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W-424 "Tag-Team title rematch"

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In the past ninety days the fans have been clamoring for a re-match. Especially the fans of the SUPER STUDS. The league promoter has received thousands of letters, E-mails, and voice mails. In answer to all of the demands, the rematch has been signed. The Sophisticated Ladies will defend their title against the Super Studs on the next big pay-per view. The time has come for the Super Studs to try to redeem themselves. After suffering a devastating defeat and the loss of their titles in their last match both men have been diligently training for this re-match.

In their dressing room the two men prepare for their match. As they get ready they discuss what they must do in the match. They remove their street cloths and grab their gear bags. "We have to win tonight. If we fail, we may never get another shot at the titles." Dino tells Geo. Sitting on the bench both men gather up their pantyhose and slid them up their legs. Both are wearing very sheer white pantyhose for this match. "I know Dino. There is no way they can defeat us again. Tonight we are ready for them." Next they both slip into shiny black thongs. There is a sharp contrast between their white pantyhose and the black thongs. "I'm nervous Dino, I don't want to be caught in that BRAIN CLAW again. That hold scares me. It's just too painful." They pull on shiny black boots and begin to lace them up. "Relax partner. We've practiced blocking that hold for months now. They will never get us in that again." With their pantyhose, thongs and boots on they slip on shiny black jackets and head to the ring.

While the SUPER STUDS were getting ready their opponents were also getting ready. The WORLD TAG-TEAM CHAMPIONS were also preparing to wrestle. The match tonight against the former Tag-Team Champions is there second title defense. Katie and June are a mother/ daughter team and the first mother/daughter team to win the title. The champions are known as THE SOPHTACATED LADIES and are extremely beautiful. June and Katie slip off their street cloths and get into their wrestling gear. Tonight they will be wearing their new gear. Orange thong cut leotards, shiny black pantyhose and orange boots. "We can't use the BRAIN CLAW again, they will be ready for it'" "I know MOM, let's try to use the other holds we've been practicing. Maybe we can surprise them AGAIN." They buckle on their World Tag-Team title belts and head to the ring.

"This is a World Tag-Team title Rematch. In this corner, they are the DINO and GEO THE SUPER STUDS. And their opponents, they are the current WORLD TAG-TEAM CHAMPIONS Katie and June Carnegie, THE SOPHTACATED LADIES"

Just before the bell Dino exits the ring and I quickly pull up my pantyhose and adjust my thong. It looks as though I will be facing June to open the match. June is younger and faster than her mother. It looks like they want to start fast and test our stamina.

BONG!! The bell sends us both out of our corners. I take several steps toward June when she launches herself at me. She catches me with her shoulder in my mid-section and knocks the wind out of me. OUUUUU!! She also knocks me backward and I fall to the mat. She is instantly to her feet and stomps my abdomen hard with her boot. AAAAAH!! In just seconds she has me gasping for breath. I look around to see where I am at. After only a few seconds in the ring I need to tag out.

As I reach out for Dino, June grabs my leg and pulls me away from his out stretched hand. "NOOO!! I need to tag!!" Still on my back June has grabbed my left leg and is twisting it as hard as she can. I reach out and grab my white pantyhose covered leg as June twists. "AAAAAA!!! OOOOOH!!! My leg!!" All I can do is scream in pain as she punishes me. For the next several minutes June works over my legs then switches to my arms. Her switch to my arms however turns into a mistake as I am able to kick her off me. I quickly crawl to my partner and tag in Dino.

