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W-545 "Adele vs Bobby II"

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Fantasy wrestling is subtly erotic in nature and is related to certain fetishes. Then participants in fantasy wrestling could also like the idea of femdom. This fantasy puts a woman in a dominant position. The male would take a submissive role. While normally the preferred female wrestler would be a woman of muscular and athletic physique, femdom supporters like any woman to fill the dominant role. Thin women could participate in this type of wrestling, because the man would not attempt to resist. The fantasy is that women’s strength levels are equal to males and therefore women can compete with men in physical contests. The fantasy goes further for the femdom supporter making it seem as if women are the stronger sex.

There can be semi-competitive matches in mixed wrestling. This is the case in which the fantasy element is still there, but the male attempts to put up some resistance. The goal is not to win, but feel the power of the woman’s body. They do not just want to look at her muscles; they want to see what they are capable of. The explanation for this desire could have a multitude of factors. It could be a representation of men and women’s struggle against one another. There has been a battle of the sexes ever since the rise of civilization. Men had the advantage of physical strength, but women had the advantage of their sexuality. 

Adele, the female wrestler, says: "I am female 5'2" and 135 pounds. Have very shapely legs with defined calf muscle and solid thighs. I have locked many males and females between my legs in inescapable scissor holds. With my long legs I like to get victim in body scissor with them either on their back or stomach. In a short time they are gasping for air and tapping out. I also find the reverse scissor painful and impossible to escape. With victims face pressed to my cheeks and ankles locked enabling me to exert vibrating pressure has my victim suffocating and tapping my thigh in surrender. I love being stronger than men. I did gymnastics in my youth which made me strong. The first time I tested my strength against a man was years ago. I was surprised to see how much stronger I was. I loved the feeling. I started to workout like crazy after that episode. I have built a muscular and really strong body over the years. I have beaten several males over the years and enjoyed it every single time. Most of the times I found it quite easy to do so.

My husband is taller than me, but not stronger or tougher! I am a Shibata Black Belt and a Judo Brown Belt. We have known each other since we were eleven so it has always just been the way it is. Frankly, we both enjoy it. Every couple has or should have their little things that are different and exciting. Being able to kick his butt is different and exciting for us both.

Full out wrestling a few times a year. I give him a while to try and get me off of him but he never can. I get him in funny spots where he slaps himself with his own hands or has to kiss my toes, little Dominatrixey kind of things. Sometimes though just day to day or in bed I will reinforce that I am stronger. Generally I can't say it plays a big part in our lives or relationship.

I'm remember our first wrestling match. My friend toke me to the club where her husband trains wrestling. There I saw many sweated men wearing lycra shorts forcing each other on the mat and flexing muslced legs and arms. its excited me and decided give a chance to my boy. I waited him in the afternoon after work decided to wrestle him. After arrived he used to see tv,so when he did this I said knowing that our son is at her friends house until tomorrow, I asked him why he didn?t take a shower because I had a present for him this night. He surely imagine sex, and immediately went to take a shower. During his bath I dress myself whith a brasilian black sports leotard and a pair of tennis shoes. I putted elastic bands around my hair,and when a saw my in the mirror , discovered a really warrior. My tight leotard makes me been hot. I turned off the lights and waited in other room, as usually my boy went totally nude to our room and before he turned the lights I went over him. I pushed him from the back putting my shoulder under his butts and rounding his legs with my arms. We shatter the floor like and esrthquake and he said what happens here. Immediately I let him free of my arms and turned on the light, then I said didn't you want to wrestle , so wrestle me. He saw me very excited and say ok, rude girl, the he said but we need more space. We went to the living room, move some furniture and put some matress the we did the most hot body to body contact I ever had with this boy. Finally he gave up and my prize was a great cunnilingus when I've sat on his face!

My husband is very confused about my aggressiveness. He has loste his self confidence when I challenge him. To be beaten by your wife in a wrestling match is tough for many men to take. I don't do it because I want to humiliate him, well not that much anyway. I really like to be strong and I think it is sexy as hell to be the stonger. Another thing that I have noticed is that he likes to caress my muscles. Perhaps he likes a stronger women deep inside.

The best hold I have submitted my husband in is a rear figure four head scissors where I get my left leg over my right foot and tucked in behind his left shoulder. I have seen others describe this hold and my experience is that it is impossible for him to escape and with the leverage I have I can easily submit him as many times as I want to. If I am in the mood I have made him submit up to 10 times. He is like jelly by the time I release him.

