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Update: 14.05.2021

W-676 "Honshi humiliates"

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Mixed wrestling and boxing, 160 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

After Kimiko beat her husband up and had to get the doctor (Gallery 661), they got him some extra strong pain killers, and after a while he was able to walk with her help. There was just one problem – Hoshi, the au pair girl. She would be in their flat now, doing her usual jobs, and it would be a bit embarrassing with Todd hobbling and Kimiko supporting him. Still, there was nothing for it, and Kimiko held her husband gently round the waist while she opened the door.

"Hiya!" called Hoshi, "How are you – Christ, what happened to you?"

"Bit of an accident," explained Kimiko, "but he’ll be all right, won’t you my little soldier?"

Todd sounded as if he was trying to sound positive, through puffed-up lips, but Hoshi was doubtful.

"Shall we get you to bed?" Kimiko suggested.


"Ok, Hoshi, can you open the bedroom door for us, please? Thanks. All right, we’ll get you to bed. I’ll be in soon, and then you can make passionate love to me," she joked. 

Todd laughed weakly, but there was no real humour to it, as his wife led him to the bedroom and lay him on the bed. When he was comfortable, she left him and went into the living room where Hoshi was working.

"He looks as if he’s been in a fight," she opined.

"He has."

"Oh. What does the other guy look like?"

"Oh, he’s all right!" Kimiko laughed, catching the curious glance Hoshi gave her. 

It was certainly odd that Todd had got beaten up and his wife was laughing about it, and Kimiko understood the way people gossiped - especially about their employers. To avoid neighbours and friends being told what a strange wife she was, she thought the best thing was to tell Hoshi the truth.

"Look, can you keep a secret?"

"Yes," Hoshi lied.

"I’m the other guy."


"Yes, we had a difference of opinion about strength and fighting ability, so we decided to settle it that way."

"How thrilling!" Hoshi clapped her hands, to Kimiko’s surprise. "It must be so empowering for a woman to be able to beat a man in a fight!" She licked her lips.

Kimiko smiled and looked at her: there wasn’t an ounce of fat on her (unless you counted the large breasts, but that would hardly be fair). She was of medium height, with a good, sturdy figure, and she looked strong. In fact she was strong, as Kimiko recalled her lifting heavy furniture when they moved from their last flat.

"Would you like me to teach you how?" Kimiko asked quietly.

"I’d love it!"

"Ok, when Todd’s at work, we can go in the basement and practice.


But how unlucky was it, a few months later, when Todd came home from work early, couldn’t find Kimiko, and went looking for her? He knew she treated the basement as her own personal gym, so it was logical to go there – and he was astonished to find his wife and the au pair girl practicing falls.

"Hi," laughed Kimiko, slightly out of breath.

"What… why…?"

"She knows I beat you up, and she wants to be able to do the same."

"I can, I’m confident," Hoshi informed them proudly.

"How about now?" demanded Kimiko, excited at the prospect.

So it was that Todd found himself, 15 minutes after arriving home, facing the au pair girl to wrestle and then box. As an added twist, Kimiko insisted on filming it.

It was one of those awful moments when you say something, but the way it sounds gives it a different sense from the one you intended.

"I’ll go nice and slow since you’re young and new to fighting," Todd told Hoshi, meaning it to sound kindly. Instead Hoshi glared at him, then smiled ominously, informing him she would humiliate him twice.

"Start filming!" she directed Kimiko, who was startled and a little annoyed by her abrupt tone.

They locked up, and Todd held back to allow Hoshi to apply what pressure she could muster, confident that he could more than meet it. The pressure soon came, and he was up to it. There was a little more, and he found he had to strain every muscle to counter it. She wavered for a moment at his resistance, but came back again. From where Kimkio stood, behind the camera, the test of strength looked like stalemate: one would push forward, but the other would dig their heels in, return, and force the former to lean back.  There was a lot of staring and grunting as well.