As Dino enters the ring June quickly tags in her mother Katie. Dino and Katie go at one another for almost nine minutes. Each giving as good as they get. For a minute or two Katie dominates Dino. Then Dino is able to reverse things and is dominating Katie. Back and forth the action rages. At about 7 minutes into this 9 minute explosion of wrestling action Dino begins to slow down. He is now beginning to take more punishment than he is giving. Katie has begun to work on Dino's mid-section. She whips him into the ropes and as he flies back at her she drives her knee into his abdomen. He grabs his belly and staggers forward and few steps. Katie then drives her boot into him with a very powerful kick. Dino drops to his knees and them is kicked onto his back. Stretched out with his legs wide apart Dino suddenly begins to scream in pain. Katie has locked him into a DOUBLE CLAW HOLD. Dino's arms fly wildly about, his legs kick as he tries to get away from Katie. Dino cries out as he struggles to escape. "OH NO!! She got the claw on me!! One of Katie's hands is locked onto Dino at the waist band of his pantyhose and thong. Her other hand is tightly crushing his manhood inside his thong. Hopelessly trapped Dino again cries out. "She's going to submit me. I can't get free Geo, I can't get free. The ref comes to Dino and asks, Is that it Dino? Do you want to give up? With tears running down his face Dino quickly surrenders to Katie.

YES-YES!!! I can't take any more!! I GIVE UP- I GIVE UP!!! Please make her stop!! I GIVE UP!!!!

BONG!!! BONG!!! The bell ends the first fall and we have been defeated again. In total the SUPER STUDS have now lost three straight falls to the SOPHTACATED LADIES. I rush to were Dino is lying on the mat. His knees are drawn up and he is holding his stomach. I kneel down beside my partner. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry I lost the fall. She had me, I couldn't get away. The pain was too much!! I had to submit. I nod and help Dino to his feet and back to our corner. With us in our corner and the champions in their corner the announcement is made.

"The winners of the first fall via submission The SOPHTACATED LADIES!!

Breathing deeply Dino tries to get some life back in his body. We have only 90 seconds now before the second fall starts. I tell Dino "Be careful. Don't get caught again and tag me in as quickly as you can." Dino nods his understanding and take the last few seconds to fix himself. He pulls up his white pantyhose and adjusts his thong. BONG!! The bell for the second fall rings and sends Dino out to face June once more. It's a slaughter. Katie is all over my partner Dino. She takes him to the mat with a twisting wrist lock. He first drops to his knees and then is sent crashing onto his back by a spinning heel kick. For the next several minutes Dino is worked over by Katie. Then with more luck that skill he is able to slip out of a leg lock and tag me in.

As I enter the ring Katie runs to tag in her daughter June. June and I wage a back and forth war. First she has me in a painful hold then I have her in one. She attacks my legs and I try to weaken her arms. The entire time I am on the lookout for her crushing claw hold. Several times she tries to get the claw on me. Each time I am able to dislodge her hand from my head.

June is a very skilled wrestler, she is also fast and very strong. The intense wrestling and the effort to keep her claw hold off me has weakened me. Not only is she fast and strong, but she also has tremendous stamina. After over 8 minutes in the ring June still has all her power left. I on the other hand have begun to weaken.

June grabs my arm and twists is very hard. My knees buckle and she takes me to the mat. She bends my arm up behind my back and grabs my other arm. Her boot crashes into my back and I am smashed face down on the mat. She quickly grabs my legs and begins to work them over. She stomps and kicks me. She twists and stretches my legs in every direction. As she continues to attack my legs she soon has me crying out in pain. "OOOOH!! My leg, my leg!!" She rolls me over so that I am looking up at the ring lights. Lying on my back I struggle to keep one shoulder up so I won't be pinned.

Holding my leg off the mat June repeatedly kicks me in my knee. Over and over her boot smashes into my knee. "You're breaking my knee!!!" I can't take much more of this kind of punishment. I look into our corner and my hart sinks. I see my tag-team partner Dino on his knees with his arms draped over the middle rope and his head resting on his arms. He is in no condition to tag me out, I'm on my own.

June and Katie have also seen Dino and know they have me. June tags in her mother and Katie is on my before I can get to my feet. She takes over were June left off. Now it's Katie that is working over my legs. I kick and squirm and finally reach the ropes. I grab the bottom rope but Katie won't let me go. "Ropes, I'm in the ropes. Let me go Katie, let me go!!" At last she drops my leg and sets me free.
I grab the top rope and pull myself to my feet. My legs are very weak from the pounding they have taken. I stumble backward into a corner. Katie tries to get to me but the ref holds her off. I hold out my hand and tell the ref: Keep her off me, I'm not ready". That only lasts for a second.

