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ballbusting mixed wrestling leotard femadom fighting

Update: 06.10.2017

W-483 "A young star crashes"

Gallery size: 170 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 170 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.


As he approached the wrestlers entrance to the arena the usual crowd of screaming young girls, and woman were waiting for him. It happens every time and every were he appears. He is the brightest up and coming star in the wrestling world. 19 yr old Kenneth Wounder was everything the League could ask for in an attraction. Super model handsome, incredible young body, a man bulge that left nothing to the imagination. Since he began wrestling just one year ago The League had to move to a bigger arena.

And now the talk is that they will have to move again. An even bigger arena is needed to handle the over-flow crowds that are coming to see Kenneth wrestle. Thus far he has beaten everyone he has faced, tonight should be no different.

Across the hall Ken’s opponent is about to get ready for the match. She entered the arena to no fans screaming her name. There were no young boys admiring her she just walked in and went to her dressing room. The reason for that is that she is at the end of her career, not the beginning. She began wrestling a 18 and she is 43. She still has a great body although somewhat heaver now. She is still strong, just not as fast. The one thing she still has just like in the beginning is the will to win. She is still a fighter.

Dottie Douglas reaches into her gear bag and pulls out her wrestling gear. A shiny wet look light blue leotard and black fishnet pantyhose. She pulls both on and steps into her shiny light blue boots. The 43 yr old female is ready to wrestle.

Young, handsome, virile Ken Wounder is also preparing to wrestle. First a very thin but strong jockstrap. Then bright orange tights, a shiny black thong and finally shiny black boots. The knock on the door means it’s time to wrestle.

With both wrestlers in the ring the announcer begins:

“Wrestling fans this is the main event. In the blue corner she is the long time contender as well as a former world champion DOTTIE DOUGLAS!!! And her opponent he is a bright and up and coming star. With a record of 22 wins and no defeats. The wrestling heart throb KEN WOUNDER!!!"

At the sound of his name hundreds of women begin to scream. Young and old they begin to chant KEN-KEN-KEN!!! Over and over.

With the instructions given both wrestlers return to their corners. Both make last second adjustments to their wrestling gear. Dottie pulls up her pantyhose and adjusts her leotard. Across the ring Ken stretches up his orange tights and fixes his thong. There’s the bell, BONG!! the match begins.

Ken is out of his corner very quickly, grabs Dottie’s arm. He ducks under it then twists it up into a HAMMER-LOCK. Dottie grimaces in pain as her arm is twisted and yanked upward. Ken then kicks her in the back of her knees dropping her to her knees. Following her to the mat, he then pushes her forward face down. With her arm bent up behind her Dottie kicks her legs trying to get free. With his shoulders across her upper back Dottie is held down firmly.

Having his opponent trapped on the mat Ken reaches around in front of Dottie and adds a CROSS-FACE to the HAMMER-LOCK. Dottie moans in pain as her arm is twisted along with her neck. She wants to scream out, but doesn’t want Ken to know how much pain she is in.

After only a minute or so Ken changes his tactics. He releases Dottie from the CROSS-FACE and slips his arm under hers. Working it behind her neck she applies a HALF-NELSON on her. Pulling her head down and back he is trying to get her shoulders onto the mat.

Dottie is in big trouble and she knows it. “He’s so strong. I’ve got to get out of this. He’s going to pin me if I don’t get free. As Ken works to get Dottie’s shoulders on the mat he loses sight of where they are. Twisting and wiggling she has managed to get close enough to the ropes to get her boot on the bottom rope. As soon as her boot touches the rope Dottie cries out “ROPES-ROPES, I’M IN THE ROPES. BREAKE THE HOLD, GET HIM OFF ME!!!”

Ken lets Dottie go and gets to his feet. The 43yr old female wrestler slowly struggles to get up. After pulling on the ropes she is able to get to her feet. Dottie holds the ropes for support and breathes deeply trying to regain her strength. After the ref tells Dottie: “Come on Dottie, get off the ropes. You have to wrestle or get counted out.”

