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cfnm boston crab leotard girl mixed wrestling holds femdom

Update: 27.03.2020

W-617 "Strongest in family"

Gallery size: 300 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 300 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), completely CFNM, no blood.

Another big night at the wrestling arena. 8 matches and all of them have been fantastic. Up next is a match every fan has been waiting for. It will feature two of the league’s top contenders. Jake Markel will be taking on his wife of almost 20yrs Catherin. Both wrestlers are rated in the top ten and both are in line for a shot at the title. Tonight That may all change, the winner will almost surely get a chance at the title. The loser however will fall out of contention and slide to the bottom of the rankings. 

The wrestlers are about to enter the ring. 38yr old Jake is the picture of masculine power and muscle. Movie star handsome and loved by his fans. His opponent for this fight is his totally gorgeous wife Cathy. At 37 Cathy is super model pretty and Olympian athletic. 

As are the rules of the league Jake will wrestle nude wearing just light blue boots and gloves that come up to his elbows. As for Cathy she has on a black skintight leotard, black pantyhose and black boots. With both wrestlers in the ring the fight can now begin.  

Gong!! The bell starts the match sending both wrestlers out to face each other. Just as they are about to lock up, Cathy sends a SPINNING SIDE KICK slamming into the side of Jake’s head. The heel of her shiny black boot crashes into her husband between his cheek and his temple. Jake’s arms drop to his sides and he staggers and stumbles back against the ropes. As he falls against the ropes he rebounds off them and into a hard right hand from Cathy. 

23 seconds into the match and Jake is badly hurt. The punch landed on his unprotected jaw and sent his stumbling sideways. Jake staggers for a few steps and crumbles to the mat. He lies stretched out at Cathy’s feet, his arms out to his sides and his legs apart. 

Although he has been hit hard and is down and dazed, Jake is a long way from being out. No one knows this better than his beautiful wife Cathy. Moving in on him, Cathy grabs his leg lifts it off the mat and begins to twist it as hard as she can. Her first two attacks have not knocked out her husband and now she begins to try to out wrestle him. 

The leg lock Cathy has him in has woken Jake from his near unconsciousness. The first thing he feels is his leg being twisted very hard. “Wwwhat hhhapend? OOOOHHH!!! My leg, my leg!! He now remembers what has happened to him and how he got in this position. He looks up at Cathy  saying “knocked out, you almost knocked me out.”    

Grabbing at his leg in pain Jake twists from side to side trying to get free. His mind is still clouded by the near knock out as he tries to escape. “I’ve got to get free. She’s going to break my leg. How could she have gotten me in trouble so quickly?” Gathering her strength Cathy lifts Jake off the mat by his leg. The handsome male wrestler is now off the mat, hanging by his leg. 

Showing just how powerful she is, Cathy continues to hold Jake in the very painful hold. Jake has now reached up and is holding his leg with both hands. His very large manhood is flopping around as he hangs there. 

Looking to put an end to the match Cathy while she still holds tightly to his leg drops her husband to the mat face down. Using the hold he has on him She bends his leg and his back into a single leg BOSTON CRAB. Jake screams in pain as both his leg and his back are bent. “AAAAAUUU! It hurts, Oh god it hurts. My back, my back!!”  

Just  outside the ring the commentators are stunned by what is happening in the ring. “right now Jake is taking a tremendous beating. He is on the mat and locked into a very painful submission hold.” 

After being locked into the hold for almost two minutes Jake has crawled to the ropes and has grabbed the bottom strand. The ref tells Cathy to break the hold, she has to let him go. She does, however even after being freed by his wife, Jake is unable to get to his feet. The ref moves close to Jake, “come on Jake, you have to get up or I’ll count you out” Jake remains unmoving, so the ref begins. “ONE-TWO-THREE-FOUR”. Jake has begun to try to get up. He reaches for the middle rope and pulls himself up. The ref’s count has reached 13. Struggling Jake grabs the top rope and pulls himself the rest of the way to his feet. 

Though he is on his feet, Jake is far from good. His legs are wobbly and he is not fully alert. The ref tells him to get off the ropes and wrestle. Jake takes a couple of steps off the ropes and runs right into Cathy. She grabs him turns him around then wraps her arms around his middle. She now has a belly to back BEAR HUG on Jake. 

Jake struggles for several seconds, then his arms drop to his sides his head falls over and he begins to gasp for air. Jake’s body is completely limp. His mouth is open as he gasps for air. See him like this the ref moves in. “Jake, Jake, are you alright? Do you want me to stop it? Come on Jake you have to tell me, do you want to submit? Are you ready to give up.” Slowly he seems to respond. “NO-NO, don’t stop it. I won’t submit. Not giving up.” 

