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woman vs man underground MMA fistcuffs

Update: 21.09.2018

F-538 "Kelly vs Chad"

Gallery size: 310 Full HD pictures

Mixed fighting freestyle, 310 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), partially CFNM, no blood.

Kelly was younger than I was by quite a bit but that didn’t stop me from being intrigued by her. She was good looking, not very big being only 5’3” and weighing 110 lb. But what got me by the balls was her almost tomboy attitude. For some reason this got me roused up. We met a couple of times along with Erin, a girl friend of hers, who was always with her. On the third time we met she started to talk about boxing. At first I thought she was referring to scheduled boxing matches that are held in the Arena every now and again. But she knocked that idea out when she said “do you like to box?” This question caught me off guard and I didn’t reply right away. When I hesitated she said further “you look like the right kind of guy to box. You have the stature and a good looking physique”.


Strangely what she said gave my cock a twinge although boxing never did anything to my crotch before. Thinking quickly I said “I have boxed with some guys on a fun basis but no real competition”. She then almost stunned me with her next question which was “would you like to box me – I love boxing”. I think that I was too flabbergasted to answer right off but managed to stammer “I don’t – don’t box with girls – or rather I have never boxed with girls”. To which Kelly replied in a mocking tone “what’s the matter. You have the weight and height advantage and are stronger than I am – are you afraid”. Much to my consternation I felt my cock stir again when Kelly said this. “No it’s not that” I said “but I might be afraid of hurting you”. “Let me be the judge of that” Kelly said “I want to box you – are you game?” I then asked her where we would do the boxing and with what gear, etc. She said that she had a basement gym where the boxing would take place; we would box in our underwear, and use small boxing gloves that she had. My mind was awhirl with whys and why not but in the end it was the excitement that I got in the crotch that made me say “yes”. 


We met in Kelly’s basement gym that consisted of a 24 x 24 wall to wall mat. There were overhead lights and 3’ high padding up all the walls. I was stripped to my underwear briefs and Kelly, wore black tight sports leotard and matching boxing boots. The gloves that we had were like those used in the MMA – padded from wrist to cover knuckles only leaving the fingers bare. As for my mental state I had to admit was a combination of sexual excitement and physical fear. Kelly had nice 34B tits and a beautiful strong midsection. I did not know what I would do to hit those very sexy parts of her body. But I didn’t have too much time to think about that as Kelly moved to the center of the mat and said “ready?” I replied “yeah, I guess so” and moved out to meet her. I extended both my hands out like I had seen boxers do before they started to touch each other’s gloves. But instead of touching my gloves with hers crafty girl in black leotard came in with a solid punch to my gut. I couldn’t see the punch but it felt as if her hand had sunk into my gut right up to the wrist. I instantly doubled up and as I did so was met in the face with her knee that sent me sprawling back to the mat. I lay there stunned and shaking my head. I looked up at Kelly who was standing straddle legged with hands on her hips. “Guess you weren’t ready for that” she said “c’mon get to your feet and fight”.
The Kelly I had previously known was not the Kelly that stood straddle legged before me now. With her posture and what she had just said and the way she had said it just revved up my excitement and fear factor. “C’mon, get up, we haven’t all day. Get up now or I will drag you up”. These words sent a chill through me and I climbed to my feet with renewed trepidation. Girl in black leotard stepped in immediately and sent a punch to my midsection followed by an upper cut to my jaw that sent me crashing into the wall. I bounced off the wall and right into a punch to my belly that nearly doubled me up again. I put my hands up in what I thought was the right way to block another punch but girl in black leotard punch under my guard that nearly took the wind out of me. Then before I could think of what to do next I was assaulted with a series of punches that came so rapidly that I lost count. But they made me dizzy and the last punch hit me square in the jaw and floored me. I must have momentarily passed out because the next thing I knew Kelly’s foot was planted on my chest as I looked up to see her long leg in heavy combat boot and very inviting thigh. My cock stirred, this girl in black leotard beat me down.