Not waiting for her, ken moves in and grabs her arm. A swift twist and he pulls her off the ropes. Dottie shouts in pain as Ken twists her arm, “My arm, Oh god my arm.” He then whips her across the ring into the opposite turnbuckle. Dottie slams into the turnbuckles and slumps to the mat. She lies in the corner with her legs tucked up under her. She holds the middle rope with both hands, one on each side of the ring post.

Dottie is gasping for breath and moaning in pain, “AAAAAH! AAAAAH! AAAAAH!. Need air, hard to breath. “ Kenny is on her quickly, he pulls her to her feet and again twists her arm. For the second time he whips her into the turnbuckle. She hits it with tremendous force and again collapses to her knees.

Seeing his opponent down again Kenny raises his arms over his head in a victory pose. Putting his down a little he charges at her like a bull. As he is about to slam his knee into her head Dottie manages to raise her leg. Instead of Ken delivering a knock out knee to Dottie, the heel of her boot impacts him just fractions of an inch above his man bulge.

Kenny’s eyes bulge wide. His mouth opens in a scream but nothing comes out. His face is a mask of pain and bewilderment. For a second or two he seems not to know what has happened to him. Then the pain hits him like a sledgehammer. His hands fly between his legs. He staggers back several steps looking at Dottie in disbelief. As if in slow motion his knees buckle and he sinks very slowly to the mat.

There is an audible gasp from the crowd. All of Kenny’s female fans are stunned to see their hero down. Yet, there he is, on his knees his hands between his legs cupping his injured manhood. The shocked and pained expression still on his face.

Seconds later a loud and terrifying scream comes from Kenny. AAAAAAOOOUUU!!! As he remains on his knees Dottie has struggled to her feet. She sees her young male opponent on his knees right in front of her. She wastes no time.

Quickly Dottie moves in on the stunned teenager. She pulls his arms out from between his legs. Wrenching them up behind him she plants one of her boots between his shoulders. With all the strength she can muster Dottie pulls back on Kenny’s arms.

Kenny shakes his head at the new pain and realizes he is caught in a new hold. The joints in the young man’s shoulders are in great pain. Once again Kenny screams in pain. “MY ARMS-MY ARMS. YOU’ER TARING MY ARMS OUT!! Kenny throws his head back and softly moans “OOOOH!! IT HURTS!!"

After holding the teen wrestler in the Surf-Board hold for a minute or two Dottie drives her boot into his back and slams him face first into the mat. Dazed Kenny lifts his head off the mat. His mind searches for what’s next. “What is she going to do to me?” He quickly finds out. Dottie drops onto his back. Grabbing his arms she hooks them over her knees. She reaches under his chin and pulls up hard.

Kenny Wounder, the 19 yr old wrestling sensation is trapped in a Camel-Clutch. With only 22 matches to his credit the young male has trouble trying to counter Dottie’s hold. His mind races is he struggles, “I’ve got to get free. She’s breaking my neck. I can’t let her submit me!!” Seeing that he is in trouble the ref asks Kenny “HOW BOUT IS KEN, DO YOU WANT TO SUBMIT?” Struggling thru the pain Kenny answers, NO-NO NOT SUBMITTING!! WOUN’T GIVE UP!"

After several minutes the desperate teenager finally reaches up and grabs Dottie by her hair and pulls her off him. Dottie is quickly to her feet and pulls Ken up by his hair. Holding him by the hair she drives her forearm into his chest sending him staggering back against the ropes. With his arms stretched out holding the top rope Dottie pounds Kenny with two powerful forearm smashes. She follows that up with a knee to his mid-section.


Pulling both his arms off the top rope Dottie then pulls Ken to the center of the ring. Reaching between his legs and hooking his head Dottie lifts the young man off the mat. She holds him chest high for several seconds then slams him down hard to the mat. The impact of the slam stuns Kenny. He arches his back up off the mat and grabs at it trying ease the pain.

Giving him no time to recover Dottie again pulls her male opponent off the mat and again reaches between his legs. Kenny is now very frightened of what Dottie is doing to him. His thoughts race “OH god no, she’s going to slam me again.” Almost before he can finish the thought his back slams into the canvas at Dottie’s feet.