Summoning what’s left of his strength Jack grabs at Cathy’s wrist trying to pry them apart. Slowly, very very slowly he makes a small separation between her wrists. He is able to work his hand into the separation and begin to to pry her hands apart. At last he is free. He has escaped from her hold.

That is not to say he is in good fighting condition. He is not. He takes a step forward away from Cathy and instantly grabs his mid section bending over at the waist  as he does. Cathy charges after him grabbing his head and locking on a SIDE HEAD LOCK. 

Jake struggles in the head lock for a few seconds and then gets HIP TOSSED to the mat. Cathy gives her husband no time to recover. She grabs his by the arm and his hair and pulls him to his feet. It’s clear just how battered he is. Jake cannot stand on his own, Cathy must hold him up. 

Very quickly she jams her arm between Jake’s legs grabs his head and lifts him off the mat. Holding him chest high she drops to one knee. Still holding Jake she slams him down on her out stretched thigh. As his back smashes into Cathy’s thigh Jake screams in pain. “OH god my back!!! My back!!” 

Almost instantly Cathy pushes her husband off her thigh. Jake lands with a thud at his wife’s feet. Cathy drops to her knees beside her husband. Stretching her fingers as wide as she can she jams them between Jake’s legs grabbing his manhood and squeezing as hard as she can. Cathy has just gotten a CROTCH CLAW on Jake.  

Jake begins to kick his legs wildly. He grabs Cathy’s hand and tries to pull it off his manhood, all that does is cause him more pain. As tears well up in his eyes Jake begins to cry out: My manhood, oh god you’re crushing my manhood!! Let me go, please let me go!! Please stop!! Oh god Cathy, please stop. 

Continuing to hold her husband tightly Cathy asks Jake: “Are you ready to give up Jake? I’ve got you, you can’t get free. You need to submit to me. Come on honey, don’t make me hurt even more!!” 

A defiant Jake refuses: No-NO, I’m not going to submit to you Cathy. I can still win this match.  Cathy smiles at her husband’s defiant words. Now aside from squeezing his manhood, Cathy begins to twist it also. As she slowly twist him she can feel him growing hard. Again smiles down on her husband, Cathy knows that he is getting a defeat boner. 

“I’ve got you Jake. I can feel you getting hard. Time to give up sweetheart. Don’t make me hurt you anymore.” Both Jake and Cathy know that he is finished. Jake’s face is the picture of pain. Tears are falling from his eyes and running down his cheeks. Both of his hands are wrapped around Cathy’s wrist but he just can’t pull his manhood free. One more time she asks her husband to submit: “You’re done honey, just submit. Come on now, You know I’ve got you beat. It’s time for you to give up!!!” 

Jake realizes he’s been defeated by his wife and has no choice but to surrender to her: 

“I’m done Cathy. You’ve beaten me!! Let me go, please let me go!! I GIVE UP!!! I GIVE UP!! You win!!! I GIVE UP!!”

The match is finally over, Cathy gets to her feet raising her arms in the air. Jake remains on the mat clutching his aching manhood. 

As Jake lies on the mat in very intense pain the announcer makes the match official.

"The winner of the match with a CROTCH CLAW submission. CATHY DUNKIN!!!"

It takes over five minutes for the staff to get Jake on his feet and heading back to his dressing room. As he slowly moves down the hall he meets up with his son  18 yr old Jacob. Jacob is stunned by the way his father looks as he staggers toward him. Jake is bent over at the waist and is hold his painful manhood with both his hands. “Dad, what’s wrong? What happened to you? Are you Ok?.” Jake shakes his no “I got beat, son. You’re mother defeated me. She made me submit to her.!!”  Jacob 

then tells his father some very disturbing news. “Oh god dad, they just told me that I have to wrestle mom next week. If she did this to you, what is she going to do to me?” A very frightened young wrestler must now wait a week to find out his fate.  

Time passes very swiftly for young Jacob. It’s Saturday and today he must wrestle his mother in the CFNM league. In his dressing room Young Jacob is getting ready. He slips off his street cloths, then pulls his wrestling boots and gloves out of his bag.  Tonight he will wrestle in his shiny white boots and long white gloves.  

Across the hall his mother Cathy is also getting ready. She will wrestle tonight in a light blue leotard, shiny dark tan pantyhose and blue boots. With both wrestlers in the ring the announcer begins: Wrestling fans this is a one fall match to a finish, pin or submission. To my right with a record of 4 wins and no defeats Jacob Dunkin and his opponent to my left Cathy Dunkin, her record is 17 wins and no defeats. This fans is a special mother Vs son match. 

As they wait for the bell the two wrestler could not be more different. Cathy is relaxed and ready and her son Jacob is completely terrified. The bell sounds and the wrestlers move out and lock up. They engage in a quick test of strength that Cathy easily wins. She very quickly slips behind Jacob taking his arm and wrenching it up into a HAMMER LOCK. Jacob’s eyes grow wide with pain and a look of terror crosses his face. 

