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CFNM sports leotard woman vs man femdom fighting

Update: 29.06.2018

W-524 "CFNM wrestling league"

Gallery size: 310 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 310 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), completely CFNM, no blood.

A new kind of wrestling league!!

The rich, the famous and the wild, have formed a new kind of wrestling league. Board with clubbing. Board with gambling, and many other forms of what would be called “NORMAL” types of fun and entertainment. They have gotten together with several local wrestling promoters to form this new league. It is called a CFNM league. All that means is this it is a mixed wrestling league, men vs. women. The only exciting and completely different thing about this league is that the men must wrestle nude while the women will be clothed in wrestling gear, hence the CF or clothed female and the NM or naked male. 

The league is open to anyone that wishes to wrestle. The only condition is that each new wrestler  undergo a complete training cycle. They must learn how to wrestle and how to win. There are several ways to win a match. The most common is by pinning your opponent or making them submit. In this league however there is also another way for at least the female to win. She can force her opponent to submit to her by squeezing, punching, twisting or any other method she may chose his manhood. YES!!!! That’s correct, she can bust his balls.  

Most of the wrestlers are young professionals both male and female. They work for law firms, accounting firms, public relations firms and other types of businesses. The main attraction for most of the younger wrestlers is the money. The winner of each match gets $5000.00 and the loser gets an appearance fee of $250.00, most use the money to pay off collage loans or other debt. Some use it to supplement their incomes. 

The league has been having matches for over 6 months now. The response has been tremendous, both in terms of the fans as well as the wrestlers. The league has been forced to move to a bigger venue and also increase the size of their training facility. There seems to be no end of both men and women that want to wrestle. 

Tonight’s card features 5 matches. The first two will be between 4 new wrestlers in their very first matches. The first match is between Jenny Coblinski and her opponent Brad Mc Farlend. Jenny is a 26 yr old homemaker with two children looking to make extra money for her family. Brad is an 24 yr old associate at a law firm. 

As the wrestlers come from the dressing room area the crowd reacts to them. First Jenny comes out and is met by calls and whistles from the male fans. She has dark brown hair, is dressed in a skin tight thong cut leotard, with black pantyhose and boots. As Brad enters the female fans go wild. He is extremely handsome and has an athletic body he is wearing white boots. His most important feature is his very large manhood. It will make a fine target for Jenny.   

With both wrestlers in the ring the match can now begin. BONG!!! The bell send both wrestlers out of their corners. Brad acts first charging at Jenny. He slips in behind her and wrenches her arm up into a HAMMER-LOCK. Jenny grimaces in pain and grabs for her shoulder. This is the first time she is experiencing the pain of a well applied wrestling hold. 

Jenny is quickly dancing on the toes of her boots as Brad bends her arm up. Twisting from side to side she has Brad moving with her. In a sudden move Jenny grabs the back of Brad’s head and SNAP-MAERS him over her shoulder breaking the hold. For the next 5 minutes the two wrestlers exchange holds. Jenny works over Brad’s lower body and legs. She lands several very hard ELBOW-DROPS to his mid-section. She also twists his legs knees and ankles. Almost every hold she puts in him has Brad moaning in pain. “AAAAAAAAUUU!!!! OOOHHHH!!! OOOOUUUUUWWW!"

After a hard struggle Brad has escaped from Jenny’s hold. He gets to his feet and backs into the ropes for a rest. Bent over at the waist Brad holds onto the top rope with one hand. The ref tells him he must start wrestling or he will be counted out. “Come on brad, off the ropes. You have to wrestle.” 

Slowly he moves off the ropes and toward Jenny. As they get close Brad lands a very hard FORE-ARM SMASH to Jenny’s chest. He follows that with a second smash to the same spot. Jenny staggers back from the center of the ring holding her breasts as she backs against the ropes. Brad is quickly on her and drives his knee into her lower abdomen. Jenny releases her breasts and grabs at her crotch. With her hands between her legs she sinks to the canvas on her knees. 

Brad is now very confident of victory. He turns and goes to the other side of the ring. Leaning back on the ropes he shoots himself across the ring aiming right for Jenny. His plain is to deliver a knee into her head that will knock her out giving him the victory. 

Brad is now at a full run coming at his opponent. As he nears Jenny she moves off the ropes the ropes still on her knees. Now just inches away from knocking out his opponent and winning his very first match. Just as he is about to raise his knee Jenny reaches out and grabs Brad by his large manhood. She now has him by his balls and his shaft. 

"YYYYYYYYEEEE!!!!" Brad screams as Jenny give his full package a squeeze and twist. His arms fly to his manhood trying to pull her hands off him. That is a huge mistake, all it does is stretch his balls and shaft ever farther. With his hands holding hers he tries to back away from Jenny. All that does is increase his pain. 

