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Update: 18.08.2023        W-794 "Long weekend nightmare"

Mixed wrestling, 330 pictures 1920x1080 (Full HD), partially CFNM, no blood.

Normally it was Todd’s fault when he got into a fight. His big mouth landed him in humiliation after humiliation. But when he and Kimiko had Kimiko’s longstanding friend, Ju-Eun to stay for the long weekend, it was definitely her "fault". It all started on the Friday night, when Kimiko told her about Todd’s recent defeats to women (including her) on the beach. Naturally, she described it all in front of him. That was part of the fun of it for her.

"I know!" Kimiko said, "Let’s watch the footage of the fights!"

"Oh, not again," complained Todd. "You’ve made me watch it every day since. Couldn’t we have a break from it?"

"Was I talking to you?" Kimiko demanded furiously, glaring at him.

"No, you weren’t," Todd admitted, shaking with fear because he knew what that glare might bring.

"That’s settled then," Kimiko told him briskly. Set it all up, Todd, and then come and join us.

Ju-Eun loved every moment! She cheered the women on in each fight, and applauded every fall. At the end, she sighed:

"I haven’t had a man lying beaten at my feet for so long! Todd, I must fight you!"

"I’d love to see that!" enthused Kimiko. There was a beauty about Ju-Eun that she found fascinating and exciting. The thought of this exotic woman – a very unusual mix of African and Oriental – taking on her husband thrilled her.

"We’ll make it tomorrow," she said. "What will you wear?"

"My purple fighting leotard. I always pack it wherever I go, just in case."

"Hang on," complained Todd, "do I get a say in this?"

"No," both women told him together.


"They’ve started without me!" thought Kimiko the next morning, returning home from some errands. Sure enough, in the basement/gym she found Ju-Eun with Todd in a schoolgirl pin, his hands trapped above his head.

"Have you had enough?" she demanded.

"Yes," squeaked Todd, pleading with her to get off.

Ju-Eun celebrated a quick, early win, counting him out and supplying a commentary, claiming correctly that Kimiko enjoyed watching her humiliate her husband. To Todd’s dismay, and to Kimiko’s delight, she announced it would be a best of two out of three falls match, before ordering him to "get up and fight".

They circled, then Ju-Eun opened her account, bringing Todd down with a palm strike. She dived onto him, and after a confusion of thrashing limbs, pinned him, and stuck her thumbs in his eyes. Todd shouted in agony, before she reverted to the favourite schoolgirl pin.

As the name suggests, it’s an excellent hold for a woman to use on a man: lying above him, and gripping his wrists above his head, she has a moral dominance. She can stare at him, insult him, or if she’s a "bad girl" type, she can tease him with her body. Many women like to "play with" a man once they get him in this position. Ju-Eun chose to grin down at Todd before kneeling on his arms and declaring he would soon be submitting to her.

Then she punched him. Her left fist scorched his ear, and she laughed, relishing the combat. Todd wriggled free and instinctively turned round defensively; but it wasn’t much of a defence, because Ju-Eun put him in a rear naked choke from above, before switching to a sleeper, since she was in the ideal position for one. With her arms clamped around his neck and throat, she slowly denied him the oxygen that he craved, and he began to feel drowsy. She sensed this, and demanded that he tap out. Todd gratefully accepted the "offer", but she kept her arms locked around him a little longer, just to let him know she was in charge.

When at last Ju-Eun relented, he gratefully, greedily gulped mouthfuls of air. She meanwhile posed over him and made another demand: he must look up at his "woman boss". Todd didn’t mind; anything that wasted time allowed him precious moments to recover, and he did as he was told. Indeed, when she stopped wiping her foot on him and showing her fist, he was tempted to offer, "Pose some more, why don’t you?" Instead, he heard the very last words he wanted to: 

"I am making this a 3 out of 5 match."

"Here we go," thought Todd, when she ordered him to "get up and fight". Still, he might get the opportunity to restore a little pride. He told himself to look upon the 3 out of 5 as a chance, and not an ordeal. Rejuvenated with that thought, he sprang up and they began circling.

But he wasn’t the only one who could spring: Ju-Eun leapt at him, one strong arm tight around his waist, the other scooping up his left leg, and he landed with a bump on his back. He should have been on his guard for the single leg takedown, because it’s how Kimiko had brought him down previously (gallery 791).

Landing on top again, Ju-Eun immediately worked to assert her dominance once more, though Todd resisted valiantly. For a time he managed to keep her literally at arm’s length, with his left hand clasping her throat, and she struggled to free herself from it. But her left fist landing sharply on his chin put paid to that resistance. She threatened him with her right, and in a repeat of the previous round, he managed to turn round in defence, so he had his back to her.

Ju-Eun partially played along with this repeat. She clasped him round his neck and throat, and coiled her legs around his, slowly exerting the pressure in a choke. Todd couldn’t shake her off, and once again her powerful arms were denying him oxygen. When she let go, he sighed thankfully; but his relief was only short-lived. If he found her arms strong, her legs were in another division altogether. Lying across him, she ensnared him in a body scissor. Her legs gripped his waist and ribs, and started constricting. Then came her familiar ultimatum: "Submit right now." He thankfully submitted, exclaiming, "My ribs".

There was a bit of the sadist about Ju-Eun. Standing over him, wallowing in victory, she announced that she had decided to make it a best of seven falls match. (Next time, when she said it would be a best of two out of three falls match at the start, he’d get it in writing, with her signature, Todd thought.)

She tormented and mocked him as he got up, groaning with pain. But he still got to his feet stoically, and raised his fists. She did the same, but she didn’t use them, because she pounced, and head locked him. She brought him down, using the head lock. 

