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leotard high school teens mixed wrestling

Update: 01.03.2024        W-822 "Tag Team Terror 2"

Mixed wrestling, 260 pictures 1920x1080 (Full HD), no nudity, no blood.

In their dressing room Michael Reardon and his partner Alex Sutherland are waiting for the time to come to change into their wrestling gear. Seems like a normal thing for two wrestlers to do. The only difference here is that both Michael and Alex are only 18 years old. The other thing is that they are the Junior Pro Division Champions. 

The two boys won the titles from the former Champions just three months ago. Since winning the titles they have defended them 3 times winning each time. In fact the boys are undefeated and are a colossal draw in the league. Their fans run from very young teenaged girls to women as old as a Grandmother. The proof of their popularity is the fact that the arena is filled to capacity and there is standing room only. 

In the match tonight the boys will be facing Jenny Rosario and her partner Amber Mc Donald. Jenny and Amber are both 19 years old and have been wrestling much longer than the Champions. In their dressing room the girls are getting ready. Reaching into their gear bags they both pull out their blue leotards. A pair of shiny tan pantyhose, their blue thongs and their white boots. Dressed they are ready to go.

Across the hall in the boys dressing room, they too reach into their gear bags pulling out their string jockstraps and their light green tights and their white boots. They step into their jocks and pull them up. They then wiggle and stretch their green tights on. They then lace up and tie on their boots tightly. Now the boys are ready to wrestle. 

With both teams in the ring the match can now start. Michael will start for his team and Jenny will start for hers. The bell begins the match. Michael and Jenny begin to circle each other. Then Jenny moves in very quickly on Michael. Slipping behind him, she pulls his arm with her. 

Holding tightly to his arm, she bends it up across his neck. As he reaches to pull it back, Jenny grabs it and pulls it tightly around behind him. Michael in trapped in a modified SLEEPER HOLD. Michael twists and wiggles trying to escape the SLEEPER Hold Jenny has on him. Slowly over about a minute or so, Michael begins to slow down. His movements look strained. Then his arms drop to his sides. Inside his tights and jockstrap a DEFEAT BONER has developed. Michael’s knees bend and he slowly drops to the mat. Michael is now stretched out on the mat. He is no longer able to struggle to escape. The ref comes close to him. She raises his arm and then lets it go. It falls to the mat. Twice more she does the same thing. 

The ref calls for the bell, Michael has been knocked out, the first fall has ended the Champions have been defeated by their opponents. Alex enters the ring and races to his partner. Raising his head Alex slaps Michael on the cheek twice, slowly Michael becomes awake. "What happened? Did I tag you in, did I pin her? Please tell me what happened. Alex begins to tell Michael what happened to him. "The first fall is over Michael. You lost!! She knocked you out. Got a Sleeper hold on you and knocked you out. It only took her three minutes to beat you." Hearing that Michael is shocked by what Alex has told him. "Beaten, I was beaten that quickly? She knocked me out?" Alex answers him "Yes, Michael you were beaten that quickly!!! With that Alex helps Michael to his feet and back to their corner. His tights have sagged down revealing his string jockstrap.  "Come on Michael, pull up your tights, you have to get ready to wrestle the next fall. 

The bell rings for the second fall. Michael exits his corner and runs right into Jenny. This time she locks up with him and they struggle for dominance. Suddenly it’s Jenny that comes out on top. She has gotten behind Michael and now has him in a FULL NELSON. 

What has become obvious to everyone is that Jenny is a far superior wrestler than Michael. With Michael being stretched out by Jenny, Alex is screaming at him to tag out. "Come on Michael, you have to tag me!! Why Alex is so excided to get Michael to Tag him is that this is the second fall and he has yet to get into the ring. 

However, Michael is locked into a painful hold and is on the other side of the ring. Alex can see that his partner is getting weaker every second Jenny has Michael locked into the hold. Soon Alex can stand it no longer. He quickly ducks between the ropes and races toward his partner. 

However, what Alex can’t see is that Jenny’s partner has also entered the ring. Just as Alex is about to reach his stricken partner, Jenny’s partner Amber intercepts him. BAM!!! She now has Alex in a FULL NELSON, now both boys are trapped in the same hold. 

Both of the boys are screaming in pain as the girls bend their necks. Now working together the girls lift and slam both boys to the mat. Both boys are badly stunned by the BODY SLAMS. They are just laying on the mat on their backs. 

The girls are now taking advantage of what has happened to the boys. Pulling then close together the girls grab the boys boots. Each girl has one of each boys boots they then start to pull then apart. 

Inch by inch the girls pull the boys farther and farther apart. They soon have the boys screaming in pain. Both of the young boys have a DEFEAT BONER inside their green tights. They soon reach the point were the boys can take no more. They then scream out there surrender. 


Hearing them submit the girls let then go. They drop their legs to the mat. The beaten now former champions lie on the mat unmoving. 

The ref has gotten the league title belts from the boys corner. She then wraps it around the waist of the new champion and buckles it on. Soon the ring people come to the aid of the beaten former champions. They get both boys to their feet and out of the ring. They help them back to their dressing room. 

"They beat us Alex, we were defeated and have lost our titles".

Across the room Alex’s tag team partner answers "I know Alex, I know. Those girls were just to good for us. They beat us both".

The boys begin to remove their wrestling gear. First they remove there boots. They then pull down their tights. Both boys remove their jockstraps and head to the shower. They never again will win the Junior tag team title. And as they age and move up to the senior league. They will fail in all three of their attempts to win the senior league titles. They will always be a good tag team, just not good enough.

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