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Update: 04.12.2020

B-653 "Mixed boxing humiliation"

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He had won the title! He had KO’d the champion in the third round. The guy had been a tough one, but now Creed "Super-Stud" Drago was the undefeated and undisputed Middle Weight Champion of the World Boxing Federation.

Creed was cocky and chauvinistic, lean and strong with a muscle-ripped body and good boxing skills. He was a true stud, sporting highly toned and visible muscles and a handsome face. Men wanted to be him and women wanted to be with him and he knew it!

A week after his championship victory, he was in the process of being photographed for Alley Cat Magazine; a new periodical designed for young women. The magazine covered multiple topics that were of interest to women, and objectified hot athletes who they believed would give them ratings. Creed had been an immediate target once he won the title and was approached for a photo-shoot to take place at a local gym. Knowing that he was indeed hot stuff, Creed readily agreed.

A crowd had gathered for the photo shoot to watch and get a glimpse of the new superstar. The audience was primarily female, although there were also several males in attendance (mainly boxing enthusiasts and those that had been dragged out here by their girlfriends).

The female photographer wanted him to look sexy for the shoot, so Creed was dressed in nothing but a pair of black leather shorts (which showed off his impressive bulge), white boxing boots and red boxing gloves. Creed really enjoyed showing off his body to the photographer and all the females in attendance. He demanded that half of the pictures feature him inside the ring where he shadow-boxed and posed for the photographer.

It was during this show that one of the gym members entered the gym. She was female, with long glossy black hair tied in a ponytail and stunningly beautiful. The few men in attendance instantly noticed her and assumed that she was a model, here to do the photoshoot with the champion. 

They moved closer and one brave man asked her a question. She smiled and laughed in reply and the two began to chat. Soon others gathered around her and it became obvious that she was commenting on Creed Drago!

The woman and the little group of men around her watched what was going on and snidely commented on Creed’s performance, laughing and joking with each other, when the woman said in a loud voice "He wouldn’t stand a chance against a real boxer!"

Silence descended in the gym as everyone turned to see who had dared to criticise the Champ and Creed immediately took offense to the laughing and joking and stopped his posing to berate the small group. 

The men immediately fell silent and lowered their heads not daring to meet the angry gaze of Creed Drago. 

"What the hell do you know?" Scott replied. 

"You're a woman! You don't know jack about boxing!"

"So shut your mouth before a man comes along and shuts it for you!"

"I've trained as a boxer for the last three years. You don't think women can fight?" the raven-haired beauty asked.

Creed started to laugh.

"Hahahaha! What exactly have you learnt? How to pull hair and slap someone?"

"Why don't you go home bitch and cook up something in the kitchen? You women are always great at that!"

The female photographer was irritated by the turn of the conversation and said: "Why don’t the two of you settle it in the ring? That way you can prove who is right and who is wrong!"

There was second dead silence after the photographer had made her suggestion. Creed smiled and gave the woman his trademark cocky glare. "That sounds like a great idea! Why don’t you step into the ring and prove what you know?" He knew that she wouldn’t go for it…She would back down like the weak female she was and that would be the end of that.

But the woman surprised him. She had been waiting for this opportunity: "Okay Chump, let’s fight! This will be a walk over – literally!"

Creed looked at her, a bit shocked. The woman was obviously crazy to get in the ring with him, but if she wanted an early funeral, so be it. "That’s fine with me!" he grinned. "You have no chance. I’m Creed "Super-Stud" Drago, the Middleweight Champion of the World. Who are you?"

"I’m Roxy Balboa!" the beautiful woman told him coolly, "A name you're going to remember for the rest of your life!"

She started taping up her fists and turned to the photographer. "I need a pair of gloves!"

"We have an extra pair right here" The photographer gave Roxy a pair of red boxing gloves which she immediately put on.

Adrenaline and arousal started pumping through Creed’s body as Roxy entered the ring. She looked like a supermodel and he couldn’t help but stare at her. 

She wore a white leotard which was so tight fitting he had trouble breathing. It was low cut and tight enough to clearly show her curvy bust and toned midsection. He followed her long tanned and toned legs down to the white boots that she wore on her feet. Scott started to get an erection as his eyes slowly trailed up from her white boxing boots to her beautiful smiling face.