Cathy holds her son in the Hammer lock for about 30 seconds, then she stretches out his arm into a STRIGHT ARM LOCK. Applying pressure to his elbow and shoulder Cathy has the 18ye old male up on his toes struggling to get free. As Cathy increases the pressure she is applying to his arm Jacob cries out in pain. “My arm-my arm, PLEASE MOM. You’re breaking my arm.” 

Sitting at ring side Jake Dunkin is shocked by how easily his wife is handling their son. Jake had always thought that Jacob was perhaps the best wrestler in the family. He knew that he was no longer the best after last week having been defeated by his wife Cathy.

Cathy has now move away from Jacob’s arm. She has him up in the air and is ready to slam him to the mat. Using all her strength Cathy slams Jacob to the mat. The impact stuns the teenage boy. Jacob cries out in pain from the slam as he arches up his back. “My back oh god my back!! For a few seconds young Jacob remains arched up and holding his back. The crowd including his father notice something. Jacob’s 18 yr old manhood has started to swell. Jacob is getting a DEFEAT BONER. 

Having seen this Jake moves to ringside. “Don’t quit Jacob!! Keep fighting son, don’t give up yet.”  Jacob does not want to give up, but he may have no choice. Cathy has also seen her son’s DEFEAT BONER and now wants’ to end the match. Cathy grabs her son by his hair and arm and pulls him to his feet. Grabbing his head and reaching between his legs she picks him up, lifts him over her head than slams him down again. 

Jacob lands with a crash. His chest is heaving as he gasps for breath. His manhood has continued to swell and now is fully erect. Jacob has a huge defeat boner. Just outside the ring Jake is saddened at watching his only son take this beating. He also sees that there is no smile on his wife’s face. She too is not happy having to punish her son. 

As for Jacob, the punishment is not over. Although he is dazed and very near defeat, he has not yet conceded the match to his mother. So, Cathy has no choice. She again pulls Jacob to his feet, lifts him in the air then slams him to the mat. After this slam it’s clear to her that Jacob is very nearly finished, all she needs to do is apply the finishing submission hold on him. 

Cathy pulls Jacob to the center of the ring by his boots. She quickly flips him over onto his stomach. Stepping on the back of his thighs she wraps his shiny white boots around hers. She reaches forward grabbing his arms. She then begins to rock back and forth. 

As she rocks, Jacob begins to understand what his mother is going to do to him. He instantly begins to scream. “NO-NO, not this, oh please not this!!! I’m begging you mom, don’t do this to me. Please don’t do this. But it’s already too late. One last rock and Jacob is lifted off the mat, up and over. Cathy now has her son in an inescapable ROMARO-CELING HOLD. 

With his legs bent and his arms stretched Jacob is in intense pain. It takes only a few seconds for him to surrender to his mother. 

“Stop mom, please stop!! I’m begging you, let me go!! OH please let me go!!!"

It is a very sad sight for Jake to see. His only son trapped in a crushing submission hold, begging for mercy. His beautiful wife holding him tightly in the hold. 

As for Jacob he is completely beaten. The hold has drained all his strength as well as his will to fight. His manhood is stiff and swollen. The ref moves in asking the teen wrestler if he’s had enough and wants to submit. As for Jacob, he can think of nothing else.

“YES-YES!! I’ve had enough, she’s beaten me. I GIVE UP!! I GIVE UP!! PLEASE mom, I want to submit. Let me go, please let me go!!! I SUBMIT!! I SUBMIT!!!"

That’s it for Jacob, he’s been defeated by his mother and now lies on the mat unmoving. Quickly His father Jake is in the ring and kneeling beside his defeated son. “Jacob, are you ok son? How is your back, can you get to your feet?”. It’s a sad moment for Jake, seeing his son lying on the mat with tears running down his cheeks. “Not yet, dad. Can’t move yet. Just need to lie here for a moment.”  

Jacob is still on the mat when his mother leaves the ring. “Why did he do this to me? Look at me, I’ve got a defeat boner and she made me cry. I’m so embarrassed. I’ve been beaten my mother”. Jake tries to calm his son. “I know Jacob, but that’s what pro-wrestling is all about. You know she beat me too. She left me with a defeat boner and crying just like you.” She’s a better wrestler then either of us.” 

After a few minutes Jake is able to help his son off the mat and back to his dressing room. As he enters, standing there is his mother. “I’m so sorry Jacob, I didn’t want to do that to you. I didn’t want to wrestle you. I had no choice. The promoter said he would fire all of us if I didn’t wrestle you. He told me I had to beat you. I didn’t want to son, I didn’t want to!!” 

Jacob smiles at his mother and tells her. “Well, we all know something now. You’re the best wrestler in the family. You can and have beaten both of us.”      

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