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swordswoman ballbusting female vs male long swords fencing duel

Update: 21.12.2018

A-551 "Barbarian is bleeding"

Gallery size: 280 Full HD pictures

Swordplay, 280 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, bloody action.

Let's face facts. No weapon is more badass than a sword. Fight scenes are often great in science fiction and fantasy movies, but fight scenes with swords? They're the stuff of legend. Here is one of the best sword fights in drawing history.

We grow up noticing the obvious physical differences between men and women and realize that men, on average, are bigger and stronger. This is why the knight saves the princess from the dragon and not the other way around. This is also why we love Game of Thrones’ Brienne of Tarth, Wonder Woman, Black Widow or Eowyn from The Lord of the Rings. The feminine is not supposed to be physically stronger than the masculine, so when it is in art, it jolts our senses and gives us a rush.

The natural question born of such fantasy is whether these things can happen in real life. The short answer is yes. A trained woman can beat up an untrained man.

Who would win a fight, a man or a woman?

It totally depends on their skill level. And it just depends on how they move men are just built stronger, in upper body, in the lower body, women dominate. So it could really go either way. The female can throw a succession of kicks and subdue the man. Or the guy will come in close and beat her by brute force. Even if he gets in close women can technically endure more pain so will most likely last longer. Women also have better balance, flexibility, and control over the lower body so they will be able to hit more vital regions fast and without being thrown off balance. Even though women can endure more pain, since men have more muscle mass and are generally bigger, the energy from the attack will spread more felling the pain less. But when fighting it comes down to wits, will I be able to outsmart or trick my opponent?  So, who is the better tactician? Well a female's brain develops much faster than a male, and in this battle they are the same age, so right now the female has a more mature brain. On the other hand having a younger brain has some advantages, like children are more out of the box thinkers, because they don't overthink everything and throw off the brain. Children just get straight to the point and get things done. So it is fairly even, but I will give females the slight edge for lower body control and power.

Physiologically, there's no reason a woman trained with a blade could not take on a man in a sword fight and win. And by "win" I mean kill him.

One of the best rapier and dagger / sword and buckler fighters in the world is Lady Kristine, 5'4", 110lbs. She is super fit and a really skilled swordswoman, she performs just fine against the advantages that males have.

The whole point of martial arts and weapon training is that skill is an equalizer. Without art, the strongest man will lose against the skilled woman. She is way more skilled, faster, and has a LOT more stamina than her male opponent does. Her cleavage is distracting (thus leotard-armour) and usually gentlemen do not hit ladies, this is nothing but sexist manure. However, sexism might spur a woman to excel by training much harder than her male counterparts to prove she is as good as they are. A mingling of both adversarial and sexual tension pervades throughout between these two dominant forces dressed up snazzily in medieval combat costumes.

All dancers pick up kata (empty handed or weapon based) at an accelerated rate: they are used to following patterns and their eyes grasp the movement much quicker than most non-dancer. Since most dancers are female, this is an advantage but not one linked to gender.

Swords are actually great equalizers. This doesn't always translate well when you're using blunts and padding, but a sharp on skin--used properly--can allow a 100 lb woman to take down a 300 lb giant.  Modern sports emerged in the later 19th century and their rules, safety gear and outlook were all intended to ensure nobody could do something like ram a sharp object into someone's groin to win the fight. But sword fighting--the real thing--was never cricket.

If you end up getting in a sword fight with a woman, better to avoid it if her name is Lady Kristine. But this man has little choice since she initiates it. She proves a deadly sparring partner with her equal possession of long sword and her muscle powerful legs. With a great sword and superior skill, defeating of any man for this female warrior is a simple as a walk down the aisle.

Balls are kicked, swords slash through the air — a captivating boy/girl fight. Especially since the girl is dressed in steel leotard-like protective gear.

As a woman, I have to say this sword fight made me stomp my feet with glee. Everybody keeps telling Lady Kristine that she's only a girl so she shouldn't go fight. But when push comes to shove, she disguises herself and emerges as the bravest soldier on the field. She's challenged the muscle Barbarian while wearing her leotard-like armor, weakened him with powerful kicks in the groin, stabbed all areas of his almost naked body with her long sword and then killed him with easy. When she finally straddles his injured bleeding body, he intones, "No man can kill me." And what does Lady Kristine say? "I AM NO MAN!" Then she pushes her sword right into his chest and kills the shit out of him. Fuck YEAH!

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