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husband vs wife leotard mixed wrestling headlock femdom fighting free pics

Latest update: 24.03.2023        W-773 "Married life in the ring"

Mixed wrestling, 280 pictures 1920x1080 (Full HD), no nudity, no blood.

They have traveled across the country wrestling for almost every promotion. They have won Championships In many of them, most of the time defeating the local champion. For them it is a good life. They love to travel, they love to wrestle and they love each other. 

Coming to the next local promotion The Promoter offers them a huge payday. More money that they have ever made before. All the have to do is wrestle each other. This is something that they have never done before. Something that they had hopped they would never have to do. 

26 yr old Adam Rodom and his 24 yr old wife Gesell Now have a lot to think about. They don’t really want to wrestle each other. Adam is sure he can defeat Gesell, but does not want to hurt her. Gesell is sure she can defeat her husband Adam, but does not want to embarrass him. However the money to way to big to walk away from. So they both agree to wrestle. 

It’s the big night at the arena. In his dressing room Adam is getting ready. Although both husband and wife do not want to wrestle each other, they both agree that They must both do their very best to win the match. Adam strips off his street cloths and steps into a light blue thong. He adjusts his considerable manhood in the pouch of his thong. He then laces up matching light blue boots. He is ready for the match.

In her dressing room Gesell is also getting ready. She pulls on very shiny tan pantyhose. Over her pantyhose she wiggles into a skintight white leotard. She then laces on her shiny white boots. She is now ready to face her husband in the ring. 

Up in the ring both husband and wife look at each other across the ring. Although they don’t want to be here, they also don’t want to lose. Both will fight as hard as they can, trying to win. There’s the bell and the match is on. From the first few seconds of the match you know this is going to be an all out war. 

As his opening move, Adam drives a kick into his wife’s abdomen. Gesell screams and grabs at her stomach. The beautiful 24 yr old female wrestler drops to her knees. Adam’s second move is to kick his wife in the back of her neck, sending her face first into the mat. A completely stunned Gesell can only scream. "He kicked me, Adam kicked me!!!" 

Adam then drops across her back and grabs her right arm. He bends it up as far as he can then gives it a hard twist. Many wrestlers, both men and women would submit to this move. Gesell is however a very tuff wrestler. 

As the pain increases Gesell screams out, "My arm, my arm!!! Oh jeeze Adam, you’re breaking my arm." Enduring the pain, Gesell slowly crawls to the ropes. Grabbing the bottom strand she cries out "Ropes, ropes, I’m in the ropes!!! Come on ref break the hold, I’m in the ropes. The ref forces Adam to release his wife from the hold. 

Gesell is very slow to get to her feet. As she pulls on the ropes trying to get up, Adam tires of waiting and rushes pant the ref. His hast to get at Gesell leads to her knee slamming into mid-section about a half an inch above the pouch of his shiny blue thong. 

Adam drops to his knees right in front of Gesell. With both wrestlers now facing each other on their knees the punches begin to fly. WHAM!!!! BAM!!!! Gesell lands two very hard punches on Adam. He lurches back and seems to be dazed. 

He then lands two quick punches of his own. The first slams into Gesell’s left tit!!! It causes her to instantly scream. "My tit, my tit, you punched me in my tit!!!!" Adams second punch lands on her mid-section. Gesell again screams in pain. For almost 2 minutes the two wrestlers pound each other with a rain of punches. 

The ref moves in and tells both wrestlers to get to their feet and wrestle. Although battered both slowly get to their feet. What happens next is amazing. Husband and Wife go toe to toe exchanging holds. Both wrestlers get their arms and legs worked over. The pace is fast and hard. 5 minutes turns into 10 and then 12. At the time the momentum changes. Gesell begins to take over the match. Adam’s power drains away and he begins to struggle. 

Both wrestlers are now on their feet. Gesell has Adam in a COBRA CLUTCH AND ARM LOCK!!  As Adam struggles to get free, his manhood begins to swell and stiffen. His wife as him if he is ready to submit. "I’ve got you Adam, you can’t escape. You have no choice by to submit to me!!! Please honey, don’t make me hurt you any more!!!" 

Adam does not answer his wife and continues to fight to get free. After a minute or so it becomes obvious that he can’t escape the hold. His manhood has grown into a full blown DEFEAT BONER!!!! Sadly the trapped male wrestler begins to cry. Tears well up in his eyes and run down his cheeks. He appears to be terrified by his wife. 

His end comes quickly now hopelessly trapped in a painful hold, Adam has no choice but to submit to his wife Gesell. 

