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mixed wrestling leotard defeat boner

Latest update: 12.04.2024        W-828 "A second look"

Mixed wrestling, 350 pictures 1920x1080 (Full HD), no nudity, no blood.

I’m taking a second look as I soon may be getting a rematch in an effort to regain my title. What I am watching is a video of the night I lost the world wrestling title. I’m checking on the girl that beat me and took the title From me. 

Ok lets get started, There I am entering the ring. I look great in my white tights and boots. We are both in the center of the ring getting the ref’s instructions. We are both back in our corners. There’s the bell. Oh wow, she is very fast. My opponent is out of her corner and quickly has me locked into a HAMMER LOCK. This is were I find out just how strong she is. 

She’s bending my arm up behind my back. GOOD god, how far can she bend it. This is not a normal HAMMER LOCK. There are men who can’t bend my arm that hard. What I have found out is that she is stronger than most of the men I Wrestled. That her strength is abnormal for a female. 

There she whips me into a corner. I hit the turnbuckle very hard. Harder than I ever have before. I’m dazed and holding tightly to the top rope. She is in on me in just seconds. Her fore-arm smashes in to me on the chest. Instantly I am gasping for breath. 

Wow, that was the hardest fore-arm I have ever been hit with. Again I am amazed with her strength. I can see my eyes begin to flutter as I slip in and out of consciousness. Hear comes the barrage of fore-arms that she pounded me with. One after another. 

Then hear it comes, the knee that finished me off. I’m dazed as she moves in on me. I am just holding on frightened I might drop to the mat, Then Wham!!! She drives her knee into my manhood. Hitting me right in the pouch of my jockstrap and tights. I am just barely holding on. 

It’s then that she grabs me and pulls me to the center of the ring. She drops me to the mat with a very hard fore-arm to my chest. There I’m down, at this point she could have easily pinned me. But no, she is going to get me in a super painful submission hold. There she goes, she has mounted my thighs. She has taken control of my legs, by wrapping my boots around hers. She is now trying to grab my arms. If she can get hold of my arms she will have complete control of me. WHAM!!! She’s got me. She now has total control of me. She then tries to get me straight up. She is almost instantly successful. I have been lifted off the mat and am now looking straight up in the rafters of the arena. 

What know one knows it that this is the most painful hold is all of wrestling. It is almost always successful in getting the submission. As I can see I struggle for several seconds. Then the pain is overwhelming. As you can see, I have a DEFEAT BONER in my tights. My jockstrap is stretched to it’s limit. I am now in pain from this area. I need to get my jock off so my manhood will soften and relieve the pain. The pain from the hold she has me it is also overwhelming. It this point I offer up my submission to my opponent. 

"I give up!! I give up!!! You win, you’ve beaten me!! Oh god, I give up!!! No more, please no more!!! I submit I submit!!!"

This is not all of my submission. But it is enough to make the point. That being said that I have lost the match and my title. She has beaten me. What is not shown is how badly the pain is after this hold. AS you may notice, my DEFEAT BONER has enlarged to an even bigger size. My jockstrap is already stretched to it’s maximum and is now containing an even larger Boner. 

I watch the video tape over and over looking for that one thing that will help me defeat her and take back my title. I as yet have not found anything. 

The rematch is hear, I need to get ready for it. I strip off my street cloths and reach into my gear bag and pull out my string spandex jockstrap. I step into it and pull it up. 

I take a minute to form my manhood inside my jockstrap. I then grab my shiny white tights and wiggle into them. They are a brand new pair of tights that are custom made just for me. They are a little tight. They are made from a very special fabric that clings to every bulge and muscle They show off my manhood like never before. Ok here she comes She enters the ring and goes directly to her corner. No pre match shaking of hands. She is here to wrestle. Well so am I. We are back in our corners waiting for the bell. I quickly pull up my tights and my jockstrap. Then there is the bell. The sound almost scares me a little. 

Before I know what has happened She is on me. She has my arm and has twisted it tightly. The next thing I know is that she has whipped me into the ropes on the opposite side of the ring. 

I slam into the ropes and am shot as if out of a canon. She is waiting for me. As I fly back at her, she grabs me and locks on an ABDOMINAL STRETCH Everything moves, my jockstrap moves sideways. This causes my manhood to be stripped out of it. It is now visible under my tights. Everything is side-ways. 

As for me I’m trapped in a very painful hold. I struggle to escape but can’t. My manhood is now arrow straight up under my tights. My jockstrap is off to one side if she hits me in my manhood I’ll be finished. 

Then it happens, a powerful fist slams into me. I have no protection against it. I take the full force of it right in the shaft of my manhood. I scream loudly and drop to my knees. A huge side kick sends me face down on the mat. After that I have no defense for anything. My manhood has become a target. 

There is a second punch landed against my manhood. I’m done I have nothing left to fight with. She has robed me of my will to keep fighting. Having rolled me over onto my back my manhood is easy pray for her punches. 

Here they come, one, two three punches slam into my manhood. I’m finished. I can’t fight back. She has me, I need to submit to her. We have been in the ring 3 minutes and 12 seconds. She has taken my legs and twisted them into a FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK. She has me, I can’t escape. I need to surrender to her. I scream loud my surrender. 

"She’s got me!! I can’t get free!! Oh dear god, she’s got me!!! I submit-I submit!!!! You win!! Oh please let me go!! You’ve beaten me!! I Give up I Give Up!!!!"