All the while she mocked him, grinning, and murmuring in his ear. Her purpose was to distract him, so she could seize his right arm in her thighs, while maintaining the head lock. It was rather like a rear naked choke, except that she faced the opposite direction to him – more like a side naked choke. But whatever term we choose, it worked. While she yet again drained him of oxygen, his arm felt as if it was on fire at the socket.

Ju-Eun maintained the hold until she heard Todd whimper, then she released him, shaking from the ordeal, and straddled him from above. She had his left arm trapped under her body most intimately, so that his hand was resting on her sex. Kimiko raised her eyebrows. But what this did was to weaken Todd’s arm, so she was able to swing it above his head, while needing to work harder with his "good" arm. But she got them both pinned over his head, now lying over him horizontally.

"You’re done, bitch," she told him, before moving to the trusted schoolgirl pin, and insisting he submit. 

Todd, in a weak voice, did just that. But Ju-Eun the sadist maintained the pin, and asked if he was humiliated. When he didn’t reply, she repeated the question, telling him (correctly) that Kimiko wanted to know if he felt humiliated. That woman seemed to purr with satisfaction when her husband confirmed how beaten and humiliated the other woman had made him feel. By the time Ju-Eun had finished counting him out, she had moved so far up his body, sitting on him, that she had ended up face sitting him. 

But only for a moment, for she now jumped up and once again celebrated her victory, this time placing her foot on his face. Reluctant to end the fight, which she had loved, she now suggested a boxing match. Todd, on his feet once more, demurred: not a good idea, he suggested. But who cared what he thought? Certainly not Kimiko or Ju-Eun, and he found himself standing naked, with the gloves on, about to box.

A "girlie" bright pink boxing glove landed firmly on his jaw. It was a left jab, but hard enough for it. Ju-Eun solidly blocked Todd’s reply, and then fired a brutal right cross. It slapped against Todd’s mouth, stinging viciously. Then she swung a huge left hook into his jaw. It bent him backwards, and almost had him over. His whole body jarred with the aftershock of it.

"Lovely!" thought Kimiko to herself, as a sugary pink boxing glove hammered into Todd’s chin. It was a classic right cross. As Todd stretched back with the force of the blow, Ju-Eun stretched forward with the flow of it. She announced that she was going to knock him out in front of his wife ("Lovely!" thought Kimiko again), and who could doubt her, the way she was fighting?

Desperate to do something, Todd struck with his right, but Ju-Eun leant out of its way. Then she got him in the stomach with her left. Todd let out an oath as the throbbing ache that emanated from his stomach seemed to reach every other part of his body. So effective was this body blow, that Ju-Eun hit him there again, with her right. It was a cruel sequel, and intensified the pain.

The pain became raw agony when she got him there a THIRD time. It was too much, and Todd sank down on all fours, head in hands. 

"Get up and fight like a man" Ju-Eun ordered him, dancing like a professional boxer. She started her familiar counting out with commentary. Kimiko suspected the commentary was to give Todd time for a partial recovery, so the fight could continue, because she seemed in no hurry to finish it.

Todd did get up, despair on his face. For the first time, he slouched, not bothering now even to put on a show of defiance as he had before. The contrast couldn’t have been greater with his female opponent, who appeared agile, alert, and eager to resume. On the other hand, something about this confident, almost boastful woman brought out a resentment in Todd. Despite his pains, he found himself at last raising his gloves. Perhaps that was Ju-Eun’s intention.

She was certainly goading him, laughing at him. His wife looking impassively on seemed to get on his nerves as well. Damn both of them, he thought, and heaved a mighty right hook at Ju-Eun. She ducked, and he almost toppled over, following through. Her reply, a left hook, made no such mistake. It got him on the jaw, and his body swung away from her with the force of the blow.

She went after him, and left hooked him again, this time in the chest. "She’s going for my body," thought Todd, believing that’s where he was most vulnerable after those stomach blows. "That’s where she’ll aim for…" She punched him in the face, specifically a right uppercut, jaw and chin. Todd’s anguished cry of pain matched the panicky look on his face.

Now came the body blow. She got him low in the stomach, and he crumpled and folded round her left fist. It was as if he wanted to keep her there – perhaps he did, if it was going to save him from any more of the onslaught. But she extricated herself, and landed a crisp right cross on his chin, laughing as her fist struck home once more.

A left hook had Todd in all sorts of trouble. It swung into his jaw, and in a grotesque comic dance, his right leg shot out for no apparent reason, and he had to hop on his left leg to stay upright. Oh yes, it hurt like hell too.

"Yessss!" thought Kimiko to herself. Ju-Eun sent Todd home with a right uppercut. Her punch had him off his feet and on his back. She stood over him, hands on hips, and started the usual counting and commentary. But Kimiko had the impression that it wouldn’t matter how long she spun out the counting this time – she had beaten him, and he couldn’t get up for any more. For a start, he would have to regain consciousness.

After she finally got to ten, and Todd came round. She made him get up for the ritual ball-busting. In a slight variation, she chose to kick rather than use her knee. He sank down with the excruciating agony of it, and she finished him off with a left kick to the face.

Todd lay on his back, his "defeat boner" obvious as Ju-Eun counted him out for the last time. In another ritual, she sat on his face in the "69" position and took his cock into her gloved hand.

"Did you like the wrestling or the boxing?" she asked, yanking away.

"Boxing," he answered, adding that he loved getting knocked out by a beautiful woman. The thought of it, along with her handiwork and gloating descriptions, made him cum.

The two women embraced, with Todd supine in the background. Kimiko congratulated Ju-Eun, telling her the final, knockout, uppercut was her favourite part. "So sexy," she added, before, "Let’s go upstairs and have some fun!"

They walked away, hand in hand, leaving Todd utterly played out on his back.

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