The smile bothered him but not as much as the muscles which bulged when Roxy did a double bicep pose. 

She saw him swallow and winked at him. "You ready? If you apologise for your sexist insults, I promise not to hurt you…too much!"

"Hurt me!? This is going to be over in seconds!" he bragged to his female fans. 

"Don’t say I didn’t warn you! It’s time to end your reign and put the belt around the waist of a real boxer!" Roxy smiled and nodded, locking eyes with the chauvinist boxer. She stood confidently in front of him with her hands on her hips, allowing the photographer to get some pre-match photos. 

The two fighters flexed their arms and drew appreciative comments. It seemed some of the women were changing allegiance and everyone wanted to know what would happen.

Roxy watched as Creed grew flushed and the bulge grew in his shorts. The woman knew exactly what kind of effect she was having on the "Super-Stud" in front of her.

The owner of the gym stepped into the ring to act as the referee for this impromptu match. She stood in the middle between the two combatants and officially announced the fight for the audience in the gym. 

"Ladies and Gentlemen, this will be a mixed boxing bout, three 5 minute rounds to decide the Battle of the Sexes Boxing Champion!"

"In the blue corner, he is 27 years old, 6’2" tall and weighs in at 150lbs!"

"His record is 25 fights, 25 wins and no defeats - All by way of KO!"

"The Undefeated and Undisputed Middleweight Champion of the World – Creed "Super-Stud" Drago!!"

Creed posed and flexed his muscles as much for the audience as to intimidate the weaker female in front of him.

The referee whispered to Roxy and continued:

"In the red corner, the beautiful female challenger - 26 years old, 6’ tall and you don’t ask a lady her weight!"

"Her record is 15 fights, 15 wins and no defeats – Also all by way of KO!" 

"She is Roxy "The Body" Balboa!!"

She received a round of cheers, whistles and applause from the crowd. So had Creed, but it was obvious that he didn't get as much as his opponent as he had expected.

Creed leered at Roxy and tried to shake the arousal from his mind. He was eager to show this girl where she belonged: Flat on her back, KO’d on the canvas. 

Creed stared at her body again... breasts straining against her top...long slender legs…toned ass…flawless tanned skin glistening with sweat. He felt his penis stiffen even further. He was going to enjoy putting her down for the count. 

He envisioned the fight: teaching this female a lesson...A couple of jabs to stun her….hook to the body to wind her…hook to the head and if it was needed an uppercut to knock her out!

He saw himself standing triumphantly over her with a foot on her shapely breasts. Then taking her back into the locker room afterwards to get his reward and put her in her place for good!

The bell rang to start the match! Creed immediately rushed his female challenger, wanting to put her down onto the canvas right away and prove his superiority.

The champion’s gloves danced off of Roxy’s as she skilfully blocked and dodged every single one of his initial attacks!

The sound of the leather smashing flesh was finally heard as "Super-Stud" managed to get in some solid shots to Roxy's midsection!

But to Creed's surprise and amazement, Roxy didn’t go down.

Instead she fired back, her gloves penetrating his defences and returning the shots to his midsection. Not able to comprehend his opponent’s tenaciousness, Creed refused to back-peddle.

They traded a few hard shots with each other...Creed scoring with a left cross to the female's midsection, Roxy with a one-two combo to the man’s face!

So, it continued with neither fighter backing down until the bell sounded to end the first round.

Creed slumped onto the corner stool. He was breathing hard and sweating, he could feel his nose and wondered if it was broken from her one-two combo. He could taste blood and his left eye felt as if it were swelling.

He looked across at his opponent, she too was sweating and breathing hard although not as badly as him. She had no blood or swellings he could see, except her cleavage which threatened to burst out of her top. She stood in the corner arms resting on the top rope. 

When she saw him staring, she smiled and flexed her biceps to the delight of the audience – male and female!

Creed was furious, he couldn't stand this. he wanted the fight over NOW. He wanted the cocky female defeated, humiliated and out of his ring. 

It was at that point Creed lost his temper and with it the fight, his belt, his unbeaten record, his career, and even his dignity!