24yr old Brad Mc Farlend is now hopelessly trapped in Jenny’s PENIS-CLAW. Having tried and failed to pull her hands away, as well as backing up to escape Brad is now frozen in place afraid to move. He has taken his away from his manhood and is holding them up shoulder high, as if Jenny had a gun pointed at him. 

On her knees in front of him Jenny is in complete control of Brad. Looking up at him she can see the complete terror on his face. She can see that his eyes are open very wide in fear. As she continues to squeeze his manhood she ask him “WHAT DO YOU SAY, BRAD? I’VE GOT YOU, YOU CAN’T GET AWAY FROM ME. TELL EVERYONE HOW MUCH IT HURTS. TELL THEM THAT I’VE BEATEN YOU AND THAT YOU SUBMIT TO ME!!! GO ON BRAD TELL THEM!!"

Tears have begun to stream down Brad’s face. He is completely humiliated, as many of his co-workers have come to see him wrestle. Almost all the men and women that work on his floor are there and are seeing him about to be defeated. All he can think about is the pain he is in. His balls and shaft are being crushed by this housewife and mother. 


At last he can take no more: 


“OH god, it hurts!!! She’s hurting me, my balls! She’ crushing my balls. She’s beaten me!!! I SUBMIT TO HER!! LET ME GO!!!! PLEASE!!!! LET ME GO!! I GIVE UP!!! I GIVE UP!!!!"


Jenny releases her male opponent and he drops to the mat on his knees. She stands over him with her arms in the air as he kneels there with his hands between his legs sobbing. Over and over brad keeps saying: “she beat me! She beat me!! I’ve lost to a women!!


The trainer enters the ring and comes to were Brad is on his knees. The trainer asks: “you OK Brad? Are you OK? Beaten as well as humiliated Brad seems dazed by his defeat. “It hurt, it hurt so bad!! I couldn’t take any more, too much pain!! She beat me, I’ve been defeated by a women. The trainer nods and helps Brad to his feet and out of the ring. 

The second match features to co-workers. In a strange twist they will not only be fighting for the $5000.00 prize money but also a promotion to Junior Partner. In this match Ainslie Harris will be taking on Jeff Rockefeller.  Ainslie enters the ring first, she is totally gorgeous. Long blond hair blue eyes a great body and fantastic legs. She wears a tight thong cut leotard, shiny tam pantyhose and boots. Jeff enters to cheers and applause. He has brown hair and a male model type body. As with most of the men in this league he has a very well developed manhood. Most people believe that the male wrestlers are attracted to the league so they can show off their male hood. 

Both of these co-workers are well matched. They are the same height and only a 6 lb difference in weight. Both are 26 yrs old and both went to the same law school. The bell sounds and both wrestlers exit their corners. Ainslie moves first as she tries a kick to Jeff’s large manhood. He blocks her kick and fires back at her. Jeff lands a hard punch to Ainslie’s right breast. 

She screams and tries to cover her breast with her hand. Jeff grabs that hand and pulls it away for her breast. He swiftly twists her arm into a WRINGER that has Ainslie screaming in pain. Jeff then whips her into the ring ropes. As she flies back at him, a SIDE-KICK from Jeff’s boot slams into her chest. 

Ainslie screams in pain “My tits, my tits. AAAAAAAUUU!! It hurts!!! With her hands now cupping her battered breasts Ainslie drops to her knees. Jeff wastes no time as he moves in on Ainslie. He grabs her hair and pulls her to her feet. Still cupping her breasts, Jeff grabs her left arm and pulls it to the right across her chest. He takes her right arm and pulls it left across her chest. Jeff drops to the mat sitting behind Ainslie. He plants his boots in her back and pulls tightly on her arms. As he pulls he also lifts her up. She is now stretched across his boots with her feet on the mat and his boots digging into her back.   

It takes only a few seconds for Ainslie to be overcome by the pain. At 1 minute and 12 seconds of this match Ainslie has had enough and surrenders to Jeff.

“NO MORE, NO MORE!!! You win!! I SUBMIT!! I SUBMIT!!!"

With her submission Ainslie has lost the match, lost the winners prize money and most important, has lost her chance at a promotion. Jeff stands over his beaten female opponent with his arms in the air. 


The finial new comers match is between two people that work in the mail rooms of two separate companies from the downtown district. Angle Vargas a light skinned Hispanic, 19 yrs old and very well built will take on 22 yr old Aniyah Lincoln. Aniyah is just about 6 feet tall, almost 4 inches taller that Angle. She is a body builder and poses in the novice division. The only reason this match is happening is that there is a huge amount of betting going on between the two companies. Both of these young wrestlers have been promised not only the winners money, but also a raise and a bonus. 

