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mixed wrestling thong leotard facesitting match

Update: 06.01.2017

W-443 "Carrie vs Steve"

Gallery size: 100 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 100 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), partially CFNM, no blood.

There is a middle aged male wrestler wearing trunks, but no boots. His opponent Is a young girl in a black one piece swimsuit with black wrestling boots and knee pads. She will be accompanied by here mother who remains outside the ring. She will be wearing a blue dress, dark nylons and black leather fashion boots. The ring announcer (Captions across the top) will start by explaining that this is a special exhibition match to introduce this new young girl wrestler (Carrie). It will be her first professional match. Her mother is a retired champion wrestler who runs her own wrestling school. She has been known as a villain type wrestler who won most here matches by using dirty tactics. She has been training her daughter from a very young age and now it's time for her debut in a mainstream match. Her opponent (Steve) is a veteran wrestler of many years who, although is not a champion, but has managed to make a comfortable living on the wrestling circuit. The referee has them in the middle of the ring and explains that this is just a charity fundraising match to introduce the audience to this new young wrestler. Steve shakes Carrie's hand and says "Don't worry kid. I'll go easy on you." Carrie says "Thanks Steve. I'm a little nervous." The ref says "you will do fine. Remember, this is just for fun. Now back to your corners." Her mother is standing on the ring apron outside the ropes. She whispers to her daughter "Good job. Now go in there and clobber that fool. No mercy. Try to get him over into this corner. He's bigger and stronger than you, but I can help even things up." The ring announcer Says "This is a 30 minute time limit. Who ever gets the most falls or submissions wins." The bell dings and the wrestlers approach each other. They are both smiling at each other. The ref is not smiling but is watching intently. They lock up in a test of strength and Steve is winning. He ends up pushing Carrie against the ropes. The ref says "She is on the ropes. Let her go!" Steve is a gentleman and backs away.


Carrie's mom Is out side the ropes in the corner behind him. Carrie suddenly springs off the ropes and tackles Steve. Her momentum pushes Steve into the corner where her mom is. The ref instructs her to back away because now he is on the ropes. She ignores the ref and her mother, 'Monica' laces her fingers over Steve's face and pushes her thumbs into his eyes. She is pulling his head back towards her against the rope and pushing her knee into his back. Carrie backs away raising her hands to show that she is not doing anything wrong. The ref tells Monica to release him by the count of 5 or her daughter will lose this round. As she counts Carrie pulls off Steve's shorts and parades around the ring with them. The ref gets to the 5 count and the bell rings. Steve has won the first round because of the girls' cheating. The ref takes the shorts from Carrie and drops them outside the ropes in Steve's corner. Monica releases Steve and jumps down off the ring apron onto the floor and disappears from view. Carrie goes to her corner and Steve walks over to his. The ref says there is a 2 minute break and then the next round will start. Steve steps through the ropes and bends over to pick up his trunks to put them on. But Monica has sneaked up behind him and reaches between his legs and grabs his balls. She pulls up on his balls which keep him bent over. His trunks are in his hand but he can't put them on. Monica says 'Stay still mister. This will only take a couple of minutes." While this is going on outside of the ring, Carrie is distracting the ref by talking to her in her corner. Monica tells Steve to drop the trunks. She says "Break is almost over Steve. Time to get back in the ring. He carefully goes back through the ropes with her still holding his balls from behind. She keeps him like that until the ref says time's up and the bell rings. Monica releases him and hops down off the ring apron and disappears. The ref turns around and sees that Steve is still naked. "Why didn't you put on your clothes?" Steve starts to answer "I tried but...". Carrie races across the ring and knees him in the face to keep him silent. She then hops on his back and rides him around the ring. He is on his hands and knees. Her boots are dug into his balls and her hands are laced across his face making it hard for him to breath or see because once again he has thumbs pushed into his eyes.


