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high heels karate face kicking leotard femdom fightng

Update: 08.11.2019

F-597 "Meg tries it"

Gallery size: 250 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 250 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

"Now," Meg smiled, "we get ready to rumble.  Are you going to wear that jacket and button-down shirt?  It's up to you, but it seems kind of inhibiting."  She looked up into his face as she undid her dress, letting it fall to the floor.  She stepped out of it, picking it up and putting it on the other side of the room. Meg was wearing a leotard, and she kept her pumps on. Steve's eyes widened, and he stared at her fantastic legs for a moment.  He took off his jacket and button-down shirt, now wearing a tee-shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes.  Meg smiled at him, she wanted him to see her body.  She felt it might help her in the fight, and if she won, it certainly would help her humiliate him.  

She saw Steve looking at her body, her firm breasts, solid tummy, taught buttocks, strong, sleek legs.  She let him look for a while, resting her hands on her hips, watching him stare at her.  Meg looked good.  Her hair fell onto bare shoulders, and she looked incredibly sexy in the leotard. She paced a little, so he could get a good look at her from all sides.  She looked fantastic, but she was considerably smaller than he.

"What now, gorgeous?" he asked, never taking his eyes from her body. "That's it, love.  Take a good look.  When I'm beating the shit out of you, and you're begging for mercy, never forget what I look like," Meg said coolly.

Steve laughed at her statement. "Oh, don't worry, pretty lady. I couldn't possibly forget what you look like.  And after I rough you up a little, I'm going to want to talk about just what made you think you could beat me up, anyway."

Meg raised her eyebrows and pursed her lips slightly.

"Oh, don't worry," he continued.  "I'll try not to mess up your hot little body or your pretty face too badly."

Meg smiled and said, "Oh, good. This is going to be such fun! Let's get started, then."

"How do you want to do this?" he asked.

Meg knew that he would never make the first move, silly male ego, so she said, "Well, I thought we would just kind of start."  As she finished her statement, she threw a roundhouse kick to Steve's head, catching him in the mouth with her foot.  She still wore her pumps.  Before he knew what hit him, she landed a second kick to his face. This one knocked him to the ground, where he lay at her feet, a little blood trickling from his mouth.

He looked up at her, and said "You bitch!  You want to play that way, do you?" He leapt to his feet and, lowering his shoulder, he charged at her.  He came at her quickly, and before she could react, he had slammed his body into her.  He slammed Meg against the wall solidly, and she gasped from the impact, which rattled her teeth. Meg quickly threw a punch at his stomach, but he was prepared, and her blow did little damage.  He put his hands on her pretty white shoulders, pulling her a foot or two away from the wall, then forcefully slamming her against it again, and again.  He put a hand on her chin, and forced her head against the wall, sharply. She shook away the cobwebs as best she could, and slid to the side, and around him, away from the wall.  He turned to face her, his back now to the wall.  Before he could charge her again, Meg landed a quick blow to his throat with the heel of her hand, and then a second one, causing him to choke and sputter for breath.  With his concentration compromised, she tried punching him in the stomach again, having more success this time, hearing him gasp, feeling her fist collapse into him slightly.  She quickly punched him in the stomach three or four more times, using both hands in rapid succession.

He was winded, gasping for breath. He put his hands on her shoulders, preparing to push her away, but she had leverage, this time. He did not budge her, and she quickly brought her arms up, breaking his hold on her shoulders.  Meg landed a knee forcefully to his stomach, and then another, giving him no chance to recover.  She stepped back from him, then, and when he moved away from the wall, coming at her, she delivered a powerful kick to his chest, slamming him back into the wall.  

He punched her in the midsection, but got no result, as his blow bounced off her harmlessly from such close range.  She planted her forearm against his throat, and forced it against him tightly, holding him to the wall, prohibiting him from breathing.  As he started to struggle to break free, she began punching him in the stomach with her free hand, turning her body into each blow, hearing him grunt, feeling her fist sink deeper into his midsection with each punch, holding him against the wall with his neck pinned beneath her forearm.

After countless punches, she released him and stepped back, thinking he would double over or fall to the floor.  Steve surprised her with his endurance, however, and came right at her, though he was still struggling for breath.  He landed a solid blow to the side of her head, knocking her to the floor like a ton of bricks.  He kicked her in the back, and she screamed in pain.  Quickly, before he could hit her again, she caught his ankles with her hands and yanked his feet out from under him.  She quickly crawled on top of him, straddling his midsection.

Steve was very strong, though, and he began to stand up while Meg was straddling him.  As he stood, she hung on to him with her legs, wrapping them around his middle, holding on to his shoulders to support herself.  As he stood all the way up, Meg still had her legs wrapped around him, her feet behind his back, holding onto his shoulders, her face level with his.  She quickly began to squeeze him between her legs, forcefully, as he grunted from the sudden pressure.

