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mixed wrestling policewoman leotard headscissors femdom strapon

Update: 10.02.2017

W-448 "The unusual interrogation"

Gallery size: 320 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, Ballbusting, 320 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), partially CFNM, no blood.

April Hunter have had a successful public career in wrestling. Her intimate fantasies involved dominating men in freestyle fight by facesitting, ballbusting, strapon actions etc. 
She decided to give back to society by joining the police forces as part time volunteer not knowing it could become her dream job from the first day!
State Police Chief Commissioner Jason Ashton was in a terrible mood. Four hours earlier police arrested a suspect allegedly planning Christmas bombings in the heart of the capital. But Rocco The Hardball, suspected leader of terrorists, who was arrested, categorically refused to cooperate with the investigation. All interrogations brought no effect, he just laughed and told 'ticking time bombs already set, this evening you'll know where but too late. My assistants will activate that bombs and you have no chances to prevent explosions!'


Central Police station buzzed like a disturbed beehive, but all that fuss was useless, Chief Commissioner Ashton had no ideas how to prevent explosions and all his assistants has no ideas too. Rocco The Hardball - the only possible source of information - still silent. Cruel street fighter, he was seriously injured two officers during arrest, now they are in hospital when he is in solitary confinement of police station.

Chief Commissioner Ashton was standing near the reception in the hall of Central Police station when one of doors was open and girlish giggling came to his ears. Ashton turned back and noticed a young girl clad in police bodysuit, holster of handgun was attached to her belt, frivolous braid came out from under her uniform cap. Obeying to imperious gesture of Chief Commissioner, policewoman approached to him, saluted and clearly reported "Officer April Hunter arrived for future service, sir!"

Looking at her body clad in high legged police bodysuit and combat boots, Ashton understood - this rookie just finished a martial arts workout. Suddenly he remembered a report of his deputy for combat training of the long-term success of one of the young trainees begin preparing for duty - most surprising that he was talking about a girl. "Maybe this chick can have some fresh ideas about Rocco? I'm afraid this task is too hard for novice but let's try!" he thought. With sweeping gesture, he invited her to his office, looking to her fit body from behind. "She looks like a gymnast in this leotard uniform" he thought, entering his office.
"Well, officer Hunter, let you have a first mission now", Chief Commissioner said, passing her the dossier of Rocco. "Read this, we have arrested him four hours ago and we must force him to talk. Where are that bombs? Who is his assistants? We must prevent all explosions, but we have almost no time. One hour, two is maximum. Police had been watching the alleged plotters for some time and believed they were preparing to use explosives, knives and a gun, we must find all terrorists!" Ashton said.
April quickly read a dossier of terrorist's leader. Rocco The Hardball, real macho, his credibility in the gang was indisputable, he always despised wimps, cowards and homosexuals. He considered all women as animals, constantly belittling them. Betrayal of the gang are always punishable by death in terrible torture.


"Skimpy dossier, Sir", April said, "But looks like I have some ideas. Can I look at that tough guy?"

Chief Commissioner nodded. Their way to basement jail was not so long, and just two minutes later young lady opened a peephole in the door of a prison cell and saw a big muscle man clad in orange suit of prisoner. He has a martial arts workout, sending hard punches and kicks to air. "Very nice, let he waste more of his energy", she thought, "his endurance will be decreased".
April just grinned, turning to Ashton. "He will give us all information, Sir. Just let me kick his ass"


