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Update: 02.12.2022        W-757 "Famly tag team"

Mixed wrestling, 500 pictures 1920x1080 (Full HD), partially CFNM, no blood.

Tonight will be the first of a new type of tag team wrestling. It will involve two families facing off against each other. There is no minimum or maximum age requirement. It is open for four wrestlers per side and the winning team must win 3 out of 5 falls. 

The first team is from Harlem, in New York City. They will be facing off against the team from Nashville Tn. The Harlem team are the Robertson’s. they are Father 43 yr old Arthur his 41 yr old wife Iris, their 21 yr old son Marcus and their 18 yr old daughter Jermaine. 

The team from Tennessee is 40 yr old Norman Jamison his 38 yr old wife Cleo and their two 19 yr old daughters Abby and Nancy. Abby and Nancy are identical twins. Starting the match for their families are both fathers Arthur and Norman. 

The bell sounds and the two men go at each other. For about five minutes they exchange holds. Each giving as good as he gets. Suddenly at about the 6 minute mark Arthur is able to capture both of Normans legs. Tucking them under his arms he roll Norman face down on the mat. He then slowly sits down on them. Arthur has his opponent Norman locked into a BOSTON CRAB. Cleo and both of his daughters are screaming at Norman not to give up. 

The 40 yr old male wrestler is in enormous pain. He struggles to free himself. Slowly inch by inch Norman is able to claw the mat getting close enough to tag his wife Cleo in. Arthur Robertson never see the tag. Cleo Jamison climbs to the top of the turnbuckle in her corner. Launching herself her wrestling boots slam into Arthur Robertson. The hold is instantly broken and Arthur is sent flying backward half way across the ring. 

The entire Robertson family is stunned. Having believed that they were going to win the first fall. Instead it is Cleo Jamison that is in control. She has one of Arthur’s arms trapped between her legs. She also has his head in a very tight HEAD LOCK. 

The match picture is this. In his corner Norman Jamison is lying face up on the ring apron. The bulge in his light green jockstrap is bulging slightly and both his daughters are working on him. Out in the ring Cleo has Arthur Robertson trapped in a combination hold involving his head and both his arms. 

With his entire family watching him Arthur is screaming in pain. "She’s got me!!! Oh dam, she’s got me!! Both his wife as well as his son and daughter are shouting encouragement to him Fighter her DAD!!! Don’t submit to her!!! You can beat her just keep fighting!!!!" 

Every second he remains trapped, drains his strength. After a minute or two, Cleo releases Arthur. She rolls him face up, quickly grabs his legs and locks him into a FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK. Those at ring side can see the bulge in his orange jockstrap slowly begin to grow. Every second he is trapped in the FIGURE FOUR it gets bigger and bigger.

Then suddenly it’s over, Arthur Robertson Father and leader of his family surrenders the first fall to the Jamison family. 

"I give up!!! I give up!!!!! I’ve had enough!!! Stop, please stop!!!! I submit!!!!! You win Cleo!!! You win!!!! I submit!!!" 

Arthur’s submission ends the first fall. Cleo releases his legs and gets to her feet. Arthur’s wife and son along with their daughter rush to help there beaten Husband and Father. Across the ring Cleo is met with cheers and hugs, as the winner of the first fall. 

Cleo returns to her corner to wait for the bell for the second fall. As for Arthur, he remains on the mat for some time and only gets to his feet seconds before the bell. 

The bell for the second fall rings sending Arthur and Cleo at each other again. Cleo is all over her opponent. She pounds him with fore-arms sending him stumbling back into the corner. From there it is all Cleo. She pounds Arthur with punches and fore-arms. It is all Arthur can do to block as many punches as possible. It isn’t long before he just pulls his arms back and tries to hide behind them. 

That only makes things worse for him. He can’t seem to protect his entire body. Cleo lands several very hard punches to Arthur’s body. He finial struggles out of that corner. heading to his own. There he quickly tags in his wife Iris. 

Iris and Cleo lock up and begin to struggle. After several minutes, the fight become epic. Both women exchange holds, punches and throws. The momentum swings from one to thr other. A sudden powerful knee changes the action. Cleo has driven her knee into Irises pubic area. The gorgeous black woman grabs at her pubic area as she limps toward her corner. 

Reaching out she tags her son Marcus. An enraged Marcus charges at Cleo. That is a huge mistake. As he charges at her, Marcus is not in control of the match or his body. Cleo times his approach and as he closes on her she delivers a powerful heel kick. The heel of her boot slams into the pouch of Marcus’s shiny orange jockstrap. 

