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leotard mixed wrestling sister vs brother fighting femdom

Latest update: 31.05.2024        W-835 "Mid-level match"

Mixed wrestling, 280 pictures 1920x1080 (Full HD), no nudity, no blood.

In my dressing room I am getting ready for my match. Tonight I will be defending my title against the number 5 rated challenger. I pull on my jockstrap. It is a string model designed to be invisible under my tights. I form up my manhood into a nice bulge. I then wiggle into my shiny orange tights, They are very bright and show all my muscles and bulges. I then lace on my shiny white boots and finally I wrap the World Title Belt around my waist and buckle it tight. I am now ready to head to the ring. 

In a second dressing room my opponent for this match is also getting ready. She pulls on shiny suntan pantyhose a light blue skintight leotard and shiny white boots. Now she is ready to wrestle. We both head to the ring. Here we are both in the ring and ready to fight. I remove my title belt and hand it to the ref. She takes and shows it to my opponent. 

We now both wait fore the bell. As I wait I look across the ring at my opponent. She looks very young. In fact she looks like a teenager. I later learn the she is in fact only 19 yrs old. There's the bell and we both exit our corners. I move toward her, not the least bit afraid of this young girl..

We close up and go at it Collar & Elbow. I instantly learn that she is very strong. In fact she is stronger than I am. In just a few seconds she gets behind me and pulls my arm's behind me. As she both twists and pulls my arms my knees buckle and I drop to the mat on them. 

After holding me in that position for a minute or so. She places her boot between my shoulders and slams me face down on to the mat. There she continues to hold me. After a few minutes she drops onto my back. She then hooks my arms over her nylon covered thighs. Cupping her hands she pulls up on my chin. 

She has me in a very painful position. I cry out, Oh god she's got me!!! This hurts, Oh jeeze she's really hurting me!!" You can't imagine the pain I am in. The ref comes to me and asks "Is that it? Do you want to submit!!" I answer "NO-NO, I'm not going to submit!! I can still win!!" 

That answer seems to enrage her. She pulls me to my feet and attacks me from every angle. She smoothly moves from hold to hold. Each one draining the strength from my body. Both my arms and legs are attacked and weakened. I am to the point that I can hardly walk my legs are so weak. 

Seeing that she has drained the strength out of me, she whips me into a corner. She is on me almost instantly. Her knee is driven into my lower body over and over. The last one slams into my manhood causing me to drop to my knees. Breathlessly I ask her "Please-Please, no more. Just pin me. I won't fight you, PLEASE just pin me!!" After that I get a one word answer from her "NO". 

With that she wraps her arms around my head. She twists it as hard as she can. I think that she is going to tear it off my body. I scream as loud as I can "No-No please stop!! Don't do this, just pin me!! Don't tear my head off!!" 

With this she releases my head. She however instantly grabs my arms and pulls them behind me. I am still trapped on my knees in the center of the ring. At this point she places her boot between my shoulder blades and pulls back. In my weakened condition I can't fight her. She has me locked up!!

After what seems like several minutes, I am finished and can take no more. I instantly scream my submission.


With my surrender she drops me to the mat. I lie there beaten unable to move.

The ref takes the World Title Belt from my corner and buckles it on the new Champion. She then raises her arm in victory as I lie defeated at her feet. It takes several minutes for the ring staff to get to me and lift me to my feet. They help me out of the ring and back to my dressing room. There I sit on a stool for a long time with my head in my hands. "BEATEN, I've been BEATEN by a girl. I lost to her, she has stripped me of my title and left me defeated on the mat." I then begin to remove my wrestling gear. I untie my boots and pull them off. I grab the waist band of my tights and strip them down. As they get to my ankles I pull them off. I then step out of my jockstrap. 

Battered and beaten, I have just suffered the worst defeat of my career. Beaten by the number 5 best wrestler in the world. She made me submit to her. She is now the champion. I now head to the shower. I wonder how long it till take to wash away this defeat? 

We now return to regular matches. In my dressing room I begin to get ready. Reaching into my gear bag I pull out my shiny white boots. I then grab my white jockstrap. I pull the jock up my legs and over my manhood. I stretch it out and get my manhood adjusted in the pouch. It always feels good to get your jockstrap on, it means that you have protection in you match. 

Wearing my jockstrap I head to the ring. Looking across the arena I can see that my opponent is already in the ring. I know she is anxious to wrestle me. I know she wants to submit me if she can. I also know that she has no chance to do that. 

I climb the steps to the ring and enter between the ropes. After the intros and instructions we both return to our corners. In the few seconds before the bell we both make last second adjustments to our gear. I quickly pull up my jockstrap and adjust the pouch and my manhood. She pulls her leotard and also pulls up her pantyhose. Then there is the bell to start the match. 

WE are both out of our corners fast. She is just a little faster than I am. Her first move is to "Cloths Line" me to the mat. With me on my back she works over my legs. Bending my leg over hers she gets me into a LEG LOCK. Every thing hurts. My knee, my ankle and my calf. 

I twist and turn trying to free my leg from the hold. I reach out as far as I can stretch, trying to reach the ropes. I just can't get free of her. She then drops that leg and goes to work on the other leg. Again I am in great pain. The first leg is to weak to stand and now the second leg is being worked over. Left and right I twist trying to free my leg. It is just no use. The hold is to tight and the ropes are just to far away for me to grab. 

Then suddenly that leg is dropped. I lie on my back unable to get to my feet. She is quickly on me. Dropping on to me she begins to pound me on my chest and my face. I try to cover up but have only small effect. BAM, BAM ,BAM Her punches and fore- arms rain down on me. AAAAAAAMMMM!!! I cry out in pain. 

After a minute of that she pulls me to my feet. She then whips me into a corner. racing in after me she hooks my arms over the top rope to keep me from falling down. It's then that the punches begin to hit me LIFT, RIGHT they fly in on me. Then she delivers a knee that lands right on the pouch of my jockstrap. I scream in pain as it does. 

After all this I am left with a rock hard defeat boner in my jockstrap. The pain is almost overwhelming My screams come over and over. Now I cry out "NO MORE NO MORE!!! YOU'RE TO GOOD FOR ME, I CAN'T DEFEAT YOU!! OH PLEASE LET ME GO!!!

She then grabs my boots and drags my to the center of the ring. Tucking my boots under her arms she rolls me face down and begins to bend my back. Slowly she lowers herself down, locking me into a BOSTON CRAB!!!

"Let me go!! Let me go!!! You win, you've defeated me!!! I give up-I give up!! Oh god please let me go. I submit to you!! I submit I submit!!"

That's it my submission ends the match. I've been defeated by my female opponent. She has left me lying on the mat to stunned to get to my feet and to hurt to move very much. My submission has left me crushed. Tears come As I lie on the mat. They run down my cheeks. All the fans a ringside can see them. Tears of defeat as well as a DEFEAT BONER in my jockstrap. A very humiliating loss.

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