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Update: 10.05.2024        W-832 "She has me"

Mixed wrestling, 190 pictures 1920x1080 (Full HD), no nudity, no blood.

It has been a very difficult match since the opening bell. I've struggled to keep up and do as much damage to my opponent as I can. To tell the truth, I have taken more than I have given. The fact that I am on the mat unable to get free or to get to my feet. She has me locked into a very painful hold. 

She is now working hard to pin me, and I am struggling to keep from getting pinned. I have no hope of escape from this hold as she has it very well placed. She has one of my legs and one of my arms tied up tightly. I work very hard to stay on my side and away from having my shoulders pinned to the mat. 

Oh no, she has just changed her attack mode and is now trying to roll me over into a face down position. I am struggling hard to stop her from rolling me onto my chest. She has much greater leverage than I do. She has both my boots locked under her arms. 

Slowly she is able to turn me over so that I am face down to the mat. She has stepped over my legs and is now dropping down toward my back. In other words, she has me locked into her BOSTON CRAB. After all that struggle, she has managed to get me locked into that hold. 

For all of you that have never been in a BOSTON CRAB it is very painful witch is why it is used as a submission hold. Oh god it hurts, she's going to get a submission from me very soon. I am trying to claw my way to the ropes in a effort to escape the hold. I'm not going to make it. The pain is to great for me to bear. 

"Oh Oh I can't take any more!!! I give up - I give up!!! Oh please let me go!! You're breaking my back!! I give up-I give up!!!! You win, you've beaten me!!! I SUBMIT!!!!"

At last I am free. The Crab was just to painful for me to last any longer. I have given up and lost the match. My opponent has beaten me and I now lie on the mat in defeat. 

As for her she is now prancing around the ring with her arms in the air. I have not only been defeated but also humiliated. I lie hear on the mat unable to move or get to my feet. Beside that I also have a large defeat boner in my jockstrap and tights. 

I'll need help getting out of the ring and back to my dressing room. I just wont be able to do it alone. Its been several minutes since I lost the match. Finally The ring people have come for me. They help me up and out of the ring. I am finally back in my dressing room. 

I am sitting on the wooden bench. I bend over and untie my boots, I am not sure I have the strength to pull them off. I raise one up and I grab the heel. Pulling as hard as I can the boot comes off. I am able to remove the second boot, but the effort has nearly exhausted me. After resting for several seconds I stand up. 

I then grab the waist band of my tights and pull them down and off. Finally I take the waist band of my jockstrap and pull in down my legs and off. I now head to the shower. Battered, broken and defeated I take my shower. 

It's three weeks later and I am back in the Arena. I am booked for a one fall match. I know nothing about my opponent. No matter I need to get ready. I reach into my gear bag. I pull out my jockstrap and my tights. I remove my street cloths and begin. I step into my jockstrap and pull it up my legs. I take a minute to form my manhood into a bulge. I then wiggle into my light blue tights and pull them up my legs. Finally I pull on my boots and lace them up tight. I can now head to the ring. 

I climb the steps to the ring and as I step thru the ropes I see her. Betty Lyn Haze a women that has beaten me twice before. I hate this women, I want to do damage to her. The biggest thing with Betty Lyn is that she is as beautiful as she is mean. She loves to hurt her opponents. She is also a very good wrestler. 

With the pre match stuff over we are both waiting for the bell. BONG!! the bell rings and the match is on. Oh no, not again. Betty Lyn has attacked first and has me She has taken me down to the mat. I am on my back on the canvas. 

She has my arm in an ARM BAR. Dear god it hurts. She is so strong, every thing she does is painful. She is now working the arm bar on me. Twisting it back and forth. She has me screaming in pain. "My arm, my arm!!! You're going to break my arm. 

From there she moves to get one of my legs. After several tries she has me. I am now in a ARM BAR and LEG LOCK. She has a handful of my tights and is pulling my leg as hard as she can. 

She has released me from the Arm Bar and is now working on my legs. She has them crossed and is pressing down hard on both my knees. Pain reaches up to my neck and down to my knees. From this position she has control of me. 

I can neither move or get free as she controls my legs. The pain in them both has almost overcome me. I have to get free soon or I will be forced to surrender the match to her. I try my hardest to reach the ropes but I have failed. I am now completely exhausted. I no longer have the straight to fight.

For the third time she is going to beat me. I am completely spent, I have nothing left. I must surrender to her again. 

"I give up-I give up!!! You have beaten me!! Oh god Betty Lyn, I'm done, you win!! I submit I submit!! Please let me go!! I give up!!"

That ends the match. With my surrender, Betty Lyn drops me to the mat. I lie there in pain My legs unable to move or to hold my weight. I scream out in pain, "My legs-my legs, she's damaged my legs, I can't get up!!"  

The ring people come to my aid and get me up and out of the ring. Back in my dressing room I sit on the bench with my head in my hands. Beaten, I've been beaten by Betty Lyn Haze. This is the third time she has beaten me. It is also the third time she has caused me to surrender to her. As I begin to get out of my wrestling gear in she walks. Betty Lyn Haze. 

"How are you Geo? I didn't hurt you to badly did I?" She asks. I shake my head no and continue to remove my gear. With my boots off, I stand to take off my tights. As I do I am just a little bit wobbly. Just as I am about to go down, Betty Lyn grabs me and steadies me. With her help I can remove my tights. Stilling holding me, I slide my jockstrap down and off. 

She then helps me into the shower. I stand there letting the hot water wash over me. In about four or five minutes my DEFEAT BONER finally gets soft and returns to normal size. As I exit the shower she is there with a towel and begins to dry me off. 

As I start to head back to the bench, she grabs me and kisses me hard. "I'm sorry I had to beat you like that !! The promoter made me do it." I didn't hurt you did I? Oh Geo I am so sorry." That leads to another deep kiss. 

I finish dressing and then my wife and I leave the arena. For the third time I have been beaten by my wife.

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