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B-583 "Punished my mother"

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Can a mother knock her son out with an uppercut, that has him collapse face first into her cleavage? Of course! It's hard as a man to bring myself to actually try to hurt a woman. On the other hand, the women boxers I've seen spar against guys have NO problem trying to beat the crap out of the guys when they put on the gloves. 

This is a boxing beatdown where a busty mom steps into the ring with her 18 y.o. son and beats him from pillar to post. Because her son was too rough on his little sister and now his mother is grounding him. No video games, no tv, and no friends for a month unless he can beat her in a boxing match. The son agrees and the two of them meet in the basement boxing ring. Mom wearing a sexy and very low-cut leotard so she can tease her son with her cleavage, and the son is wearing a speedo his mom bought for him. The bell rings and the two of them meet in the center and the son opens up with an uppercut. Mom dodges with great ease and blocks a pair of hooks. Mom is just not letting him have any angle or entry through her guard. Her son roars in fury and swings a powerful haymaker, that his mother just deflects with a flick of her wrist; and then steps in to drill a powerful body blow right into her boyfs ribs.  She catches him completely off guard and you can see the wind get knocked out of him.

From here on Mom just owns the fight. She displays a little foul play she hugs her boy only to rabbit punch the back of his head.  Mom swings a 1-2 combo into her sonfs jaw and he finds himself backed against the ropes and reeling. Her boy tries to fight his way out, but mom just dances around his straight and punishes his ribs with a vicious hook that pushes him back to the ropes. A hook spins him around chest first into the ropes. She wraps a hand around his throat, choking him in the same way he chokes his sister in their match. His eyes widen as he remembers HOW he won. Sweety, that was her first match, you didnft have to treat her like THIS!h Her fists sinks into his kidney and he screams in pain. She spins him around to slug his head back over the ropes before he can even try to fight back, and then just pushes him right into the ringpost head first. gShe was so excited to have her first match, and do you remember how you treated her?h She fires an upper cut deep into his belly as he tries to flee her wrath, gThe disrespect YOU SHOWED!h Her haymaker sends him careening to her right, barely using the ropes to find the other corner for support when her charge blasts the spit our of his mouth. 

"Well I do," and the mother just starts disciplining her son with a furious and merciless combination into his belly. He starts to fall towards her but her Golden glove just props him up and fires a savage uppercut into his belly. Mom just wants to destroy his belly in the same way he destroyed his sisters belly last weekend. She works his belly over and over and over. He holds him upright in a chest to chest clinch just so she can bury her fist into his stomach. 

And then she goes to a full basement beatdown. Snapping his face from one side to the other with a chain of hooks, some more belly abuse and even another scream inducing kidney punch, she finally, mercifully perhaps even, ends the fight with a chain combo of uppercuts that knocks her boy out, and sends him collapsing into her cleavage.

Finally, her son is knocked out, he goes down to the floor smothered by his mother's large breasts after devastating uppercut. She released him and when he slides down, his mom's knee touched his groin and she felt his erection. Her son is pervert! 

Just as it is perfectly natural for a man to get aroused watching women fight against men, then it is equally normal to get excited when actually taking part in such a contest. Mixed boxing is, by its very nature, an erotic experience. 

His mom did not agree. But it's always lovely to fight a man down and play with his hard one, she admitted. Most girls do it naturally, as a completely automated reflex. Guys see it as a real sexy movement, almost an erotic and provocative movement that truly shakes them, makes their breath faster and their lust for sex/fetish on hot spices... For most of the female fighters doing so, there is nothing here. It's automated and even unnoticed from her. For the male opponents or viewers, it is the absolute, delicate sexual domination provocation. She places her bare foot at his groin to check his state and suddenly feels a wet spot of his semen. It's most terrible! She is half-surprised or shocked and half-excited, a "surprise" making her feel uncomfortable, "Get naked and clean yourself up, dirty pervert!", she said, turning to ringpost to go out.

