woman beats man uppercut keotard mixed boxing knockout

Update: 24.09.2021

F-695 "Traditional Justice 2"

Gallery size: 240 Full HD pictures

Mixed fighting freestyle, 240 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), partially CFNM, no blood.

We have managed to obtain footage of the remarkable fight between Maria Stambulov and Augustine Vlanovic, then Europe’s most famous circus strongman. In Gallery 281, we learnt that the feared fighting women of Klansbourg were employed by the Justice Ministry to punish men convicted of the worst types of sexual and violent assault against women. We have since discovered that the "shockingly revealing" leotard worn by Sasha on that occasion was more or less standard issue for the women, as were high heeled boots or shoes. The idea was that the man must be defeated by someone he would most desire, looking at her most seductive.

It was customary for the man to fight naked, but it is known that there were two exceptions to this rule, at least at the start of the match. The first was when Sonia Pavlov fought a captured SS officer at the end of the Second World War; the second was this event. Maria insisted that the man, convicted of assault against his female circus assistant, must enter the ring dressed in his strongman outfit. She wanted to demonstrate to the world that no matter how strong a man was, a woman could always defeat him.

Maria entered the ring first, to huge cheers and applause. These fighting women were national heroines. Women worshipped them as liberators and avengers; men … well they just worshipped them. Women went to see justice done (hopefully), and one of their own tame a dangerous, predatory male. 

Men went for a variety of reasons. One was to see the splendid, proud figure these women all had – fulsome breasts, narrow waists, and curvy hips and rears - encased in a flimsy fishnet leotard. But others had a fascination – obsession, even – with the idea of a beautiful woman fighting a man on his own terms, and beating him. Others went because they were keen students of unarmed combat, and could appreciate the moves from a professional, technical viewpoint. (That’s what they said, anyway.)

While Maria, deliberately ladylike, curtsied and blew kisses to the crowd, Augustine climbed through the ropes. Immediately he flexed his muscles and strutted about the ring. Certainly, for sheer masculine strength, he had no equal. Some women became anxious for Maria. How could she possibly prevail against this man, the pick of his kind? As if in answer, she crept behind him while he was parading around the ring, and suddenly slipped her hand inside the front of his tunic, grasping.

Augustine yelped, to laughter from the crowd; more so when Maria made a "small dick" gesture to them with her thumb and forefinger.

"Whore!" roared Augustine, pointing a threatening finger at Maria.

"Tiny dick," replied Maria, to more laughs.

You will regret that!" thundered Augustine, raising a fist.

But Maria’s fists were faster, and her left one landed plumb in his eye. As it started to close over, she buried her right fist in his stomach. Muscular he may have been, but her punch’s effect penetrated the stomach wall, and burning pain spread around his middle. So she followed up in the same place with her left, and the nearest rows in the crowd could hear Augustine groan. She turned her attention back to his face, and a bullet of a left cross had him momentarily staggering.

He felt something against his back. She had him on the ropes! As if to confirm her dominance, Maria smashed a right uppercut into his jaw. He fell, head first, against the corner post. Women in the crowd stood and clapped because Maria had the man down on the canvas in short time.

Augustine wasn’t unconscious, but the bang on his head from the corner post and Maria’s punches had certainly dazed him. He was only vaguely aware of her addressing the crowd:

"Ladies, should we now observe tradition?"

"Yes!" they roared.

"Very well," answered Maria, and she proceeded to tear his costume off Augustine.

"I say!" she addressed the crowd. "There’s nothing small about that dick now, is there? Do you think he likes getting beaten up by a woman? Come on you [this was addressed to Augustine] these people have paid good money to see you punched round the ring. Get up and fight, and bring that huge erection with you!"

Augustine shivered. The chill was due both to the fact that he was now naked, and awareness that he was so in front of a packed stadium. Moreover, several thousand people now guessed his secret fetish. The humiliation infuriated him, but he was enough of a showman to disguise it for the effect he wanted. He didn’t need to use the ropes to get up, but he heaved himself up on them, to cat calls and derisive shouts. Maria, he noticed, wasn’t even in a fighting stance, but had her hands on her hips as she laughed along with the crowd.

She was three good paces away from him, he estimated, as he stood round to face her, relinquishing the support of the ropes that he hadn’t needed. Very well, make a fool out of him, would she? We’ll see about that…

He charged, gripped her in his massive arms, and brought her down on her back with his much greater weight. Shouts of protest and alarm came from the crowd, as he had her trapped on her back under his weight. He enjoyed being rough with women, and it was like a return to the good old days for him. He gloated as his granite-hard cock rested on the cotton of Maria’s leotard.

"Humiliate me, would you?" he shouted. Very well, it’s payback time!" He moved up to give himself room, raised his right fist – and her right fist struck his good eye. This was serious. His vision was now seriously impaired, with the other eye closed over, and this one swelling up. He scrambled off her onto his feet, and she was up like a cat. She was furious with herself for losing her guard (and for a brief moment, almost the fight) and she wasn’t going to let herself be distracted again. 

A bulldozer of a right cross rammed Augustine’s face. Maria was famous for her right cross. It was her favourite punch, because she knew it showed off her fabulous figure. Cameras zoomed in on her leaning into the punch, with the man falling away from her outstretched fist, and her glorious bottom prominently in the foreground. Women clapped and cheered, while men inwardly groaned at the stimulating sight.

"Ah," sighed the crowd as a beautiful left uppercut had her opponent in disarray. This was what they had come to see – a woman who was a master of fist fighting, and who had the body of a goddess! 

A right hook drove Augustine into the middle of the ring, and set him up nicely for what she now had planned. It was her trademark double: a synchronised punch in the face and knee in the groin. Men had to look away as her knee banged into his balls, making him yell in pain, while her fist punished his face. Women roared their approval.

Maria treated the crowd to a second left uppercut, because they seemed to enjoy the first one so much. She now fought more for the benefit of the spectators, and their cameras, than for the object of merely winning the fight as quickly as possible They had come to see a beautiful woman in action, and wasn’t she giving them a show, just!

A left cross had Augustine back on the ropes, and a right cross cemented him there. She’d won with that punch, she knew; and all sense and thought had been knocked out of him. He was now her punching bag, held up by the ropes supporting him under his arms, as she helped himself to his face with her fists.

At length Maria left off, and studied him, hands on hips. She moved closer to him, so that he could gaze down at her lovely breasts.

"That’s right, Augustine, have a good look," she told him. "They’re lovely, aren’t they? But this is the nearest you’ll ever get to them. I only let good men touch them. Now, you know what’s going to happen, don’t you?"

She placed her hand under his chin and led him back to the middle of the ring. The crowd fell silent as she balled her free hand into a fist. She looked at him thoughtfully for some moments, seemingly reluctant to end the scene, before swinging her fist into action one last time. It caught him squarely under the chin. It had him off his feet and up in the air, before he came down in an untidy, unconscious, heap.

Maria once again blew kisses and curtsied to the crowd, loving their applause, before standing over the beaten man. She made a point of displaying her elegant high heeled shoe over his still erect manhood, to illustrate Woman’s defeat of Man.