"Looks like this girl is a sadist. How she passed all tests in police academy?" Ashton shrugged, but he has no choice now. Two hours and bombs may be activated in rush hour. Thousands of people can die. "Any tortures are prohibited by law but let she try some less conventional methods, if we'll save thousands of citizens, our Call of Duty will be executed". Ashton nodded and they entered a little room filled by racks with different weapons seized from the arrested criminals. Handguns, stilettos, daggers, Japanese katana, taser, whip and other deadly things. "What weapon do you prefer?" Ashton asked, "You can choose any coercive measure for this terrorist". But to his great surprise she unfastened her holster on the belt with a handgun and gave it to him with the words: "No weapons required, Sir. Undress the terrorist naked and bring him to the basement. Leave us both in fighting cage, put a police baton and strapon outside behind a cage door, and turn on a videocamera inside. Let me have a clue of restroom in the basement and activate a videocamera of that room too. I'll beat him in unarmed combat and force him to submit. There’s nothing more demoralizing than to make a straight man, suck my big strap on cock, while I destroy his male ego and next interrogation will give us all information!".
Chief Commissioner looked at her mistrustfully. "Right, she is a sadist, dominant woman. Maybe she can fight but Rocco is a great fighter, he is bigger and stronger - why she is so confident? But I have no time and no choice - let she try" he thought. "OK, officer Hunter, I'll give all the relevant orders to my assistants. Good luck!"


April was 175cm tall and had been beating men much larger than herself. This task was a bit special – she could have used her boots with metal toe caps but the next day he must not look like beaten up too much or the department would be in trouble… She chose flexible training ones – although there was some time pressure there would not be threat taking him out for a while by a single ‘unfortunate’ kick.
Rocco was surprised to find himself in a cage with a brunette beauty mocking him. Whatever tactic it might have been by police he was going to enjoy beating down another uniform and a female one was good for more fun than simply beating up. He was going in for a quick finish by high kick to her face but she was unbelievably fast countering by a kick to his exposed balls. The kick was well aimed catching the bottom of his nutsack, lifting it up, and doing the last bit of damage by boot rand when it continued the way upwards.


All he felt was pain in his nuts and reflectively nursed them by both hands. April was surprised that he is still able to stand, but it was a pleasant surprise as she could practice some kicks to his undefended face and upper body. Suddenly she realized that this might not efficient at all – his mind might be fogged by the initial kick to nuts. 

Letting him rest on the floor too long was a mistake as he was able to put up some fight making a good use of his weight advantage. She recovered from the disadvantage with minor inconveniences - few bruises and some gymnastics was needed to put some distance between them in order to balance his size advantage with her speed. 

She worked methodically softening him up by combinations of kicks to balls, upper body, and face. April wanted to go for wrestling style domination and to avoid further surprises she did the last combination with her knee – full strength knee to his balls from balls leaving him grappling her thigh and buttock on knees, followed up by knee to his mumbling mouth. Now he was ready for further painful humiliation in wrestling holds!

She started with enjoying herself a bit by muffling his screams in between her tights letting the warm flow of air excite her private parts while throwing him over. It was a magnificent move she always wanted to do in her professional career! Following up by several painful holds in neck and body scissors she prepared for her another fantasy. That was applying neck scissors on a kneeling man, followed by dropping herself to knees hurting his back, stretching it even further by twisting his hands ending it by putting her fingers into his eyes bulging out from the purple pain filled face.

Now the trembling meatball was ready for her sadistic fantasies. She took a great pleasure in squeezing his testicles combining it with painful holds until they both were ready – he was willing to do anything to make it stop and she wanted to release her built up arousal. Making him eat her wet pussy in different positions (combining it with pain when she was not happy) she finally took him out for a short while by suffocation. 
She had domesticated the beast and they went to the love nest. She took her favorite toy (strap-on dick) and a police baton to enforce order in case he tries something. To break his will she started as a bad cop by raping his rare. Oh, she enjoyed breaking the last remains of will! To make it even worse she made him eat the used strap-on. April helped him to accept his new status by giving a handjob before continuing feeding the strap-on. Nothing was left of his will and she would have turned him into slave for good but unfortunately that was not the purpose here. Taking him out by a powerful knee to balls they proceeded the interrogation in the intended room.


There she presented the incriminating materials (videos from earlier) that would destroy his reputation amongst his gang and in prison. That made him realize there is no way back to business as usual, he will always be her slave physically and mentally.

Check this gallery, and be sure - you'll be completely satisfied! All scenes in police station offices, jail, corridors, armory, basement, fighting cage, restroom and interrogation room are included into gallery.

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