Instead of wearing his less experienced opponent down and building up to his uppercut as planned, Creed came out of his corner swinging.

Jabs, hooks, uppercuts the Champion tried every tactic he could, but Roxy dodged and blocked most of his attacks and those that did land didn’t seem to have any effect.

Also, every punch she threw seemed to find the target, his head was knocked from side to side and his abs were being pounded like steak.

Desperate Creed let loose with his famous big left uppercut. It was an automatic KO punch; he had ended every single one of his fights with it. He had won the title with it, but Roxy wasn't worn down like his previous opponents. She was still fresh and strong, and she was well aware of the manoeuvre! This was what she had been waiting for and she was ready!

The champion’s uppercut carried all his strength, but it completely missed as Roxy easily sidestepped.

The chauvinistic male was left wide open for retaliation. Roxy delivered a perfect left hook to the midsection followed by a right hook that drove the air from Creed’s lungs. 

Two rock hard jabs rocked him on his heels and the boxing beauty followed it up with a point accurate right hook to the muscle stud’s chin!

As if he had a glass jaw, Scott spun around 360 degrees and crashed to the canvas - flat on his back. 

There were gasps and then cheers from the audience in equal parts as many of the girls were getting into the spirit of ‘Girl Power’. Roxy’s performance drawing the admiration of all who were watching her give the Middleweight Boxing Champion of the World a boxing lesson.

Creed lay at Roxy’s feet, wondering what had happened to him. For the first time in his life, he had been knocked down!

Roxy stood over him, legs apart for perfect balance. She smiled down at him as he lay there sprawled at her feet; staring back at her with a dawning fear that she would win this fight.

"Can you get up Chump? I’m not done with you!"

"It looks like you spend too much time pumping iron when you should be pounding leather!" Roxy mocked 

Creed couldn't think straight or focus on anything. He knew what was happening: He was getting beaten up by a woman! It was completely incomprehensible to his arrogant male pride...A woman was beating up a strong, manly, muscle-stud! 

He had never felt more humiliated or embarrassed in his entire life. The humiliation had completely turned him on, and his cock had become rock hard!

Roxy prodded his bulging shorts with her boot and asked, "Is that defeat boner for me, handsome!"

The referee made Roxy back away to her corner as she started the count. Creed used the ropes to pull himself to his feet by the count of eight, moving slowly as if in a daze. He definitely didn’t look like the cocky and arrogant male champion that had started the fight. Only the bell saved him from further punishment.

He was now completely erect; his leather shorts barely concealing his bulging manhood as it strained to point outwards and upwards. His gloved hands hung limply at his sides as his eyes focused on Roxy once again. She winked and blew him a kiss, he flushed with another wave of humiliation.

"How can she do this to me – I’m the Champion, I’m a man and she is wiping the floor with me!"

The referee ordered the two fighters to the middle of the ring for the last round. 

With a smile on her lips, Roxy moved out from her corner and started dancing around her helpless male opponent.  She knew she had won, the first round was to humiliate him, the second round to beat him. This third round was to punish him. 

"Fun’s over Beefcake! It’s time to pound you into beef jerky - emphasis on the jerk!"

"P-please…spare me…just finish me!"

"And spoil my fun…I don’t think so!"

"I’m going to prove to everyone what happens when a man faces a woman in the ring!"

Roxy went to work dismantling the sexist and arrogant male champion. She used him as a punchbag, throwing jab after jab, each one hitting Creed's face perfectly as he seemed incapable of blocking her quick attacks. He took a step back with each punch, unable to get his gloves up to defend himself.

The muscular male fighter desperately tried to retaliate but was even more hopelessly outclassed than he had been at the start of the fight. 

He tried a couple of wild swings, missing twice as his Amazonian tormentor easily danced around him. His punches left him wide open again, and Roxy delivered multiple hooks and crosses into his body and cheeks.

The next sixty seconds was all Roxy as she sent punch after punch into the once proud male chauvinist's face and body. Even though Roxy didn’t hit him with all of her strength, Creed was out on his feet, his gloves hanging limply at his sides. 

