CFNM femdom leotard headscissors smothering

Update: 11.08.2017

F-475 "Deadly legs"

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Mixed wrestling, Ballbusting, 190 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), partially CFNM, no blood.

Alan hired an escort lady for foot worship but he didn't know about her deadly headscissors. Poor guy just told about playing with sexy girl, but looks like she had another plan for this evening!

Alan, the male fighter, says: "The first time I realized I was in trouble and sadly mistaken about being stronger then any of them was in the pool while we were swimming. Everyone remembers chicken fights in the pool. Well we would play that all the time. I was always on the bottom of course and the girls took turns getting on my shoulders while one of the other girls got on another girls shoulders. Of course I was always acting like the strong little man, trying to impress the ladies, and for a good while it was working. One day while playing in the pool, chicken fights, the girl on my shoulders got the idea that she wasn't getting knocked off my shoulders and locked her legs around my neck so tight I was almost in pain. No matter how hard I tryed to pry her legs apart, it wasn't happening. She might not have been strong in the arms, but her legs were really strong. Of course that started a new fad, locking me in a headscissors every chance those girls got. I spent more time on my back trying to get out of their headscissor holds then I can remember. So take it from me, women might not be strong in their arms, but beware if they get their legs wrapped aroung your neck because you won't be going anywhere any time soon.


Me and my ex girlfriend were fooling around in some kind of wrestling match. She is very athletic and her legs are powerful, big rock hard thighs, big calves. Suddenly she threw those legs around my rib cage. Her legs are long and I am slim so she got a good grip with those powerful thighs around me. She started to squeeze and I felt that I couldn't breathe. She kept on squeezing and by now I was struggling to get out of her grip but there was just no escape. She didn't understand that she stopped me from breathing and when she increased the power in her legs I actually passed out. She noticed when I went limp and got really worried. After this episode she has scissored me several times and I give up quickly as hell since I don't want to pass out again. I am sure she could crack my ribs with those legs. Apart from the first time that really was scary I enjoy being prisoner between her strong legs and she loved to have me there.


I've always enjoyed with my leotard-clad girlfriend is play fighting though I've always done it naked, it usually just consists of her trying to prove she is stronger than I am then she over power me by attacking my balls, straddle me and tickle me into submission.


It was made me a foot fetishist, I love strong and beautiful female legs. So, I hired an escort lady for some foot worship, dreaming just about pleasure but it was a greatest mistake... Patricia called me pervert and punished me with painful headscissors and ballbusting - her long legs are deadly!"

Patricia, the female fighter, says: "The reason I suppose I enjoy back kicks and kicks from behind to the groin so much in CFNM wrestling is because the poor guy often doesn’t see the attacks coming as he does with a front kick. If you are facing a clothed woman and she is rearing her foot back you pretty much know that within the next second or two she is going to ring your bare bells. Often the naked man has just enough time to clench his butt cheeks, grit his teeth and prepare for the worst. But with a back kick – some call it mule kick – the man likely is unaware that the sole of the woman’s foot is about to flatten his eggs. Such back kicks often result not only in great pain to the balls and lower abdomen, but the twisted, shocked and surprised look on the face of the man is both humorous and gut-wrenching. If a surprise mule kick can illicit such a reaction, then a well-placed kick from behind is even more exciting – and devastating – because often the man has absolutely no idea it is coming (unless he has eyes in the back of his head.). Alan is a real pervert, I've noticed his erection after my headscissors - so I've punished his balls pretty hard!"