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woman vs man wrestling holds leglock leotard femdom fighting match

Update: 05.06.2020

W-627 "I wear the jock!"

Gallery size: 190 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 190 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), partially CFNM, no blood.

A short story of love, marriage and dominance. Carlisle and Jacob have been married for 3 years. For most of that time it has been an ideal marriage. They were and still are very much in love but something has changed.  

About 3 months ago Carlisle began going to a new all female only guy. Before this Carlisle and Jacob had always worked out together. Now things are different. Although they still have great sex and share many of life’s things together. Something has changed. Carlisle has become very "bossy" she no longer asks, she now demands. Even in their love making she has become much more aggressive. 

After 3 months Jacob has had enough. Coming home from the gym Jacob confronts her. This leads to a very loud and angry fight, the first real fight of their married life. The fight ended with Jacob storming off screaming at Carlisle "I’m the man in this marriage, not you!! I wear the jockstrap!!" having just come home from the gym it was all he could think of to say. 

For several days they did not speak to each other. They went about their lives separately. It was Carlisle that spoke first. "Jacob, I love you very much. I love being your wife, but we need to settle this now!! A little surprised at this Jacob asks "Settle what? What are you talking about? Carlisle’s answer shocks Jacob. "This jockstrap thing. We need to settle just who wears the jockstrap in this family you or me." Stunned, confused and just a little angry Jacob agrees before he really knows what is going on.  

What is going on is this, Carlisle proposes that they have a wrestling match, one fall to a submission finish. If Jacob wins, Carlisle becomes the quite serving wife. But if she wins, he will become subservient to her. She tells him that they will wrestle at her gym as it has a full sized ring. She will wear a bikini bottom and a sports bra. He will wear a jockstrap. After some prodding she talks him into it.

The night of the big wrestling match is here. Jacob and Carlisle drive to the gym together. She heads to the dressing room and he goes to the manager’s office to change. Jacob strips off his street cloths and pulls on his jockstrap. In the ladies dressing Carlisle gets off her street cloths and pulls on a very tight red bottom, she then stretches a red sports bra on. Both husband and wife are ready to wrestle.  

A knock on the door calls Jacob to the ring and his match with Carlisle. As he steps out of the office where  he was changing Jacob is shocked to find at least 50 or 60 women gathered around the ring. He had no idea there would be spectators at the match. However there is nothing he can do about that now. As he slowly walks to the ring the gym is filled with whistles, catcalls and loud applauds. Jacob is very handsome and very well endowed. 

Entering the ring he sees his wife Carlisle in the opposite corner. One of the ladies from the gym is acting as the ref, she calls both of them to the center. "this is a one fall submission only match, to a finish. There are no time outs or rest periods. If you can’t continue you must submit to your opponent. Only normal wrestling hold can be used. Do both of you understand the rules? Both wrestlers answer that they do. 

Jacob and Carlisle return to their corners. The bell sounds and Carlisle races out of her corner. She hooks her arm under Jacob’s arm pit and tosses his several feet across the ring. Jacob lands on his back with a loud thud.  

Jacob is stunned, first by being thrown by his wife and second by crashing to the mat. The instant pain in his back causes him to arch up. As he does his manhood stands out clearly inside his jockstrap, the catcalls and whistles begin again.

Carlisle quickly moves in on Jacob grabbing his lifting it off the mat, then twisting his ankle. Jacob screams in pain AAAAAAAUU!! And grabs his hurting leg He twists and wiggles trying to escape the hold. Carlisle has it locked on tight making Jacob’s job very difficult. After several minutes he is able to get to the ropes forcing his wife to break the hold. 

Slowly Jacob is able to pull himself off the mat with the help of the ropes. He tries to put his weight on his ankle but stumbles in the attempt. Seeing her chance Carlisle moves in on Jacob. Ready for this, as she gets close to him Jacob jams his elbow into her mid-section. 

