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W-685 "Get him!"

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Nicole was facing a crisis. She had a no-holds-barred fight coming up with Sumiko, which she must win if she wanted to maintain her credibility as a fighter. But Sumiko was a daunting prospect as an opponent: she was stronger than Nicole and had an impressive record of wins behind her. There was nothing for it but intense training now, and who better to have as instructor than Kimiko?

For her part, Kimiko liked her pupil. True, it was in her professional interest that Nicole prevailed, because it would reflect well on her tuition; but she had a loyalty towards her  friend as well. So far the training had gone well, and today Kimiko considered they must have a mock match. Nicole readily agreed, and was flattered that her mentor believed her to be ready for it.

As usual with these sessions, Kimiko’s husband, Todd, would be recording it on video for them to analyse later. Todd thought she fussed too much about the recording – it was always "Have you done this?" or "Have you made sure of that?" – and he was getting a little tired of it. Sure enough, as she and Nicole prepared to face each other, she started again:

"Todd, double check that it’s going to record ok, and that Nicole has a copy to take home and study."

"I don’t need to. If I press the button it’ll record and copy. I wish you wouldn’t fuss."

Without looking at him, she warned: "If it doesn’t record or copy, you know what will happen, don’t you?"

The scurrying, and the sound of the camera’s box being opened and closed again confirmed what she needed to know.

"You have to be firm with them," she told her friend, "Otherwise they can be a nuisance. Now we’ll start with the aggression. It’s important to give a good account of yourself at the start. Show confidence in yourself, and mild contempt for your opponent. It’s good for your morale, and the crowd loves it too. They think they’re getting their money’s worth if the fighters hate each other, the bloodthirsty lot. You can insult me a bit too, if you want.

"OK," replied Nicole, placing her hands on her hips and staring at Kimiko. "It’s very sensible of you to wear red today, it won’t show the blood."

"At the same time" – Kimiko suddenly struck with both fists – "You must be on your guard. Always. Never let the play-acting take over. You laid yourself open to that, I’m afraid." 

"She’s not at her best today," thought Kimiko, as Nicole reeled from a muted high kick, and felt her arm that she had just manipulated. But if you’re in her situation, you can’t afford not to be at your best, and Kimiko decided not to "go easy" on her.

No, she had plenty of opportunity to evade Kimiko’s uppercut, but she obviously hadn’t seen it coming.

"Keep thinking ahead," Kimiko urged. Look at your opponent while you plan your moves. Look for the signs. I had my fist clenched and held it low. Straight away you should have been thinking, ‘Uppercut coming’. And don’t bend forward like that! You’re laying your back open to attack."

Kimiko cursed to herself as Nicole failed to recognise a second uppercut coming at her, then didn’t get out of the way of her knee. On the other hand, Nicole had the ability to come back fighting, and she only just managed to dodge a surprise right hook.

"That’s good," she encouraged her. "Great response!"

The only trouble was she didn’t think about protecting herself when following through, and Kimiko made the point by bringing her fists down on her head and then tapping her in the stomach.

She was better at footwork, Kimiko thought, and she skilfully escaped first a rising kick virtually from the floor, and then a post-somersault kick, before attacking in similar style. Yes, this was her strong point, Kimiko decided, ducking under Nicole’s left kick.

"Yes, well avoided," Kimiko praised her as she leant back out of the way of her kick. "And again. Now, think … no! You’ve let me get you in a clinch. There’s nothing you can do to stop me bringing my knee up like so. You’re vulnerable, and all I have to do is bring the other knee up – see?"

Nicole collapsed on the floor, and Kimiko worried that she had gone too hard with her. She didn’t want her to lose confidence. Luckily Todd was there, and Nicole could do with an easy opponent to restore her morale.

"You need more work on the clinch," she told Nicole pleasantly. "I think you will be better sparring with my hubby. Come on Todd, get your gloves on, and I’ll take over the filming.

Nicole readily agreed, declaring she would knock Todd out.

"I’d love to see it," Kimiko replied truthfully.

Straight off, Nicole asserted her authority with a hard left jab at Todd’s chin. Kimiko voiced her approval, and enjoyed seeing her husband’s head recoil. She echoed the praise with Nicole’s next punch, a low right into the stomach, noticing Todd grimace in response. She was gratified to see Nicole smiling as she fought too.

"Oh yes!" thought Kimiko, as Nicole followed up by burying her other fist in Todd’s stomach. "That will look good on the film," she thought, admiring the foreground of Nicole’s gorgeous bottom, the middle ground of her left fist, and the background of her husband folding painfully in response.

Nicole now caught Todd brutally high in the ribs with a left kick. It was a superb strike that had him staggering. But even better came a right kick that struck his left ear.

"Great technique and power!" declared Kimiko, admiring the poise, balance, timing and aim of her pupil.

"Oh yes, isn’t it the most satisfying thing to punch a man in the face?" Kimiko asked rhetorically, licking her lips as Nicole’s right cross thundered into its target. The woman’s punch had the man reeling, tottering, lurching … and down on his back.

"One, two, three …" Kimiko started counting. 

"Get up and fight, you pussy!" shouted Nicole at the prostrate man, pointlessly, because he was oblivious to it.

"Four, five, six…" called Kimiko.