She lets me go, and I lie there on the mat beaten for the second time. I will never again hold the world title belt. I can’t move. I can’t get to my feet. Here comes the announcer:               

"Wrestling fans the winner of the match in 2 minutes and 17 seconds. Via submission and still the world wrestling champion" 

I can’t listen to any more of this. She has beaten me again. This time it only took her 2 minutes to do it. Once again she got me in a submission hold and made me give up to her. I will never be the champion again. 

As she circles the ring with her arms in the air, I am laying on the mat unable to get to my feet. After several minutes the ring staff arrive and help me to my feet. They carry me back to my dressing room. I am now lying on the padded table. I am still unable to get my tights and jock off. My manhood is still as hard as a pole. With out my jockstrap to contain it my manhood grew hard and long. 

A soft knock on my door and my wife walks in. "She beat you again. You will never regain the title. Can you get you’re gear off? I Answer her No I can’t I can hardly move. It’s then that she slowly unties my boots and pulls them off. She then grabs the waist band of my shiny white tights and pulls them down my legs. As they reach the middle of my thighs she flinches, Your jockstrap, what happened to your jockstrap? I explain to her She got me in the Abdominal stretch. When she tightened the hold. She tour my jockstrap off. That is how she got to me. With out my jock I had no protection against her punches she hit me twice and it was over. I could not take any more. She seemed to understand. 

She then continued slowly and carefully she pulls my tights down and off. She then grabs my jockstrap and pulls it down my legs and off. Helping me up, I slowly head to the shower. 

With the title match over and the champion winning against the former champion, it’s time for the next match. This too is a title match it will future 18 yr old Brad Cooper. He is the Junior pro Champion. He will be facing !6 yr old Kelly Diamond

In their dressing rooms the young wrestlers are getting ready. Brad is out of his street Cloths and reaching into his gear bag. He pulls out his jockstrap and tights. He steps into his jock and pulls it up. He then pulls on his shiny yellow tights and his White boots. He wraps the Junior World Title Belt around his waist . He is now ready to wrestle. 

In another dressing room. Kelly is also getting ready. She pulls on dark tan pantyhose then her Dark green leotard. Next comes her dark green boots. She now is ready to head to the ring. 

Kelly arrives at the ring steps first and climbs up and enters the ring. Brad arrives and also climbs the steps and enters the ring. With both wrestlers in the ring the intros begin. The whole time the intros are happening teen age girls are screaming at Brad. He has a huge following of young girls that scream at everything he does. With just a few seconds before the bell Brad unbuckles the world title belt and drapes it over the ring posts. 

The bell sends both wrestlers at each other. Kelly lands two very hard punches, as well as a knee at Brad’s manhood held tightly by his jockstrap. The young girls in the crowd scream loudly as Brad wobbles. Then they scream like banshees as he drops to his knees. At this point in the match Brad is no longer able to defend himself. 

Kelly pulls the 18 yr old male wrestler to his feet. She then lands several punches sending him back into the corner. Now trapped in the corner he is battered by his young female opponent. Kelly now believes she has a chance to win the title. With that in mind she pounds Brad mercilessly. Punches slam into from every direction. He holds tightly to the top rope hopping that he will find a way to strike back at Kelly. 

His troubles grow worse as Kelly lands her nylon covered knee deep into Brads tights. This time he is unable to hold on and drops to the mat a Kelly’s feet. He makes no effort to get back up. He lies there moaning "No more, no more, your battering me!!! I can’t take anymore." 

At this point Kelly takes hold of Brad’s boots and drags him to the center of the ring. She rolls him face up. She then steps on the back his thighs. She then sees to it that Brad’s boots are securely locked around hers. She reaches forward and grabs the just barely conscious 18 yr old male Champions arms. She then pulls then back and begins to rock back and forth. After about three rocks, Brad comes off the mat up and over.

Kelly now has the 18 yr old Champion in a Mexican Death Lock. Brad is awakened by the intense pain caused by the hold. His DEFEAT BONER has grown harder and longer for the same reason. The trapped male wrestler struggles for almost a minute, before the pain overcomes him. 

He then cries out his surrender to Kelly.

"Oh she’s got me!! She’s got me!! I can’t get free!! She’s beaten me!! I give up I give up!! You win Kelly, you’ve beaten me!! You’re the Champion now! I submit I submit!!!!"

Accepting his surrender Kelly drops her male opponent on the mat. He lands on his back at her feet. Brad is something of a sad sight. He has a huge boner in his tights. His jockstrap has slid off to the side. And his boner is straight up inside his tights. 

Kelly has taken the title belt from Brad’s corner and wrapped it around he waist. She prances around the ring wearing the title belt and waiving to the fans. 

The ring people have come and are kneeled down beside the former champion. They get him to his feet and out of the ring. They make their way back to his dressing room and place him on the padded table. After about 15 minutes of crying Brad hears a knock on his door and in walks his girl friend. 

As she gets close to Brad a look of shook comes to her face. "Oh my god Brad, she beat you really bad!!!" he looks at her "Yes she did. She beat me till I surrendered to her. I’m really hurt. I can’t get my gear off. I need help." His girl friend agrees to try and help him. "First untie my boots and pull them off. Next You need to grab the waist band of my tights and pull them down. So far she has done as he asked. "Now grab the waist band of my jockstrap and slowly pull it down. At this point there is an incredible scream. You get it caught on my manhood. You will have to free it with your fingers. She does then continues to pull it down his legs and off. Finally she helps him to the shower.

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