Her son removed his stained speedos and boxing gloves, feeling humiliated. His mom's big ass looked so sexy when she started to climb over the ropes. This look made him crazy, his mom in front of him flexing in a high cut leotard that were tight enough to show off the curves of her ass. To make things worse it was really thin fabric so upon standing up her butt had started to jiggle up and down. At this point he had a full erection. May be the competitive side of a match doesn't match with the view of an aroused man. However, a man who can't fight in arousal is a defeated man and most women know how to use it to win. Of course, both sexes want to win the match. She is so sure in her victory because his orgasm that was forced by pressure of her foot signifying that the girl is dominating the fight both physically and sexually? But their fight must be more serious! He rushed to his mom from behind, trying to put her in a headlock, but her reaction was fast and merciless when she delivered a swift elbow into his bare groin. Poor guy released his mother and she straddled him, applying a schoolgirl pin. His balls were sore after elbowing, but her large breasts almost smothered him again and his erection just became much harder from this arousal, especially when his cock touched a silver lycra of his mother's leotard when she mounted her on top, pinning his wrists down. She felt his erection too and it was outrageous. "Why are you getting aroused by this?" she screamed, moving her hips away from his erection closer to his face.

"I always get erections from mixed wrestling, even while thinking about it", her son suddenly confessed, "I get a boner even before I start to wrestle with the girl. Just imagining how though a girl can be gives me a boner already. I am in that state before the match even begins. Every girl I've wrestled has been delighted, they consider it a compliment to their beauty and strength".

His mother pinned both his wrists under her muscle shins and turned back, looking at his erection. "Should I be worried that my teenage son got an erection while grappling me?" she thought.

"Did you already wrestle against girls?"

"To be honest - no, I just dreamed about it. I get an erection just looking at the pictures of guys with erections while being pinned helpless by a woman. It makes me feel emasculated just imagining it happening to me so I know I would get hard if a girl pinned me"

"You little pervert! Let me know about your dirty fetishes, I have to beat this trash out of your head!"

"I'd just like to take a part in one-sided competitive match. My preference is for girl with superior skill dominating me, an average-sized unskilled guy. If she will be dressed in high cut leotard like yours one, it may work very well too, especially if I'll wrestle naked."


"I feel the power the woman has over the man increases as she wearing her leotard when he's naked. And it turns me on"

"Enough! I don't want to hear these nasty things!" With that she turned her muscle thighs around his neck, trapping him into powerful head scissors. "I'll show you a real pain that must make your cock flaccid and you will never get aroused by wrestling women!"

He was not able to answer, but his erection just increased, surprising his mother.

"Don't try to resist, I know how to terminate your arousal! When I was 19, I was fighting with my 18-year-old brother and got my legs around his head and neck in a straight head scissors. I knew my legs were very strong from years as a gymnast but I didn't know how strong. I squeezed as hard as I could hoping to be able to make him give up. He started flopping around and I told him to submit, he was hitting my leg and flopping around wildly (I found out later that he was not able to say anything because I was squeezing too hard). I though he was refusing to give up so I pushed his neck up against my crotch relocked my ankles and crushed with all of my strength. He thrashed around some more before gradually going weaker and then suddenly let out a snort and went limp. And you're going to be limp, and your cock is going to be limp too!!!"

His mother was very athletic and her legs are powerful, big rock-hard thighs, big calves. Suddenly she released him at short moment, but immediately threw those legs around his neck again. Her legs are long and he was slim so she got a good grip with those powerful thighs around his neck. She started to squeeze and he felt that he couldn't breathe. She kept on squeezing and by now he was struggling to get out of her grip but there was just no escape. She understood that she stopped me from breathing and when she increased the power in her legs he actually passed out. She noticed when he went limp and his cock went limp too.

Looking down to her defeated son, she smiled satisfactorily. He was knocked out and his cock was flaccid. "Well done. I hope, he must learn this lesson and forget about his stupid fetish", she thought, lifting his naked body over her shoulder and going out from the ring.