Carlisle groans OOOOOOFF!! Grabs her stomach and drops to her knees. Much to her surprise the crowd cheers wildly for Jacob. Moving in on her as swiftly as he can, Jacob grabs Carlisle’s arms and bends them up behind her in a SURF-BOARD hold. 

Carlisle cries out in pain "My arms-my arms. OOOOOOOHH!!!" Having his wife at his mercy brings smile to Jacob’s face, he is surprised he is enjoying it so much. Jacob begins to pull up on Carlisle’s arms forcing her forward. He soon has her face down on the mat with her arms still bent up behind her.  

Jacob momentarily releases Carlisle’s arms. Grabbing her ankles he bends on over the other and locks them down by sitting on them. He reaches forward and again grabs her by the arms. He then yanks them up behind her. Carlisle screams out in pain "Oh god my arms, you’re hurting me Jacob, you’re hurting me!!!" 

Jacob acknowledges Carlisle: "I know Carlisle, I know. Give up and I’ll let you go!! Just tell me that I am the man and I wear the jockstrap in this family!!!"   Carlisle refuses to submit. "NO-NO, I won’t submit!! I won’t, I won’t".  Jacob just nods.

He holds her with her arms and legs trapped for another minute or two. By now Carlisle is breathing heavily and softly moaning. Jacob then drops her arms, he leans forward and cups his hands under her chin. Pulling back as hard as he can, Jacob now has his wife in a CAMEL CLUTCH BACK BREAKER. 

Carlisle again cries out in pain. "My back-my back, it hurts, oh jazzes it hurts. Again Jacob asks her "How about now Carlisle, you ready yet? I’ve got you, you can’t win. You know you can’t beat me. I’m the man, I’m stronger that you are. Once again she refuses to submit to him. 

The crowd has now turned and is cheering Carlisle. One other thing is that Jacob’s arms are getting tired and he is becoming winded. After about another minute he releases Carlisle and gets to his feet. He backs up against the ropes and bends over at the waist. Along with his wife, Jacob is also gasping for air. 

The ref tell both wrestlers to get it on and start wrestling. Carlisle takes several quick but very deep breaths and is ready. Jacob also takes a few breaths, he quickly adjusts his jockstrap and is now also ready. 

Both of them are slow to engage. Neither wants to make a mistake of get caught in a painful hold. Both are tired, but Jacob seems to be a little more tired that Carlisle. They come together and lock up hand to hand. This is what everyone has been waiting for. A test of strength between man and women, husband and wife. Who is stronger?

With their fingers interlocked Carlisle and Jacob struggle for control. They push and shove, twist and pull. Both of their hands begin to turn red. After almost a minute of struggle is slowly becomes apparent who is the stronger. 

Jacob’s eyes grow wide and on his face is an expression of complete shock. He looks at his hands not believing what is happening to him. Slowly but surely Carlisle is bending Jacob’s hands back. Jacob struggles using all his strength, it’s just no use. Carlisle is winning the battle. She is out muscling her husband.  

Carlisle is now squeezing Jacob’s hands as well as bending them back. Jacob’s expression has changed from one of shock to one of fear. Jacob is afraid of what Carlisle is doing to him.  As the pain in his hands and arms grow, Jacob’s knees begin to buckle and he slowly sinks to the mat.  

Carlisle now has Jacob on his knees looking up at her. The crowd is screaming wildly as Carlisle takes charge of the match. Holding on tightly to Jacob’s hands, Carlisle twists his arms behind him. Jacob’s arm now cross in front of his face and are pulled tight behind him. 

Carlisle drops behind her husband and places her feet between his shoulder blades. Carlisle is now stretching his shoulders and his arms. Jacob begins to scream in pain: "My arms, oh god my arms!! You’re breaking my arms Carlisle. Let me go, let me go!! Jacob’s cries fall on deaf ears, as Carlisle continues to pull on his arms.   

