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tag team mixed wrestling leotard female domination fight

Update: 09.12.2016

W-439 "Guardians tag match"

Gallery size: 390 Full HD pictures

Tag team mixed wrestling, catfighting, 390 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

It's been almost 5 weeks since he had lost to her. It was a brutal loss. She submitted him in under 8 minutes. Now he will have to face her again. This time he hopes it will be different, this time he will have his tag-team partner with him. They are a married couple in their 20's they are hugely in love. She fell for him the first time see saw him. He was about 20 minutes behind her. They have been married for 5 years.

They are known in wrestling as the Guardians. He is Guardian I and she is Guardian II they are an up and coming tag-team. In fact they are swiftly moving to the ranks. So fast that this is a contenders match. The winners get to face the world champions for the title. The losers will fall out of the ranking and have to start again.

They strip off their street cloths and begin to dress for the match. Both will wear shiny dark tan pantyhose. Guardian I steps into his wrestling thong and pulls it up. Guardian II wiggles into a thong cut leotard that is skin tight and revels almost everything. They both slip on their wrestling boots and lace them tight. The Guardians are all in white, they wear white masks to match the rest of their gear.

Across the hall the other tag-team in the match is also getting ready to fight. They are known as The Legends of The Pink. He is PINK I and she is PINK II. As you might guess they wear pink in the ring. He is dressed in shiny tan pantyhose, a pink wrestling thong with pink boots and pink mask. She is in a pink thong leotard, tan pantyhose and pink boots. Both teams are ready to wrestle. Both teams are in the ring and the announcer begins:

"This is a special tag-team match. It features two husband and wife teams. It is also a special contenders match. The winner of this match will get a chance at the world title! In the white corner. With an undefeated record are the husband and wife team of The Legends of The Pink! And their opponents in the black corner. They too are a husband and wife team. They also are undefeated The Guardians!"

All four wrestlers meet at center ring for instructions. The ref give them her instructions and they return to their corners to await the bell. They use this time to adjust and fix their gear. Pantyhose are pulled up and smoothed and thongs are adjusted. All four are now read to wrestle. Seconds before the bell Guardian I and Pink II exit the ring. Starting the match will be Guardian II and Pink I. The bell sounds and the match is started. Both wrestlers circle out of their corners and move to lock up. They meet and grab each other Collar & Elbow. Both wrestlers struggle for dominance. Pink I begins to shove Guardian II back toward the ropes. As he gets her against the ropes he drives his knee into her stomach. He then Snap-Mares her off them and back to the center of the ring.

Looking for a quick finish he leaps in the air in an attempt to crush her for the pin. Guardian II reacts instantly pulling up her knees that crash into Pink I's abdomen. With the wind knocked out of him he rolls off her and onto the mat. For the next 6 minutes Guardian II and Pink I battle back and forth. The fans are on their feet as the two wrestles fight it out. Arms and legs are twisted and stomped. Head-locks, bear hugs, claw holds are all used.

After a while both wrestlers are wined and need to tag their partners. First to tag is Pink I. He stretches his are out to his wife and tag-team partner and she quickly tags him. A second after the tag is made Guardian II races across the ring and tags in her husband and tag-team partner. This is a restart of their first match. Guardian I and Pink II enter the ring and lock up COLLAR & ELBOW they push and pull trying to establish control. Pink II begins just where she left off in their last match.

Slipping behind Guardian I, Pink II locks his arm into a HAMMER-LOCH. Moving from the hammer lock , she grabs his free arm and twists it up behind him. She now has Guardian I in a standing SURF-BOARD. Raising his arms up as she twists them Pink II drives Guardian II to his knees. To increase his pain Pink II puts her boot between his shoulders and pulls back. As his arms are pulled Guardian I screams in pain "My arms, my arms. You're going to break my arms." As Pink II continues to twist Guardian I's arms he again cries out. "It hurts, OH jezz my arms."

