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mixed wrestling headlock leotard woman beats man

Update: 16.03.2018

W-509 "Father seeks revenge!"

Gallery size: 220 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 220 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), partially CFNM, no blood.

This is the match he has been waiting for. Tonight he will get even for his family-s humiliation. To night he will take his revenge! The he we are talking about is Jonathan Islip. He is the current World Wrestling champion. Tonight he will wrestle Brenda Russell for the world title. 

The reason Jonathan feels he needs revenge is that just about a month ago Brenda-s 15 year old daughter defeated His son for the Junior Pro Title. It was a humiliating defeat for the young male wrestler and he has not been the same since that night. So tonight Jonathan is looking to destroy Brenda Russell in their title match.  

In his dressing room Jonathan quickly gets out of his street clothes. Reaching in his gear bag he pulls out a shiny red thong. It is exactly like the one his son wore on the night he was defeated. Steps into it and pulls it up his legs and over his butt. Just like his son Jonathan is also very well built and has a large manhood. He stuffs his manhood into the thong and adjusts it till he has the perfect bulge. He then ties on his shiny red boots and buckles his world title belt around his waist. 

In her dressing room Brenda Russell is also getting ready to wrestle. Out of her street cloth, she first pulls on a pair of shiny black pantyhose. Over her hose she wiggles into a very tight White spandex leotard, it is a thong cut and revels every curve and bulge she has. Finally she laces on white boots. Brenda is ready to head to the ring.  

With both wrestlers in the ring the announcer begins:

"Wrestling fans this is a one fall to a finish, pin or submission match. It is for the world wrestling championship!! Introducing first the challenger. She is making her first attempt  at winning the title. BRENDA RUSSELL!! And her opponent. Making his 11th title defense. He is the undisputed world wrestling champion. JONATHAN ISLIP!!"


As the champion-s name is called a loud cheer rises from the fans. After the instructions both wrestlers return to their corners. The champion removes the world title belt and drapes it over the turnbuckle. He takes a few second to adjust his thong and loosen up. Across the ring his opponent quickly pulls up and smoothes out her pantyhose and adjust her leotard. With both wrestlers ready the bell starts the match. Jonathan and Brenda exit their corners and slowly advance on each other. Both wrestlers seem weary of each other. Jonathan makes his move first and rushes Brenda. With her speed and cat-like reflexes she side steps the champion, reaches out grabs the back of his hear. Pushing down in his head she pulls him in and delivers a powerful knee into his mid-section. 

A deep gasp comes from the champion and his hands fly to his abdomen trying to cover it up before a second knee finds its mark. Doubled over,  he staggers forward a few steps. Brenda move to follow him quickly. Grabbing the back of his head she holds his tight as she sends her knee crashing into his face.  Again there is a huge gasp from the champion as his head flies up and he topples over backward on to the mat.   

With only 23 seconds gone in the match Jonathan Islip, the world champion is on his back in the center of the ring gasping for air. "AAAAH, AAAAH!! Can-t breathe. I-ve got to get up, get to my feet!!" The challenger has other plans. She drops to her knees beside Jonathan and digs her fingers deep into his AB-s. Jonathan screams as his middle is clawed. "OOOOOOUUUWW!!! My AB-s, my AB-s!! OMG, she-s got a claw on me!! AAAAUUUOO!!! It hurts, OH god it hurts!!" 

Hearing the champion screaming in pain the ref moves in close to him. She asks him: "Jonathan do you want to submit? Are you ready to give up?" Although he is in intense pain the champion is also very brave. "NO-NO, Not going to submit!! I won-t give up yet!!" The ref nods and backs away from the two wrestlers. 

The champion twists and turns, he stretches his arm out as far as will go trying to reach the ropes. It-s no use they are too far away fir him to grab. He then pounds on Brenda-s hands that are clawing his stomach. All that does is increase his pain. After several more seconds of being in the claw Jonathan reaches up and grabs Brenda-s hair and pulls it very hard. Brenda-s head is jerked sideways and she is forced to release the champion from her claw. 

Slowly Brenda gets to her feet holding her head. She backs into a corner and begins to rub her neck. In the center of the ring Jonathan is still on the mat with both hands holding his stomach and his knees drawn up. 

