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CFNM martial arts woman beats man

Update: 25.05.2018

W-519 "Team wrestling Guys team"

Gallery size: 260 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 260 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), completely CFNM, no blood.

This will be the 6th meet of the wrestling season. At this time we are 5 & 0 heading into this meet. 6 of our guys are undefeated and 1 guy has only one loss. We are ranked first in the league standings.
The seven team members are gathered in our dressing room getting ready to wrestle. Most of the guys have already started getting ready. I slip out of my street cloths and dig in my gear bag. Out comes my shiny white lace up boots. That will be all that me and my teammates will be wearing of this match. I will be the fifth wrestler to take to the mats tonight. All of us will remain in the dressing room till it is our turn to wrestle. First up is Jonny Allen. He is one of our undefeated wrestlers, he is very good. The rest of us just sit around talking as Jonny heads to the mats. The very first thing we hear is loud cheering and young girls screaming. Jonny is also well endowed as are all the men on this team.


After several minutes the cheering gets much louder. We can hear chanting, but can’t understand what they are saying. The cheering goes on for several minutes. Then the sound becomes almost an explosion. We all look at each other and wonder what has happened.

He leaves dressing room and heads to the mats. Ref starts the match and she instantly attacks him. She takes him down to the mat on his back. Placing her knee across his chest she begins to pound on his stomach with both fists. Punch after punch slams into his mid-section. He tries to cover himself with his hands but can not. There is massive pain no his face. He begins to scream "MY ABS, oh my god, my ABS!! It hurts, you're hurting me!! AAAAAAUUUU!!! OOOOOOOHHHH!!!! My stomach." She smiles at his cries of pain and continues to pound him. 

Suddenly she stops hitting him. His hands grab at his mid-section. He looks up at her and says "NO MORE!! PLEASE DON'T HIT ME ANY MORE IT HURTS TOO MUCH!!! She moves her knee from his chest and kneels beside him. She pulls his hands away from his stomach. She then digs her hands into him. One hand claws his just above his manhood her other hand claws him just below his naval (belly-button). He screams in pain as her her hands dig into his belly. "NO-NO-NO!!! stop please stop !!! it hurts too much, let me go please let me go!! Looking down on him she asks if he wants to submit. "HAD ENOUGH YET? ARE YOU READY TO SUBMIT TO ME? The beaten male wrestle waists no time surrendering to her.


She gets to her feet and stands over her defeated opponent. As a last gesture of her victory she places her foot on his belly and raises her arms in the air. He cries out in pain as her foot is on him " no more!! Let me up, please let me up!! You've defeated me!! I've surrendered to you!! She removes her foot from him and he struggles to get to his feet and return to his dressing room.

We don’t have long to wait, in about a minute or two Jonny comes staggering into the locker room he is bent over at his middle. All of us leap to our feet, “Jonny, what’s wrong with you? What happened out there? Did you win your match? Jonny staggers a few feet. He is holding his mid-section with both hands. Slowly he stumbles to the bench and collapses onto to it. “NO-NO, did not win. I lost my match. To strong, she was just too strong me. Never had a chance. Took me down worked me over then got me into a AB-CLAW. I had to submit!! Too much pain.” We get Jonny settled down and lying on the bench. He is too badly hurt to move or shower. He just lies there on the bench moaning in pain. “OH, my Abs, my Abs!! she ripped my Abs!!!”

There is a call from the doorway, “Next man up.” That would be 19yr old Bobby Taylor. Bobby is also undefeated and is a great wrestler. He was varsity in both high school and college.

As Bobby heads to the mats, same thing. Cheers and screams, Bobby is very good looking and is also well endowed. As for the rest of us, we listen as hard as we can. We hear all the normal sounds. Cheers, whistles and clapping. This goes on for almost 10 minutes. Then there is a silence that goes on for over a minute. Then the noise begins again. 5, 6, 7 minutes pass and the cheering continues.

Then it stops again. Then starts almost instantly. We wait by the door anxious to know what has happened. We don’t wait long. Bobby comes around the corner staggering, being held up be one of the staff. He has one arm draped around the staff persons shoulder and one hand holding his back. 

The staff guy helps his to the bench and leaves. Bobby now has both hands grabbing his back. Before we can ask he begins. “Got beat. I’ve lost too!! Was doing fine, holding my own. We were fighting back and forth. I thought I could win. No way. Too strong, just like Jonny. Over powered me. Took me to the mat, worked my back over. I was in tremendous pain. Then she finished me off. Got a BOSTON-CRAB on me. No chance, I had no chance. She got the submission on me. Had to give up, too much pain. We help young bobby to the bench and lye him down. We can see by his face the he is in tremendous pain. We don’t even try to remove his boots. We just let him lye there.