The rear naked choke with scissors apllied around his ribs at the same time. If you get behind him it is very easy to implement. A man will get very tired trying to break out of this hold. My favorite dominant move only when your legs and flexibility are much greater than his is without a doubt the double leg frontal grapevine smother. If you want to totally humiliate the opposite sex. A tight grapevine split is the move.

I enjoy to pin males by sitting on their throat because I love to see them struggle to get out and breath. When I sit on a throat it doesnt take long time until the guy I exhausted. The throat pin suits me well because I have wide hips and thick thighs and short legs. So when I sit down i can really squeeze the throat with my ass and thighs. This night I've applied all my favorite holds on Bobby!"

Bobby, the male wrestler, says: "My wife Adele has sexy strong body with huge arms and legs like tree trunks. My wife knows that I enjoy wrestling with her so much she doesn't mind doing it with me because she loves the competition. She feel herself like hunting Queen of Amazons overpowering a young male prey when she wrestle in her tight sports leotard when I'm naked before her. I never win because my wife is freaky strong and she might deceive you with her 5 foot stature. I have had her pinned pretty good before but she is so stubborn I have never gotten her to submit. I have a chance with her when it's a battle of our upper bodies, but her legs are so much bigger and stronger than mine that when she gets me in a hold with her legs I'm done for. She's usually wins by having a full Nelson lock or her favorite the sleeper hold and she will wrap her legs around me and I squirm and struggle I try to get out but no matter how hard I try I know she has me. So I tap out or tell her to her face I give or I submit. What scares me is she tells me she was hardly putting any pressure on, so I can only imagine if she went all out, she would break bones. Now granted I love wrestling her and I'm not trying to say I'm wrestling her as hard as I could, but I'm not humiliated to say that my wife has bigger stronger arms than me, and upper and lower bodies are more defined than mine and are stronger, as she usually slams my arm down quite easily in arm wrestling. I have always been turned on by women flexing and wrestling, good natural muscle not big steroid pumping espn2 bodybuilding types that's not for me. I am so turned on after we get done wrestling my penis is hard as a rock, and she straddles my face then commands me to put my tongue into her crotch, and I give my leotard-clad victress a great oral pleasure, which leads to some awesome handjob for me. I really enjoy wrestling my wife it is great exercise, competition, it's fun, and it's a major turn on. My ultimate fantasy is to pair my wife up with a woman around her size and experience for a wrestling match, I hope she would be up for it. I know she would do really good, I hope she would be as open to it as she is to our husband vs. wife matches. Remember men are stronger than women is not the truth.

How our wrestling games was started? Two years ago I saw my wife in front of the big mirror we have flexing her muscles, something I had never seen before. And the shocking thing was that she had impressive biceps. She wanted me to feel her muscles, she was proud like a teenage boy. They were rock hard. She then asked me to show me mine and flex beside her. I said that I had other stuff to do and then she called me coward. So there I was, beside my wife comparing biceps! And it was very clear that she had me beaten there. I said something that men had stronger muscles because of the testosterone and size wasn't everything. She just laughed and stroked my head as you do with a kid. Later on that evening after armwrestle me. What had happened to my wife? I said something about that wrestling would be the only way to judge who was stronger. We went down to our basement where we have some soft mats. Now I was naked and she was in her cotton leotard and we started to wrestle. Again I was surprised how strong she was, she pretty much did what she wanted with me, she could take me down and pin me within some minutes and there was just nothing I could do to stop her. I was very very embarrassed and at the same time quite excited. Having all this body contact with my nudity and her leotard-clad body without having sex with her was rather new. Seeing me nude before her dressed in sexy outfit she became more and more cocky and wanted to have fall after fall. I didn't come close to win once. Even if my endurance at running is good it was something new to use all muscles to a maximum for a long time and I was soon totally waisted lying naked and helpless on the floor. My wife got very excited and pulled aside a crotch of her leotard, sat down to my face and then forced me to cunnilingus. When she climaxed she ordered me to say she was stronger and that I was a weak man. When I hesitated to say this she squeezed me between her strong thighs and threatened to tell everybody about the outcome of our tests of strength. I had to say it.

My wife and I got into a very intense match this night. Dressed in tight leotard, she ripped my shorts during fight and forced me to wrestle naked. We were both very focus on victory and I have to say the marks on my body are a good indication of who won. All was going well until she got her legs involved, which i was doing my best to avoid letting her do that. In the end, she was able to get me trapped in her head scissors and that proved to be the beginning of the end for me. After a long battle I ended up trapped in her strong thighs, which she eventually transformed into a complete face smother of her already very wet and ready leotard-covered womanhood. This was the first match we have in the wrestling ring and I really thought I would finally take her but once again I ended up under her."