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Update: 28.01.2022        W-713 "Wrestling card Interceder league"

Mixed wrestling, 270 pictures 1920x1080 (Full HD), no nudity, no blood.

The first match will feature Ariel Williams vs Michel Vendor. Ariel is a 22 yr old black girl. She has been wrestling for almost 3 years. Her male opponent Michel is 24 yrs olds and he has been wrestling for just over 6 yrs.

With both wrestlers in the ring the match will be starting soon. In her corner Ariel is wearing a Silver metallic thong cut leotard, black pantyhose and silver boots. Over in her opponent’s corner, Michel has on a shiny wet look black thong and shiny black boots. Both of these wrestlers are extremely good looking. Ariel is light skinned and has a fantastic body. She has large breasts and great legs. As for Michel he is all man. He is quite muscular and has a large bulge in his thong. Both wrestlers received cheers and whistles as they entered the ring. 

BONG!!!!! The bell sends the wrestlers as each other. Ariel strikes first getting Michel into an early test of strength. They have interlocked fingers and both are trying to over power the other. Back and forth the test goes First Michel seems to have the upper hand and then Ariel makes a comeback. The fans are screaming for their favorite wrestler. After almost 2 minutes of struggle Ariel seems to have the upper hand. Michel now has a pained expression on his face. 

The test has been decided, Michel’s knees buckle and he slowly sinks to the mat. At this moment Ariel has control of Michel. He is on his knees and is struggling to get back to his feet. For Michel the struggle is not going well. His hands are bent back at his wrists and he has no leverage. It is hard to image how such a simple hold can cause so much pain and cost so much energy. 

Ariel holds Michel in the finger lock for over 2 minutes. The hold has cost Michel a lot of energy. After several minutes Ariel drops one of Michel’s hands, but bends the other one up behind his back. With his arm bent up, Ariel then takes his other arm and pulls it across his face. Almost instantly, Michel begins to scream. "OOOOOOOUU!! Oh Oh, you’re hurting me!!! Dear god it hurts.” Ariel waists no time, "Give up Michel, give up!!!” Even though he is struggling and has suffered all the punishment so far in this match Michel is not ready to submit to Ariel yet. His answer comes quickly, "No, I won’t submit to you Ariel I’m not giving up!!” 

Ariel then gets Michel in a series of holds weakening the male wrestler even more. Then suddenly the momentum changes. Michel escapes one of Ariel’s hold and instantly is on her. Now it’s his turn to punish his opponent. Michel takes Ariel to the mat and begins to work over her legs. As she worked over his arms he wants to return the favor on her legs. Ariel is now on the mat with Michel standing over her. He has one of her boots in his hands and is twisting her leg. Michel now has his female opponent screaming in pain. "My leg!!!! Dear god my leg!!!! Ariel is now reaching out grabbing at her leg. Michel moves from that hold to splitting Ariel in half. As he stands on one of her silver boots, he holds the other one in both hands. He then spreads her legs apart as far as he can. Ariel cries out in pain as she is split. "AAAAAAAAAAAUUUU!!!! OOOOOOOOOOHHHH!!!! NNNNNOOOO!!!” 

However Michel is unmoved by her screams. Ariel grabs at her black nylon covered legs trying to pull them back together. It’s no use; Michel continues to keep them split wide apart. Michel seems well on his way to a "come from behind” victory. Then it happens, he makes a big mistake. Michel releases her leg intending to move to a finishing hold. It’s then that Ariel lashes out.

Taking ad vantage of the split-second opening, Ariel kicks Michel as hard as she can in the knee. Michel instantly drops to the mat holding his knee and screaming in pain. It’s quite possible that her male opponent is badly hurt. Ariel gets to her feet and stomps on Michel’s leg for good measure. She then grabs the boot that is on his injured knee. As she lifts it off the mat, Michel begins to scream. "NO-NO, don’t do this to me!!!! PLEASE, no not this!!!!! Oh god, she’s going to cripple me!!”  Why Michel is screaming so loudly is that Ariel has his bent his leg around hers and has locked Michel into a FIGURE-FOUR LEG LOCK. Michel grabs at his boots trying to escape the hold. It’s no use he is completely trapped. In his shiny wet look thong Michel has gotten a large DEFEAT BONER. In only a very few seconds Michel is screaming for the ref.  


The ref is very quickly at Michel’s side: 

"Is that it son, are you done? Do you want to submit the match?" 

Michel waists no time surrendering the match to Ariel. 


That ends the first match. 22 yr old Ariel has defeated 24 yr old Michel. With Michel stretched out on the mat Ariel stands over him with her arms in the air. She is the victorious wrestler in this match. She has left her opponent beaten, lying on the mat showing his huge DEFEAT BONER to the crowd. 

It’s now time for match number two. This match is between 18 yr old Patrick Sullivan and 19 yr old Alex Parvan. Patrick enters the ring in light green tights and boots. Alex wears an orange wet look thong and orange boots. This is a beginner’s match. Nether of these young wrestlers have had any matches as yet. 

With both males now in the ring the match can begin. BONG!!! The bell sends both young wrestlers out after each other. These types of matches are both exciting and sometimes almost laughable. We will have too see how it goes. We do know that the parents of both boys are in the arena to see their son’s wrestle. 

The boys leave their corners and come together. Alex moves first getting Patrick in a HAMMER LOCK. Instantly Patrick is up on his green boots trying to ease the pain in his arm. In a very slick move, Patrick ducks under Alex’s arm slides out of the hammer lock and now has Alex in an OVER HAND WRIST LOCK. In just a few seconds Patrick has Alex dancing around looking for a way out of hold. 