It was only the last of his male pride that kept him standing. Time seemed to slow to a crawl…Roxy’s perfect breasts swaying with the rhythm of her punches; Scott's erect dick bouncing with each punch he took... It was sixty seconds that everyone present would remember for the rest of their lives.

When she was sure he was completely beaten, Roxy stepped back and Creed staggered forward a couple of steps. Only Roxy’s gloved handheld him erect. Creed "Super-Stud" Drago, the Undisputed and Undefeated Middleweight Champion of the World and the male participant in the Battle of the Sexes was completely KO’d by his female opponent as Roxy delivered a huge uppercut of her own to his chin!

Creed crashed down onto the canvas in the middle of the ring, completely unconscious and pounded into submission. His arms and legs were splayed out, spread-eagled, while his erection rose skyward. The black leather shorts had been completely stretched out as the male loser unknowingly saluted the female winner.

The audience (which was 90% female) were cheering their lungs out at this spectacle. The referee even seemed embarrassed as she sent Roxy back to her corner so she could count Creed out.

The defeated male didn’t stir as the referee counted all the way to ten. The count could have gone to one thousand, and Creed still wouldn’t have moved. Roxy had completely demolished him.

There had never been a louder crowd reaction as Creed was counted out. All the girls were screaming at the top of their lungs for their heroine. Chants of "ROXY!" and "GIRL POWER!" filled the air.

Roxy walked around the ring, savouring her victory, smiling, and waving in triumph after her complete victory and domination of the "Super-Stud". She looked down and grinned at the sight of the knocked out male, lying humiliated and defeated on the floor at her feet.

She smirked confidently, knowing that she was the one that had demolished this chauvinistic muscle stud. Roxy’s attention was drawn to Creed’s erection. The reflection of large camera lights playing across the straining material of the ruined shorts.

Roxy raised her leg and brought her foot down, crushing the former champion’s erection under her foot. It made the perfect victory pedestal as the referee raised her hand into the air and announced: 

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I present the winner of the bout by an overwhelming third round knockout!"

"The Undefeated and Undisputed Champion of the Battle of the Sexes - Roxy "The Body" Balboa!!"

Creed remained completely unconscious under the boot of his conqueror. The crowd was completely ecstatic as the cheers kept on going and going!

"I told this chauvinistic jerk that I was going to walk all over him!" Roxy told the photographer. "Let's make that happen!" Roxy proceeded to give multiple poses with her foot on the crushed male’s chest, face, and crotch.

All the women in the crowd took pictures of these victory poses. Later that evening the pictures would go out onto the internet: Creed "Super-Stud" Drago, humiliated and dominated, lying unconscious in a boxing ring under the boot of a woman who looked like she belonged on the cat walk. He had received the first defeat of his career – a KO loss against a woman in The Battle of the Sexes.

Creed remained unconscious and completely erect throughout this display. After a 10-minute victory posing session that took longer than the actual fight, he came round to find himself lying on the canvas. The first thing he saw was a white boot resting triumphantly on his chest. He looked up at the boxer who had beaten him so badly, with a mix of fear and lust. He had thought this would be the result, but he never dreamt that he would be the one lying beneath the foot of a flexing champion. Roxy had even stripped him of his shorts to complete his humiliation.

The photographer managed to get many great shots. The most popular was an up-close shot of Roxy’s boot, the heel pinning Scott's erection to his belly. It was the picture used for Alley Cat magazine's lead article "Stomping Out Chauvinism", which became all about Girl Power. Those white boxing boots started a fad as girls all over the country bought a pair of their own "Chauvinist Stompers".

Roxy made him get the title belt and buckle it on her waist. Then he had to raise her hand in victory and declare her the "Undefeated and Undisputed Battle of the Sexes Boxing Champion!"

He then had to grovel and beg for mercy as she made him kiss and lick her boots, she made him crawl around the ring on his gloves and knees, as the audience laughed and mocked his defeat boner. 

Only when she was sure that he was completely broken did she end his humiliation. She stood in the centre of the ring wearing his belt and flexing her biceps as he crawled out the ring.

Creed’s career was officially over. He did indeed remember Roxy's name and he would dream of eventually try to get revenge on the woman who had completely humiliated him, but the nightmare of what she had done to him was too terrifying for him to dare try…