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"I'm home!" I yelled as I dragged my bags into the house. It was nice to be back now after 2 years across the country at college without any visits. I was sincerely looking forward to just being a vegetable for the rest of the summer. Especially since now I am the 22 year old man in charge of the house with my father working on oil rigs all summer. "Welcome home Alex," says a voice behind me as I am putting my bags down. I turn around to see my step mom Michelle in the hallway. Michelle is easy on the eyes in pretty much every sense. She had cut her hair since I last saw her, with the curly brown locks falling almost to her shoulders. She has a soft face with dimples on her cheeks and a smile that draws everyone in. She is taller than most women, being about 5'10 and curvy (some might say chubby), she definitely has the motherly figure of filling out in all the right places. She was wearing a baggy t-shirt and sweats so I couldn't make out much of her full body. However, not even the baggy clothes could hide her massive busom, wide hips, and bodacious booty. She was a head turner no matter where she went but I could never see her as anything but a step mom. 

"Oh, hey Michelle," I said,"how have you been?" She frowned "you've known me for 3 years, you can call me mom." Rather than answer I decided to dance around it. "Its nice being home, what have you been up to?" I asked as I dragged my stuff to my room. She seemed to notice my avoidance but didn't make anything of it "I've kept busy, mostly spending time with my gal pals. We've been doing a lot of fitness stuff recently," she said as she followed me to my room. "mmhmm," I replied half listening as I was unpacking. "I have completely converted the basement, you should come check it out" she said. "yeah I'll look once I finish unpacking" I replied bluntly mostly done with the conversation. "Ok well I'm heading down in a second after I finish changing, join me once you get the chance," she called over her shoulder as she moved down the hall.

After unpacking my bags and screwing around on my phone for a bit, I decided that I might as well check out the basement since I was curious as to what she had done. I climbed down the stairs and made my way into our quite large basement. I was mildly surprised to see the entire room had been made into a makeshift gym, with weights and workout equipment lining the walls and a huge padded mat smack dab in the middle of the floor. Michelle was disembarking the treadmill as I walked in and I was shocked by what I saw. She had changed out of the baggy clothes and into a tight military leotard that did little to hide her twin canyons bouncing as she got off. She also had on high top sneakers. What caught me off guard was how much weight she had lost since I had last been home. Her formerly chubby stomach was much leaner. While definitely not a six pack or anything, it was not nearly the flab I was expecting. Her arms looked very toned without much jiggle to them. Her legs were still large but they lacked cellulite and seemed like they hid a respectable amount of muscle underneath. "Wow, you look like you've lost a lot of weight," I blurted out without thinking. "I have," she said beaming ,"but it seems like my butt has just gotten bigger" followed by giving her ass a light smack sending waves of jiggle. I turned away flustered, pretending to be observing the newly updated basement "you know its been a while since I had a good workout since I've been so busy," I stumbled out. Michelle giggled at me and then followed with "I still have a little left of my workout, why don't you get one in too. Show me how strong you are!" I shrugged and decided why not. I began to do some of the lifts I remembered from high school when I played a bunch of sports. I based my weights on what I remembered doing back then too. This proved a mistake because while I wasn't fat at all, I was definitely not in the shape i was then. My pride wouldn't allow me to lower the weight though as to not appear weak in front of my now fitness obsessed step mom. 

By the end, I fell to the floor exhausted and sore. My arms and legs felt like lead. I turned my head to see Michelle bouncing over to me, despite doing the longer workout she seemed fresh as a daisy and only covered in a light sheen of sweat. "What have you been doing to get in such great shape?" I said between breaths. She stood over me as a silhouette with her hands on her hips. In that moment I started to feel rather small. "regular stuff like weights and aerobics but what has made a big difference has been the grappling class!" Michelle said smiling ear to ear. "grappling class?" I said quizzically. "yeah! I've been learning a bunch of wrestling moves for women at our local gym," she said. "Do women even need wrestling moves, doesn't seem like it would even be that effective with you," I blurted out without thinking. Michelle's smile dropped "well that seems rather condescending." Again without thinking I said,"i'm just saying, I don't really see you being a good wrestler."


She suddenly smirked and said "well I was just about to practice some moves, how about a little wrestling competition?" I was taken aback "that doesn't seem realistic Michelle, I'm a little over 6 feet tall and weigh a good 225 lbs, I'm not exactly in your weight class." As i said this i had begun standing up and suddenly found myself face to face with her. I didn't realize how close 5'10 was to me until now. "I'm closer to your weight class than you think" she said with a cocky smirk "what are you afraid to lose to your moooooom" placing a big emphasis on the word "mom" in response. She knew exactly how to manipulate my pride and temper so against my better judgement, I found myself accepting. "ok, fine" I said " what are the rules" 