Then she commanded me to get up. “I have not finished with you yet. What you never knew was that I love beating men up. I have had a lot of fights with men and never have lost. You have only just found out what I can do. Get your ass up or I’ll kick the shit out of you”. I started to get up but not fast enough to suit her so she grabbed me by the hair and pulled me up. If my mind had been clear, not fogged up with the beating I had just taken, I might have been too scared for my cock to be fully engorged, which it was now, having a mind of its own. But Kelly didn’t give me a second once I was fully upright before she sent a punch to my kidney area that hurt like hell. I twisted away from her only to have a hook punch hit me in the side of my head that rocked my head back. I tried to back away from her but girl in black leotard just followed me and rained punch after punch into my now defenseless body. My movement brought my back up against a wall and I had no where to go. She then moved in with a whirlwind attack. You know what a jackhammer sounds like and looks like – well she rained my midsection with jackhammer blows that murdered my belly almost to the point of me feeling I might puke. She ended the assault with a shot to my jaw that sent me to dreamland. I slid down the wall and completely out.


I woke up, my eyes then traveled down my own body to find that while I was out Kelly had removed my briefs so that I was naked. As I mentioned before my cock has a mind of its own so when I looked at my victress in black leotard stood over my naked body my cock responded as most males would and became fully stiff. Then Kelly commanded me to get up.


Remembering what happened to me the last time my victress in black leotard commanded me to get up and I didn’t do it fast enough to suit her, I scrambled to my feet. She moved to the center of the mat and with a crooked finger beckoned me to come to her. I did so with real fear this time although my cock stuck out in front of me like a lance and was waving from side to side. Much to my terror I saw the look in Kelly’s eyes as she moved toward me – they were totally aggressive. “I just love working out on a body punching bag. Don't try to defend yourself, otherwise you'll lose your manhood forever” she said which shook me so badly that my legs wobbled and I would have fallen if not scared to lose my balls.


With that statement girl in black leotard sent a punch to my belly that was so brutal that if I had not an empty stomach I would have puked. My head drooped down from the blow and she took my hair and lifted it up to look me directly in the eyes. Then she said “I like to have target practice when I use the body bag. I aim for a certain spot and try to hit it right where I want it. I aim at different parts and very seldom miss”. With that she landed a punch to my right pec that hit my nipple dead center. Then she hit the left nipple. Her next target was my left kidney followed by the right kidney. All of these punches had been to my torso but what followed was to my head. She slammed a fist into my head that rocked it to one side only to come back in with another that rocked my head the other way. The way girl in black leotard was battering me I was sure that her aim was to kill me. My fear was not sheer terror and my cock responded to that sexual arousal that is triggered when the thought of death comes – it was fully engorged and throbbing like mad. Then the specific punches were stopped only to have her let loose with a barrage of punches that came with the rapidity of a fast moving piston. The blows came to my kidney areas and some to my belly. My mind imploded and I lost consciousness.


I started to come to in a fog and felt someone lifting me up to a kneeling position and holding me there. Then as the fog started to lift my eyes cleared to see right before my eyes twin thighs and a wet crotch of black leotard between them. With someone holding me firmly in place by my hair the twin thighs moved closer to my face. Then inch by slow inch that leotard covered cunt moved closer to my mouth and I smelt the aroma of female. Next those thighs came over my head and scissored into a figure four locking my mouth and face with it. With my face thus trapped those thighs carried me down to the mat and the one holding my head went away. Suddenly I received a punch to my belly followed by another one. My lower body bucked up with each blow. Those thighs closed tightly around my f ace until I thought they would smother me to death. 


But Kelly had something else in mind for me. She uncoiled her thighs from around my head, pulled a crotch of her leotard aside and changed her position so that she was sitting on my face with her cunt right against my mouth. As that cunt came down I saw the most voraciously looking cunt that I had ever seen. The labia lips looked as if they wanted to eat my mouth. Girl in black leotard punched me in the balls and said “now eat my cunt”. Then she lowered it so that it was pressed against my mouth. As it pressed into me I felt the cunt lips moving muscularly as if she would devour me. “Eat my cunt” she said again with another punch to my belly. My terror finally gave way to sexual desire and I used my tongue to fuck her cunt. As I was doing this I felt her hand come down on my throbbing cock and take it in and start to squeeze it. Girl in black leotard had squeezed my cock and was not giving me a handjob. Kelly pumped her cunt up and down in rhythm with my plunging tongue until I felt her stiffen and squeeze her thighs around my head as she climaxed almost at the same time as I exploded my manhood into her sweet hand.

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