21 yr old Marcus is effectively out of the match. He needs to exit the ring as quickly as he can. However, Cleo has other ideas. She races across the ring and tags in her 19 yr old daughter Abby. 

Abby enters the ring and finds 21 yr old Marcus on his knees holding tightly to his manhood with both hands and gasping for breath. She lifts him off his knees and back to his feet. She wraps his arms around his head in a COBRA CLUTCH, adding her arms to it she soon has Marcus screaming in pain. Seconds later the handsome young black man is screaming his surrender.

"I give up!!! I Give up!!!! Ref, ref I submit!! She’s got me, I submit!!!!! Dam it ref, get her off me!!! I give up I give up!!!!!"

At that point the ref signals the end of the fall. Abby releases Marcus and he drops to the mat. Marcus defeat leaves the Robinson family down 2 falls to none. The Jamison family need only win one more fall. Abby however is not done with Marcus. Even though she has defeated him she needs one more thing. As a complete surprise to everyone, As Marcus lies on his back at her feet, Abby reaches down, grabs his jockstrap and pulls it off. 

It is completely amazing, Even though all the Robertson’s are black they are very light skin blacks. This includes Marcus who looks almost white, but as his jockstrap is removed it uncovers a huge male member. Marcuse’s manhood is enormous. With their son and brother lying naked on the mat. His mother and sister run to him and lift him off the mat and drag him back to their corner. 

With out having his jockstrap, they can’t put it back on him. Marcus must start the next fall without it. They try to work out a plan of attack. As the bell is just about to ring for the third fall Marcus enters the ring with his manhood exposed. Abby enters the ring staring at his huge male member. 

There’s the bell Abby moves quickly to lock up. Marcus is much slower and a bit teamed. She gets behind Marcus and uses a very unusual hold. She wraps one arm around his neck in a chock, with her other she reaches between his legs, grabs his manhood and pulls back on it. It actually stretches between his legs and out behind him. 

No one having ever seen this hold before they can only guess at how painful it must be. If judging by Marcus’s reaction to it. It must be excruciating. He instantly begins to scream. "It hurts, it hurts!!!! Oh god Momma she’s hurting me!!! I’m going to lose again!!!! Oh god it hurts!!! Iris call her son to her. As he nears she is stunned by the hold he is in. She reaches out to his and tags his hand. Iris leaps into the ring and races to the Jamison’s corner so fast she actually beats Abby there. As Abby was going to tag her mother, Iris actually pulls her father in over the top rope. 

Norman fly’s over the top rope on to the mat. He seems quite dazed as he hits the mat. Iris uses this as a golden opportunity. With him on the mat, Iris grabs his jockstrap and pulls it off. She quickly tosses it into the crowd never to be seen again. Now along with Marcus, one of the Jamison males is also nude. 

Although Norman is not as big as Marcus, he is big enough. Pulling him to his feet, Iris jams her hand between his legs from the rear. She grabs the shaft of his manhood and pulls it back between his legs. Now for only the second time in history this hold is being used on a male wrestler. 

In only seconds Norman is overwhelmed. "AAAAAAAUUU NO NO NO it hurts!!!! Let me go, please let me go!!!!! Oh dear god Iris please let me go!!! Iris has no intention of releasing her opponent. She wants him to submit. "Give up, Norman and I’ll let you go!!! All you have to do is to submit to me!!!!" Norman is completely crushed by the hold. He can’t hold out nearly as well Marcus did. In just a few seconds Norman is finished. 

"Oh please Iris, let me go I’m finished!!! I give up, I give up!!!! You win, I’m beaten!! Oh please stop, I submit!!!!, I submit!!!"

Iris releases her defeated male opponent. The score is now 2 falls to 1 even though the Jamison’s are still up one fall it is a closer match now. 

As most of the family members have been in the ring any that have not must now start the next fall. That means the Jermaine Robinson must face Nancy Jamison. These two girls are balls of fire. They love to hurt their opponents as much as possible. Both will come to the ring in very sexy outfits. They have no qualms about shedding their outfits if needed. They are just as comfortable wrestling in their bras, their pantyhose and their boots. Both hate wearing heavy wrestling gear and so do their fans. 

This fall will start with 18 yr old Jermaine Robinson facing off against 19 yr old Nancy Jamison. At the bell the young girls tare into each other. They begin with hair pulling and then move to punches and fore-arms. They battle back and forth for several minutes. It is a pretty even battle for most of the time. 

