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Update: 04.08.2017

W-467 "Penny's first title defense"

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18 y.o. Penny has been champion now for over a month. After defeating the pervious champion, Trevor Easton she went back into training. Her determination to keep the title is very strong. Tonight she will again face a stern test. This time she will be taking on the number one contender.

A change of look for the ring tonight. Penny pulls on her black pantyhose and over them she pulls on a very light blue leotard. She also has matching boots. Then finally the best part of her outfit.

The World Teen Title Championship Belt. She wraps the belt around her waist and buckles it tight.

Across the hall Penny's opponent is also getting ready. Neil Astral is 18 yrs old and is ranked the number 2 contender for the teen title. He is blond, blue eyed and extremely handsome. He has a very impressive body and a huge following among teen aged girls. He removes his street cloths and dons his wrestling gear. He starts with a bright yellow thong. It is very tight and hides nothing of his manhood. He slips his feet into yellow lace up boots and ties them tightly. Neil is extremely confident. He was very upset when Penny defeated Trevor for the title. He wanted to that himself.

With both wrestlers in the ring the announcer begins:


"This is the main event. It is for the WORLD TEEN TITLE. In this corner making his first try at the title NEIL ASTRAL. And in the opposite corner she is making her first defense of her title, she is THE WORLD TEEN CHAMPION PENNY WELLINGTON!"


There are cheers for both wrestlers as both are popular. 


With the instructions given both wrestlers return to their corners. Penny pulls up her pantyhose and adjusts her light blue leotard. Across the ring Neil does just about the same thing. He fixes his thong and adjusts his manhood. Both of these young wrestler are ready to go. BONG!!! Penny exits her corner slowly. As Neil takes a few steps forward, about a hundred young girls squeal and scream as he does.

Neil and Penny approach each other very cautiously. As Neil gets closer he extends his hands offering a lock up. Penny slowly extends her hands and entwines her fingers with Neil's. The muscles in Neil's arms bulge as he tries to take Penny down. Penny's knees buckle and she begins to sink to the mat.

Her knees however never touch the canvas. As she is on her way down a strange look comes over Neil's face. His mouth opens and his eyes grow very wide. He also begins to cry out: "NO-NO-NO!!!"

He looks down at his hands. Slowly Penny gets back up on her legs. Then to everyone's surprise Neil's legs begin to buckle and he slowly heads for the mat. He struggles as hard as he can but cannot stop Penny from driving him to his knees.

On his knees in front of his very young opponent Neil is in pain. His hands are bent back and his fingers are being squeezed. He cries out as the champion puts more pressure on him "AAAAAAUUU! My fingers. You're breaking my fingers!!" Neil struggles to get free and finally gets to the ropes and stretches out his leg and slides it under the bottom rope. The ref tells Penny she must break the hold. Let him up Penny, he's in the ropes!!"

Penny backs off and lets Neil go. The 18 yr old wrestler slowly gets to his feet. Penny moves in to attack him again. This time Neil is ready. As she comes close, he lashes out with his foot and kicks her in the midsection. Penny grabs at her stomach and doubles over at the waist. Neil reaches out and grabs Penny by her arm. He quickly twists her arm into an ARM-WRINGER. Penny yelps in pain as her arm is twisted.

Holding tightly to her arm Neil drags Penny to one side of the ring. Pulling her as hard as he can he flings her across the ring into the opposite side ropes. Penny hits the ropes hard and is flung back toward Neil. As she gets close to him Neil makes a fist and slams it into Penny's belly. She grabs her belly with both hands, staggers forward a few steps and falls to her knees.

Neil races up behind Penny and grabs both of her arms. Pulling them away from her belly he pulls them behind her into a SURF-BOARD. Penny screams in pain "My arms, my arms. He's breaking my arms!!!" Neil smiles as his young opponent cries out. Slowly Penny begins to struggle to her feet. First she gets to one knee. Then she gets on her feet with her knees bent. Then inch by inch she manages to get all the way up and back on her feet.

As Penny was struggling to get up, Neil was doing everything he could to prevent it. Even though she has made it back to her feet, Penny is still held in the SURF-BOARD. Neil feeling that a chance to win the match is slipping away he plants his boot in the middle of Penny's back and pulls on her arms as hard as he can.

Again Penny screams in pain "NO-NO, my arms!! MY ARMS!!!" Neil shouts at the ref "Go on ref ask her. Ask is she submits?" The struggling champion shakes her head "NO-NO, I won't submit." Having refused to give up, Penny begins to work her way toward the ropes. Again Neil is unable to stop her. With her body up against the ropes Penny steps between the bottom rope and her boot touches the ring apron. Once again the ref tells Neil to let her go: "Let her go Neil, she's in the ropes."

Neil drops Penny's arm and backs away. Penny holds on the ropes for several seconds and the ref tells her: "Come on Penny start wrestling or I'll count you out." Penny moves away from the ropes and back to the middle of the ring. A now very confident Neil Astral moves in on the champion. Penny side steps him drops the the mat and locks his legs in a scissors. Giving him a twist Penny drops Neil face down on the mat. Stunned by his quick take down Neil is slow to react. Penny is on him instantly. Dropping to a sitting position on his back, Penny hooks Neil's arms over her thighs and cups her hands under his chin. The young champion has her opponent locked into a CAMAL-CLUTCH.

Neil is stunned at being caught in the clutch. He believed that Penny was in big trouble and that he could finish her off. She's got me. How can she be doing this to me. I had her, she was nearly finished.

Now she has me.

As Penny pulls up on his chin Neil cries out in pain "My neck, you're breaking my neck." She hears him but does not respond.


