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Update: 26.06.2020

W-630 "Big night for wrestling"

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Tonight is one of the bigger nights for the wrestling federation. Tonight the Universal Wrestling Federation "WORLD CHAMPION" will put his title on the line against the number 1 contender for the title. The marquee outside the arena tells the story.

TONIGHT!! The UWF presents, a world title match. HUNTER LAWLESS the world champion vs EMMA PASSION the number one contender. 

Standing in his dressing room, Hunter can hear the entrance music for his opponent, Emma Passion begin. He knows that it is almost time for him to head to the ring. Although he has no fear of her, he is concerned. She in undefeated and has a reputation for being mean and wanting to hurt her opponents. It is said that she has ended the careers of several of her opponents. 

Hunter hears his music begin and heads for the ring. As soon as the fans see him a huge cheer rises from the crowd. Hunter is very popular with all the wrestling fans. He is the most popular champion in the history of the UWF.

Hunter makes his way down in isle toward the ring. The fans reach out to him, wanting to touch him or high-five him. Many of the female fans want more than that. He lets them touch his arms and chest felling his well developed muscles. 

As he climbs the steps to the ring he see her standing in her corner. Emma Passion, his opponent for this match and the number 1 contender. From what he sees she looks normal enough, in fact she is very good looking. Hunter is excited by the idea of getting his hands on her. She has on a very tight silver leotard, with black pantyhose and silver boots. However, in his head is the thought that she is supposed to extremely strong. Some of her opponents have described it as a super human strength. 

Well, no matter what they call it he still has to wrestle her and she still has to beat him if she wants to the champion. From his corner he can see her looking at him. She has a very intent look on her face as well as a smirk. She continues to stare at his, never looking away. 

The announcer has entered the ring, it’s time to begin:


The ref calls both of us to the center of the ring. She gives us her instructions and sends is back to our corners. Just a we are about to return Emma looks down at my manhood and says "WOW, is that all you or are you just glad to see me?" The exchange is somewhat embarrassing, I never had a opponent comment on my manhood before, she also mentions "That, title belt is going to good around my waist."    

Back in my corner I take off my World Title belt then spend a few seconds to adjust my bodysuit. It is shiny white spandex and nylon. It fits my like a second skin. As I pull it up and straighten it out the cat calls and whistles begin again. The next sound is the bell starting the match BONG!!! the fight is on.  Both Hunter and Emma move out of their corners and toward each other. 

As for the champion, he is concerned by Emma’s reputation for power and her meanness. That concern is mirrored in his face. Emma is quick to pick up Hunter’s concern and uses it to her advantage. She quick attacks him, slipping behind Hunter and grabbing his arm she locks a HAMMER-LOCK on him. 

Almost instantly, Hunter understands her reputation for power as his arm is bent up behind him. He has never felt anything like this before. His arm is bent almost as high as his neck and shoulders. He is quickly up on his toes, in an effort to ease the pain. His free hand grabs at his shoulder as the pain he feels increases. 

His eyes open wide and he has an expression both pain and fear on his face. Emma uses her leverage on Hunter to take him to the mat. He is face down with Emma above him. She places her knee into his lower back, maintaining the HAMMER-LOCK she has on him. Kicking his legs as he looks around wildly for a way escape. His mind races, "I’ve got to get free. She’s breaking my arm. Oh god she’s so strong. I can’t take much more of this!!" 

Slowly, ever so slowly Hunter is able to make his way to the ropes grabbing the bottom one. "ROPES I’M IN THE ROPES!!! BREAK THE HOLD, I’M IN THE ROPES, LET ME GO-LET ME GO!! After several long seconds Emma releases Hunter’s arm. 

The ring announcers are shocked by what they have just seen. Gabriella the number 5 contender, is at the announcing table to work the match. Her partner Bruce sits beside. 

Gabriella: "Bruce, I just can’t believe what is happening up in the ring. Emma seems to be man handling the champion like he was a rookie. And the look on his face. If I didn’t know better, I would it is a look of fear."  

Now free of Emma’s hold on him, Hunter lays on the mat holding his shoulder. The ref moves in and tells his "Come on Champ let’s go. Get up and wrestle!!" slowly Hunter uses the ropes and pulls himself to his feet. 

Emma wastes no time getting at the Champion. She grabs the same arm she had the hammer-lock on, twists it hard and pulls the shocked Champion off the ropes. Twisting his arm has made Hunter bend over at the waist as he holds tightly to his trapped arm. 

With lighting speed Emma delivers a HEEL KICK to the back of Hunter’s neck. The powerful kick drops his to his knees in the center of the ring. Seconds later a second kick slams into his chest sending him flying backwards onto his back. 

