Woman vs man fighting - no rules!

Michael says: "I think its kinda hot when a girl gets violent, its a REALLY big turn on to me when a girl shows a little bit of her aggressive side and she isn't afraid to show you that side".
Michael who is a young karate coach met Kim at a self-defense training lesson for girls. Kim, who is a slim and agile Japanese girl, has her black belt in karate and they talk about martial arts. Michael does not agree with Kim that girls can defend themselves against men even after completing the self-defense lessons. Kim offers Michael to prove he is right by fighting her in a no holds barred match. Who will be stronger in the fight, Girl or Boy?
Edgar loves to have mixed wrestling bouts with girls, as he likes the closeness of their bodies. The girls also like to wrestle Edgar, as they know with the right moves they can hold and tease Edgar in many different ways. Poor Edgar loses most of the mixed wrestling matches and usually leaves the ring visible aroused much to the enjoyment of the women audience and his acute embarrassment. This match is no exception to his downfall in becoming a victim of a stronger woman.
Iori is a skilled japanese female martial artist. All of Paul's attacks wereunsuccessful as she kept laughing as she fended him off.When Paul finally became exhausted Iori found a good moment for taking dominating control! Kicking wildly, Iori connected with his groin. His knees buckled, but he was quick to recover and never loosened his hold on her. Her heart raced as she twisted, freed an arm, and slammed the heel of her hand into his face. If he hadn’t turned, she would have broken his nose. Her strike was solid enough though, she heard him groan in pain before he released her. Triumphant, she spun around, connecting her right foot with his solar plexus, knocking the wind from him. Now on the attack she switched feet and with her left foot, launched him backward, sending him landing on his back. Regaining her balance before he did, she straddled his chest, her knees and feet trapping his arms. She like to use her deadly karate and kung fu skills and defeat a poor guy!
Paul says: "Imagine that you're a young adolescent boy. Like many your age, you're shy around girls, and you go out to wrestling ring. Your opponent is going to be a slim girl in a tight gym leotard high cutted on her hips and laced boots. You have no wrestling experience and feel weak, your nudity turns you into victim. Your opponent looks like Goddess, her strong body of gymnast protected by sports leotard is a merciless killing machine. She has a black belt, expert skills in judo and karate. You're going to have to grapple with her. In front of spectators. Touching her -- and being touched in your intimate places. Dreaming about just touching this deadly vixen, you getting a hard erection. It's difficult not to want a sexy girl on top of you or concentrate on wrestling while rubbing against fit legs, firm stomach, and lovely breasts. Her fit sexy body in tight leotard is distracting and surprisingly strong. Who will win?"
Iori says: "Gymnastics leotard is a piece of apparel that girls must be worn during wrestling and boxing matches. Gymnastics leotards are designed to resolve the problems with losing a clothing pieces while fighting. Leotards must be cut above hip height and fit close to the body in order to reduce risk of injury. We girls are stronger then men and I love wrestling the boys or men and love see them defeated, hear them cry out or moan or beg to be released and i find it great they also stare at my leotard-clad body and get sexually excited! Because we girls are in control!"
This young 18 y.o. girl has just started high school and she excels in physical sport. Her gymnastics skills are astounding and she user these skills in wrestling. In mixed matches, she beats the boys every time, as they are too slow. She jumps to her feet and her first target on his body was his balls. She lashed out with a vicious kick that sent him sprawling over the floor. As he got up holding his balls, she kicked him in the head. He pulled his hands away from his groin and again she planted two kicks into his balls. Down he went again but this time he was out for the count. On awaking he found himself, all tied up and realized it was a great mistake to attack a young sleeping girl.
Combat workout with new fantastic fighting movements of a women beating up a man! Her husband says: "I started wrestling my wife about 5 months ago. It is great. She is 5'3" and about 125. I am 5'10" and 230. I could not believe her strength and endurance. I have always had a fantasy of wrestling women since childhood. I finally told my wife and she was all for it. She walks the talk. If she says she can, she will. She has amazing leg strength and she knows how to use it. I love her in a one piece bathing suit (high cut). She is my fantasy come to life. I taught her some wrestling terms and holds but she instinctively does everything I have ever seen on a video. I enjoy her new confidence level and her ability to kick my butt anytime she wants to. Now my wife and I wrestle often, she enjoys it beacause she felt herself like a Queen in her sports leotard when she teasing me with her sexy but unaccessible body and hurting my helpless body. Her legs are insanely strong from 14 years of swimming and horse back riding. Her body scissor is deadly i cant move when she locks it on,and she can squeeze me into submission at half power. Her grapevine pin is scary!".
