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mixed wrestling she squeezes his balls

Update: 28.09.2018

F-539 "The cruel dancer"

Gallery size: 260 Full HD pictures

Mixed fighting freestyle, 260 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), partially CFNM, no blood.

Katie was a very thin yet athletic, good-looking girl for her age. She was a little over five feet tall with a bushy brown pony tail and cute face. I knew that she was a ballet dancer and a she does kick boxing for "fun".


I walked up to her and asked to dance. She obliged and we danced our bodies sore. We rocked and swayed with every beat, turned the music to ecstasy and drowned in its highness. I ripped her tutu accidentally and forget about it too when she was lost in the music and the dancing and didn't notice that her tutu was ripped. When she did, a sliver of panic blossomed within her as it was unlike me to ripped her outfit and continued to dance without informing her. 

"You are a pervert, son of bitch! What did you do with my tutu??? Look down and face me yo…" she blurted out.

Without warning, she was cut short by a smack that rendered her confused and dizzy.

She took a second to let the electric current from the smack travel her body through. Driven by an indecipherable fury, she proceeded to punch me. However, her tiny hand he caught mid-air, like a rag doll. I twisted the fisted arm all the way to her back. She groaned in pain. She couldn't talk. All she knew was that she had to untangle herself from the painful hold. 

She couldn’t think of a way out, though. I held her in that uncomfortable position for what seemed like an eternity and then, slowly, I finally let go. A quick spin around and she kicked me in the groin. I sank to the ground, bent double, on his knees and groaning in pain, he cursed her bitterly. My face was contorted in pain and disbelief. The kick had caught me off-guard and stung like hell. 


I whirled around and looked up to find a small, frowning, pretty woman staring me in the face. And the next thing I experience was her spinning body as she kicked me in the side of the head and sent me crashing to the floor. 


I passed out. Katie was very angry. "I'll give you a lesson, pathetic coward!" she whispered, removing my pants. She felt no remorse when she kicked me in the side with one pointed shoe. "Get up and try to defend yourself, male pig!" she screamed. 


I got up and looked at young dancer. She was sexy and deadly in her black leotard.


Katie had an evil grin when she looked at my nude body. Her ripped tutu was removed, so I noticed that Katie had nice, large feet for her age, probably size seven or so. 


"I like to beat nude men," Katie said as she walked over to about four feet in front of where I was standing.


I wasn't sure what to do when Katie threw a roundhouse kick at my side, but I made sure to back up and block it. After a second, Katie threw another kick. Again I backed up and blocked her kick, letting the ball of her foot strike my forearm. After a second, Katie quickly faked a snap kick to my groin, and again I backed up and prepared to block. I'm not sure if she could have actually nailed me or not, but she held out her pointed foot just to let me know that my testicles might have been pancakes courtesy of the top of her foot. She smiled at the fear that she had now instilled within me as she placed her foot back onto the mat, took another step forward, and threw the next roundhouse kick at me with her right foot. I backed up again and blocked. Her kicks were fast too!


She took another step forward and threw another kick, only this time I had backed up into the wall. I wasn't expecting this, nor was I expecting that Katie would immediately throw another kick following that last one since she had waited a second or two between kicks thus far. The follow-up kick was a devastating side kick. I tried to block it with my arms, but it was too late. Before I knew it, I was up against the wall receiving a truly devastating kick to the groin from young girl! Katie's feet weren't small either and she had channeled all of the power in her athletic legs into the large, smooth underside of the heel of her large foot, which trapped and smashed my balls up into my crotch. Crunch! I felt a strong jolt of pain and was frozen with shock, my eyes and jaw open wide. Her foot found nothing but skin and soft tissue, covered with hardly any clothes. I was paralyzed with shock despite the pain that began to pulsate in my groin. I could feel my tear ducts swelling, my face turning red, and I was starting to gasp for air.


Katie quickly withdrew her foot, squared her body with mine, placed her extended arms on my shoulders, and then kicked me in the nuts several more times in rapid succession, this time using the ball of her foot to smash my jewels and she was yelling "Hiyah!" with each kick.