Aniyah enters the ring in a pink thong cut leotard and pink boots. Angle wears black boots. The pre bout things having ended the two wrestlers await the bell. BONG!!!! Aniyah rushes a Angle and quickly gets behind him. Wrapping her arms around his middle she begins to squeeze the 19 yr old male. Displaying amazing strength she lifts him off the mat and holds him there with his boots dangling inches from the canvas. With only 11 seconds gone in the match Angle is already in trouble. 

He instantly begins to scream in pain: “AAAAAAAUU!! SHE’S CRUSHING ME!!! SHE’S CRUSHING ME!!!! The ref hearing him scream already moves in close to Angle. “Angle-Angle, do you want to give up already? Are you OK? Do you want to continue?”  Needing both the money and the bonus Angle refuses to submit. “NO-NO, I’m OK. I want to keep fighting!” 

Unable to get the quick submission she was looking for Aniyah decides to punish her male opponent. She releases Angle and he drops to the mat on his knees. Using both of her hands she then grabs him by the sides of his head and lifts him to his feet. She then wraps her arm around his head locking on a SIDE-HEAD LOCK. 

The head lock is so tight that Angle has great difficulty breathing. He claws at Aniyah’s arms in a futile effort to free himself. Once again Aniyah has Angle crying out in pain: “Help me ref, help me. I can’t breathe, she’s choking me, she choking me!!" The ref checks Angle’s neck and tells him “It’s a legal hold. Are you ready to give up now? Again he says no. 

The first of the three rounds is only 2 minutes old and twice now Angle has been ask if he is ready to submit to Aniyah. This very courageous young man looks like he is going to a real beating. Releasing his head Aniyah steps back from Angle he drops face down on the mat. 

Moving in beside the downed 19yr old male wrestler Aniyah rolls him onto his side. She grabs one of his shiny black boots and pulls his leg toward her. Dropping down behind him, with her other hand she cups his chin and pulls back on both. Aniyah now has Angle trapped in a BOW & ARROW back breaker. 

“With her feet up against his lower back, Aniyah has bent Angle almost into a “U” shape. She slowly increase the pressure by pulling on both his leg and his chin. Again Aniyah has Angle screaming in pain. “My back, Oh god my back!!! She’s breaking my back!!!  

Even though he is trying to fight thru the pain and fear Angle is beginning to experience what a lot of male experience when they are very close to defeat. Angle’s manhood has begun to very slowly swell and stiffen. Angle is in the very early stages of having a “DEFEAT BONER”. Seeing his manhood expanding slowly Aniyah now knows she is close to victory. Another painful hold or two and she will have him screaming his submission to her. 

Releasing Angle and swiftly getting to her feet, Aniyah pulls her teenaged opponent off the mat. Pulling him in close to her she tells him “I see you’re getting stiff there little boy. I’m going to finish you off now. Let’s see how big that thing is going to get!!”

Aniyah then jams her arm between Angle’s legs, being sure to smash his manhood with her arm. She grabs his head and lifts him off the mat. Holding the screaming male chest high she walks around the  ring showing everybody her prize.   As she displays him for everyone to see Angle is screaming in pain and fear.  “Let me go!!! Let me go!!! You’re crushing me!! Put me down, please put me down.” 

That is exactly what she does. Lifting him over her head she then slams Angle down across her out stretched knee. With her right hand she pushes down on his chin. With her left hand she grabs Angle’s manhood, squeezing it as hard as can as she also pushes down on it. It takes only a few seconds for Angle to scream his surrender to Aniyah. 




Hearing Angle screaming the ref asks,  “Is that it Angle? Are you submitting? Do you give up the match?" Angle wastes no time in answering. 




The ref tells Aniyah that the match is over and she has won. She tells her to release Angle that he has submitted the to her. Aniyah complies with the ref and flips Angle off her thigh. Aniyah gets to her feet and raises her arms in the air as a sign of victory. As for Angle, he lies face up on the mat at Aniyah’s feet. 


Angle continues to moan in pain as the trainer comes to him, almost in tears he sobs as he speaks. “She was crushing me. My manhood, she was squeezing my manhood. Too much pain, I had to give up. I HAD TO GIVE UP!!!"

As Angle’s sobs turn into real tears, Aniyah struts around the ring with her arms in the air. She shouts to the crowd. “WHO’S NEXT? WHO’S NEXT? I CAN BEAT ANY MAN!!! WHO’S NEXT?"

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