The grunting was more pronounced from Todd, she thought, as she squinted through the camera, and it seemed to be getting louder. In fact, was he…? Yes he was; he was faltering. Inch by slow inch, he was sinking. The strain in his legs became unbearable, and he had no choice but to concede this particular duel to Hoshi. The au pair girl had forced the man to his knees.

He looked up in disbelief (taking in by accident her wondrous breasts, so prominent in her tight-fitting leotard, which was divided at the front down to her navel). She, in turn, looked down at him scornfully, then thoughtfully, as if she had something else in mind. She did. Seizing him by the head, she kicked him hard in the groin. 

"Yeah, that’s right," murmured Kimiko, her earlier annoyance forgotten, as Todd folded under the kick, feeling sick.

Hoshi brought him down in a move reminiscent of a rugby tackle, even though her arms were around his neck rather than his legs. This enabled her to look piercingly into his eyes, with her face close to his, reinforcing her dominance. Once he was lying on his side, she locked her legs either side of his chest in a body scissors, and became a constrictor.

Then she flipped him like a pancake, using her legs. Up and over her he went, and this time she cranked shut the vice of her legs around his neck in a reverse head scissors. She steadily ratcheted up the pressure, meanwhile bringing him down level with her, but lying in the opposite direction. To add to his ordeal, she grabbed his balls.

"Good girl," whispered Kimiko to herself, as Todd began to wail. 

Meanwhile Hoshi moved round to the tried and tested "69" position, while maintaining the grip of her legs and hand. Todd’s protests and entreaties were muted – near stifled – because his face was encased in the tops of her thighs and her sex. As well as the excruciating pain in his groin and the increasing agony in his neck, he could scarcely breathe. It was no good trying to be heard. He must do something, but he couldn’t fight back. He had no choice. He tapped.

"One-nil," declared Hoshi in triumph, looking over her shoulder at the admiring Kimiko. She jumped up, and gave Todd a few moments to recover. He needed them! He was shaking, and badly needed a drink – water to quench his thirst, and whisky to restore him and ease the pain.

He stood up uneasily, and Hoshi invited him to lock up again. He accepted, and they started off swaying back and forth once more. Then she sprang. She enveloped him in her thighs again briefly, relying on the momentum of her jump to bring him off balance. It worked, and he found himself on his hands and knees, while she stunned him with a blow from her elbow to his ribs.

While he groaned, she seized his arms, and pulled him back behind her, so that she lay on her back, holding him under the armpits. Then she steadily brought her legs up, so that her knees were under the small of his back, and pushed. It was an unconventional, though very effective version of a backbreaker, and it had Todd yelling. His ribs, his stomach, his spine, his chest – all were instantly inflamed. Small comfort was it that his head rested snugly against the generous softness of her bosom!

Hoshi swapped holds. At that rate he’d soon tap and she wanted her money’s worth. Retaining her hold of his arms, she hooked her legs over his, stretching them outwards, and heaved, in a combination of a black widow and a rear naked choke. It was also a way of inflicting pain where he had so far escaped it, namely his arms and thighs. There seemed to be no end to her reserves of strength as she squeezed, and he imagined he could hear his limbs creaking and cracking.

She brought her left arm round his neck to complete the choke side of the hold. She hissed something into his ear that Kimiko didn’t catch, but next she heard her husband declare through coughs and gasps:

"I am a grown man and a 20 year old college girl is kicking my ass!"

"Two-nil!" exclaimed Hoshi, jumping up again, and putting her hands on her hips, before impatiently exhorting Todd to get up and start fighting again.

"Shall we dance?" Hoshi mocked, as they locked up a third time. "One two three, one two three – oomf!"

She jumped at him again, using the body scissors around his waist to drop him to his knees, at the same time holding and stretching his arms. She swung backwards so she lay beneath him again, but this time brought him down facing her, still with her legs squeezing the will to resist out of him. For variation, she leant up on an elbow and had him lying across her, still trapped in those conquering thighs of hers.