"I submit, you’ve beaten me Gesell!!!! I give up, I give up!!!! Let me go!!!! Please let me go!!!! You win, I submit!!!! Oh god, Gesell please let me go!!! I Give up-I Give up!!!" 

At last Gesell releases her husband and he drops to the mat. Adam lands on his back and everyone can very clearly see the tears running down his cheeks. "I’ve been beaten!!! My wife has defeated me!!! Oh dear god she has really hurt me!!! My arms and shoulders, they hurt!!!" the ring attendants come to Adam’s aid. They help him to his feet and back to his corner. Standing in his corner it is easy to see the enormous DEFEAT BONER she has given him!! 

Three months later husband and wife are back in the ring looking across at each other. This is the rematch that Adam has been demanding. He stands in his corner waiting for the bell he is dressed in shiny tan pantyhose and white boots. On the other side of the ring his wife has on a black leotard, black pantyhose and black boots. 

Over the past three months life has been strained in Rodom house. Adam has not gotten over his defeat by his wife. Also, she has never forgotten to remind him the it was she that defeated him. As he stands in his corner he knows that this is a MUST win for him. His plain is to overwhelm her from the opening bell. 

There is the bell to start the match. Adam tries to race out of his corner, however his wife Gesell is there waiting for him. Being much faster that Adam, she got to him before he could get to her. The result of this is a powerful kick to his mid-section then an elbow drop on his neck. Adam is driven face down to the mat. 

To say he is stunned is to put it mildly. Adam has had the strength sucked out of him. Gesell grabs him around his neck and begins to squeeze, She twists his neck as hard as she can. It takes less than a minute to get her husband on his knees. 

The hold she has on him is slowly sapping his strength. As he gasps for air she asks him How a bout sweetie, are you ready to submit to me again?" stubbornly he refuses!! Gesell knows she has him. That she can put him away any time she wants. She had hoped to save a little of his masculine pride. That now seems as though it is not possible. 

Pulling up-right she wraps her arms around his head. Instantly Adam knows what she is going to do to him. Just as in their first match a look of absolute terror crosses Adams face. He knows he can no longer win this match. So far Gesell has put very little pressure on her hold. Getting close to him she asks, "Please Adam don’t make me hurt you. Give up, please give up!! Don’t make me hurt you!!!1" Adams response is not what she wanted to hear. "if you want to win this match you’ll have to beat me!! I not going to surrender to you. A very sad Gesell now knows what she has to do. She has to make her husband and lover surrender to her and submit. Instantly she locks down the HEAD LOCK she has on him. His air is cut off and it is extremely hard to breath. The longer he is in the hold the weaker he will get. It does not take long before Adam drops to his knees, with Gesell still holding tightly to the head lock. Slowly Adam collapses even farther. And Gesell lets him sink to the mat. At this point she begins to ask him to submit. 

Completely devastated by his wife. Adam has little choice but to surrender, Yes, she’s got me!!!! I need to submit!!! With that the ref asks Adam are you ready to submit the match?" Adam waists no time ending the match 

"Ok YES yes, I to submit to her!! I’m finished, she wins!!!! She’s got me!! Please, please let me go!!!! I GIVE UP!!!!! OH GOD, I GIVE UP!!!! You win Gesell, you’ve beaten me!! I give up!! You win again!!!!!! I give up!!!!!"

Gesell has released Adam and he has dropped to the mat unmoving. His huge DEFEAT BONER is easily visible under his pantyhose. It’s like a giant poll sticking out between his legs. Gesell returns to her corner, she does nothing to help her beaten husband. 

Soon the ring attendants come. They help Adam to his feet and back to his dressing room. They lie him very gently on the table and leave. All Adam can do is lye there. He can hardly move and can’t get out of his wrestling gear. 

After a minute or two, Gesell walks in on Adam. She is stunned that he is still in his gear and is just lying there. As she gets closer she sees that he is still crying. "what’s a matter with you Adam? You’re still in your pantyhose and boots." He looks up at her with a very sad face. "Hurt!!!! You really hurt me. I can hardly move. You forced me to submit!!! Oh god Gesell you really hurt me!!!" Gesell stands looking down on her beaten husband. "Yes, I did. I defeated you twice. And yes, I forced you to submit to me. I am a much better wrestler that you are!!!! I can beat you any time I want."

After that, Adam remained silent. He knew that she was right. She is a better wrestler. Slowly Gesell removes his wrestling boots. She then pull down his shiny tan pantyhose. Still with a huge stiff DEFEAT BONER between his legs she helps him into the shower.

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