The momentum changes when 18 yr old Jermaine lands a very solid right hand on 19 yr old Nancy. Nancy’s knees buckle and she staggers back into the corner. After that punch it is all Jermaine. The 18 yr old wrestler begins to pound her 19 yr old opponent with out mercy. 

Punch after punch slams into Nancy. She tries to cover up, but there are just too many punches. A hard right hand crashes into her cheek. A second punch lands with explosive force on her left breast, as a third slams into her lower abdomen. Nancy head rolls back, her knees buckle and she slides down the turnbuckles to the mat. 

Nancy is dazed and battered but she has not been knocked out by Jermaine. Needing to finish her off and win the fall Jermaine pulls Nancy to her feet and out of the corner. Jermaine then wraps her arms around Nancy’s head and locks on a COBRA CLUTCH. In just seconds 18 yr old Jermaine has 19 yr old Nancy screaming her surrender. 

"I give up, I give up!!!! Let me go!!!! Please let me go!!!! I submit to you!!! You’ve beaten me!!!! I Give up!!!!" 

Jermaine releases Nancy and she drops to the mat. She lies at Jermaine’s feet crying. Jermaine raises her arms in victory. 

Several members of her family come to were she is lying. Her father kneels down beside her. "I lost Daddy!!! I’m so sorry, I was beaten. We’ve lost the fall!!!" her father consoles his defeated daughter, and gets her to her feet. Nancy’s lose has made the score even. Both Families have won two falls. The winner of the next fall will win the match and a large cash prize. 

The finial fall is about to begin. To start the fall the father and husband of both families will start. As both men have been stripped of their jockstraps the will wrestle in just their boots. The bell sounds. Arthur Robinson is quickly out of his corner and attacks his opponent Norman Jamison. Getting behind Norman, Arthur gets a full nelson on him. Norman’s arms are stretched high in the air and his head is bent down to his chest. 

Norman very quickly begins to scream. "My neck, dear god my neck!!! He’s trying to break my neck!!!" Arthur keeps the pressure on Norman for several minutes. Although the FULL NELSON is not a submission hold, it is a strength draining hold. The longer Norman is kept in the hold the weaker he gets. 

Arthur can feel by Norman’s breathing that he is getting weaker. In his corner his family is screaming for him to tag out. Norman however no longer has the strength to fight his way to his corner. Two things are happening to Norman one is as he struggles he gets weaker and weaker. The second thing that is happening to him is he is getting a DEFEAT BONER. AS he no longer has his jockstrap, there is nothing to restrict his manhood. 

At this point Norman’s family are just spectators. He cannot get to them. Arthur releases him from the FULL NELSON. Grabbing his arm Arthur whips Norman into a corner. As he slams into the turnbuckle he must grab the top rope to stay on his feet. Quickly Arthur runs to his corner and tags in his wife Iris. 

Iris quickly gets to were Norman is hanging on to the ropes. She sees his hard and stiff Boner. She then begins her attack on him. Punches and fore arms begin to slam into Norman. A torrent of hard shots have Norman just about out. In his corner his family has stopped shouting encouragement to him and are standing in silence as he is pounded. 

Finally Norman drops from the ropes and falls to the mat. He lands with his legs tucked under him and his head resting on the middle rope. Everyone knows that it is all over for Norman. He has zero ability to defend himself. Iris pulls him out of the corner and to the middle of the ring. 

She delivers a SIDE KICK into Norman’s mid-section. He grabs at his stomach and drops to his knees. Iris moves in behind him and wraps her arms around his head. She has put a COBRA CLUTCH on Norman. He struggles for only a few seconds trying to pull her arms free of his head. He soon knows that he can’t pull her off him. 

Within seconds Norman is screaming his surrender to Iris. 

"I give up, I give up!!!! You’ve beaten me!!!! I surrender the match to you!!! You win, I submit!!! I submit!!!!"

A smiling Iris Robertson release Norman and he drops to the mat. With her opponent stretched out in front of her she raises her arms in the air. The rest of her family enter the ring and gathers around her. Now they all have their arms in the air. They have beaten the Jamison’s and won the large prize.

As for the Jamison’s they are now gathered around their beaten husband and father. Norman lies on the mat stretched out unmoving. He looks up into the faces of his loved ones. "I got beat. I lost the fall and we lost the match. I’m so sorry I lost!! Oh god, she beat me!!! She got that COBRA CLUTCH on me and forced me to submit to her!!!" 

It takes several minutes for family to get Norman off the mat and on his feet. As he stands there for just a second or two, Iris comes and hands him his jockstrap. The he and his family return to their dressing room losers of the match.

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