The two kicks have stunned and dazed the world champion as he lies on his back. Emma still has a tight hold on his arm. She drops to the mat beside him and drapes her legs across his chest. Still holding his arm she places one of her silver boots on the side of Hunter’s face. The other boot she jams under his arm pit. Twisting his arm as hard as she can, Emma then begins to pull it out straight as she twists. 

The World Champion’s screams fill the arena. He claws wildly at his arm and shoulder. MY ARM, OH GOD MY ARM!!! SHE’S BREAKING ME ARM!! Hearing him scream Emma tells to ref: "ask him, go no and ask him!! See if he wants to submit!! Ask him ref, ask him!! Does he give up?" The ref ref has also heard the screams and agrees: "How about it Champ, do you want to submit? I can stop it, just tell me. DO YOU GIVE UP??"  Showing the true hart of a Champion, Hunter answer is "NO-NO, I WON’T GIVE UP!!! I WON’T!! 

Emma now seems to be angry at the Champion for not submitting to her. She grabs his hair and still holding his arm she pulls him to his feet. Giving the arm a twist she then whips Hunter across the ring into the ropes. Her immense power shoots the Champion into the ropes and slings him back toward her. Emma drives her knee into Hunter’s lower mid-section.

The impact from her knee drives all the air out of Hunter’s lungs. He clutches at his stomach as he staggers a few steps forward. Still holding his belly, Hunter drops to his knees gasping for air. 

Bruce: "Oh wow. She caught him with her knee. He’s down, the Champion is down. That shot to his mid-section has dropped Hunter to his knees." 

Gabriella: "That sure knocked the wind out of Hunter. He dropped like a stone and now is gasping for air. I don’t see how he can recover from this. Emma is giving the Champion a terrible beating. His title is in big jeopardy".

On his knees the Champion gasps for breath. His face has turned a very light shade of red as he tries to get air into his lungs He claws at his throat with his hands. Again his mind races "Air, Air. I can’t breathe, need air. Oh god she’s going to kill me. What can I do? Oh god what can I do???" 

There seems to be little he can do to stop her. Emma again pulls Hunter to his feet. She again whips him across the ring, only this time he slams into the turnbuckle. Hunter instinctively grabs the ropes to keep from dropping to the mat. As he holds on to them, Emma rushes toward him and drives her knee into his already hurting mid-section. 

Hunter doubles over at the impact. Emma’s knee straightens him up back against the corner turnbuckle. The Champions head bobs against his chest as the knee impacts him. He is dazed and almost unconscious. Emma has no pity for the now defenseless Champion. 

Hardening her hands into fists, Emma begins to pound the Champion over and over in his abdomen. Each pinch sends his head flopping back against the turnbuckle. Emma then pulls Hunter out of the corner and gives his a push toward the center of the ring. 

The Champion staggers a few steps and drops face first onto the mat. He lies there struggling to get to his feet. Every time he raises up just a little he falls back down. Seeing him in this condition the ref comes to his a kneels beside him. "PLEASE Hunter let me stop it!! She’s almost knocked you out. PLEASE let me stop the match!! Hunters answers the ref "NO-NO, don’t stop it I can still win. I can’t let her beat me, I can’t lose my title to her!!" and so the match will continue. 

Surprised that the World Champion has still not given up, Emma is now even angrier.  Hunter is once again flat on the mat. Emma comes to his and rolls him onto his back. Emma could earn an easy pin on him and win the match, instead she drops beside the Champion. Interlocking her fingers together to form a solid mass Emma slams it down into Hunters belly. 

The Champion screams from the impact "AAAAAAAAAAA!!" And his hands move to protect his painful mid-section. Again and again Emma slams her balled up fists into his stomach. Once, twice, three times Hunters belly is smashed. As if that were not enough, Emma now stiffens her fingers and digs them into Hunters out stretch AB’s. 

Squeezing as tightly as she can, Emma tortures the Champion with a CLAW-HOLD!!! Hunter screams in pain as his belly is clawed by her. Once more the ref tries to intercede for the suffering World Champion. "Oh god Champ, let me help you!! You can’t take much more of this. Give up hunter, let me stop it. Tell me you want to submit!! Now desperately gasping for air the Champion again refuses to give up "NNO-NO, I WON’T GIVE UP. I’M GOING TO BEAT HER. SHE WILL NEVER GET MY TITLE.  

All that does is make Emma squeeze him harder. The champion begins to show signs of defeat. His manhood has begun to stiffen. Both his jockstrap and his spandex body suit begin to stretch. Emma sees this instantly. "Wow is it me or is that thing growing? I wonder just how big it will get?"  

Seeing his large manhood standing out like that, Emma slowly slides her hand down away from Hunter’s belly and over his manhood. Wrapping her fingers around it, she begins to squeeze the Champion’s manhood tightly. Hunter instantly begins screaming in pain. "Ref-ref, make her stop, she’s squeezing my manhood!! AAAAAAAAAAHH!! OOOOOOOOUUU!!! It hurts, god it hurts. She’s squeezing me, make her stop, she’s squeezing me!!! 