We had now lost two matches in a row. That had never happened to us before. Things were however about to get worse. Our next two wrestlers were both defeated. Patrick Donavan and Tony Carrioucci lost their matches. Patrick submitted to a figure-four leg lock and Tony was defeated by an Over the shoulder back breaker. We had now lost the first four matches of the meet. We can no longer win the meet, but must finish all the matches. The worst thing is that all four of our men were forested into submission by their opponents. All four of those men were undefeated when the matches started.
It is now my time to wrestle. All of the guys wish me luck as I head out the door. I try to look confident, but in truth I’m scared. I don’t want to get hurt by my opponent. As I approach the mat the cheers begin. I can also hear the cat-calls and the wolf whistles. I am extremely popular with the female fans. I can hear them calling out to me. “WOW, great legs!!! Is that manhood really all you? Hope you wrestle better that those other guys!!!” Thinking about that I hope so too.


I step onto the mat and there is my opponent. She is my size, looks very strong and she is totally gorgeous. Blond hair, blue eyes and fantastic figure and incredible legs. She has on a power blue leotard and black pantyhose. If I did not have to wrestle her, I would love to take her out.

The ref give the instructions and the whistle blows starting the match. We lock up and struggle for supremacy. The first thing I notice is that she is very strong. As we push and pull on each other she is able to stand me up straight. I now know she is stronger than I am. No one has ever been able to stand me up like that.

The next thing I learn is that she is very fast. Much faster than me. In a lighting move her arm is between my legs and I’m off the mat. She is easily holding me waist high. Then I am slammed down to the mat on my back. In less than 7 seconds she has scored a TAKE DOWN on me. I am behind 2 to 0. She is quickly on top of me and is pressing down trying to pin me.

I struggle fiercely and am able to roll onto my back. Instantly I feel her arm between my legs again. The bend at her elbow is directly over my manhood. Her other arm has hooked my head and she is trying to roll me onto my back. At this point she seems keen on pinning me and not going for the submission.

I may have spoke to soon. She is using the arm that is between my legs to lift up on me. Pain explodes thru me as she crushes my manhood. I kick my legs wildly but all that does is increase the pain between my legs. I try to control myself but the pain is too great. I am soon screaming out. “OOOOUUU!! AAAAAAHHHH!!! You’re crushing me!!! Looking around behind me I see her smile. “Well big boy, you can always submit if it hurts too much!!!”

I don’t want to submit to her but with my legs in the air and her arm smashing my manhood I may have no choice. Suddenly she lets me down and pulls her arm free of me. The pain instantly stops and I take several very deep breaths.

Although I have take several seconds to rest and breath, she is still in control of me. Then I feel it again, her arm jammed between my legs. This I don’t have time to scream. She lifts me off the mat and flips me onto my back. I struggle to roll over again but I am held tightly as if in a vice.

With her arm still between my legs she is holding me in place with one arm. She is now demonstrating enormous power. I have begun to breath very rapidly. Almost hyperventilating. Scared aren’t you big boy? You’re starting to panic!! I can see the fear in your eyes. I’m not scared, I’m terrified. “YES-YES, I’m scared, I don’t want to be hurt like the other guys!! Please don’t hurt me.

All she does is smile. “It’s too late for that, I’m going to make you submit to me. And yes, it’s going to hurt.” Quickly her arm is back between my legs and she presses down hard. “OOOOUUU, OOOOOOHHH!!! You’re crushing me!! Let me go, let me go you’re crushing my manhood!!. She now has the most evil look on her face. “what manhood? I’m going to take that away from you.
She has been using my pain to cover her next move. Grabbing my arm she pulls it out straight. She then drops her legs across my chest. Suddenly I know what she is going for. I am not strong enough to stop her. All I can do is scream in fear. “NO-NO-NO!!!! don’t do that to me!! PLEASE stop, don’t do it!!!”


It is already too late, she quickly applies hard pressure on my arm, she has me trapped in the Ronda Rousey arm lock. I immediately begin to scream my submission.



A second or two later she lets me go. I grab my arm and pull it in tight to my chest. Tears flow down my cheeks as I cry from the pain. I can’t move, or hardly breath. The breaths I do take come in gasps for air. I’m lying on my back in the middle of the mats crying like a child.


