Seconds later the bell rings and the match is over. Having been released by Amber, Wyatt has dropped to the mat and lies there curled up holding his belly. Seconds later his tag team partner Brett joins Wyatt on the mat writhing in pain.

Mandy: "That's it the match is over. The GUN SLINGERS has been defeated and have lost the titles. They are no longer The World Tag Team Champions"

Bob Hartell: "What a stunning upset. The GUN SLINGERS were expected to easily retain their titles. Yet here they are on the mat loser of two straight fall. Both men have suffered defeat and now both men lie on the canvas in terrible pain caused by their wives. Congratulations to the new champions on surprising and overwhelming victory"

In the ring the men remain on the mat in pain. The winners have gotten the World Title belts and put them on. The announcement that the women have won the title is made and Beautiful Intentions raises their arms in victory as they stand over the defeated men. After several minutes both men struggle to their feet and go their corner. Both Wyatt and Brett need to hold tightly to the ropes for support. Both are depressed and humiliated by their loss.

Brett: "We got beat Wyatt. We've lost our titles. They made me submit twice"

Wyatt: "I know Brett I know. They made me submit too. Our wives have just out wrestled us and taken out titles"

Seeing their husbands standing in the corner with their heads down holding tightly to the ropes The new champions go to them. Amber wraps her arms around her husband.

Amber: "OH Wyatt I'm so sorry. Are you OK? Did I hurt you?"

Wyatt: "You beat me Amber. You got me in that STRETCH and you beat me, you made me submit!! NO!! I'm not OK I've just been defeated"

A few feet away almost the same thing is happening.

Brett: "Why Brenda why? You made me submit! Why did you do that to me? You could have just held me down. I couldn't use that arm you put the PHALLIC on me. You had me screaming in pain. You made me submit again!! WHY?"

Brenda: "We wanted to win the titles. We wanted to win big. We had to prove we were better wrestlers than you and Wyatt. The way to do that was to make both of you submit to us and we did that!! I'm sorry I had to defeat you, honey"

After a few seconds the new champions leave their defeated husbands and hear to their dressing room. Alone in the ring the two men exit the ring with tears in their eyes.