After several minutes Pink II releases his arms and stomps him to the mat. He crashes to the mat face first and lets out a grown "OOOOH!!" Grabbing his shiny white boots Pink II folds one of them over the other locking Guardian II's legs together. Sitting on his boots Pink II reaches forward and cups her hands under Guardian II's chin. Pulling up as hard as she can Pink II lifts Guardian I's shoulder and chest off the mat. Guardian I quickly starts to scream in pain "My back, oh god my back. OOOOOU!! It hurts." Guardian I slaps the mat in pain as his back is stretched. After only a few more seconds he stretches out his arm trying to reach his partner. "Tag me, please tag me. I have to get out of the ring. It hurts too bad, she's going to submit me again!!"
Stretching as far as she can Guardian II manages to tap her husband's fingers.

After the tag Guardian I laid on the mat by the edge of the ring holding his back. Guardian II entered and was met by Pink I. In a complete reversal husband and wife roles were reversed. Pink I and Guardian II lock up and fight to gain supremacy. Guardian II slips behind Pink I and locks a DRAGON NECK BREAKER on him. Pink I struggles but soon collapses to his knees. As his back is bent and stretched his pink thong and pantyhose are stretched tightly over his bulging manhood.

Pink I finally escapes from the DRAGON NECK BREAKER. Getting to his feet he holds the ropes for support. After a few seconds both wrestlers go back at it. They exchange holds, each trying to weaken the other. After several more minutes both wrestlers are near exhaustion. Finally Pink I manages to tag in his wife Pink II. At the same time Guardian II races to tag her husband, Guardian I into the ring.

As Guardian I steps between the ropes Pink II grabs him by his white mask and pulls him to the middle of the ring. Having him bent over at the waist as she holds his mask she smashes her knee into his face. His head explodes upward and he flies across the ring landing on his back. Pink II gives Guardian I no time to recover. She races to him and pulls him off the mat. Twisting Guardian I's arm into a wringer she whips him into the ropes. As Guardian I springs back at her, Pink II drives her knee into to Guardian I he grabs at his midsection and drops to his knees. As he falls forward on his face Guardian I's hand hits Guardian II's making the saving tag.

Guardian II enter the ring and for about two minutes she and Pink II exchange holds. Tiring quickly Pink II makes a tag with her husband Pink I. Just as Pink II attacked her husband. Guardian II instantly attacks Pink I. As he steps thru the ropes Pink I is met by a FLYING DROP KICK from Guardian II. The bottom of her boots crash into his face sending Pink I flying back into the ropes and down to his knees. Dazed Pink I struggles to get to his feet. He reaches up to the top rope and tries to pull himself up. Guardian II grabs him and jerks him to his feet. She them whips him into the corner turnbuckles.
Following Pink I into the corner Guardian II drives her knee into his mid-section. Two more knees follow in quick succession. Pink I is left holding his stomach as he is pulled from the corner.

Dragging him by his arm Guardian II twists it and sends him flying toward the ropes. As the masked wrestler flies back at her, Guardian II wraps him up in an ABDOMINAL STRETCH. Pink I struggles to get free. However the pain is overwhelming him. Soon he is screaming in pain. She's got me!! Help me please help me. The pain, I can't take much more. HELP ME PLEASE!!" Pink II stretches her arm out as far as she can. She calls out to her partner Pink I "I'm trying, reach out!! You have to stretch out. You've got to tag me in!!" After over a minute of struggle and pain Pink I manages to make the tag to Pink II.

As Pink II enters the ring Guardian II turns to tag in her partner. Making the tag Guardian I also enters the ring. Pink II instantly attacks her opponent. She grabs Guardian 's arm and gives it a twist. Pulling him she sends Guardian I flying across the ring, slamming into the corner. Pink II is right behind him as his back crashes into the turnbuckle. As Guardian I struggles to stay on his feet, Pink II grabs his white thing and pulls it out. As she does she delivers a crushing punch to Guardian I's stomach. "OOOOOOH!!!" Guardian I cries out from the punch.

Not satisfied Pink II again grabs Guardian I's thong pulling out it again. "BLAM!!" A second punch explodes into Guardian I. Devastated by the second punch Guardian I grabs at his stomach with both hands and sinks to his knees. Looking up to his wife and partner guardian I calls out to her "I'm hurt!! I've got to get out of the ring. She really hurt me this time!!".