He tried to push her off of him, to pry her loose, but her hold was very tight, and she continued to clamp down on his middle, harder and harder.  He ran forward, towards the wall, smashing Meg's back into the wall, and his body into hers, with tremendous force, causing her to gasp and almost to fall off of him.  Though she did loosen her grip for a moment, she quickly regained her composure and began squeezing him again, even harder.  He backed away from the wall, gasping, preparing to ram her again, anything to get her off of him.

Before he could smash her into the wall again, Meg squeezed him with as much force as she could muster, and reached a hand beneath herself, finding his crotch.  As she squeezed him between her legs, she took hold of his testicles in her hand, through his pants, and squeezed them as hard as she could.  He screamed as she continued to crush him between her legs and to contract her hand around his testicles.  She looked into his face now, reading his pained expression, watching his energy leave him.  She loosened her grip around his middle long enough to adjust herself, finding his stomach, and then she clamped down on him with unbelievable force.

She could feel him flex his muscles between her thighs, in an effort to fight off the pressure, but she did not relent.  He swung his fists at her head, but she caught his hands in hers, forcing them quickly between her chest and his.  She wrapped her arms around his neck tightly, holding their bodies together, trapping his arms between them.  

Meg continued to squeeze him between her legs, feeling his muscles struggle in an effort to not allow her to contract any further.  She held him tightly against her, though, squeezing him, hearing him scream in her ear, his head next to hers, his arms pressed between their bodies.

As he weakened and lost breath to her, he sank to his knees, and then fell to the floor on top of her, chopped down to size like a gigantic tree.  As he lay on top of her, struggling, she continued to hold him tightly against her, wrecking his body between her legs, feeling his muscle and flesh loosen between her thighs.  He struggled desperately to break free, but she held him tight, squeezing him harder all the time, forcing his breath from him, feeling his insides turn softer and softer.  As his body weakened to her, it became easier and easier for Meg to crush him between her legs, eliciting gasps and screams from him all the while.  She released her arms from his neck, and he withdrew his hands, trying desperately to use them to pry her legs loose from him, but to no avail.

She spoke softly against the side of his face.  "I can feel your stomach, all weak and soft between my legs.  Do you realize how defenseless you are?  No?  Let me show you."  And she squeezed his tummy between her thighs with unbelievable force, laughing at his screams, relishing the feel of his softness, watching his eyes bulge as she crushed him, harder, always harder.  She became incredibly aroused, but forced herself to forget about it, for the time being.  She was just getting warmed up.

"Beg me to stop," she whispered against his face, eliciting screams from him that did not sound human.

"Yes!" he shouted.  "Please stop!  Please!"

She laughed.  "Good," she cooed in his ear, releasing her legs from him, pushing him off of her, onto his back, where he lay shaking, struggling to gulp in air.

"I have a treat for you, lover," she said, getting up to walk on her hands and knees behind his head.  "Before this night is over, I'm going to let you feel my strength, my power, over every inch of your body."

Meg sat behind his head on the floor, and lifted it from the ground by a handful of his hair.  She straightened her legs in front of her, placing his head in her lap, resting her feet on his stomach, her calves on his chest.  She leaned back, propping her body on her arms for leverage and support.  She crossed her ankles on him, making sure that he was watching her.  She tightened her thighs against the sides of his head, and began squeezing, very slowly, very steadily.

A look of alarm swept over his face as he felt Meg's thighs tighten against his head, saw her legs flexing.  She laughed at his expression, saying "If you don't want me to squeeze you, all you need do is break free.  I'm not using my hands.  For goodness sake, your hands, your body, your legs are all free.  Just break loose."

As she continued to squeeze his head tighter, he did try to get free, thrashing his legs and body, trying desperately to use his hands to pry his head loose.  She laughed at his struggles, knowing he could hear her laughter, and feel it in her legs against his head.  He began rolling around on the floor, bucking, trying to break free.  Meg lay down flat on her back, with her arms at her sides, keeping hold of his head, allowing her body to roll with him, humiliating him, not allowing him to break free.

"You might want to brace yourself, big strong man," she said, digging her heels rudely into his soft tummy to get his attention.  "I'm going to squeeze harder now.  I'm going to squeeze you to sleep between my thighs.  I expect it will be very painful until you pass out."  With that, she clamped down forcefully on his head, eliciting new screams and further struggles.

She laughed at his desperate attempts to break free, squeezing him tighter, feeling him weaken, feeling his movements slow, until he could do no more than scream and make weak attempts with his hands to pry her off of him. She pet his head with a soft hand as she continued to crush his skull, hearing him scream and moan as the pressure on his head continued to grow. Finally, she grew tired of the hold, and lay flat on her back.  She loosened her thighs and then quickly clamped down on him, hearing him scream.  She repeated this motion a second time, and a third, and after the third, he was quiet and still, asleep. Meg reclined on her back, the big man's head between her legs as he lay unconscious on her lap.

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