For several seconds Patrick keeps Alex trapped in the wrist lock. Alex’s face is a mask of pain. His mouth is open and he is breathing hard. Now Patrick pulls Alex’s arm out straight. He takes it by the wrist and twists it hard. He locks it up with his arm and wraps it around Alex’s elbow. Alex is now locked into a DOUBLE ARM BAR. 

The 19 yr old wrestler begins to scream "My arm- my arm!!! Please Patrick don’t break my arm. Oh please my arm!!!!” Slowly 19 yr old Alex sinks to his knees. Patrick then takes his arm and twists it backward. This now has Alex on his back in the center of the ring. Out in the crowd, Alex’s mother is in tears as she sees her son being taken down. She sobs "He’s going to be defeated, I just know it!!! My baby is going to lose his match!!!” 

Up in the ring she my be correct. Alex is now flat on his back. Patrick has his arm stretched with his boots holding Alex. One boot just under his arm and the other boot against the side of his face. Alex is now softly sobbing. "No-NO-no-no-no, oooooooohhh!!! Tears have begun to run down the side of his face. Inside his orange thong his young manhood has begun to stiffen and grow hard, Alex is getting a DEFEAT BONER. 

The ref kneels beside the young wrestler. HOW ABOUT IT ALEX HAVE YOU HAD ENOUGH? Do you want to submit the match to Patrick?” Almost instantly the ref has her answer.


Alex’s submission ends the match in very short order. The 19 yr old wrestler did not last long. He was somewhat easily defeated by his 18 you old opponent. For several minutes Alex lies at the center of the ring sobbing. His orange thong standing out like a shining beacon. Just bearly holding his DEFEAT BONER in. Alex slowly makes his way out of the ring where his mother is waiting. She helps her beaten son back to the dressing room.  

The next match is the opposite of the second. Instead of very young wrestler we have two much older ones. The male wrestler is Bobby York; he is 51 yrs old and is a former world champion. His opponent is Penny Barlet she is 58 yrs old and was also a world champion. 

Bobby enters the ring wearing a shiny white thong and white boots. To say that Bobby is well endowed is a vast understatement, Bobby is huge Penny enters, wearing a very tight, body hugging Yellow leotard and yellow boots... Even at her age she is still gorgeous and very Shapley. Her leotard is thong cut very high at her waists. It is so high you can often see the tops of her shiny tan pantyhose. It also revels the nipples of her breasts. 

With both wrestlers now in the ring the bell is about to sound. BONG!!!!!! That’s it; the bell sends these two older worriers at each other. Bobby attacks first. He fells that that he needs to end the match quickly as he is old and tires more easily. Bobby, charges straight at Penny. He drives his shoulder into her mid-section. In turn, this drives her back into the corner and slams her against the turnbuckle. 

Penny grabs the top rope seconds after she is slammed into the buckle. Now Bobby begins to execute his plain. He begins to pound penny mercilessly. His fists find open spots even as she tries to cover up. Bam, bam, bam, three very hard punches slam into her stomach and into her breasts. Penny screams in pain as the punches hit her. Using her hands and her arms she tries to block as many punches as possible. 

The brutal pounding continues, now Penny’s breasts are taking hard punches. She tries crossing her arms in front of her breasts and using her hands to protect her face. With her breasts covered by her arms, Bobby begins to pound on her stomach. Punch after punch slams into Penny’s mid-section. 

After taking so much punishment from Bobby, Penny’s legs give out and she slumps to the mat. It’s then that her salvation comes to her. Bobby is standing over her very closely with his arms in the air. In fact his manhood covered by his shiny white thong stretched tightly over his large manhood is right in front of her face.

Bobby thinks that he is about to win this match. That’s when his world explodes. Penny’s first punch lands squarely on the very tip of Bobby’s thong. That means it hit him on the tip of his manhood’s shaft. Her second punch is an upper-cut that explodes against his balls. The third and fourth punches slam into the sides of his shiny white thong. All in all those punches ended any chance of Bobby winning this match.

Still standing Bobby looks down at his now swollen manhood. He wants to scream, but he can make no sound. The look on his face is one of extreme pain. What he does is to cup his hands around his thong and his badly damaged manhood. 

Holding tightly to his stiff and swollen manhood, Bobby stagers back two steps and falls to the mat. Landing first on his butt and then toppling over onto his back. So now hers is the picture of what is happening in the ring. 51 yr old Bobby York, former world champion is on his back lying on the mat. He is holding tightly to his manhood, his eyes wide in extreme pain. 

His opponent 58 yr old Penny Barlet is standing over him looking down. All she need do to win the match is to fall on Bobby. He could not kick out or throw her off of him. Penny however now has different plains for Bobby. She needs to teach him a lesson. She begins by grabbing both of his shiny white boots. She then spreads his legs apart. 

At this the former world champion begins to screaming, "No no oh please no. Don’t stomp on me. Oh god no no, not my manhood, PLEASE, not my manhood!!!” even as he begs for mercy it is already to late. Penny’s yellow boot is headed right between Bobby’s legs. The sole of her boot slams into Bobby’s manhood as if it were an ATOM BOMB!!!! 

Bobby screams in pain, AAAAAAAAHHH!!! My manhood!!! She stomped me, she stomped me!!!! Bobby has a tight hold on his thong lest Penny launches a second kick. He is not waiting to be asked. 


As for Penny, she has been leaning against the ropes all this time at least 4 feet away from Bobby. The ref quickly signals for the bell, the match is over and Penny has won. It takes several ring people to get Bobby to his feet. He refuses to let go of his manhood, as he hobbles back to his dressing room.

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