Michelle decided it was going to be a first to 5 wins which seemed long to me but she said it would give her more chances to practice. It was going to be a standard grappling match with no strikes, biting, or scratching. And I must wrestle naked. It made me excited and I agreed. We started off on our knees and we both went on the offensive. I have no idea how long it went on but the first fall seemed like a life time. both of us were struggling to find an advantage with neither of us giving in. Finally I got her in an headlock and began to squeeze. To my utter surprise, she immediately tapped out. "if that's all it takes, maybe we should stop now," I said. She popped up not looking the least bit worried and said, "oh honey, don't worry about me just catch your breath." I realized how out of breath I was at that moment and how fresh she seemed. I shrugged it off and kept going. The next fall was much of the same with a lot of struggling and back and forth. I was finally able to grasp her arm into a hammer lock which she once again just tapped out and popped back up. "ready for next round," she said giggling. I was practically panting at this point with my muscles screaming at me to stop but nonchalance got under my skin. After a moment of breathing I got up and began the third round.

Once again, we tied up and struggled for dominance but this time Michelle seemed to just fall onto her back. Sensing an opportunity to end this one quick, I pounced on top of her and pinned her shoulders down. As I did this she wrapped her huge legs around my abdomen and began squeezing. It felt like my entire torso was being compacted but I didn't let up the pin. "give up" I muttered. "Me give up?!?" Michelle laughed,"don't see why I should." giving me a playful squeeze. I tried to keep the pin on as she began a rhythmic pattern of squeezing the life out of me. After one big squeeze, I involuntarily loosened my pin. Michelle seized this opportunity immediately by jerking her legs to the side, sending us both tumbling. I ended up on my stomach with Michelle's twin pythons still wrapped around me. She was laying next to me on my left side. While I was still stunned, she quickly scooped up my left arm and applied a hammerlock body scissor combo. I desperately struggled to ply her legs apart with my one hand but couldn't budge them. She watched my efforts and started giggling. God how I hated that giggling. I continued for about a minute longer before I realized I was trapped. I quietly tapped out on the mat. "What was that honey?" she asked still keeping me locked up. I tapped hard on the mat this time and she gave an exaggerated "Ooooooooooooh thats what you meant." Despite this, she kept the hold locked tight," you sure Alex baby?" she asked mockingly still squeezing,"I'm sure a big man like you could break out of a woman's hold." I blurted out,"I give, let me UP!" She finally released and it felt like an elephant had gotten off my stomach. Michelle said "ok, ok, don't too snappy with your momma." She hopped right back up and said "alright next round". It was a struggle sitting up with my aching abs. At this point every muscle seemed like jelly but all I could think of was shutting her up so I continued. 4th round.

She attacked viciously as soon as the round began and caught me way off guard. It was me who ended up on my back this time with Michelle climbing up my torso. I tried to push her off with my hands but she latched onto my right arm and transitioned into an armbar with her legs draped over my chest and neck. She began torturing my right arm for a bit and said "ooh looks like a got you in a nasty one here, speaking of nasty..." with this she lifted her legs up and began rubbing her feet into my face, pinching and prodding with her toes. I couldn't believe I had ended up like this, being humiliated by my step mom's feet as she laughed at my predicament. "like my pedicure?" she said between laughs. I broke at this and with a roar twisted and struggled. To my surprise and her's, I wrenched my arm free. But she twisted her body around and locked her legs around my head, pulling me into a reverse head scissor. Sexy female gymnast scooped my into up and squeezed with her thighs, my entire field of vision was dominated by her sexy body clad in the tight military leotard. I desperately pried at her thighs as the pressure became unbearable. She adjusted into a reverse figure four and effectively scooped my head into her ass. The soft but firm cheeks happily eating up my face. "don't let yourself be overwhelmed by booty," she giggled as if I had a choice in the matter. In a matter of seconds I began seeing spots so I begrudgingly tapped out on her thigh. She released the hold and slightly sat up, remaining right over my head. Her wide posterior remained right above my face like an ominous jiggly cloud. I laid there too physically exhausted and mentally baffled to move. She began adjusting her leotard then moved on to fixing her hair before finally getting up after what felt like hours. As her ass left my vision she said "don't miss those cheeks too much, I'm sure you'll see more of them soon" with a taunting smirk. An omen of things to come.