Katie sidesteps the ref and is on me in the corner. Her black pantyhose covered knee slams into me at the belt line of my pantyhose and thong. I double over and drop to my knees. She grabs my arm and my hair and pulls me to my feet. Dragging me out of the corner she reaches between my legs. She takes hold of my pantyhose and thong, hooks my head then lifts and slams me to the mat.

OOOOOU!! My back!! I'm now in the middle of the ring, the ropes are out of reach and Dino is still trying to recover. I'm on my own and I'm in big trouble. Katie grabs my boots and lifts my legs off the mat. Holding me tightly she puts the bottom of her boots directly over my manhood and slowly presses down. "NOOOOO!! NOOOOO!! You're crushing my manhood. Help me ref!! She's crushing me!! The ref steps in and makes Katie stop crushing me.

Katie lifts her boot off me and I instantly grab my aching manhood. She then scoops one of my boots off the mat and bends my leg into a STEP OVER TOE HOLD. She holds tightly onto my boot, as she twists and bends my leg. "My leg, It hurts. OMG, it hurts!! Katie cares nothing for my screams of pain as she continues to put as much pressure on my leg and knee as she can.

Kneeling down beside me the ref asks "How about it Geo, had enough? Want me to end it?" With a pained expression on my face I answer. "NO-NO, I can keep going!! I can still win!! I'm not sure either of us believe that, but I continue to struggle and fight. I kick out with my free leg trying to knock Katie off me. My kicks are just not strong enough to break her hold. In retaliation she again grabs my free leg. She splits my legs wide apart and jams her boot into my manhood. I scream in pain "She's got me!! She's got me again. Make her stop, she's crushing me!!! The ref again comes to my rescue.

She drops one of my legs, but holds onto the other. Looking down on me she tells me: I'm done with you. I'm going to finish you off now. Get ready to scream your submission to me"' She instantly switches holds lock me into a spinning toe hold. Seeing what is coming I scream "NO-NO-NO!! She drops to the mat and hooks her leg over mine and swiftly I am in a FIGURE-FOUR LEG LOCK!! I scream in pain "MY LEGS - MY LEGS, you're breaking my legs."

I can't reach the ropes, I can't tag Dino and I can't get free. She has me, my only choice is surrender.
I struggle and scream as she increases the pressure on my legs. I roll from side to side trying to get free. All that does is to tighten the hold she has on me. Again I am overcome by the pain and I cry out. "MY LEGS-MY LEGS. I CAN'T TAKE ANY MORE!"

Still holding me tightly Katie again asks, " Have you had enough? Are you ready to submit to me?" Surrender is now my only choice.

"YES-YES, I've had enough!! I SUBMIT!! YOU WIN!!"

The ref must make certain that I have submitted the fall so she asks:

"Is that it Geo? Are you submitting the fall? Has she beaten you? Are you done?"

I reach up and grab the refs arm and look her in the face.

"YES, I'm done. She's beaten me. I SUBMIT-I SUBMIT!!! PLEASE, get her off me. Break the hold, make her stop. I GIVE UP!! I GIVE UP!!! I GIVE UP!!!"

Finally Katie releases me from the hold. I pulls my knees up to my chest and hold them. The pain has overwhelmed me and tears are freely running down my cheeks. Dino comes to were I'm lying on the mat. He knees down beside me. "Are you OK, Geo? Can you get up?" Dino can clearly see the tears running down my cheeks. "She hurt me bad, Dino. I don't think I can stand. You'll have to help me". Dino helps me to my feet and then back to our corner. Across the ring our opponents have strapped on their world title belts and are waving to the fans. Both women have their arms in the air and are showing off the title belts. They stare at us as we stand in our corner having lost again.

Both Dino and I are devastated by this loss. Seeing the women across the ring I'm humiliated by what they did to us. With tears still running down my face I say to Dino, "They've beaten us again. They submitted both of us, they are just too good for us. We'll never get the titles back. Our dreams of a comeback and regaining the title are over. I drape my arm across Dino's shoulder and he helps me out of the ring and back to our dressing room.