Jacob’s face reveals the pain he is in. His eyes have reddened and tears have formed at the corners and are soon running down his face. In what can only be described as a whispering voice Jacob pleads with his wife. "PLEASE Carlisle, stop!! You’re really hurting me. Just let me go and we can forget all about this. PLEASE Carlisle PLEASE let me go!!" 

Carlisle’s answer come instantly: "NO Jacob, we have a bet remember? If I beat you, you will be my slave. And if you beat me I will be the dutiful wife. And right now it looks as though I’m winning!!" Now he is really frightened. Jacob has no desire to become Carlisle’s slave, he just wants’ her to be an obedient wife. What will he do if he loses to her.  

Much to her surprise Carlisle is enjoying her dominance over Jacob. She is enjoying punishing him and out wrestling him. She now really wants to win the match as well as humiliate him in front of these women. A new level has been added to Jacob’s suffering. He now has a growing and stiffing manhood inside his jock. Jacob is getting a hard on.  

Tiring of this hold and the fact that Jacob has yet to submit to her, Carlisle tries something else. Kicking Jacob hard in the back she sends him crashing face first into the mat. He slams into the mat, but the most damage is done to his stiff manhood. Jacob screams at it hits the mat, "AAAAAAA, it hurts, she smashed my manhood!!" As he cries out, he also uses both hands, reaching under him and cupping is aching member. 

Carlisle can only smile as her husband cries out in pain. She then rolls him onto his back. Jacob cupping his manhood does nothing to fight her as she rolls him. She then lifts his feet off the mat, grabs his legs under his calves then rolls him back facedown. Carlisle has her husband, Jacob locked into a BOSTON CRAB.  

Jacob pulls his hands out from underneath him and stretches for the ropes. He knows he only has seconds to escape. He claws at the mat trying to inch his way to them. He slowly makes some progress, but not fast enough. The pain in his back is beginning to overcome him. He has managed to get within 6 inches of the bottom rope, when Carlisle pulls him back to the center of the ring. He knows he does not have the strength to try again. 

Impatient Carlisle increases the pressure on the CRAB. This time Jacob screams out loud. 


Carlisle is quite amused by her husband’s predicament. She has never felt this way before. Causing him pain is turning her on in a big way and she has no intention of letting him go. If fact now more that ever she wants to defeat him and make him her slave boy. 

You want me to free you Jacob?? She asks him. "YES-YES, let me go. PLEASE let me go. It hurts so much!!" his answer come instantly. "OK. I’ll let you go. Here are the conditions. First you must submit to me. Second you must tell all the ladies that I’ve beaten you. And third, you must agree to be my slave. And one last thing, I’ll need to take you jockstrap". 

Jacob is now terrified of his wife. She has him completely under control. He can’t escape, his only choice is to agree with her and submit the match. He knows his life will never be the same again. 

"OK-OK, I submit to you Carlisle!! I submit!! You’ve beaten me!! I agree to be you’re slave!! Now let, me go!! PLEASE, LET ME GO!!!" 

Carlisle drops Jacob’s legs on the mat. She can hear him softly sobbing as he lays there. She moves in close to him and rolls him onto his back. 

"You’ve forgotten something Jacob. Time for me to take your jockstrap. You’ve lost our match and now you jock is mine". 

The terrified Jacob begins screaming: NO-NO, Carlisle, please don’t take my jock!! Please don’t strip me in front of all these women. PLEASE-PLEASE don’t take my jock!!!" 

Jacob who is still on his back on the mat begins to back away from his wife as she moves in to claim his jock.  "PLEASE Carlisle PLEASE, don’t strip me!! Don’t take my jockstrap. Carlisle pays no attention as her husband pleads with her. Grabbing his legs she puts him back into the BOSTON CRAB. 

Jacob begins screaming instantly:


That ends the match and life as he knew it for Jacob. He grabs the waist band of his jockstrap and slowly pulls it down and off. With it gone his manhood is now free to stand erect for all to see. 

Getting on his knees he crawls to his wife Carlisle. 

"You’ve defeated me in our match. Here is my jockstrap. I am now your slave for life".

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