As Penny increases the pressure on Neil's neck and back he grabs at her arms trying to pull his chin free. He reaches out for the ropes but they are too far away. Twisting and turning Neil struggles to get free, however he is held tight by the young champion.

After two or three minutes Penny tells Neil: "I've got you Neil!! You can't get out of this. I'm going to make you submit!!" Defiantly Neil refuses to give up : "NO-NO, you can't make me. I won't submit to you ever!!"

Neil continues to struggle to get free. He pulls on Penny's hands trying to try them away from his chin. Rocking side to side Neil inches his way forward. As he struggles he slowly gets to the ropes and is able to grab the bottom one. Once again Penny is forced to break her hold.

Getting to his feet Neil is forced to adjust his thong as the back and forth rocking has dislodged his large manhood. Quickly Neil fixes his thong and is ready to wrestle.

Penny wastes no time getting at Neil. As he is about the leave the safety of the ropes Penny drives her knee into his mid-section. The collision occurs well below the waist line of his tights. Neil screams his hands fly to his injured manhood and he drops to his knees.

Satisfied that she has Neil hurt she grabs his hair and pulls one of his arms free. She then pulls him to his feet. Holding him up she jams her arm between his legs and grabs the back of his thong. With her other arm she hooks his head and lifts him off the mat.

Holding him up about chest high she pauses for several seconds. It's as though she is holding a trophy. She is also demonstrating her astonishing power. Penny then kneels down and slams Neil's back across her thigh. Neil screams in pain as his back crashes into her thigh. "My back, oh god my back!! She's going to break me!!"

Penny now has Neil bent over her leg. She has one hand on his chin and her other hand on his very large bulge. Again Neil screams as Penny presses down on both "REF-REF she's squeezing me.

Make her stop, please make her stop!! Before the ref can say anything Penny takes her hand off Neil's manhood and slides it over to his thigh.

After a few more seconds of punishment Penny pushes Neil off her thigh and he falls to the mat.

Lying face down Penny pulls his up to his knees. She gets behind him and sits down with her legs drawn up. Her knees and shins are tight against his back. Grabbing Neil's arms she pulls them behind him and stretches them back. Penny has Neil in a KNEELING SURF-BOARD. Neil moans as the pain weakens him, "OH, OH, OOOOOHHH! You're going to dislocate my shoulders!!"

Neil's neck and back are arched over Penny's legs. His bulge is pushing tightly against his thong. He tries to wiggle from side to side looking for a way out of this hold. My arms and shoulders, she's going to hurt me. How can she be doing this to me? I'm bigger, I should be stronger and I am a male.

A little girl should not be able to do this to me. I can't let her beat me, she's just a girl.

After several minutes Penny drops Neil's arm and slams her boot into his back sending him crashing face first into the mat. Neil struggles and gets to his hands and knees. Waiting for him, Penny slams her boot down on his back sending him back to the mat. In an effort to escape from her, Neil crawls on him belly toward the ropes. As he gets close he reaches out with his hand and tries to grab the bottom rope. He does not seem to realize that his opponent has been following him. Just as he reaches out, Penny grabs his boots and pulls Neil back to the center of the ring.

Frightened by being pull back from safety Neil cries out: "NO-NO, let me out!! I've got to get out. I need time to rest!!" However there are no time outs in wrestling. Penny takes this opportunity to drive her boot into Neil's back several times.

Wanting to know how badly Neil is hurt and if she can make him submit the match, Penny shouts at her male opponent. "come on Neil, get up. Get up and fight like a man!!" As he lies face down on the mat Neil is not sure he really wants to get up. What am I going to do. If I get up she's going to hurt me again. I just want to get out of this ring. I can't beat her, she's just too strong and too good for me.

Penny does not know or care about what is going thru her opponents mind. All she wants to do is beat him. I final stomp to Neil's back convinces her that he is finished. She pull him face down to the center of the ring. Stepping on the back of his thighs she hooks his yellow boots around hers. Reaching forward she grabs one of his arms and pulls it back. Trying not to get caught in her hold Neil stretches his other arm out in front of him as far as he can.

Penny mercilessly punches Neil in his side until his arm comes back. She grabs it and pulls it up behind him. Knowing what Penny is going to do to him Neil begins to cry out. "NO-NO, not this!!
Don't do this to me. Not the CEILLING HOLD!!


Penny begins to rock back and forth. She builds up momentum and pulls Neil off the mat and over Neil Astral now caught in Penny's CEILLING HOLD!! His back is bent and arched up. His eyes are blinded as he looks up into the ring lights. His thong is stretched tightly by his manhood. No longer a skilled male wrestler, Neil is now a terrified 18 yr old boy.

His mind races as Penny keeps him locked up tight. She's got me!! Oh god She's got me. She's going to defeat me. I can't take any more. I'm going lose to a girl!!.

The ref comes close to Neil and asks him if he has had enough:

"Neil, is that it son? Are you ready to submit? Do you want me to stop the match?"


Neil wastes no time in surrendering to Penny


"YES-YES!! I SUBMIT!!! Stop the match please. She's beaten me. I can't take any more!! LET ME GO!! PLEASE, let me go!!"


The ref tells Penny the match is over and that Neil has submitted to her. 

"That's it Penny, the match is over. You've won!! Neil has submitted to you!! Let him go!"

Penny drops Neil to the mat and he rolls away from her. He stops laying face up on the mat looking up at the girl that just beat him.


The announcer begins:


"The winner of this match via submission and still The World Teen Champion PENNY WELLINGTON!!!"

As the announcement finishes Penny is standing over Neil wearing her title belt and with her arms in the air. Penny turns and walks away from her male opponent. Neil remains on his back with his legs spread apart and his arm stretched out from his shoulders.