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CFNM mixed wrestling leotard femdom bodyscissors

Update: 23.02.2018

B-506 "Violent mixed fighting club 2"

Gallery size: 100 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, Ballbusting, 100 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), completely CFNM, bloody action.

In town there is a new underground club for mixed fighting. No rules, except about how a match ends – male wins by raping and female wins by castration.

After a winning last week Ann has returned to the match as a champion. She had planned another spectacular show teasing the camera. To her great she noticed her admirer in the right spot – the same angle as her targeted camera…

The male was in a good shape, lustful and confident. He signed up as he had raped before and doing it in a public place and people encouraging him was his fantasy. The crowd cheering for her was a surprise, but he was not aware of the last time action. Taking in fighting positions he did not waste time.

He rolled her onto her back. Spreading her legs, he had a massive hardon planning to dry hump her. She got her wits back at the right time – he was climbing on the top of while she lustfully smiled to the closing face saying that she is ready and raised her legs. He was not alert enough to notice her plans and then suddenly he felt the body scissors. He had never been in this position and when she turned him to mat besides her he was only yelling in pain holding her buttocks while she was reaching for his testicles.

She gave few rapid strong squeezes forcing out some drops of pre-cum and blood. He heard her whispering “I am sorry handsome, I was not ready before. But do not worry – hurting balls makes me horny and we can continue the show soon.” The pain in nuts overwhelmed him, that was much worse than the body scissors. Ann knew it had been a close one, but she did not want to call it a night yet as she had a plan that got her aroused already.

Then suddenly he was free, but still in great pain and needed to rest a bit. He heard another whisper telling him to sit on bench and fuck her or she will castrate him. What bench???

Before the match she had agreed with the team to be provided a bench to a specific corner when the male has been on the ground for 10 seconds. She was pleased to see it being done silently. He noticed it too only a few feet away and his penis regained the stiffness.

When pulling himself to the bench he noticed it being a bit longer and wider than typical ones in boxing match corners, but he did not get too long to think about things. Ann took his hands and sat to his lap facing him – he was so aroused and noticed a moist stain between her spread legs. She positioned his hands on her ass cheeks and enjoyed this touch as she was very aroused about her another fantasy coming true. Ann put her weight on knees, kneeled forward so his face was buried in the open cleavage between her firm tits.


She took her hands down to his nuts grabbing one in each hand and joyful looked to her admirer in the first row behind her. Closing her fists her fingers penetrated his scrotum digging into the testicles. She orgasmed feeling the balls giving in causing an explosive ejaculation of cum and blood to her upper stomach below breasts, the blow of warm air from his screaming between her tits, the remains of his nuts between fingers, and his hands pulling her buttocks apart exposing the whole destruction work to her admirer who was also came in his pants.


She waved to the cheering crowd knowing that they all saw the show from the displays above the arena and winked to the admirer before leaving. She and the production team had great plans with him for a special event. Customers feedback and ideas they wait as comments in this store.

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