Nicole bent down, ostensibly to get a better look at the man she had downed, but in reality because she had her back to the camera, and knew just how sexy her bottom looked, swinging ever-so-slightly (and deliberately) at the lens. 

"Seven, eight nine…" pronounced Kimiko, "Ten and you’re OUT," she crowed, as Todd was struggling to get up. 

"Great job!" declared a relieved Kimiko, holding Nicole’s fist up before embracing her, while Todd shook his head to clear it. He had had enough of these women humiliating him. It wasn’t right. There was his wife, filming it, while this girl kicked and punched him around the room, and relishing every moment! Well it was time to restore some pride. He’d make these women think again, wouldn’t he just!

Nicole and Kimiko noticed the determined, angry look on his face, and exchanged a glance, Nicole winking at her teacher and friend as if to say, "Don’t worry, I have this under control."

Todd saw, and his anger increased – and the woman opposite thudded her fist into his chin.

"Excellent, now work the body," sang out Kimiko, laughing at the way Nicole had exploited Todd’s distraction.

She applauded as Nicole kicked his left side. A dull pain throbbed and expanded around the man’s middle and side. He kicked back with his right, but she leant back out of its path, thrusting her breasts upwards to try and distract him another way, before planting her left glove on his kidney area. The pain from his opposite side now met and blended into this new injury, courtesy of Nicole’s fist. She noticed with satisfaction the panic on his face.

Apparently going for a clinch, Nicole put her right arm over Todd’s left shoulder as if she was about to cuddle him. He, glad of the respite from her fists and feet, clung on to her in the belief that while he gripped her firmly she would have no room to inflict more pain. Sideways on, she now hooked her strong right leg round and behind his right leg, securing him with her right hand. Now bringing her left into play, she placed it on his neck and heaved. The astonished man flew up and over her, as she punched him on the nose on his way down for luck. The floor met his back, jarring his whole body.

Behind her camera, Kimiko was getting aroused. There’s nothing to equal the sight of a woman throwing a man, and the sexual stimulation increased several notches when Nicole yelled at him to get up and fight. 

Todd charged. "Clinch," instructed Kimiko, as Nicole grappled in defence, bringing her knee up into his chest. He grunted in pain as his wife urged Nicole to "Get him". Kimiko bit her lip in an effort to quell her sexual desire, while the dominant woman drove her knee home, and the helpless man crumpled around it.

"Finish the fight!" urged Kimiko, so Nicole duly brought her other, right knee up into Todd’s face, making him howl with pain.

"Oh, my God, yes!" thought Kimiko to herself, as the woman’s right fist smashed the man’s chin. Her uppercut had him off his feet for a moment, so she swung the same fist back into action, in a good, old-fashioned punch. Knockout! From the moment her glove met his face he was out, flying through the air for a few seconds before the inevitable conclusion.

Kimiko started counting again, but there didn’t seem much point. There had been something conclusive about Nicole’s last three strikes to Todd’s face, each one reinforcing her command of the fight. Sure enough, Kimiko reached ten before Todd even stirred, while Nicole posed over him in triumph. The two women then embraced, and Kimiko declared how proud she was of her pupil. To remind her that there was still work to be done though, she said gently that she needed to be better to be able to fight Sumiko, and better still to face her. An honour indeed such a fight would be, which Nicole readily acknowledged.

"I want you to work on your defence as soon as hubby’s awake," Kimiko told her, and they both looked at him for any sign of movement.

"Please don’t hit my husband so hard while there’s still work to be done," she joked, as Todd began to groan. "Ah, my little soldier’s getting up at last!" she continued, "Ready to face the big bad girl again, are you, dear? Very well, places please, ladies and gentlemen!"

Saying which, she returned to the camera, while Nicole and Todd adopted fighting stances. Kimiko’s mocking of him did have a purpose. It was intended to provoke him, because she wanted him to attack Nicole, so she could perfect her defence techniques.

It worked. Todd was angry at his humiliation anyway, but to have his wife tormenting him about it was too much. Furious, he struck with a left cross; lightning in reaction, Nicole dropped to one knee and blocked it with her right fist. 

A right cross now sailed past her, as she leant sideways out of the way. Increasingly frustrated, Todd high kicked. Nicole stretched her supple body back, laughing as his foot harmlessly reached the end of its trajectory a few inches from her. "Here I am!" she laughed, with her arms outstretched to emphasise the point.

We’ll never know what Todd was going to do next, because she left hooked him. Losing patience, she decided it was time to end the fight, and she knew just how to do it. Her punch stunned him, and she could see his whole body jarring in response. He was incapable of further assault, after everything else he had sustained. She brought the same fist back, and drove it devastatingly at his chin. As she swung her fist and it connected under his chin, she was aware of an unexpected sensation: her nipples were digging into the material of her leotard. 

She watched Todd fly backwards and collapse for the last time on the floor, and raised her arms in triumph, her nipples protruding aggressively into the wispy material. Kimiko noticed and nodded to herself. She knew that sensation well! They embraced again, and kissed.

"Do you want to go upstairs?" Kimiko asked her.

"Yes!" answered Nicole.

It was unlikely that Todd would wake up any time soon; and even if he did, he wouldn’t dare disturb them!