His wife says: "My husband and I have been together for over 12 years, married for 10 of those. He gets really turned on when I wear my dancewear, particularly leotards and tights. He often wants to have some wrestling when I am ready to go to class. So when I have a class I will often get ready a half hour early so we can fool around before hand. This is not a problem for me because I like the way I look in my dance clothes and the fact that he likes it too, turns me on. He's seeing me as hot chick when I dress up that way, as opposed to regular clothing. It's just his part of the mental-sexual stimulation. Yes, I want it look and feel perfect so I can wrestle with confidence in a comfortable leotard. This is the most comfortable leotard I own, snug and sexy! The material is very soft and sleek, prevents my body from trapped in holds with being slippery. Long sleeves are the best solution for wrestling, no risk to become naked. High-cut legs looks sexy and helps me to be male's eye candy, hypnotize and sexually enslave him. He'll get a boner as we start wrestling. It's funny that getting turned on seems to make him weaker while it makes me stronger. Once he has a boner, he's a victim. It's only a matter of time."
The Red Fox is an extremely talented martial artist. She has wild variations of every submission hold. She will apply a camel clutch for at a few minutes just to wear her opponent down. That is when she gets serious and the pain really begins. She will take one hand off the chin and grab an ankle of mine and tuck it in under her armpit, and then does the same on the other side. Now he caught in a camel clutch with both legs pulled up and tucked under her arms. She holds this excruciating manuever until he like jelly and can't fight back and completely helpless. Billy can submit if he want, but it wont do any good as almost this match ends in an extremely painful pretzel hold. Absolutely humiliating. Plus, The Red Fox is wear red leotard and high heel ankle boots which make Billy's bare legs stick to her more which insures no escape. Her leotard and boots are very sexy. But the worst part is at that point, begging or submitting wont get him out, as the submission she requires is for him to squeal like a pig. She has no idea how dangerous she is either as he had been rendered unconscious many times in figure four scissors. She is amazing and scary all at the same time.
Billy says: "Ally entered ring in red gym leotard. The spandex pressed tightly against her chest so hard that her nipples poked through the material. It dug so much into her slit that a slight but noticeable camel toe formed and it had dug so far into her ass crack that she had to constantly dig it out, otherwise most of her ass would be on display. When I first came to know Ally, I'd marvel at how good she looked in her leotards. I dont really know what maked me loving spandex, but I think it was a classmate in the elementary school. One day when we had the sports lesson, I was just observing her. She looked awesome to me in her red leotard and I suddenly fell in love with her (and her suit). All I had been able to think about since the divorce were seeing women dressed in leotards. I think that's what I missed most about my wife. She would always run around in her tight little spandex outfits. My ex-wife knew it drove me crazy. And looks like she told Ally to wear a tight red spandex leotard for our match.".
Ally says: "Mixed wrestling is sex of the psyches. Why do women love it so? Many women love doing it because of the mental stimulation and the mental pleasure that it provides for them. There is an incredible power exchange that takes place during this activity and the mental stimulation usually exceeds any rush that physical pleasure can provide. It makes for great sexual foreplay for the woman. Mixed wrestling strips the man of his masculinity and macho ways and usually causes the man to surrender his strength and his will over to his female aggressor. A woman can sense her man giving up resistance and she senses him melting into submission. This is an incredible power rush to the woman. Also, the effects of this activity usually last for some time. This activity is about the empowering of women as they unleash another level of their previously dormant power. The submissive man is feeling a combination of sexual stimulation, discomfort, and humiliation during mixed wrestling. He now knows that what he use to place so much worth on (namely his balls) is no longer a tool to conqueror women but now the tables have been turned and the female has stripped this symbol of masculinity from him and is now using his vulnerability against him. The woman is telling the man that she is not impressed with the male genitalia and she can even use it as a tool to enslave the male gender. Right clothing is matter a lot for winning a match against male fighter. Wearing traditional fight apparel – leotard, combat boots - makes sense for reinforcing discipline and presentation. Girls look like superheroines, and for those that value that image - this is powerful. Through the clothes, they assume the identity and can become more serious about the work done in combat ring. Leotards are mostly used by women in order to gain some kind of perfection in various types of fights. Women are using leotards for creating an appeal and the figure attractiveness among their male opponents. Leotards used by women facilitate optimum movement making a fight appear quite usable and appealing. Leotards are not only meant to be used for fights but women also use this for gymnastics, athletics, acrobatics and sexual games. These are activities where women tend to have great freedom of movement from the clothing that they wear and therefore it would always be a good choice to use leotards by women because leotards have a comfort factor that is unmatched with any other costume. Leotards do not impede any kind of movements and also allows the women to emphasize on their skills and on their perfection of the moves that that they do. It has a lot of advantages. It gives women the power in the fighting. The girl can be protected and have more fun, especially if she knows how aroused her male opponent when he looking at her body in leotard. Mixed wrestling is not so much about sex as it is about mental domination!".