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Update: 26.11.2021

F-704 "Sapphire vs Todd"

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Mixed fighting freestyle, 310 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

It had been a few months since Hoshi had beaten up Todd fair and square. First by a score of 4-0 in a wrestling match then scoring a 1st round KO of him in a boxing match. Kimiko Todd's better half was very impressed by her young and beautiful student. 

Then Hoshi started mouthing off about wanting to fight Kimiko. Kimiko was not happy with the disrespect she was showing. The two of them agreed on a date for their showdown fight. TONIGHT!! Todd was filming and they planned on starting their own fight company with this as their first release. A competitive fight with a wrestling match followed by a boxing match. Winner runs the company with Todd. Loser is an employee, jobber, and nothing more.

Two things happened on the way to fight night. Kimiko and Todd became very close with Hoshi. The happy couple became an even happier threesome. Kimiko loved Todd because she could beat in a competitive fight, but he was not a skinny weakling. He was strong, quick, and in good shape. Along with being a very good dad to their two kids. Kimiko loved to wrestle before bed. Submit Todd a few times with her skill and then strip him pin him down and have incredible sex. Hoshi discovered she had the same feeling towards Todd. She loved to wrestle him defeat him and then take him to bed. Kimiko loved watching Hoshi dominate Todd. Todd was in heaven he was married to a mature, powerful, sexy. and beautiful Asian women and had a young, powerful, sexy, and beautiful Asian mistress. The two beauties fell in love with each other. They loved to playfully wrestle each other while Todd filmed them and then the winner (they took turns) would be in charge in bed. They had a good system Kimiko and Todd would sleep together 3 nights. Hoshi and Todd for 2 nights. The two Asian beauties would spend 2 night together. 

The second thing was Kimiko's parents had a bad auto accident. She and the kids had left to spend a week or so helping them recover. This left Hoshi and Todd alone in their home. Hoshi and Todd were training a couple of their female students in the basement. When Hoshi had a great idea to surprise Kimiko by filming their first fight video. At first she wanted to fight one of the girls. The girls did not think they were ready to fight Hoshi. Then Sapphire whose nickname was The Perfect 10, because she was simply breath taking told Hoshi she wants to challenge Todd to a wrestling/boxing match. Todd was not too keen on that since The Perfect 10 was a very well rounded fighter. She was best in class and was a powerful puncher, a strong wrestler, and blue belt in jiu-jitsu. It took some prodding, but Todd agreed to a best of 7 wrestling match and then a 3 round boxing match and the fight would start at 8pm tonight. Hoshi got started advertising the live stream and set up the camera for the fight. The Perfect 10 went to relax and get ready for her first fight. Todd tried to be calm, but he knew he was about to be humiliated in a fight by a third Asian beauty in less than 3 months.

Sapphire The Perfect 10 in a brown one piece that matches her eyes pony tailed hair and lip stick. She looks perfect. Her body was very similar to Kimiko's. Her shoulders were strong, but feminine. Perfect breast, flat stomach, curvy hips, and very powerful thighs/calves. She was the perfect female fighter she just needed a little experience. Sadly for Todd in his all white outfit he was about to get a beat down.

It is 8pm and everyone is in the basement mat room ready for the BIG FIGHT. Hoshi was at the camera looking lovely in yellow. She instructed the fighters to meet in the center of the mat. She let's them know it is a best of 7 wrestling match. The boxing match will start exacting 10 minutes after the wrestling is complete.

First she introduces in this corner the Perfect 10 Sapphire. The small crowd and the huge amount of people watching the live stream go crazy. Sapphire tells the crowd she is pumped about her first fight. She is going to give the crowd there monies worth. She looks at Todd and tells him "I am going to humiliate you in wrestling and double the humiliation in boxing. She is going to make Todd her bitch tonight. Hoshi then introduced Todd and no one really cares.

Fall 1 The 2 fighters lock up. Sapphire puts Todd in a headlock then hip tosses him to the mat. She holds on to the headlock and then Sapphire lets go of the headlock and takes Todd's back. She then rolls over and locks in a powerful body scissors. Todd quickly taps out Sapphire says "Oh too soon". She squeezes again and tells him "Say it" He yells out "I submit". Hoshi "WOW that was quick! Sapphire wins the first fall by way of a body scissors". Sapphire stand over Todd with her hands on her hips and has a big smile as she looks down at him. Todd looks down at the mat knowing the worse is yet to come.