Kenny again arches up his back. For the third time Dottie begins to pull him off the mat. Fear overcomes the 19yr old as Dottie reaches between his legs. “NO-NO, DON’T SLAM ME AGAIN!! YOU’RE GOING TO BREAK MY BACK. PLEASE DON’T SLAM ME!!" It is however already too late.

BLAM!!!! Kenny’s back crashes into the mat.

This time Kenny just lies there. Arms at his sides, legs spread apart unmoving. The bulge in his thong has grown with fear of defeat. There is nothing he can do about it. Dottie sees Kenny’s growing bulge and knows he is near defeat.

“What am I going to do? She’s going to beat me.” Reaching down Dottie pulls Kenny back to his feet.

There is a look of fear on the young male wrestlers face. “Not again!! PLEASE, not again.” Kenny is terrified. This has never happened to him before and he does not know how to react. The look on his face is of total fear, for the first time in a wrestling ring Kenny is facing defeat.

Even though she feels sorry for the 19yr old boy, she must go about her business. Dottie scoops Kenny up and holds him chest high. Dropping to one knee Dottie slams her young opponent down across her extended thigh.

All Kenny can do is scream in pain. “MY BACK, MY BACK!! He no longer has the strength or the ability to fight her off, fear has overcome him and he has lost the will to win. “She’s beaten me!! I’m going to be defeated. OH god no, I’m going to lose the match!!”

The fans at ring side can see the fear on Kenny’s face, they can see the tears forming in his eyes and they can hear him sobbing in pain. “She’s got me!! It hurts so bad. I can’t get free. To add to is pain Dottie puts on hand on his upper chest, she places the other hand across his upper thigh just below his manhood. She begins to push down with both hands. Kenny scream in pain OOOOOH!! My back


Dottie looks at the ref and says, "COME ON REF, ASK HIM. SEE IF HE WANTS TO GIVE UP?"

The ref kneels down beside the trapped young male. “KENNY HAVE YOU HAD ENOUGH? ARE YOU READY TO SUBMIT? COME ON KENNY TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT TO DO"

There is no answer from the young wrestler. The ref is very sure the Kenny is defeated and can’t go on much longer. Again she asks “Tell me Kenny, you have to tell me. Do you want to submit? HAVE YOU HAD ENOUGH?"

At last Kenny seems to understand what the ref is asking. His head begins to nod and he shouts out his surrender:



Having submitted the match to her, Dottie pushes Kenny off her thigh. Kenny rolls off Dottie’s thigh and lands on the mat face up. Dottie gets to her feet and raises her arms over her head in victory. At her feet lies the beaten 19yr old wrestler who is now no longer undefeated. He is stretched out on the mat with his legs wide apart, his arms out to his sides and his eyes closed.

Dottie returns to her corner. Kenny remains stretched out on the mat unmoving. The announcer begins the official decision:

"In the time of 11minutes & 31 seconds the winner of this match via back breaker submission DOTTIE DOUGLAS!!!!"


Dottie comes out of her corner and raises her arms over her head. Most of the fans give her a loud cheer. However Kenny’s female fans remain in stunned silence.


Slowly Kenny begins to get up. He makes it to one knee, then slowly stands up. He staggers slowly to his corner and holds on tightly to the ropes. His head bows resting on the top turn buckle. Dottie makes her way over to Kenny and puts her arm around his shoulder. “I hope your OK Kenny, you put up a very good fight.” All Kenny can do is nod. Turning toward Dottie he tells her “I thought I had you, you are an excellent wrestler. You came back and put a real beating on me. I was just not ready for someone as good as you.”

Back in his dressing room Kenny stands with his head down as he pulls off his thong. “I had her, I had her. I let her come back and defeat me.” Kenny unties his boots and pulls the off. ”what are my going to say? I’m not undefeated any more. I’ve lost the match.” Kenny slips out of his orange tights and stands naked in the middle of the dressing room. With his head bowed he can see that he still has a slightly stiff manhood. “How will I ever live this down, I’ve still got a DEFEAT BONER!!” He then heads to the shower.

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