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Update: 24.07.2020

W-634 "Girlfriend's mother"

Gallery size: 160 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 160 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

It’s 1980 and I’m 18 years old, my girlfriend is 18. It’s Labor Day weekend and I’m at her house for an end of summer cookout. I’ve graduated already and Tammy is going into her senior year. We’re having a great time I actually like Tammy’s parents, they’ve always treated good, as I said I’m 18 and I’m an idiot. I go to the table with the food laid out. Shirley, Tammy’s mom comes up next to me and playfully bumps me out of the way with her hip and says “don’t make me hurt you”. I kind of smirked and said “that won’t happen”. She looked back at me and said “I can take you” I replied “I don’t think so” and walked away. Just another playful banter with Tammy’s mom. She was like that always flirting with me, or at least that’s how I took it. Tammy’s mom was gorgeous, she was in her late 30’s, long dark hair with a great figure.

Later that afternoon I noticed Tammy’s mom sitting by herself. I worked up the courage to challenge her. I went to her and asked if she really thought she could take me. She smiled and said “would like me to prove it”. Of course, I said yes. She stood up next to me and said “why don’t you come by tomorrow, Tammy will be at school and I’ll have the house to myself.

I got to the house about noon as I walked in Shirley did not say a word. She just nodded her head for me to follow her to the basement. When I got to basement Shirley walked up to me; we were nose to nose. She is about 5’7”, same as me, long dark hair, about 140 Lbs. Solid but not fat, great figure. She was wearing a tight white button-down shirt. The last few buttons were un-done and the shirt tails were tied in a knot in front. Her push-up bra had her large breasts perfectly displayed. Her black tights showed off her thick muscular thighs and a perfect round ass. “So, you think your man enough to take me” she said. I stood up straight to show I was not afraid of her, but I was.

She quickly threw a short punch into my stomach; I was not ready for that. It was not hard but enough for me to bend over a bit. That’s all she needed. Shirley spun around and wrapped her arm around my head and put me in a side headlock. Then she threw her hip into me and flipped me over with a perfect judo toss. I came crashing down on my back with her on top of me. Her giant breasts were smashed into my face as she tightened her grip. Then she took her left arm and raised it up and slammed her elbow into my stomach. Quickly she let go of my head, spun around and sat on my chest pinning my arms to my side with her powerful legs. She smiled and then slapped me in the face. I finally bucked her off and stood up. I was a little dazed and confused, how was she so quick and powerful. She rushed me as I backed up. She slammed me into the wall and kneed me in the balls. I yelled out in pain and sank to the floor. She put her hands on her hips and slowly walked around me saying “I knew you were a pussy, you don’t deserve my daughter”. She grabbed me by the hair and dragged me to the center of the basement. I was still holding my balls as she told me to get up. I got, up slowly watching to make sure she did not attach again. She rushed me but this time I side stepped her and with her momentum rammed her into the wall face first. I grabbed her wrist and twisted her right arm behind her back. With my left hand I grabbed a fistful of hair and slammed her head into the wall. I wrestled her to the ground still holding her right arm behind her back. In a few seconds I had her face down on the floor, sitting on her back. Right arm twisted behind her back and pulling her hair as hard as I could with my left. Her back was arched as far as it would go. Her breasts popped out of her too tight push up bra and were swinging wildly, slapping together. She tried to get up, I let go of her hair and grabbed one of her tits. I couldn’t help myself, I lost focus as I squeezed her tits. Shirley got up on all fours with me still on her back. She hooked my arm, dipped her shoulder and rolled over taking me with her. I was laying on my back with Shirley on top of me. She positioned herself so she was sitting on my chest, she had pinned my arms above my head with beautiful tits in full view. I tried to buck her off of me but only managed to turn to my side. Shirley now had my face between her thick thighs. She put her hands behind my head on forced my face into her warm wet pussy. She locked her ankles and squeezed. Everything went quiet, her thick thighs covered my cheeks and ears. I could not hear anything and the pressure was unbearable, I had trouble breathing. As I looked up at her I could see the top of her tights, her tight stomach. Her shirt was now totally open nipples were hard and dark. I could see she was saying something but had no idea what it was. She finally let go spun around sat on my face. She stretched out on top of me in a 69 position. She wrapped her leg around my head and locked it in with the other. She had me in a figure 4 lock. My face was smashed against her lovely round ass. I could feel her leg muscles tighten up. I’m not sure how long she had me in that position, it felt like a lifetime. I tapped her thighs in a tapping out gesture. Shirley release her death grip on me but before she got up she punched me hard in the balls. She stood up with each leg on either side of me. I was looking up at this goddess that had just destroyed me. She reached down grabbed me by my hair and said get on your knees. She rubbed my face into her pussy again. “Do you like that” she asked? Oh my god, I did. She suddenly back away smiled and said “maybe someday I’ll let you have more”.

A couple of weeks later I was at the house visiting Tammy. Tammy went to get changed so we could go out. I walked up to Shirley and said I wanted a rematch. She smiled and said “you’d netter practice first, I won’t take it easy on you this time”. 

That's a story for another time.

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