Pink II has no intention of letting Guardian I out of the ring. From her corner she hears her husband and tag partner Pink I call out to her "Finish him!! Don't let him out, make him submit!". Pink II pulls Guardian I up off his knees by his mask. Still holding him by the mask she drives her knee into his mid-section several times. Holding his belly Guardian I begs Pink II to stop "Stop, please stop!! It's hurts too much. Take me to the mat and pin me." That however is not what she has in mind for him.

Releasing his mask Pink II twists Guardian I's arm and whips him into the ropes. As he flies back at her Pink II catches him in an ABDOMINAL-STRETCH. There nylon covered legs entwine and she bends him over sideways. Guardian I instantly begins to scream in pain. AAAUUUUUOO!!, you're tarring me apart!! HELP ME!! Please help me. Oh Jeez, she's got me I can't get free. Tag me-Tag me I've got to get out of the ring!!

Across the ring Guardian II sees her husband and partner suffering in enormous pain. She hears him call out to her for help. Hearing his screams of pain she can take no more. She leaps over the top rope and races toward her husband. What she does not see is Pink I coming straight at her. As she is about to reach Guardian I trying to break the hold on him, Pink I's fist crashes into her chest knocking her to the mat. Dazed and groggy she lies on the mat near her husband. Pink I quickly grabs her by her hair and pulls Guardian II to her feet. Twisting her arm he sends her flying into the ropes. As she springs back toward him Pink I wraps his leg around hers. He then wraps his arm around Guardian II's head locking her into an ABDOMINAL-STRETCH just like her husband. The Legends of The Pink now have both Guardians locked into inescapable submission holds.

Guardian I not realizing that his tag-team partner is also trapped by one of the Pink's continues to scream in pain and cry out for help. "OOOOOH god it hurts. You're hurting me, I can't take much more of this pain. All this manages to accomplish is to get Pink II to tighten her hold on him. "OH god, no more. HELP ME PLEASE HELP ME, I NEED TO TAG!!

Hearing her husband call out to her, Guardian II answers "I can't, I can't help you. They've got me too. Having not seen his wife enter the ring Guardian I is stunned when she calls out to him. "OH NO, they've got both of us!! We're going to lose, they're going to defeat us!" Just seconds after he say's those words Guardian I's ability to keep fighting ends and he surrenders to Pink II. "Let me go, PLEASE let me go. I submit, you've defeated me. I can't take any more, I GIVE UP!!!

Hearing her husband submit to Pink II. Guardian II surrenders to Pink I and admits her defeat. "ME TOO-ME TOO!! I'm finished, can't take any more. I submit!! You win, you've beaten me!!! I GIVE UP-I GIVE UP!!!" And just that fast The Guardians have lost both falls and the match. The Legends of The Pink release the beaten Guardians. Both guardians drop to the mat holding their stomachs. They pull their knees up as they hold their midsections moaning in pain. OH-OH it hurts so bad!! I can't move, I can't to my feet. Just inches away from her fallen husband Guardian II is also in pain.
"He hurt me bad!! I'm sorry I couldn't help you. I had to give up, pain was just too much."

As the defeated Guardians lay on the mat unable to get to their feet, The Legends of The Pink stand over them with their arms in the air. Just then the announcer begins:

"The winners of the match with a double submission. Defeating The Guardians and now moving on to
The title match The Legends of The Pink!!!"

After several minutes both Guardians get to their feet. Doubled over at the waist and still holding their stomachs, both Guardians limp back to their corner. It takes the beaten wrestlers several minutes to get out of the ring and make their way back to their dressing room. The dressing room door opens and the Guardians limp in. Both of them remain doubled over at the waist and they are still holding their stomachs. Guardian I looks at his wife who has made it to a bench and has sat down. "We're finished!! We'll never get a shot at the tag-team titles. They beat us so badly. They got a double submission on us. I don't know what to do from here. His wife gets to her feet still holding her stomach "We keep fighting, that's what we do. We have to get better. We must be able to beat The Pink's"

Guardian I agrees with his wife that they have to improve to win the titles. He removes his boots and strips off his thong. With his back to us he wiggles out of his pantyhose and heads to the shower. Guardian II returns to her seat still holding her stomach.

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