The next thing I see is my victorious opponent kneeling beside me. She has the most beautiful smile on her face. “Sorry, I hurt you. I hope you’re not too badly injured. You can relax now it’s all over. The pain will go away soon. You can stop crying, I won’t hurt you anymore.”

She helps me up and off the mat. I slowly make my way back to the dressing room. The team is waiting for me with my injured arm held tightly against my chest and my other hand cupping my manhood I tell them what happened. I tell them about her arm between my legs, about her crushing my manhood. About her submitting me, about me crying with pain and about her speaking to me after I lost the match.

We now have only two matches to go. Allen Sibert our light-heavyweight was forced to submit to a BOW & AROW hold. He returned to the dressing room holding his back just barely able to walk. “I was beaten too. Never seen anything like it. She got me in a BOW&ARROW hold. I couldn’t get free. Too strong for me. I just couldn’t get out of the hold. I had to submit!!! She hurt me bad!!

We are now down to our last match. Our Heavyweight wrestler Neil Sorenson is about to head to the mat. 24yr old Neil is a very big man. He is 6ft 4in tall and weights 237lbs with blue eyes and light blond hair. He is also the largest wrestler in the league and is undefeated.

Out on the mats Neil has come face to face with his opponent. She too is also a very big person. She is almost as tall as Neil and looks to be very strong. That is not to say she is not attractive. She is in fact gorgeous. She wears a skin tight leotard with pantyhose and boots.

To everyone in the arena it is very clear that she is giving Neil and very close looking over. He however is trying not to look at her as he does not wish to get hard and stiff. The bell rings and the match begins. Both fighters begin to circle each other. With the speed of a lightning bolt Neil is stunned as a SIDE KICK by his opponent crashes into his mid-section.

Instantly Neil’s eyes bulge out and his hands fly to his stomach. He staggers back to the very edge of the mats. His female opponent moves toward his slowly and carefully. Her caution is not needed. Neil is stunned and can’t react. In quick succession she launches very hard kicks first to one side and then the other hitting Neil on his arms.

Neil staggers forward toward his opponent. She swiftly delivers two powerful kicks to his legs. First one then the other. Still holding his mid-section Neil drops to his knees. He looks up at her with terror in his eyes. He has never been afraid of someone before.

The look on her face tells Neil that he is in trouble. Then comes the finial kick. She lands it right on the point of his chin. Neil topples over onto his back. Both his legs and his arms flail about with no control. He is stretched out on the mat with his legs wide apart and his arms flopping at his sides.

For just a minute or two his opponent stands over the fallen male wrestler with her hand son her hips looking down on him. The crowd seems stunned that such a large and powerful man could be overpowered by a woman.

Then she drops to her knees beside him. Stretching her fingers out she jams them into Neil’s lower abdomen as well as his large manhood squeezing both very tightly. Neil opens his mouth to scream but nothing comes out. His eyes bulge out and a look of complete terror crosses his face.

Neil’s hands fly to his manhood as he tries to pull her hands away. It’s no use she is too strong for him. The largest wrestler in the league has been completely over powered by his female opponent.
Suddenly taking a very deep breath Neil cries out: “SHE’S GOT ME!!! OH DEAR GOD SHE’S GOT ME!!!! SHE’S CRUSHING ME!! SHE’S CRUSHING MY MANHOOD!!! SO MUCH PAIN, IT HURTS. OH god IT HURTS!!!"


Neil continues to pull at her hands trying to dislodge them from his manhood. Once again, now almost breathlessly Neil begs. “Please, let me go!! You’re hurting me, I can’t stand this pain.” Still holding tightly to him, his opponent tells him “time for you to give it up!! Submit and I’ll let you go!!

At that Neil nods his head wildly:


At last it’s all over, as she releases Neil’s manhood. She is quickly to her feet raises her arm in the air and leaves the mat. As for Neil he remains down on his back with both hands clutching his aching manhood.


Back in the dressing room his six team mates are almost how he left them. Two lying on the bench holding their aching limbs. The others waiting to see how their team mate did in his match. It takes several minutes for Neil to get to his feet and back to the dressing room. As he enters the other instantly know what happened to him. He has both his hands cupped around his painful manhood. He looks up at them and says “She defeated me. I lost my match!! A couple of hard kicks and she knocked me down. I couldn’t get up. She locked a CLAW HOLD on my Abs and my manhood. Too much pain, I had to submit!! She beat me!!"

It takes all seven men a long while to recover and take a shower. They are no longer an undefeated team.

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