Running her fingers casually through her hair, she looked at him with a mixture of amusement, and curiosity as to how long he would hold out. His face was a picture of suffering, wincing as she shifted position, swinging him like a toy, backwards and forwards, locked in her remorseless thighs. She whispered to him again. He obeyed, looked at the camera, and declared:

"I’m a pussy and Hoshi’s bitch!"

"Who is stronger, Kimiko or Hoshi?" she prompted him.

"Kimiko," he replied. Wrong answer! Her thighs made him change his mind:


But was this woman’s strength limitless, he thought despairingly, as she turned the heat up yet again with her man trap legs. He opened his mouth in silent agony. There was nothing for it – he tapped.

"Three-nil," cried and jubilant Hoshi, arms aloft in triumph.

"Get up and fight!" shouted Kimiko to her prone husband.

He struggled to, but Hoshi was on him instead, kneeling above him, sitting on his middle and gripping his wrists in a schoolgirl pin. He’d had enough. It hadn’t taken all that long, but his body had received all the punishment it could take in this style of match. Hoshi counted to 10 and made him admit that she was a better fighter than Kimiko (who was becoming decidedly nettled behind the camera).

"Four-nil," announced Hoshi, declaring the wrestling part over, with the boxing about to start. They put on their gloves, adopted stances and, to Kimiko’s increased irritation, Hoshi declared she would humiliate him worse than his wife had done.

Then she belted him. No messing about with prods and feints, this was a thunderbolt of a left cross. Her glove hit him straight on the chin, and his body recoiled, as she jeered at his weakness.

"You’re getting beat up by a girl," she crowed, planting her right fist in his stomach.

God, she hit hard! How Todd wished he’d stayed at work, rather than sneaking home early! His body moulded itself round her glove, trying to absorb the punch. After the punishment he had received wrestling, he wasn’t in a state to resist much.

She punched him in the face again. It was a left cross, and Kimiko could hear the "whoosh" of her glove sailing through the air and striking his jaw. All the while, Hoshi kept up the "trash talk", insulting him. Smiling broadly, she hammered him with a right uppercut, gloating about the people she would show the film to. He retreated in fear and confusion, so she charged into the attack, leaping as she punched him in the stomach. What a picture of victorious, feminine strength she was too, at full stretch, with her male opponent in utter disarray!

Todd collapsed on the floor, and Hoshi started counting. At 6 he got up, feeling he must do something to regain a little lost honour. But the young woman’s punch put a premature end to such thoughts. Her left glove blasted his chin again. 

Was he dreaming? Everything seemed calm and far away. The pain had gone, and he was quite comfortable … until he saw that devil in a red leotard standing over him.

"Six…seven…" she counted, and all his pains returned. "Eight…nine…" 

He was up. The sight of his arrogant au pair girl goading and mocking all the time was enough to restore the fight in Todd. He punched with his right, but she met it with her right, blocking it, and buried her left fist in his kidney. Todd didn’t think there was anywhere new left that could hurt, but he’d forgotten about his kidney area, and the dull throbbing seemed to travel as far as his toes and ears. He staggered, bewildered.

The woman now smashed the man’s jaw with an exultant, triumphant right uppercut. His feet left the floor, and he seemed to be suspended in mid-air for a moment, before he crashed unceremoniously down to earth.

There was nothing unceremonious about her though. She stood over the vanquished male, one foot either side of him, and counted him out, declaring herself the winner by a knockout, with her fist raised in celebration. She posed for Kimiko’s camera like a good ‘un, declaring how much she now wanted to fight her.

That woman had had enough of Hoshi’s insolence. She stopped filming, and informed her that she would love to fight her, "any time, any place". They stared at each other.

"You’re a bitch and you better be ready to get knocked out!" Kimiko spoke right at, and into, Hoshi’s face, who replied in the same style that the other was the bitch who was going to be knocked out, just like her husband.

Their stares now became glares.