Fall 2 the fighter lock up. They hand fight. Sapphire shoot in and grabs a single leg. She then trips Todd and he falls to the mat. Sapphire controls from the top. She gets Todd to give up his back. Sapphire does the Asuka Lock. She uses her left arm to do a one arm choke around Todd's throat. Then takes her right hand and grabs Todd's right arm and bends it back behind his back. While locking her legs around his waist. Sapphire tells Todd "NO ESCAPE BITCH" Todd yells out "I SUBMIT" Hoshi says "Another quick submission Sapphire The Perfect 10 is up 2-0 with a beautiful combo choke submission. Sapphire stands over Todd with a happy smile on her face. Todd is not doing well

Fall 3 the fighter lock up. Sapphire can feel Todd's strength is almost gone and rag dolls him. Sapphire tackles Todd to the ground and roughs him up. She then pulls him up and whispers to him "I love humiliating you". They lock up and she overpowers him. She takes him to the mat and wraps her legs around his body. He tries to buck her off but fails. She moves up and gets him in full mount. Sapphire then puts him in a schoolgirl pin and he is helpless. She secures the hold and slowly counts 1,2,3 "I think you are losing Todd" 4,5,6 "I am loving my first fight I think I am going to win" 7,8,9 "I will always remember you Todd as my first victory" 10  "I pinned the bitch make it 3-0". Hoshi says "another win for Sapphire this time with a schoolgirl pin for a 3-0 lead". Hoshi says : one more fall and we have a winner". Sapphire does a double bicep pose as she sits on a helpless Todd. She asks are you completely humiliated yet? Todd says "YES"

Fall 4 the fighter lock up. Sapphire shoves Todd to the ground he tells her he wants to quit. She says no I need the 4th fall to win. She feels sorry for him and does a takedown and does a reverse schoolgirl pin but lets him at a 9 she does the same with a cross body lets him up at 9. Finally she sits on his stomach and pins his wrists above his head. She slowly counts with a big cocky smile and tells Todd "to look me in the eyes as I count you out" 1,2,3 You a loser and I am a Winner 4,5,6 I wish Kimiko was her to see me win my first fight 7,8,9 We still have a boxing match to complete Todd groans 10 She tells Hoshi call the fight and announce me as the winner as she poses on Todd. Hoshi announces the winner of the first part of fight night by a dominant score of 4-0 SAPPHIRE THE PERFECT 10". Sapphire gets up and does a victory pose with her foot on Todd's chest. Sapphire thanks the fans for their support. She is so proud of her 4-0 one sided beat down. She is also thankful to Todd it meant a lot to here to beat up a strong man and not some little weakling. 

Break between fights. Hoshi makes the announcement that the boxing match is about to get started. She introduces both fighters. They do a stare down as Hoshi tells them the rules. Sapphire tells Todd she is going to humiliate him for the second time tonight. This one will be worse because I am going to knock you out cold.

Round 1. Bell rings they touch gloves. They circle each other. Todd tries a jab that sapphire slips. Todd tries another one and misses. Sapphire snaps a left jab and hit Todd right in the face. She throws another left jab and snaps his head back. Todd steps back and brings his gloves up to protect his face. Sapphire sees this and hit Todd in the body with a left hook. Then a straight right to the body. Todd is hurt and tries to back away. Sapphire follows with a left jab and then a right cross down goes Todd on his back. Hoshi counts as Sapphire raise her arms in victory. Hoshi gets 1,2,3 Todd gets to two knee as Sapphire stand over him smiling. Hoshi says 4,5,6 Todd gets to one knee Sapphire telling him to "GET UP AND FIGHT". Hoshi says 7,8,9 Todd is up and Sapphire is very happy. They circle each other. Todd throw a big right hand Sapphire easily avoids it as she says "YOU SUCK". Todd then throws a big left hook that she easily avoids and she says "YOU SUCK DOUBLE". This time Sapphire ducks down and lands a left hook to the ribs and Todd gets a shock look on his face. Sapphire follows up with a right cross on the chin. Then a left hook on the chin Todd staggers. Sapphire with my favorite right uppercut to the chin. Todd hits the mats and is out.

Sapphire stands over Todd and says"I think I have knocked him out and I feel great". Hoshi just says "WOW THAT WAS AWESOME" and starts the count 1,2,3 Todd out Sapphire big smile Hoshi impressed 4,5,6 Todd still out Sapphire raises her arms in victory Hoshi still impressed 7,8,9 Todd still out Sapphire hands on hips Hoshi still impressed 10 Hoshi grabs Sapphires arm and raise it and announces "The winner by way of stunning 1st round Knockout The Perfect 10 Sapphire". A couple pictures of Sapphire doing a victory pose.

The the 2 girls hug while standing over poor Todd. Hoshi tells was an awesome fight and to be honest I am turned on by your dominance. Sapphire tells her she wants to have one more easy fight with another guy before fighting one of the girls in the gym. Sapphire thanks her and the girls hug and share a kiss. Their hands explore each others breasts and butts. Sapphire really want to take Todd upstairs and have her way with him. Hoshi loves the idea Todd is tough and he will recover quickly, but Hoshi needs to be able to film it. Sapphire loves the idea as she is helping Todd get up. Sapphire gently rubs Todd's manhood until he recovers. Todd tells Sapphire she is awesome and he never wants to fight her again. Sapphire laughs and agrees Todd is not in her league. The 3 of them leave the basement together.