After only a few seconds the ref calls out to both wrestlers. "Let-s go you two. Time to wrestle. I-m going to start counting you both out!!" And with that the ref does indeed begin to count "ONE-TWO-THREE-FOUR". She gets to 12 before both wrestles respond. Jonathan slowly gets to his feet and Brenda staggers out of the corner. 

They engage each other in a test of strength locking their fingers together that struggle for dominance. Slowly Jonathan is able to force Brenda down, her knees begin to bend and she sinks toward the mat. First one knee hits the canvas and then the second. The champion continues to bend her hands back. She looks up at him with great pain etched on her face. She cries out from it "My fingers, my wrists. OH god it hurts!! You-re going to break my wrists. It hurts, it hurts!!" There is however no pity in the champion-s hart for her. As he continues to bend Brenda's wrist back he tells her, "This is pay back for what your Daughter did to my son!! I-m going to beat you in front of your Daughter so she can see it!!" 

What the champion is talking about is that three weeks ago Brenda's daughter defeated Jonathan's son and took the Junior Pro title from him. Now both of these young wrestlers are in the arena in ring side seats to watch their parents wrestle for the world title.

For the next five minutes Brenda and Jonathan fight as hard as two pro-wrestles can. They exchange holds, slams, kicks and punches. One minute Brenda has the champion down screaming in pain, then seconds later it's Jonathan working over Brenda. At just about the seven minute mark in the match a subtle change begins. The champion has weakened, he is just a bit slower and just a bit weaker than Brenda. He struggles just a little longer getting out of her holds. He can't seem to keep her in his holds as long. Fatigue is etched on his face. He is breathing heavily. 

From his front row seat Jonathan's son Brent comes up to the edge of the ring. Looking closely at his DAD Brent can see the weariness in his eyes and on his face, Brenda-s constant attack has weakened his father badly. Hopping to spur his father on Brent cries out to him "Come on DAD, fight her. Don-t let her take your title!! You have to fight harder, You can still win".

On his back near the center of the ring Jonathan is caught in an ARM-STRETCH, as Brenda pulls and twists his arm. Looking at his son Jonathan cries out to him "I-m trying son, I-m trying!! I-ll do my best not to lose!!". Jonathan continues his struggle to get free. He arches up his back trying to ease the pain. As he does Brenda gives his arm a jerk and twist. As she does Jonathan cries out "My arm, my arm. She-s tearing my arm. It hurts, it hurts." 

Jonathan struggles for several more minutes before he gets close enough to the ropes to put his shiny red boot on the bottom rope. The ref tells Brenda to break the hold. She does, gets to her feet and steps back. Jonathan remains stretched out on the mat with his foot still on the bottom rope. Everyone in the first several rows notices that the champion has swelled up and now has a boner in his thong. A sure sigh he is being defeated.  

After a few seconds the ref moves close to Jonathan and says "Come on champ, you've got to get up or I'll have to you out!! Do you want to continue? Or are you submitting the match?" Jonathan begins to struggle to his feet using the ropes to pull himself up. Finally standing he tells the ref "Want to continue!! Not submitting to her!!" 

With Jonathan on his feet Brenda moves past the ref and grabs the champion by his arm. Pulling him off the ropes she gives his arm a twist and flings him across the ring. As he is shot back at her she slams her knee into his mid-section. The air rushes out of his as her knees digs in. "OOOOOOFFAA!!" Jonathan staggers forward a few feet and begins to sink to his knees. 

Once again clutching his stomach his knees buckle and he starts to sink to the mat. Before he can do that Brenda races to him and grabs his arm arm again. Pulling away from his belly she twists it and Whips his across the ring once more. As he flies back at her, she drive her knee into his mid-section a second time. His reaction is almost the same. A loud grown comes from him "OOOOOFFFFAA!" He grabs at his stomach, but this time he does not head to the mat. He bends over at the waist and staggers forward a few feet. 

Bent over, but remaining on his feet the champion is dazed and confused. He has a strange look on his face as if he does not know where he is. His opponent Brenda knows exactly where she is. She moves up to the champion and for the third time grabs his arm and twists it. She pulls him back all the way across the ring. With both wrestles backs leaning against the ropes Brenda almost leaps forward pulling Jonathan with her. She then whips him across the ring for the third time. As he is shot back at her, she stands waiting for him.

