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mixed wrestling beach leotard self defense

Update: 23.12.2016

F-441 "Don't touch me!"

Gallery size: 180 Full HD pictures

Mixed fighting freestyle, ballbusting, 180 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), partially CFNM, no blood.

Two 18 y.o. high school classmates met each other on the beach. Derek was so wrong when he took a quick peek at Yvette's long legs and her firm and curvy ass, hugged tight in a spandex leotard then tried to undress her! She has a great experience in karate and judo and he must take a hard punishment from her. Yvette defeats him with easy, removes his swimming trunks and forces him to submit with painful judo holds. Derek has no choice - he must follow her and be a obedient punching bag on mixed martial arts workout of this girl. Finally this girl practices her self defense moves on her nude classmate. She overpowers the loser with her strength and as always with her unfair attacks. She grabs and slaps his balls, and beats his genitals while fighting him down.

Yvette says: "The lightest slap or flick to a testice is quite painful and makes ANY guy wince. A hard kick or knee that actually makes full contact and they have nowhere to go...will put any male in the worst agony they have ever felt. He can't stand up... or even move. Year ago I got a guy that I know to let me practice self defense stuff on him. I found that only the balls worked the best. We used to date so it was not uncomfortable to ask him. He stripped down and showed me the best angles to kick him and with different parts of the foot and knee. I kicked him easy at first with the top of my bare foot, he bent a little. I kicked harder and with a snap, this dropped him to his knees. The without warning I kicked real hard and smashed them against his body. ladies, if a guy is going to let you kick him in the nuts, you should do it. we live in a dangerous world and that is something you need to leen how to do. Practice makes perfect. if you ever need to do it and you miss or dont do it right it could mean the differance in life or death. it is actually harder to do than you think. And if you are in a life or death situation you better put him down on the first shot. So these guys that like to be kicked in the nuts are actually providing a valuble service. They are giving you a chance to practice it. who knows it could save your life one day. So the next time a guy is going to let you kick him in the balls you should accept his offer! Oh my God, I LOVE kicking boys in the balls!!!! as soon as my foot makes contact, I get to see their face contorted and twisted as they lay at my feet writhing and squirming in AGONY!!! It pleases me SO MUCH as I bite my lip and tower over them, and getting to hear them squeal like piglets! So vulnerable, pathetic, and holding themselves. Sometimes this is a good method for girl to force male do something she wants. What do you think is the craziest things girl can force a male to do squeezing balls? What is the most humiliating things girl can force a male to do? This is a huge advantage for the woman in a mixed match. It is much easier for the woman to grab the balls when they're hanging and the man is helpless at this point."

Derek says: "Oh man that is so damn unfair that you women can use your feminine ways to exert and exercise great power over us men!!! I know because I had this happen to me!!! I kept staring at this hot girl and making comments to her about her great body!!! She started acting all sexy and flirting and then she started rubbing up against me and smiling. I thought oh man this is great I am going to get some loving!!! She wrapped her arms around me and I thought she was going to kiss me and it turned my brain to mush and I was so unaware and offguard and she kneed me really hard right in the balls!!! I fell to my knees at her feet and as I looked up at her towering above me in power, she took my face in her hands and laughed at me and said now you behave!!! It taught me a real lesson and yes you girls have it over us guys because you really can mess with our minds so easily by using your sexual powers over us to take control of our weak minds, it does not just happen in the movies it happens in real life!!! If groin shots and grabs were allowed, women would completely dominate boxing, wrestling, jiu jitsu, and ESPECIALLY kickboxing and muy thai. I mean--even in jiu jitsu, can you imagine if nuts are not off-limits? A girl's guard is still terrible to get out of (especially since female's have better, stronger, more flexible hips for this position), and she can choke out a guy on top of her at leisure. But a guy could no longer put a gal in a guard position whatsoever, because all she has to do is reach down and pinch a ball two fingers, and then it's game over, guy still down, gal upright and beaming and getting her hand raised by the ref."

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