The ref quickly checks what Emma is doing. Seeing her grabbing Hunters manhood the ref forces her to let it go. As Emma gets to her feet, the Champion remains on the mat. He has pulled his legs up and has both hands cupping his aching manhood. The ref tells Hunter that he has twenty seconds to get to his feet or be counted out. 

Slowly hunter rolls over and gets to all fours. From his hands and knees he gets to just one knee. Struggling hard he gets to his feet. Cupping his aching manhood with one hand, he reaches out to the ropes. He staggers to the ropes and grabs hold with his free hand, while still cupping his manhood. At this point the champion has one hand on the top rope. He is bent over at the waist, cupping his manhood with his other hand. 

Gabriella: "The Champion is in huge trouble, Bruce. I don’t see how he can continue this match, He can barely stand up straight. He must be feeling immense pain between his legs. Emma had a very tight and powerful claw on his manhood".      

Bruce: "Yes she did. If he wasn’t in deep trouble before, he surly is now. That COCK CLAW, has drained most of the Champions strength." 

The ref wanting to give Hunter as much time as possible has not resumed her count. She moves beside him saying "You have to wrestle her or I will be forced to count you out Hunter. Do you want to submit the match to her? I Can stop it if you want." Now for the third time, the courageous World Champion refuses to submit. 

Emma moves past the ref and grabs the arm that Hunter is hold the ropes with. She pulls it free and gives it a hard twist. Hunter’s hand moves from between his legs and up to his shoulder. Pulling him away from the ropes Emma whips him across the ring. Hunter slams into the ropes and is sling shot back at Emma. As he near her, she drives her knee into his mid-section. 

Hunter staggers forward and is about to drop to his knees. His legs are bent and he is   struggling to remain standing. Emma is happy to help him. As she grabs his arm again and twists it. Pulling him as hard as she can, Emma again send the battered Champion slamming into the ropes. And for the second time he shoots back to her where she again drives her knee into his belly. 

Gabriella: "This is awful. The World Champion is dazed and does not seem to know where he is. If she would just take him to the mat, Emma could easily pin Hunter and become the new world champion".

Bruce: "I agree Gabriella, the Champion is all but finished. She could easily pin him". 

Emma has no intention of pinning Hunter, she wants to make a splash. Taking his arm for the third time she whips him toward the ropes. This time as he flies back at her she hooks her leg around his. She ducks under, Hunters arm and bends his sideways at his waist. Emma now has the WORLD CHAMPION  locked into an ABDOMINAL STRETCH.

The Champions eyes grow wide with fear and pain. He tries to claw his way free with his one free hand. Emma, has him locked up tight. He cannot escape. 

Bruce: "She’s got him now!! Emma has the World Champion locked into an ABDOMINAL CLAW!! He can’t escape from this". 

Gabriella: "Yes she has. This is the end of a great Champion. Hunter’s only choice now is to submit the match to Emma". 

Up in the ring the World Champion is screaming in pain. "MY AB’S MY AB’S. SHE’S TRARING ME APART!! HELP ME-HELP ME PLEASE!!!"   

The ref is quickly beside Hunter, as the terrified Champion begs to help.


Hunter Lawless wastes no time screaming his answer.


As he is released from the AB STRETCH Hunter falls to the mat on his back. 

The now former champion makes no effort to rise from the canvas. He seems to be unconscious. The black suited ring staff enter and kneel beside the beaten wrestler. Emma has returned to her corner and has her arms raised in the air. She has a big smile on her face and almost seems to be laughing. As the ring staff continue to work on Hunter, Emma mover toward him. Standing on the downed male wrestler she shouts at him "I told you I would beat you little boy. You are no match for a real woman. No man can stand up to me. I am too powerful for any man!!"

After several minutes Hunter is able to get to his feet. Holding his stomach tightly with one hand he returns to his corner. He needs the ropes to help him stand, keeping one hand on his belly the other holding the ropes. 

The former champion looks very bad. His cheeks are tear stained and those tears are still falling down his cheeks. The ref comes to take away the World Title belt from Hunter and present it to the new Champion Emma. Head bowed, the humiliated former champion quietly says to himself. "how could she have defeated me so easily and so completely. I’ve lost the match and my title. No longer champion, I’m no longer the champion." Being a sportsmen Hunter slowly makes his way across the ring to Emma’s corner. He offers her his hand "You’ve defeated me and you are the CHAMPION now. I wish I had been a better opponent for you."  Now wearing the world title belt, Emma takes his hand, "Perhaps you’ll be better in a re-match. Although I think I will still defeat you!!"