I struggled my way to my knees and saw Michelle standing over me smiling. A mix of emotions ran through me: confusion, anger, exhaustion, and finally fear. She had hardly broken much more of a sweat on me than she had with her light workout. What is happening? "that's about 3 minutes, that should be more than enough of a break" she said lowering herself to her knees. "wait hold on," I stumbled out. Michelle tilted her head and pouted her lip "aw, is Ally done. I'll let you call it quits if you come over here and kiss my foot." Totally taken off guard I stammer out,"What! Wait, no. I'm not going to... I wouldn't..." She interjected," alright lets start the round then." and began approaching me. I panicked and launched at her trying to get a quick advantage, the break giving me a small burst of energy. She nimbly dodged and used my momentum against me, tossing me onto my stomach. She plopped onto my back and began grabbing for my arms. I flailed them about trying to keep them away from her but she eventually grasped my right hand and draped it over her knee. I tucked my left hand under me and in response she began tickling my sides and neck. "Come on, let mommy see your hand" she giggled. Despite my best efforts, my hand instinctively moved and she grabbed it before I even knew what happened. She draped it over her other knee leaving both my arms useless. She wrenched my head up and whispered into my ear,"This is one of my favorite moves, so be strong for me honey" and began pulling my head further up. The pain was unbearable but she ignored my desperate taps and continued the torture. I finally stopped struggling and just went limp. After another minute and a half she moved her legs in front of me letting my arms fall and then dropped my head. My head fell right into upturned feet making a makeshift pad for my face with her feet. I laid there as she once again adjusted her hair and checked her nails. After a minute or two she hopped off my back and said,"ok I just need two more rounds, can you make a comeback?" I remained face down on the mat, not wanting to move. She walked over, grabbed me by the hair and pulled me up to look her directly in the eyes. "go get some water, I want you ready for the next two rounds," she commanded me and tossed me over to the water cooler in the corner. 


I sat at the cooler sipping on water and Michelle stretched on the other side of the mat. A whirlwind of thoughts going through my brain: how could this be happening? Is she really this much stronger than me? Is it because I pushed myself too much in the workouts? Did she just outlast me? Can I make a comeback? After about five minutes Michelle called out,"alright sweetie times up!" I approached the mat more determined than ever despite my entire body still in constant pain and soreness. I have to spend the entire summer with her, so I have to change the tide here and now. "you ready Alex?" she said with a taunting voice. Michelle began by offering a test of strength, reaching both hands up. I moved my hands to meet hers and the struggle began. I gained the upper hand at first pushing her back but in a matter of moments I found myself weakening. I was running on empty. Her smirk grew and she began forcing me back. Once again I found myself on my back. She was on top with my hands pinned down above my head and her massive bust hanging right over my head. I pathetically struggled to no avail so she just settled right above me until my attempts ceased. I stared upward and watched as sweat from her boobs dripped downward until it formed right above my face. It finally dripped right onto my cheek and rolled down, eliciting a giggle from Michelle. That god damn giggle. "Want a closer look?" she asked. "Wait, plea..." she cut me off before I could finish. Plunging me into her plunging neckline. It was soft and warm and pleasant at first but the lack of oxygen quickly changed my thoughts on the matter. I thrashed as her massive bust kept an airtight seal over me, trapping me in a sweaty boob chamber. Michelle moved slightly off right before I passed out, allowing me to move my face to the side and greedily soak in air. She kept her boobs pressed on the side of my face as if a reminder and said "give?" All I said was a simple "yes." She released one of my hands and grabbed my head burying it back into her bosom. She quickly rubbed my head all over her breasts and then released me, hopping back up laughing hysterically. I think I ended up with more boob sweat on my face than my own sweat on my face. I remained on the ground. It was over. My last defiance had left me. She recognized this and said "I'll make this last one fast."

I was still on my back when she plopped back down on my chest facing my feet. I was confused at first until I saw her scooting back. And that massive ass coming right towards my face. "please, no. not your ass again. anything but..." is all I got out before my face was unceremoniously shoved between her two globes. She grabbed my hands as I thrashed about but I honestly doubt I could have gotten her off in my state either way. The soft black void formed around my face, no matter which way I turned my head, it was just more booty. She shook her hips and her ass rubbing me all over the mat and her cheeks. It was humiliating and infuriating. After an eternity she lifted up and said "tell me you quit" "I quit" "who beat you" "you did" "who did" "Michelle beat me" She turned her head and looked at me over her butt and asked "who's your mommy?" I hesitated and she plopped right back down. I began yelling out, which just came out as muffled nonsense. She eventually lifted up and asked "who's your mommy" "you are" "thank you sweetie" she said as she stood up and sashayed over to the water cooler giggling. 

That giggle turned activated something inside me. The last little bit of defiance. I could feel the anger rising. She gave her ass a slap and said "I think I found a very effective punishment" and gave another giggle. This was the last straw, the anger at the humiliation I had suffered burst forth and I saw my opportunity. She had her back turned to me. I charged her hoping I could reclaim the alpha status I thought I had held over her. This was the biggest mistake of all. She heard me coming and caught me with a hip toss. She was not giggling, laughing, or smiling this time. She tossed me to the floor planted her ass on my face and said "its time for a time-out." I struggled for half a second before I settled in. She had done it, her dominance complete. It was a lifetime of silence and smothering. The oxygen deprivation kicked in and my body gave a few involuntary spasms. Everything became a haze but Michelle didn't move an inch. The last feeling I had before everything faded to black was fear for what was to come this summer.