"Hiyah!" Wham!


"Hiyah!" Crunch!


"Hiyah!" Splat! Her kicks were literally balls-on, dead accurate and the pain was sharp and explosive, but amazingly I didn't fall down. The pain was both devastating and numbing! Katie kept the wide ball of her foot planted firmly in my groin from her last kick. Perhaps it was her arms on my shoulders and her foot in my crotch that kept me from slumping down to the ground like a sack of potatoes. I really think that I temporarily went into a state of shock over the situation and the anticipated waive of pain that I knew would overwhelm me any second. Also, I think my nuts were still a little bit numb from the day before, but the kicks hurt tremendously and I could tell that her feet were really doing damage. I heard she yell, "Fight back you moron!" 


After a second, the pain hit me in a major way! Waves of pain pulsated throughout my lower body and up into my stomach and I gasped some funny, high pitched noises as my legs trembled. This may sound odd, but I felt as if I were about to pee my pants or crap in my shorts! My jaw dropped even lower and my knees gave a little, causing my body to slouch down a bit against the wall. I looked down at Katie's foot, which she had kept planted firmly in groin from her last kick and was pushing hard into my crotch, using the underside of her heel now. My balls were trapped somewhere between her massive foot and my crotch. Then I wondered if my testicles were still there or if they were somewhere up inside of my stomach. Years after having experiencing puberty and sexual maturity, I feared that this little 18 year old girl had quickly returned me back to some infantile state; that she had kicked my precious orbs of masculinity back up the path from which they originally descended with rapid, powerful kicks from her young, oversized feet. After a second, Katie removed her foot from my groin. My jaw was still wide open in shock and all I could do was look down at my crotch, scared to check out my equipment. It felt like my balls were on fire, only I wasn't sure if they were still outside of my body or not. It was like I was having an out-of-body experience. I could feel the throbbing pain, but I was immobilized. She was half laughing, then I felt Katie's hands leave my shoulders. Perhaps Katie had some mercy after all.


I looked back to my adversary in front of me: a 18 year old red belt. She was just a cute little girl in a black gym leotard with a bouncing pony tail and big feet. I could see that Katie was getting back into her fighting stance. 


Before I could move, I watched Katie prepare to deliver another lethal front kick to my groin. I was still paralyzed. Even though she was very fast, it was as if I were watching her kick in slow motion. Katie quickly brought her right foot back onto the mat well behind her left foot and she held her fists out in front of her. She then swung her right knee up and forward as she pushed her fists downward, then whipped the lower half of her leg toward my groin like a slingshot. It was as if I could see the power and momentum building in her kick and being transferred into her monstrous foot, which was bent at the ankle so that the striking surface would be somewhere on the bottom of her large, young foot again.


"Heeeyah!" she screamed as she delivered her kick. This time Katie used the huge, round underside of her heel to pulverize my balls. Crrrrrrunch! My testicles were no match for Katie's powerful foot and the fury in which she could deliver kicks. In fact, it felt as if my left testicle exploded after it was kicked up and crunched between my crotch and the massive underside of Katie's huge heel with that last amazingly powerful kick. The kick was so powerful that it not only pinned me up against the wall, but the force of the kick caused my lower back to hurt from being smashed up into the wall. It was as if she were trying to kick my balls through me!


Again, Katie kept her foot buried deep within my burning groin. This time the pain hit me right away and it felt like my balls were hit with a baseball bat! I quickly collapsed onto the mat in a heap of agony and I was soon rolling around in a ball of pain. It hurt so bad I wanted to die! I could hear Katie giggling at me. The pain was so severe that I began to feel really nauseous. I was soon quivering and it wasn't long before I began retching and then threw up on the mat. Pain continued to emanate from my groin area, but it really felt like my testicles were kicked up into my stomach.


I could hear Katie giggle and then say, "No cup! You'd know better. I am a girl, and girls kick boys in the groin. Duh!"

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