As he gets close to her she ducks under his arm, stopping him in his tracks. She hooks his arm, wraps her black pantyhosed leg around his and pulls as hard as she can. Brenda now has the champion locked into an ABDOMINAL-STRETCH. 

For several seconds there is no reaction from Jonathan. Then suddenly he realizes what has happened to him. He looks around and sees that Brenda has him trapped in her AB-Stretch. A second later the pain of the stretch kicks in. "NO-NO, she-s got me!! OH god it hurts, it hurts. I can-t get free, she-s got me!!!" 

Hearing him scream makes Brenda excited and her adrenalin kicks in. As it does it makes her even stronger. She uses that additional strength to pull even harder on the stretch. Again the champion cries out. "My Abs, my Abs, she tearing me apart!! OH my god it hurts!!" At this point Brenda knows she has the champion and he can't escape. She talks to him "Give up Jonathan, you can't escape. I've got you, I-m going to take your title. Come on, admit I've defeated you!!"  Jonathan does not reply. Brenda then asks the ref "Go on ref ask him!! Ask if wants to submit to me. He can't get free, ask him!!"

Knowing she is right the ref asks "How about it champ? She got you lock up, you ready to submit? Don't make her hurt you anymore. Tell her you submit!" Knowing his situation is hopeless Jonathan has no choice but to surrender to Brenda. His time as the champion has come to an end. 

                                                                                                          Holding him a little longer that she should, Brenda finally releases the beaten former champion. 


Jonathan drops to the canvas and lies face up looking up at the ring lights. He is the picture of a beaten wrestler. Lying on his back, his legs spread apart, hands at his sides and his thong stretched tight over his defeat boner. Forced into defeat and submission by a female wrestler. 

As for her part Brenda is jubilant. She struts around the ring with her arms in the air. The ref goes to Jonathan's corner and takes the world title belt from the turnbuckle. He goes to Brenda and wraps it around her middle and buckles it tight. Brenda looks down at it then raises her arms in the air again. 

In all this time Jonathan has been lying on the mat unmoving, his hands covering and holding his mid-section. After walking around the ring showing off what is now her world title belt Brenda comes to where Jonathan is laying. She looks down at his and asks "Bet you thought I forgot about you. I thought you were going to kick my ass and destroy me. Well how is your revenge now?" 

Bending down she grabs a handful of Jonathan's hair and his arm and pulls the former champion to his feet. The badly beaten and now terrified Ex-champ begins to cry as he is held tightly by Brenda. His face shows the fear he has. He begins to plead with her, "Please-please, don't hurt me. I given up, you've beaten me. PLEASE don-t hurt me anymore!!"

Holding him tightly Brenda drags Jonathan over to the edge of the ring and the ring ropes. A quick but powerful punch to his gut has the ex-champion doubled over holding his stomach. Brenda pushes his back against the ropes and hooks his arms over the top rope. Reaching outside the ring she grabs the middle rope and pulls it up and over his arms trapping him there. 

The former champion is a very sad sight. His arms caught in the ropes unable to move. At this point his son Brent comes to ring side, "Let him go!!, come on let him go!! You-ve beaten him, no more let him go!!" There is nothing Brent can do to save his father. 
Brenda stands in front of Jonathan, "I thought you were going get revenge on me. I thought you were going to teach me a lesson. Looks like you're the one who got taught". The look on the ex-champion's face is indescribable, fear has turned into terror, tears run down his cheeks. He has been turned from a world champion into a very frightened man. 


Struggling to free his arms Jonathan asks Brenda what she is going to do to him. "What are you going to do to me? PLEASE I beg you, don't hurt me anymore. I've had enough, please no more pain". Brenda has no intention of hurting Jonathan anymore. He is a completely beaten man. 

She takes a step closer to him, she grabs the waistband of his shiny red thong. Jonathan screams in terror "No-no don't take my thong!! Please don't take my thong. I'm begging you please do strip me!!"


But it is already too late for for him Very slowly, inch by inch Brenda pulls Jonathan's thong down. As she gets to his upper thigh his stiff manhood pops out and his boner stands out straight.


Seeing his manhood stiff and exposed he softly begs Brenda to stop. "No Brenda NO, please don't do this. Don't strip me, please don't pull me thong off, please!!"

Brenda has very sympathy for Jonathan. She continues pull his thong down past his thighs, over his knees and half way down his calves. She stops there, with his thong half way between his knees and the top of his shiny red boots.

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