The ref is standing there looking down at him. The ring announcer say "It looks like Carrie has total control of the veteran wrestler. This is very humiliating for him. But we can't forget that he is actually winning the match by one fall against zero. She will have to do more than embarrass him if she wants to at least tie this match. Monica is back in her corner. "Not much time left honey. Finish him!" Steve suddenly starts to violently buck to get the girl off his back. He struggles to his feet and staggers around the ring. The girl still clamped on tight. Boots still clamped around his balls, like she is using them as support to keep her up on his back. Blood is starting to trickle from his eyes. Finally he crashes back down onto the mat. Her mom yells "Good job honey keep him down!" The ref kneels down beside him and asks if he submits. He can only muffle a gurgling sound through Carrie's hands. Her mom says "Your running out of time. We still need one more fall after this one." The ref asks again and this time Carrie loosens her fingers over his mouth just enough so he can submit. The bell rings and the clock stops. Time for another 2 minute break. Carrie holds him in position long enough for her mom to sneak back over to Steve's corner. The ref demands that she release him and she does. Now the ref is scolding Carrie as she walks back over to her corner. Meanwhile Monica is waiting for Steve in his corner. This time he doesn't even get all the way out of the ring. As he bends down and puts his head through the middle rope she clamps on a front headlock and holds him im-mobile half in and half out of the ring. She starts grinding on his face and eyes again. Meanwhile Carrie is distracting the ref again by being scolded for her over aggressive behavior.


The ring announcer says "This is the dirtiest match I have ever seen. It is only an exhibition match. But I understand what the girls are doing. There is no way a small girl like Carrie could hope to defeat a big experienced wrestler like Steve in a fair fight. She is dominating him in the ring because he is under constant attack. While she is relaxing and composing herself, he is being tortured and further weakened by her mother, never getting a chance to re-set and get his trunks back on. That was a shrewd tactical move as well. Besides humiliating him, his groin is exposed to attack like his face. These girls know exactly what they are doing. It's almost time for the match to begin. Only five minutes left. If Steve can hang in there it will only be a tie." Once again Monica releases Steve and disappears Just as the ref turns around to start the match. He barely turns around and starts to stand up and Carrie races across the ring and does a flying headscissors. They end up on the mat. She is sideways on the mat with her legs clamped around his neck, his head pulled up close to her rear end. The rest of his body is flat out on his back in front of her. His balls are exposed for all to see. He eventually tries to cover himself with one hand while trying to loosed her legs with the other hand. The ref is in very close looking a him. Monica is back in her corner and yells "You only have 3 minutes left. Do something!" She reaches behind her where Steve's head is trapped between her thighs and covers his face with her hand. She starts clamping his face with her hand and once again working his bloody eyes. He now uses both hands to try to fight back and get free. He is bucking wildly to get loose and escape the pain.


The ref is looking scared and concerned for him but is hanging in close in case he passes out or submits. He actually finally kicks out of the hold and starts to sit up. He doesn't get far before Carrie puts her hand across his battered face and pulls him back down flat on the mat. Her mom yells "There are only a few seconds left! Submit him now!" Carrie replies. "Okay mom. I know what to do." She climbs onto Steve's face in a reverse straddle position with his face smothered up into her crotch. Then she reaches down and grabs his balls with both hands and squeezes. He screams and bucks. The ref is in close. "Do you submit Steve?" He manages to get out a muffled yes. The bell dings. The announcer says "Submission with only 2 seconds left. Carrie wins 2 falls to 1!" Carrie takes her time getting up off of him and saunters over to her corner. The ref helps Steve to his feet and makes him stand there while Carrie comes back into the centre of the ring. The ref holds her hand up in victory while looking at Steve with contempt. She is embarrased for him. Then Carrie (Acting like the shy girl at the beginning of the match) says "Thanks for the match mister. I learned a lot." She then reaches over to shake his hand. The ref is still holding his hand down and the other one is covering his balls. That doesn't matter to her. She just uses both of her hands to pry his hand off his balls and shakes his hand and smiles for the cameras.

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